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She was about to turn off the computer, go to bed, and continue with the same boring routine, but she wanted to make that night different. It had been eight months since she last had sex. She wondered if it would be a year before her desires would be fulfilled again. The monitor stared blankly back at her, the lifeless piece of shit. She needed human interaction.


ICQ echoed in her ears.

devolved: I'm surprised I caught you on this late..

vixen666: I was just sitting here getting lost in my thoughts.. or, my hormones. =)

devolved: Yeah?

vixen666: Yeah.. bored.. horny.. BORED!

vixen666: But.. mostly.. horny. =)

devolved: So... what are you going to do about it?: )

vixen666: Wouldn't you like to know..

devolved: Ummm.. actually.. yeah, I would. : )

vixen666: really.. I don't know what. I wish, I mean.. I don't know.

devolved: frustrated *grin*

vixen666: yesssssssssssss

vixen666: And fucking bored with self satisfaction..

devolved: Alone?

vixen666: yeah, I always am.. =)

devolved: Would you like some company?

vixen666: you're kidding...


devolved: not really

vixen666: I don't know...

devolved: I could come over.

vixen666: yes, okay.. I'm not stupid.. I'd love company. =)

devolved: but, the question is, what sort of company would you like?

vixen666: hmmm.. the kind that stays all night.. honestly

vixen666: =)

devolved: I like your brand of honesty.. : )

vixen666: So, are you up for it?

devolved: I'm up for a lot of things..

devolved: And I am definitely up for you.

vixen666: great.. you should come over NOW

devolved: You're not going to change your mind, are you?

vixen666: Hell no!!!

vixen666: I need to be fucked...

vixen666: It has been way too long

devolved: Yeah? How long?

vixen666: Nearly a year..

devolved: You poor thing... I'm on my way. : )

She sat there in front of her computer, dazed for a moment, smiling, and more than ready for the time of her life. It would be another ten minutes before Matt got there, so she had time to figure out what she would be wearing, if anything, when he arrived. She wanted the night to be amazing.. it had to be perfect.

Before her stood a nervous, naked body. Her floor length mirror exposed her inside and out.. it exposed all her weaknesses. She heard a knock at her front door, panicked, and quickly grabbed the first thing she saw in her closet.

After she flung the door open she realized she was looking back at the sexiest man she'd ever seen in her life, and she was overwhelmed with happiness, knowing that all he wanted to do was fuck her mercilessly that night. He stepped inside the doorway towards her as she stood blankly mesmerized by his beauty. She didn't move an inch. Their eyes only centimeters apart, he grabbed her body with both his arms, pulled her closer to him, and consumed her lips in a deep, passionate kiss. Seconds into the kiss, she pulled away, hesitating. He looked at her confused and disappointed. She let a big smile pass her lips and moved back slowly into the kitchen. Still confused, he stared at her, not budging.

"Well.. aren't you going to follow me?"

"What's going on?"

When she didn't answer, he followed her into the kitchen, wondering what was going to happen next. He'd never been so turned on by another woman in his life. He wanted to touch her more than anything. She stood lifeless for a moment, staring at him, trying to calm herself and take control of the situation. Her dark black hair settled softly against her cheek, running playfully across her shoulders, and ending at the middle of her back. She ran her hands all over the outside of her see through blood red robe, rubbed her hardened nipples, squeezed her large breasts, and finally ripped the belt apart and let the robe fall to the floor.

Smiling in pleasure, he walked over to her, grabbed her body again, and kissed the front of her neck. He covered her with kisses. They trailed up from the front of her neck and stopped at her chin, where he pulled her face down to meet his and he let his lips brush against hers without kissing her. His tongue appeared and slowly ran across her full lips, parted them, as her lips embraced and sucked his tongue gently. He ran his hands lightly across her smooth body, pleased. Before he could reach her pussy, she hopped onto the table.

"No.. sit!"

She moved back further onto the table until she hit the wall. She leaned back and spread her legs wide open, just so he could barely see her clit peeking through her bare pussy lips. She closed her eyes, threw her head back, and started caressing her nipples. He watched intently as she let her free hand enter her pussy. One finger entered as a slight moan escaped her lips. She briefly fingered herself, and then inserted another finger, moving faster and faster. As she fingered herself faster her clit pulsed for attention. She slowed and gently pulled her fingers out.

"God.. I am so.. wet. I want to fuck you sooo bad. "

But he sit still in the chair and watched her as she fucked herself.

Her moist fingers trailed slowly up to her clit, and she slowly stroked it, moaning louder with each stroke. She wanted to feel his cock enter her slowly as she rubbed herself. She wanted him to fill her up. As she came closer and closer to orgasm, she screamed louder and louder, not being able to stand the intensity. Her body shook as she rubbed faster, her breasts bounced against her body, and the table knocked against the wall. She let out one last loud scream as she reached her climax, and a huge smile appeared across Matt's face.

"Self satisfaction isn't so boring after all, is it?"

Her legs quivered against the edge of the table as she let out a weak smile. He stood up, embraced her in his arms, carried her over to the couch and gently placed her down. She appeared as peaceful and calm as an angel and he hated disturbing her. He kneeled next to her, amazed at her beauty.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm just fine.. just fine. "

Lead by his eyes, she sat up and starting unbuttoning his shirt. Once his shirt hit the floor, her hands moved further down and stroked the outside of his jeans. She could feel his cock throbbing against her hand, wanting to be released. He stood up and then unbuttoned and unzipped himself to relieve the pressure. Just inches away, she licked her lips and let him rub himself against them. She parted her lips, closed them around the head of his cock, and sucked gentle and slow. He ran his hands around to the back of her head and entered her mouth further. She slowly pulled him inside her, still sucking, letting him fuck her mouth. Feeling himself start to climax, he pulled out, not wanting to come so soon.

She laid back on the couch, inviting him to follow her lead. He finished undressing himself, and joined her on the couch, laying on top of her. His throbbing cock laid against her pussy lips wanting to explore her moisture. He could feel her juice against his cock as she rubbed up against him. He parted her pussy lips with his cock and gently rubbed her clit with himself, slipping all around her. She pulsed her hips faster and faster getting him wetter with her cum. She'd never felt anything so intense. She moaned louder than she'd ever moaned before. Her moans turned into intense screams of pleasure and was reaching her climax again in no time at all.

He could tell that she was reaching her orgasm fast, slid his cock down further, and entered her dripping pussy. He started off slow to slow down her climax, and fucked her faster and faster as each stroke became more intense. His cock pulsed harder with every stroke, feeling with each that he was going to explode into a million pieces. He could feel her pulsing against his cock more uncontrollably as he penetrated deeper and deeper. Their loud screams drowned out the outside world as they both lost their control and collapsed into each others' arms.

Dead in each other's arms, they both slept for hours, not waking until the next afternoon. He awoke with his hands weaved into her thick black hair. She smiled at him blissfully, and kissed him full on the lips.

All he could manage to say.. "I'll never leave you alone again..."

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