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Wake-up Call


I awaken from my slumber to a gray room. The morning light filtering through the windows indicates it's a cloudy, and likely to be rainy, day. But as I become more aware, I realize another sensation has caused me to wake. I am hard with a morning erection, and I become aware of a warm and wet sensation enveloping the tip of my cock. I glance down to find you sucking and licking the tip, your hand gently stroking the shaft. You glance up, see I'm awake, and silently continue your gentle blowjob. I see your eyes close, and you continue stroking me. I feel your tongue swirling around the tip, teasing me. It's apparent that this is something you want to do just for me. I need not respond in kind; you want me to lie back and enjoy this. All of this is communicated wordlessly.

I think back on the events of the previous six months that brought you back to me. I had been devastated by the loss of my life partner, despondent, wracked with guilt. Then without warning, you reentered my life after 25 years. Your path back to me was also long and difficult. It's as if fate had stepped in to set right what had prevented us from being together so long ago. The fates knew that we would both need to grow before we could be together. It was fortunate that you would chance an email to ask if I remembered you from so many years ago. And once you found me, you took charge. You became my rock, anchoring my drifting soul and saving me from myself. You were my guardian angel, watching over me, protecting me, and showing me that I was still a man, capable of loving, and worthy of being loved. We exchanged a letter, then a few phone calls, and finally you agreed to travel halfway across the country to visit for a few days. Since your arrival, my life has changed in unbelievable ways. I simply cannot fathom the good fortune that has brought you to my bed this cool and rainy spring morning.

I lie back and watch you work. My God, but you are so good at this. This isn't frantic fevered jungle sex, this is slow gentle lovemaking of the most tender kind. You are showing me that you know how to please me, that you know my body intimately, and that you know exactly how to tease me as no one has been able to do before.

Your head doesn't bob up and down, there is no deep throating, no talk. You just hold the tip of my cock in your mouth, stroking me gently as your tongue works the head of my cock gently. After a little while. you lift your mouth free and spend a few minutes gently drawing each testicle into your mouth, licking and sucking on them as your hand continues gently stoking the length of my shaft. You lick my scrotum, then the underside of the shaft, dancing the tip of your tongue up and down me, watching me watch you. In the brief moments that you aren't actually working me with your mouth, I see you smiling. You are enjoying bringing me so much pleasure. It's in your giving nature to please me in this way.

My hips rise reflexively from the bed, and you know that I am getting ready to cum for you. You draw the head of my cock back into your mouth, and resume stroking me as your tongue works the tip again. I watch, and I am very turned on by your technique. I feel my orgasm building. I fight to hold it back as long as possible, knowing that the longer I control it, the more intense it will be. Finally though, I can hold back no more.

I feel the first spasm of my orgasm. I feel the warm creamy fluid spurting into your waiting mouth. You continue sucking and licking as my hot cum fills your mouth, your hand stroking me even as I cum. I feel several more strong contractions; you take it all without missing a beat. After the contractions cease, I feel even more semen gently escaping me. You continue your work. I can't tell if you've swallowed, or if you are holding the entire load in your mouth, so gentle is your mouth action.

My cock softens as my erection fades. You continue licking until I am so soft that my spent cock pops from your mouth. I am perfectly clean. Your mouth and tongue action has been so thorough that there is no outward indication that I have had sex. I feel you climb back up the bed and lay your face on my chest. You turn your face up to me and we kiss, gently and for a long time. I taste no trace of my cum on your mouth. You have done a very complete job of pleasing me. When our kiss finally ends, you look into my face, a contented smile on yours. "Good morning, Sweetie," you say, your voice soft and gentle, music to my ears.

"Good morning, Angel. I love you."

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