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I woke gently from my sleep, clawing my way through the fog that clouded my mind, my body slowly registering the dryness of my mouth, the dull aches that encompassed my body. The room was dark save for a sliver of light from the street lamp that had managed to find a crack in the curtains. It was warm and still; disturbed only by the deep breathing of the other occupant of the bed; deep, heavy, distinctly male. As I tried to sit up my body cried out, my head spinning sickeningly, forcing me to fall back, disturbing the bed and eliciting a small mutter from the guy lying next to me.

I know the voice and the sudden realization that I'm naked in a bed, lying next to Carl, makes my stomach lurch; what the fuck happened? I close my eyes, trying to quell the panic that is surging through my chest, making my heart beat a hundred miles an hour; and it all comes back to me; slowly at first, as it is drudged up from the murkiness of my thoughts, and then in a rush, so hard and so fast it feels like my head is going to explode.

I remember stumbling into our room at some point in the night, naked and exhausted, my body aching and my head spinning from all the drugs and booze. The bed had seemed to call to me and I'd gladly flopped down onto it; lying on the edge, my feet on the floor; and that's how I'd stayed for who knows how long; the shadows dancing around and mocking me, seeming to laugh out loud at my sorry state, taking great pleasure in the knowledge that I was too weak to move.

I wanted sleep, I needed it even, but my heart was beating to fast from the ecstasy, my skin tingling, my mouth dry. I remembered someone coming in, small and dark in the doorway, speaking to me softly, holding my head up gently as water trickled down my throat. Small, soft hands, a woman...but it wasn't you. Who was it? It was just you, Carl and I in the house, wasn't it? I'd tried to ask but I couldn't remember the reply. I just wanted to sleep but I couldn't, she wouldn't leave, she kept talking. I tried to tell her I couldn't understand her but my mouth wouldn't do anything more than mutter stupidly.

Then I felt her hands on my stomach, nails digging in gently, raking down over my hips, along the outside of my thighs; her hair gently tickling the inside of them, hot breath on my balls. It was torturous ecstasy, my skin tingling and jumping at every touch. I tried to tell her no, shook my head vehemently but she either never heard or just didn't care as she took my limp cock in her mouth and began sucking.

She toyed with my balls and dug her nails into my thigh as she sucked, running her teeth roughly over my head. Sensations of excruciating pain and exquisite pleasure raked through me. I didn't want it, I tried to move, tried to cry out but it did nothing to deter her and slowly I felt myself getting thicker in her mouth, heavier as blood raced into my cock. She let me slip out her mouth then but instead of leaving began to roughly jerk it up and down, from side to side, the skin pulling and stretching from the friction; taking my balls into her mouth and sucking savagely.

I wanted to cry out but my breath caught in my throat; I was sure she was going to break my cock, it bent and bounced under her attention, sending a shooting pain to the very base of my spine. A tear trickled down my cheek in frustration and pain but she didn't seem to care, biting down on my balls if I made too much noise; and then, at the very moment I thought my cock could take no more and would break, she stopped, letting it fall, hot, full and raw onto my stomach.

I thought she was leaving as she got up but it was not to be and I felt her take my cock in hand again; but as I whimpered in submission I felt her guide it to her hole and sit down on it firmly; a little sigh escaping her mouth as it eased into her.

I don't remember much more than that she was facing away from me, hands on my knees, nails digging into my skin as she bounced up and down on my cock; occasionally stopping to grind herself in little circles on it. She was small and pale; the little light there was giving me no-more detail than that. The room was filled with her grunts and moans, my attempts to say no and the slapping of flesh, the indicator that my declarations were not successful.

I remember the creak of the door seeming to shatter the relative silence of the room, a dark silhouette standing there, talking to my violator, no indication given, that they were concerned with my plight. I remember the door closing again, soft footfalls on the carpet and soon the grunts and moans dying down to an almost incomprehensible muffled muttering.

The fucking hadn't stopped though; instead my violator had released my knees and was leaning forward, the new angle giving her increased leverage to slam down onto my cock with renewed and increased power. My cock slid in and out of her with ease, a wet slapping accompanying every bounce. She was falling onto it so hard and so fast it began bending about a third of the way up, each thrust causing agonizing pain at the bend only for it to be soothed over by the warm, wet, silky sheath of her cunt.

I remember lifting my head up weakly, trying to will myself up, but to no avail. It was as if everything below my neck was encased in lead, unyielding and dead. I caught sight of a dark silhouette against the backdrop of the curtains, the lit end of a cigarette glowing gently in the blackness. He had a hand in her hair, seeming to guide his hips in and out of her mouth gently as she held onto his thighs.

He was talking to her in between puffs, his voice deep, sonorous, strangely hypnotic. He seemed to egg her on, encouraging her to bounce harder upon my cock, cooing and cajoling, whipping her into a frenzy. My cock glistened in the moonlight, a thick oily sheen coating its entire length, as it repeatedly disappeared into her sopping wet cunt. Her ass was red from where it slammed into my thighs, a notable contrast to the milky white paleness of the rest of her ass and lower back, even in the relative darkness of the room.

By now the tears were rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably in frustration at my inability to stop this violation. He must have noticed them glistening in the light because I heard him laugh and tell her. The bitch seemed spurred on by this, her bouncing and slamming becoming savage and erratic; obviously bouncing so hard that his cock fell out her mouth; her cries of savage joy as her orgasm hit reverberating through the room, loud enough to wake the entire house I thought. She ground down onto me, her pussy clenching and quivering, my cock stuck in her at a painful angle but she didn't seem to notice; instead arching her back as the waves of her orgasm washed through her.

After what seemed an eternity she leaned forward and stumbled off me, clutching to the other man, my cock sliding out of her pussy and falling to my stomach wetly. My thighs were dripping from her wetness, her juices running down my cock and over my balls; penetrating all the creases as they ran down my crack and onto the bed beneath me. My heart was pounding, my chest heaving from the exertion I had been exposed to; my arms lying limply as I shook the tears from my eyes.

Relief washed over me that my torture was over and I tried to tell them to fuck off, but all I could do was gurgle incoherently. It obviously had no effect because I felt two strong hands grab each of my limp calves and lift them up, pushing my knees against my chest, the base of my back lifting clear off the bed.

A face loomed large in my vision as he leaned forward, enough light from the window to make out Carl's leering face. He was talking softly but all I remember was the smell of smoke and booze and weed; the leer seeming to grow larger and larger until it occupied everything I could see.

I'd just wanted him to finish, to say his insults and leave but instead I felt something wet and warm and hard at the entrance to my ass. All to late I realized what was happening and the sound of my objection was muffled out as he pressed his lips to mine, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth as his cock simultaneously pushed its way slowly into my ass; managing to penetrate the tight ring of my sphincter painfully, but easily.

I tried to scream, I tried to struggle but all to no avail. The weight of his body pinned my legs to my chest, he held my arms down above my head and his mouth stayed clamped over mine; my scream cut off by the probing tongue in my mouth, hot and wet, carrying with it the taste of smoke and booze and cum.

His cock continued to slide into me relentlessly. Slowly each centimeter sluggishly pushed passed the tight ring of my ass, the pressure behind it painfully intense. It burned relentlessly, a sharp pain shooting through my bladder and to the base of my groin as he pushed it in deeper, to places never before touched.

At last I felt his pelvis against my ass, his cock fully inside me as he beat off my struggles and continued to explore my mouth. He held himself there for the longest time, until my struggles had died down, the pain in my ass dying down to a low throbbing burn, soon to be overtaken by the uncomfortable sensation of the cock in my ass. He broke the kiss then, pulling back slightly to look at my face and chuckled; telling me not to struggle or he'd just prolong it.

I tried to tell him to stop as I gasped for air, tried to push him off me but he wouldn't budge. He just chuckled and told me to think of it as my punishment for earlier; "You didn't think you could get away with it, did you?" he asked softly, "Wandering off from the party like that because you were tired? Tash was very disappointed you know. She wanted a good fucking and yet her pathetic little boyfriend wasn't up to the challenge; tsk tsk tsk... " He emphasized the last three sounds with three grinding thrusts into me.

I gasped in surprise and pain, tried to tell him it wasn't my fault but he cut me off with another kiss and a savage thrust that made my eyes water. "Don't speak, I'm sure you know by now that I like my holes silent." My protest cut short by another savage thrust that literally rammed home his point.

"Don't worry about her though, I'm sure John is taking care of her as we speak, or she's taking care of herself; Lord knows she has to do it enough when you're around..." My whimper was met with a leer and another grinding thrust. "But you see, Val and I had to come and see what all the fuss about you was; we needed to know what exactly it was she saw in you." The leer grew bigger and the grinding thrusts had started up a steady rhythm, but I tried to make as little noise as I could, cutting off my whimpers in my throat.

Each thrust forced his stomach to press over my still wet cock and balls, squashing them somewhat uncomfortably but the heat and weight providing an enjoyable pleasure. "Eve seems to think you're useful to have around as something hard to fuck when she wants to get off but she was a little disappointed that you didn't cum; but then again she and Tash always did have very similar tastes..."

He thrust into me savagely again as I moaned out, my ass crying out in pain at the abuse, but a little less each time around. "Women like that, you know? The ability to make a man cum, it makes them feel like they've done a good job." he smirked at me and bit me on the neck hard. "You don't even have to make them cum." he snickered lewdly.

I gasped in frustration and it seemed to thrill him even more. "I mean, you're not bad in bed by all accounts; you just lack that one little thing that she loves. Do you know what that is?" he fucked me with every word of the question.

"No." I gasped, the effort of trying to control my bladder needing all my attention. "Do you want to know what it is?" he ground out, his breath hot and moist against my cheek. "Okay." I pleaded, gasping and pinned. "It's power," it rolled off his tongue as he traced my jawbone with his lips, "she needs to feel controlled; she needs someone to be in charge."

"No, she wants to be loved, it's why she's with me." I gasped out, each word high pitched and strangled. I don't know whether it was my discomfort or what I said that caused him to chuckle. "Of course she wants to be loved, and I'm sure you're very good at providing it; but she does have other desires, you know? It's why we never stopped fucking; she needed me too badly."

"Nah-ah..." I gasped, "...you did... in April..." I was forced to fade into anguished silence as he ground into me; a definite slow, languorous rhythm to his thrusts now, grinding into me at the top of each thrust, relentless, strong, and forceful.

He chuckled again, "Oh, we slowed down yes but we never really stopped; and that was mostly because I was so busy. We still did something sexual at least once a month. We only really stopped a week or two before you two started going out; she probably wanted to start afresh for you but even that didn't last." another chuckle, another nip at my chin,

"She came to me a few days before you started going out, practically begged me to finger her; ten minutes in the office and she'd come three times...hard, like I'm used to." His leer increased again and he pressed hard against my lips, his tongue sliding between them and into my mouth again. "A few days after your date and she was back to giving me a quick blowjob in the office after our lectures; swallowing my cum just like old times. But you wouldn't know anything about that, hey?" He smirked and started to pick up the pace of his thrusts.

By then the pain in my ass had all but subsided and all I could think about was the alien pressure on what must have been my prostate, the weight and height of his stomach rubbing against cock and balls. He didn't wait for my reply, just kept on in that same low, goading voice, "Don't get me wrong Rick, she liked you; point blank refused to let me fuck her; told me she felt you deserved an 'unsullied' cunt for your first time; as if I hadn't already taken care of that already. So I refused to finger fuck her anymore; oh I know you were doing that for her but like I said, you lack real power and control so I knew she'd come around eventually..." he giggled at his pun and thrust into me roughly to illicit a moan of acknowledgement.

"She phoned me up on a Sunday, I think it was the Sunday just before you two fucked for the first time, literally begged me to finger her, told me she expected to have sex very soon and then I could go back to having her cunt back; told me she'd do anything else. So, being the wonderful friend that I am I told her to come round the next day when you were in lectures, that I'd see what I could do. And of course she did, pitched up bright and early first thing in the morning all eager and expectant. And do you know what I did? Hey, Rick, do you know what I did to your girlfriend that day?" he bit my shoulder as he pushed deeply inside of me, making me gasp in pain and whimper breathlessly.

"I told her that if she wanted me to finger her she would let me fuck her in her ass right then...and of course she agreed. Oh, she didn't want to but she said yes...she needed me too badly. A little KY and she was on her back with my cock up her ass, much like you are now" another chuckle. "She was loud that day, sobbing and crying out in pain, she couldn't shut up but thankfully there was no-one at home. And when I was done I filled her with my cum, made her clean up her mess and then we went to lectures; I didn't even touch her pussy..."

I couldn't do anything now but whimper a reply, a single hot tear rolling down my cheek from the shame of it all. He just chuckled some more and slowly licked the tear up, forced his tongue into my mouth again and ran it along my own.

"Was that because you thought I was a bastard to her or because you naively thought that you had been the first to have her ass?" he grunted, "You didn't honestly think there was anything you could do to her that I hadn't done first, did you? Anyway, don't worry about her, it wasn't about the fingers, she just wanted to be controlled. It's why she came back on Wednesday and agreed to the same deal. She knew I was never going to finger fuck her but she still came round, begged so prettily and then took up her place underneath me. I took my time that day, at least an hour and she only stopped her noise when she was too tired to keep it up; but I still had to turn the stereo on to its loudest so the maid wouldn't hear. And when I was done she pulled up her panties without being told to and we went to lectures. Wasn't she good?" he chuckled deeply and then kissed me some more; by now I was too tired to fight back, opening my mouth willingly, letting his tongue explore me fully; something which seemed to please him no end.

"And then she came to me again just before our lecture on Friday and I took her on the couch in the office when we were supposed to be in class. You were probably a floor below us and you knew nothing about it. She was good that day which was surprising because there was no lube; she had to make do with sucking me off and using nothing but saliva to ease my cock in there. It was tough, I didn't think I'd get it in there but I kept pushing; and all she did was shove her wet panties into her mouth to use as a gag. There were lots of tears but she didn't make a noise. So at the end I rewarded her for that effort, fingered her to an orgasm and then another. Surely you must have noticed how loose and tacky she was that night? No? It's ok, you always were too stupid too realize anything was up."

He snickered and lifted himself up enough to put his nipple at my mouth. "Bite!" he ordered and I did. Took his moist, sweaty skin and suckled at his nipple until it was rock hard, clasping it between my teeth and biting until he elicited a satisfied sigh before resuming his thrusting.

"She came to me the Monday after your first time, pitched up on my doorstep unannounced. Took me downstairs and started getting undressed, told me she needed to be fucked the way she liked it. Mmmm...it was a good day, we stayed there for hours, in my little room on my little bed, our naked bodies constantly joined. She rode me and told me about your little evening, how you couldn't cum, how she felt so bad, that she needed to feel desired. And then it was like old times, her lying there on her back and me thrusting into her relentlessly, through orgasm after orgasm; and eventually I gave her what she wanted. I came for her, let my seed fill her up. Yes that's yet another thing I did to her first," he smiled, "like I said, it's not your fault; some of us have power and some of us don't, ok?"

I whimpered around his nipple again, my whole body moving now with each thrust, the bed starting to squeak again.

"I told you Rick, there is not a thing that you've done to her that I haven't done first. You weren't even her first threesome experience; we took care of that at Val's house. In fact we only approached you that night because our friend wasn't available and I had already cum twice that night. Don't tell me you didn't notice that her pussy had been fucked. No? What about my cum, didn't you taste it; she'd tried to clean up but I find that there's always a little left behind." He chuckled again, pulling his nipple away and kissing me deeply again.

"Is that fear in your eyes or finally a look of understanding? Hey?" his thrusting was savage now, his arms pinning mine in place bruisingly, his cock burying itself repeatedly in my stretched and torn ass. "Do you finally understand what's been happening? Do you believe all those things I told you? Well! Do you!" His voice grated out between gasps, his thrusting finally managing to make him pant.

"Well? Do you? Answer me you little shit!" he demanded shrilly. I gasped hard, my hole burning with renewed pain and I began to feel a tingling sensation begin to start at the base of my spine and quickly move up through my groin. "Ah...no...I dunno..." I panted, eyes pleading with him to stop.

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