tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWaiting for the Bus Ch. 02

Waiting for the Bus Ch. 02


It took almost a full 24 hours before I found the nerve to call the number my walking granny had given me. I was prepared for it to be to a local pizzeria or library, but a pleasant voice answered on the third ring.

"Uh," I stammered, losing my carefully thought out introduction. "Is this the woman from the bus stop?"

"Maybe," came the soft reply. "Who's asking?"

"My name is Shawn," I continued uncertainly. "Look, I want to apologize for being so crude and all, but you are very attractive."

"Uh huh," she said.

"No really, you are very attractive," I told her.

"If you like fat, old black women with big tits," she said directly.

"Uh, yeah, well," I said. "There is that."

"Do you like fat, old black women with big tits?" she asked.

It took me a moment to answer.

"I never really thought I did," I explained. "But you ... you ... yeah, I guess I do."

"What do you like about fat black women?" she continued.

"Fat, old black women with big tits," I corrected her.

"Oh, yes," she laughed. "Fat, old black women with big tits - what do you like about them?"

"Not them, you," I said. "You are the fat, old black woman with big tits I like."

"So," she was playing with me now. "What do you like about this fat, old black woman with big tits?"

"Those really are some nice tits," I gushed. "I like your tits."

"I saw that ... on the sidewalk," she reminded me. "What about my big tits? Why do you like them?"

Before I could find the right words, I found myself talking, "Well, they're so big and I like the way they were bouncing when you walked and I was in a bad mood and feeling rude and just said what I said and ..."

"You like looking at my big tits?" she cut me off.

"Uh, yes," I answered.

"Is there something you want to do with my big tits?" she continued.

Being on the phone and not face to face made me bolder.

"Oh, yeah," I said confidently. "There are so many things I'd like to do with your big black tits."

"Fat, old big black tits," she replied smartly.

"Right - fat, old big black tits." I said, still feeling overly bold. "Just how old are those tits?"

"Fifty-seven," she said with no hesitation.

"Damn," I said. "They don't look a day over fifty-six. What size are they? How big?"

"Bigger than you've ever seen," she told me.

"I've seen them," I reminded her.

"They're bigger than you've ever had," she said.

"That's true," I confirmed. "I have never had tits that big."

An awkward silence followed.

"You still haven't told me what you'd like to do with my big tits," she said breaking the silence.

"Uh," I mumbled, before regaining some of my false confidence. "I'd like to hold them. Squeeze them. Just feel them."

"Nice start," she said. "Go on."

"Then maybe I'd kiss them," I said. "Lick them. I'd suck on them for a long time."

"Good. Good," she told me. "What about my bups?"

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"My bups. My bups," she repeated. "My nipples -- you are so white."

"Oh!" I exclaimed. "I'd suck on them, too. I'd bite them and pinch them."

"I'm pinching them now," she whispered.

"What?" I stopped again.

"I'm pinching my bups," she explained. "They are so big and hard."

"And black," I added, remembering how dark they were when she flashed me.

"Yes, they are very black," she confirmed.

"Hey!" I blurted idiotically. "Can you suck your own tits? Have you ever done that?"

There was no reply, but I soon heard a wet sucking sound followed by a soft moan. I imagined my bouncing granny with her white beady hair and thick lips pulling her massive breasts into her own mouth. I pictured her pink tongue swirling on her dark nipples -- her stiff bups. How heavy were those monsters?

My erection grew as I listened to the wet noises and tried desperately to picture the scene.

"That sounds fun," I said.

"It is," she told me after a loud wet kissing sound brought my manhood to full attention.

"You're making me hard," I informed her.

"I've seen that," she laughed. "What are you going to do about it?"

"About what?" I asked dumbly.

"Being hard," she said huskily. "What are you going to do with your hard self?"

"Uh," I replied while pulling open my pants. "I guess I'm going to jerk off since you aren't here to help me."

"You want help?" she asked softly, before adding, "Help from a fat, old black woman with big tits?"

My hand was pumping rapidly. "God, yes," I told her.

The slurping noises started again and my pace increased. We didn't speak, but our breathing was heavy and our moans audible as we continued to pleasure ourselves for each other.

"On my bups," she said suddenly. "Do it on my bups, baby. Dump your stuff on momma's bups."

I exploded with a groan, shooting my spunk across my lap in sticky bursts.

"Damn," I said after catching my breath. "And what about you? You doing ok?"

"I'm doing fine," she told me, dragging out the fine.

"When can I see you and your fat, old big black tits?" I asked. I had to see her and a flash at the bus stop would not be enough.

"You've seen them," she laughed.

"No," I said, sounding harsher than I intended to. "I mean really see them. Up close and personal?"

There was a short silence, then a soft sigh.

"Follow me home," she said. "Tomorrow."

She hung up the phone and I sat listening to the humming dial tone while thinking about my bouncing granny.

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