tagRomanceWaking up on Christmas Morning

Waking up on Christmas Morning


This was Marie's and Tony's first holiday together as a couple. They met online and got to know each other really well. Tony had flown up for the holiday to spend time with Marie. Tony got in the night before and Marie had met him at the airport. There was Christmas love and joy in the air all around them as they went Christmas shopping the night before. The stores were decorated with snow and different Christmas scenes. There were carolers walking around from business to business singing songs about giving, joy and good tidings.

After spending a glorious night making love Marie had slipped out of bed very early. She went for a morning walk to the coffee and doughnut shop. Admiring all the decorations in the yards all set for the holidays she enjoyed the walk. Getting a selection of donuts and two giant cups of coffee each made the same way she paid her bill and hurried back to the hotel. Making it back to the hotel she let herself into the room without waking Tony.

She put the coffee and donuts on the table and slipped into the bathroom to get ready. Unknown to Tony she had just recently bought a new teddy with fishnet stockings. The teddy was all red lace material with green laced ruffled boarders. He was going to love it or at least she hoped he would. Going out into the bedroom she walked over to the bed and crawled up next to him on the bed. She had a mission she was going to try to wake him up by giving him a special wake up call. She lightly kissed his lips. Then she peeled back the sheet a little and softly kissed him again over and over. She worked her way over his chest with barely touching kisses pausing to flick each of his nipples, and looked up quickly to see if he was waking up. Relieved she continued her journey downward the sheet moved with her.

Once she was nestled in between Tony's legs she started to touch his manhood with feather-like touches as she licked just under his ball sack. She went a little lower to his anus and licked there too. She turned her attention to his balls as she licked and sucked on them her tongue rolled each nut around in her mouth. She heard Tony moan in his sleep, and smiled as she moved up to like and kiss the cock that was now erect. She ran her tongue over his piss hole and over the cock-head that was now moving. Marie looked up at Tony and she seen that he was still asleep.

Then she began to suck on his cock. She started to bob her head up and down on his thick slick cock. On each downward stroke she inched her way down his shaft until she was at the base then she sucked hard and fast. By this time Tony was thrusting into her mouth so she looked at him as she continued to suck him. Tony was now awake and smiled at her then moaned. As she sucked him harder he thrust up into her mouth, and before long he exploded into her mouth. After she swallowed all his cum she moved up and kissed him with passion. He held her close in his arms and felt content. She nestled there for a few minutes then pulled him toward the shower to start their day.

After they showered they left the hotel room to go out for breakfast. On the way to the restaurant they were stopped by the Christmas carolers so Tony stood there with his arm around Maria and held her close as they listened to "December Will Be Magic Again." They stroll along the sidewalk after the carolers are done. Maria would point out this or that to Tony, and he would smile and buy it. He would look at something for a little longer than normal Maria would sneak in and buy it. They had a delightful day as they each picked up a present for each other. They ate breakfast; shopped some more then went to see the Christmas Pageant that the local church put on.

Tony and Maria cherished the time that they had together, because they knew that Tony had to leave the next day. Stretched out in front of the fire they made love tenderly and slowly as they wanted to savor the feelings that were being made. When they finished hours later they exchanged gifts, and made love one more time. They fell asleep with Maria snuggled up in Tony's arms her head laid on his shoulder and her hand resting on his chest.

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