tagFirst TimeWaiting (Rebecca 4)

Waiting (Rebecca 4)


She sat in her bed, waiting. She was giddy with nervous excitement. It would happen today, it would happen in a few moments in fact, and she was certain it would be wonderful. Her heart was pounding through her chest. Of course this would not be their first time being intimate. They had kissed, many times. He had touched her there, he had even kissed her there. And she had, of course, done the same for him, but this would be the culmination, it would her first, he would be her first. She closed her eyes, savouring the memory of all they had shared and wondered if they would do it all again first. She could feel the warmth and wetness start at the thought. Of course her first experience of any carnality had been with Lady Stirling, Rebecca. She allowed the name to roll around her mind with delight. How she loved her. How she loved Mr. Bradley, Robert. Knowing she could use their names in moments of intimacy made those names ever so dear to her heart. Her experiences with both of them had been so different yet every bit as wonderful. As she indulged in the memory she felt herself getting even wetter. She slipped her fingers into her wetness, she couldn't wait, Robert would soon be here.

She had been in Lady Stirling's employ for five months now. After their first, wonderful kiss on her first day here, Mr. Bradley had continued to show her so much affection. Kisses, they had shared so many deep and passionate kisses. The very thought of his lips on hers made her moan. Then came touches that seemed to burn her skin at his fingers' passing. She had succumbed to her climax for the first time with him while Lady Stirling watched. It had been bliss. She had been sharing her love with Rebecca when he had knocked at the door delivering her the post. She brought him into the room, keeping him from his duties just long enough to pleasure Angelica with his fingers while she read.

She had been so shy at first to show him her body. He had only ever touched her through her clothing before yet here she lay on Rebecca's bed, naked before him. She had blushed so deeply as his eyes fell upon her. He complimented her beauty and that had only made things worse: she felt the blush move all the way to her small breasts. His lips on her skin had felt so wonderful. He kissed her face, as he always did. Cheeks, forehead, eyelids, and then her lips felt his soft, full lips. He pulled away to ask if he could touch her breasts. She bit her lower lip as she nodded her enthusiastic consent. His hands were so strong and yet he could be so gentle as they slid over her breasts, gently cupping them, his thumb and finger gently pinching her erect nipples. She had squirmed, her whole body writhing at his touch as his lips once again found hers. He had then kissed his way to her neck and she felt a chill run across her whole body. He nuzzled her neck as his hand slid across her belly eliciting further chills. She yelped her consent to touching her womanhood before he even had to ask.

He looked deeply into her eyes then and she was lost immediately in him. He was so beautiful. There was such kindness and love in his eyes. Her hand raised to his face and cupped his cheek. His finger was so much larger than Rebecca's and it made her gasp as it slid into her. He seemed pained at first to think that he had hurt her in some way and he almost withdrew his finger but she quickly moved her hand to keep it there, exactly where she wanted it. He then brought his thumb to bear and began to rub her swollen clit while his finger moved within her. Within a few movements she had felt the release wash over her. When he then brought that same fingers to his lips and licked her wetness from it, then kissed her, and then Rebecca, she thought she would surely die from the pleasure of it all.

How she had longed for more. More from him. But duty called and Rebecca was more than willing and more than capable of giving her what she needed. And yet a part of her yearned for more from him. And as time went on, she was given the opportunity, this time she would have him all to herself. It was perhaps a week later. She was taking a bath, oh how she loved to bathe. The hot water felt wonderful on her skin. He had knocked at the door; there was a letter for her in the post. She made a movement to leave the bath and put on her robe but she felt bold and asked him to come in instead. She giggled as she watched him enter the room which, as always, made him smile and laugh. She loved his laugh. At his approach she leaped from the bath and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him roughly, passionately on the mouth. His hands were immediately upon her warm, wet body as he brought her to the bed.

"You are being quite bold today, my lovely Angelica, was there something I can do for you aside from bringing you the post?"

She nodded slowly but her boldness had faltered a bit under his gaze as her heart began to pound against her chest. She felt her mouth go dry. He smiled at her hesitation.

"Should I guess then?"

Her eyes widened and her nod was much more enthusiastic.

"Was it a tickle you wanted, Miss?"

She screamed with laughter as his fingers ran across her belly and ribs until he abruptly stopped. Once she had caught her breath she shook her head with a mock scowl, wrinkling her nose.

"Was it a kiss you wanted then?"

She nodded vigorously.

"But where would you like it?"

She looked pensive and then placed a delicate finger tip on her lips and smiled. He kissed her deeply. He then pulled away.

"Was that all you wanted?"

She shook her head slowly, placing her finger tip to her neck, tilting her head to the side. Another long, soft kiss that sent chills across her skin and fire straight to her womanhood. After this kiss, she pointed to her ear, to her nipple, to her other nipple. All were met with soft kisses and gentle sucking. Her breathing was now coming in short gasps, she could feel her wetness swell within her. She thought her heart would burst from her chest as she paused to touch her belly, her hip. Her eyes were lost in his as the last kiss ended.

"Anything more, my beloved Angelica?"

She blushed, nodding slowly, her hand was shaking as she placed a finger between her legs. It took every bit of effort she had to keep her eyes on his. She was barely aware of what happened after. There was warmth, wetness, pressure, but for the life of her she had no idea what he was doing all she knew is she wanted more she never wanted him to stop. She felt his finger inside her, his tongue his lips, his teeth! He brought her to climax again and again. Her wet hair thrashing across her pillows as the waves of ecstasy crashed over her. He then took her back in his arms and kissed her deeply as he brought her back to her bath. She smiled at him as he walked out of her room, his suit was soaked, that smile lasted for days after.

She had also kissed him there as well. Again her eyes closed as memories flooded her mind. She had done more than kiss. She had licked and sucked his manhood. She brought her wet fingers to her mouth and suckled on them. She might be so bold as to insist on doing that again for him today.

It had been two weeks since she had first been brought to climax by his mouth, his tongue, his teeth. And he had done it for her again since then. She wished to repay his kindness in kind but was far too shy and nervous of not being capable of bringing him pleasure. With some gentle coaching from Mrs. Porter involving a cucumber and a lot of giggles she felt that perhaps she was ready to try. She decided that she would be bold. After all Mrs. Porter had said that the best way to ease your nerves for a new task was to simply dive on in.

She decided to sneak into his room before the break of dawn and wake him up with her kisses. She crept down the hall to his chamber. Delicately, slowly she turned the knob and opened the door with her heart in her throat. Without a creak of a single floor board she moved to his bed; the light of a full moon was more than enough to guide her to his gently slumbering form. She leaned over his face and gently kissed his forehead. He stirred and shifted in his sleep. She was certain the beating of her heart was so loud he would wake, but he did not. She smiled, calming down a little and kissed his cheek. This kiss elicited a murmur from him. She took a deep breath to steady herself and kissed his lips. Her tongue slid from her mouth and began to lick at his lips. He could feel his body shift and then felt his hand slide into her hair as he began to return the kiss. She pulled away and smiled. He was still half asleep but he looked up at her and smiled.

"Good morning, my beautiful Angelica."

She placed a finger to his lips and shook her head slowly. She would never be able to say out loud what she wanted to do. She crawled into the bed and knelt by his side. She looked at him with pleading eyes, hoping he would understand and consent to her desires. She leaned over him again and kissed him, deeply, passionately and let her fingers trail across his broad chest and then under the covers, down his stomach where her fingers stopped. She broke their kiss and looked at him with those same pleading eyes. He smiled and nodded slowly. Her heart skipped a beat as she kissed him again, her hand trailing further down his body until she found his member. It was already hard. The skin was so soft. She had to laugh a little, Mrs. Porter had, of course, found a cucumber the exact size of him to practice on. She grasped his shaft tightly in her small hand and began to pull and twist. She could feel it throb, she felt the bulging veins his deep moans letting her know she was doing it correctly. Though she remembered that Mrs. Porter had said there wasn't much you could do to it that a man would not approve of short of cutting it off. She felt his hand slide down her back but she took it in hers as she broke their kiss again. She looked at him, placing his hand back on the bed and shook her head.

This, she had decide would be repayment for months of kindness, this was going to be all about his pleasure and his alone. She lost herself in another kiss and could feel wetness against her wrist. Mrs. Porter had prepared her for this gift of his arousal. She let go of his member and brought her wrist to her mouth and licked. The taste was earthy, slightly salty, the look on his face as he watched her was delicious. She had done this to him. She felt a sense of power then she had never felt with him before. She had always been the one to receive pleasure. Now she had the means to return that pleasure. She grasped him again and pulled him hard. She was rewarded with a deep moan and another droplet which she eagerly brought to her lips again. This time it was his eyes pleading with her. She bent down and kissed him. His kisses were the most passionate she had ever felt from him before as she continued to stroke and twist him, remembering now to use her thumb across the head, using his own wetness to pleasure him. She released him then and threw back the bedding. She saw him then, in the moonlight, hard, throbbing, glistening in his own passion. She licked and sucked her wet thumb as she looked from his eyes to his swollen manhood.

"Angelica, are you cer..."

Her finger on his lips cut his question short as she slowly nodded. She could see the passion burning in his eyes. He nodded. Again she took him in her hand and continued to stroke. She watched him then. Watched as every movement of her hand made him writhe, made him throb. She was in control of his pleasure. She became giddy, a smile curled her lips as this realization dawned on her. She kissed him. First his forehead. Then his cheeks, his lips. He kept trying to touch her and every time she had but to touch his hand and he allowed it to be returned to the bed with a whimper. She had made him whimper. Her eyes were wide as she kissed up his neck to his ear. This sense of budding power gave her the courage to speak.

"This is for you, my beloved Robert, not for me. Just for you. All for you."

She kissed down his neck to his chest. Her kisses found his nipple and his breath caught in his throat. She smiled. She knew how much Rebecca loved her lips and tongue on her nipples and so she continued to lick and suck his. She was rewarded with moans, his head thrashing against the pillow. She bit it then eliciting a short cry of passion. She continued to his other nipple and repeated the same ministrations. He was groaning now, deeply. His hips were pushing into her hand now. She kissed down his stomach, scooting herself lower as she went. Her hand continued the pulling and twisting, her thumb rubbing his wetness against the head with every stroke. She swallowed hard as her kisses reached the base of his member. She kissed around the base. kissed his balls and gently, very gently suckled on them first one, then the other. Wetness flowed from him. She felt so proud of herself. She then licked the entire length of the shaft. She took a deep breath and began to lick around the head. His taste was not entirely unpleasant but seeing his eyes roll back in his head made it so delightful. She then took him into her mouth. First just the tip, sucking it as her hand moved up and down his shaft. He was so hard now. She started to take more of him into her mouth. She could not get all of him into her mouth. She started to gag as he got to the back of her throat and had to pull him out of her mouth to breathe. She used her saliva to stroke him as she recovered her composure. He was writhing at her touch. She put him back in her mouth and tried again. She tried to relax her throat as she felt him push her tongue down, again she had to withdraw to catch her breath. Robert was looking at her, his eyes filled with passionate pleading and longing. He was longing for her. Again and again she tried to get every last inch of him into her mouth, again and again she failed though Robert's moans and cries seemed to belie any failure. She could feel him pushing his hips up, driving his manhood into her mouth. She could feel the tears running down her face as she kept sliding her mouth around him. He finally cried out.

"Oh Angelica, that feels so wonderful."

She felt her heart leap at the desperation in his voice. She began to speed up her movements, she took his balls in her hand and began to gently squeeze them. His words turned to incoherent moans as she felt his whole body tense.

"Oh Angelica, you don't have to..."

At that she took him as deep as she could and squeezed his balls harder. She knew what would happen, as she felt his body spasm, felt his member throb, heard his moans turn to gasping cries. She felt him explode in her mouth filling it with the warm, salty, metallic taste of his seed. She tried to swallow it all and yet more kept coming. She finally had to pull her mouth away and watched as the last of it ran down the length of his shaft. Her eyes were blurred from tears, her nose was running, and spit and Robert's seed were running down her chin as she gasped for breath. She was immediately in his arms. He wiped her face gently with the bedding and kisses. He held her close to him as he whispered between kisses.

"Oh, Angelica, thank you, that was wonderful."

She lay in his arms, her heart filled with joy and pride at what she had done for him. She nuzzled into his neck and drifted off to sleep thinking this would not be the last time she would wake him in this manner.

For the next month they had shared each other's bodies on many occasions but still, she longed for more. There was a passion burning deep inside her, a fire that had been lit at their first kiss but surged into a bonfire the night she had witnessed him take Lady Carrington. Lord Carrington was such a lovely man, so very kind. She had enjoyed pleasuring him far more than she would have ever guessed. Though he did protest a bit at first, she was easily able to have her way with him. As they both watched Mr. Bradley spanking his wife he had become so aroused and so had she. It had made the whole act all the more pleasurable. She realized that night just how much power she could have over a man. Listening to the Carrington's passionate love making throughout the night finally made her realize what she wanted. The next morning, as they lay in each other's arms after sharing their pleasure, Angelica could no longer hold her tongue.

"I want you to take my maidenhood."

She blushed deeply as the words escaped her mouth. She fought every urge in her body in order to keep her eyes on his. She was working so hard on being heard and seen she was desperate for him to see and hear her now.

His eyes were so kind. His smile warm. His voice was all gentleness and concern.

"I would not want you to make that decision in the heat of the moment, my sweet Angelica. However, if you still wish me to one month hence, then I would be honoured to fulfill your request."

She pouted very prettily then. He kissed her bottom lip and nipped it with his teeth. She giggled. He kissed her flushed cheeks and whispered in her ear.

"However, if you are not completely sated and want more right now, my dearest Angelica, I can, of course, bring you to climax again."

He kissed her ear.

"And again."

Another kiss, this time on her neck.

"And again."

A kiss to her shoulder. This continued to her breasts, her stomach. Until once again her passions were unleashed. And then again and again.

The memories were flooding over her as she brought herself to climax just as he entered the room. She blushed deeply as he smiled at her. His hair was still soaked, plastered to his forehead. His whole body was still wet from the rain.

They had been walking in the garden together. It had been exactly one month, she had counted the days with anticipation but was nervous that he might say no, or ask her to wait longer. They were at the furthest edge of the gardens, both, deep in thought. A light, late summer rain began to fall and they began to walk back to the house. The rain turned into a deluge before they could reach the shelter of the gazebo. The rain was warm but Angelica shivered a little until Mr. Bradley put an arm around her. She nuzzled blissfully into his arms. Looking up into his beautiful face she whispered.

"It has been a month, and I still want you to take my maidenhood, please."

He had carried her in his arms through the rain from the gazebo to her room. He had undressed her. Very slowly. He had kissed every inch of newly revealed skin. She shivered at his touch, at his kisses, and from the wet clothing that clung to her body. Once she was completely stripped, he placed her in her bed and went to hang her clothes and his to dry. She had busied herself with memories in his absence, but now he was walking towards her. She watched him come. She shivered now purely in anticipation. Her eyes devoured every last inch of him at his approach.

She opened the covers to him with what she hoped was more of an inviting smile than a nervous one. He slid under with her and his lips were on hers, his arms strongly about her. His skin was damp and cool but within moments of heated kissing they were both so hot that they threw off the covers. She watched him devour her with his eyes. She flushed at the attention, her heart was pounding against her chest as it always did at his touch. Her hands were trembling as she touched his face. He took her hand in his and gently kissed her palm, her wrist. Her hand slipped into his hair and pulled him into a deep kiss as his hands explored her body. She was more nervous than she had ever been with him. All she could think of was that he would be inside her. Her breathing was shallow, gasping as his hand slid across her breasts. Her whole body trembling as he pulled and pinched her nipples. She was so aroused that by the time his hand slipped between her legs she climaxed in seconds. He hushed her, and held her until her trembling lessened. She felt badly that she had completely forgotten about his pleasure and immediately grabbed his manhood which was engorged to it's full girth. She opened her legs and tried to pull him on top of her. He gently pulled her hand away and kissed it.

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