tagRomanceWake Up Call

Wake Up Call


It's about 3am. I cant take it, I have to see you. I drive to your house, turning my lights off when I pull into the driveway. I go to the back door, knowing you left it unlocked, just in case. Quietly, I open the door and sneak down the stairs to you.

You are sleeping in your bed, nude, on your back, one leg slightly bent, one arm over your eyes, blocking the light from the TV that you had left on. I notice a slight smile on your face, and it makes me wonder what you are dreaming. A small moan escapes your slightly parted lips, and I know you are dreaming of me. You look so peaceful. It is almost a shame that I will be waking you up. Almost.

Very quietly, I strip off all my clothes. Creeping over to your bed, I lower myself onto it near your legs. Watching your eyes very carefully, I lower my mouth onto you soft cock. I hear a sigh from you, but your eyes are still closed. I feel life in your package, as it starts to rise.

Licking the head, I notice your eyes flicker, but they don't open. I am sure this is the most realistic dream you have had, I think to myself, as I lick your now hard cock from the base to the tip. Taking the head in my mouth again, I lower my lips all the way to the bottom, feeling your cock hit the back of my throat. As I raise my head, I feel your hands, as you softly push it back down. I giggle, knowing you are now awake.

"Good morning baby," I say, with your cock still in my mouth. I look up, and see you looking at me, smiling brightly.

"What a wake up call," you whisper. I remove my mouth from you dick, and crawl up, laying on top of you, face to face. You lean up and kiss me, putting all your love, passion, and horniness into this one kiss. You grab my legs, at the knees, pulling them up, so I am now straddling you. I lift my hips, positioning myself over you. You feel the heat from my pussy, and you moan. Slowly, I lower myself on you, feeling your hardness fill me deeply. You cock pulsates at my heat and wetness. As I rock my hips forward and back, feeling you bump against my walls, you moan and grab onto my hips, raising me up.

Knowing what you want, I slam down, rubbing my clit on the base of your cock. Alternating between rocking my hips, and the up and down motion, I show you how much you mean to me, and how much I want you.

"Oh god," you moan, "This feels so fucking good."

You reach behind me and slap my ass. My pussy muscles grip around your cock, as I let out a gasp, feeling the heat from the slap move across my cheek.

"How do you want it?" I ask. I already know the answer, I just love to hear you say it.

"Get on your knees, baby" is all you say.

I lift myself off of you, and run my pussy lips up and down your shaft for a brief moment. I lay next to you, on my stomach, and raise my hips as you move in behind me. You run your dick up and down my pussy lips, feeling my hard clit against the head of your dick, a delicious tease you always play with me.

"Please, put it in me," I cry.

You slide your cock into my hole, feeling the tightness of the position. With less then 10 strokes, I feel the wave of my first orgasm. My muscles tighten, grasping your dick.

As you repeatedly slam into me, I scream. Quickly, you reach around and cover my mouth so I don't wake the house. My moans subside, and I gasp for breath. Your hands uncover my mouth and move down to grab onto my swinging tits. Taking one of the hard nipples between your thumb and first finger, you roll it around, tugging on it. You lean forward more, licking and kissing my neck and back, sending shivers down my spine.

I feel your manhood harden more, knowing you are close. Slamming into me, you whisper my name, taking me over the top again. I lower my face onto the pillow, muffling my moans. You grab my hips and fuck me with all you have, crashing into my pussy with no abandon. My body instinctively matches your thrusts, and stars flash before my eyes as we cum together, your hot juices filling my thirsty hole.

Catching our breath, you remove yourself from me. Laying next to me and bringing me into your arms, you tell me about the dream you were having before you were so wonderfully awaken.

We lay there, as the sun comes up and washes the shadows away, we both know its time for me to go.

After getting dressed, you walk me to my car. Kissing me softly on my lips, you look into my eyes and tell me that you were hoping I would come.

You whisper in my ear "Leave your door unlocked tonight." I smile as I get in my car, and drive away, ready to start my day of work. What a way to start the day, don't you think?

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