tagMatureWaking Up The Neighborhood Ch. 02

Waking Up The Neighborhood Ch. 02


This is the continuation of "Waking the Neighborhood" if the depiction of sex between consulting adults offends you….. well I feel sorry for you…..

Seven Days and Seven Nights II Sunday In the fog before I became fully awake, my dreams were full of scenes from the evening before, only Lisa was in some of them too, and she was enjoying Steve and Sandy as much as I was. I woke completely up with a start, and realized my cock was fully erect from the dreams.

Shit, I was so horny, and I could still taste Sandy's pussy juice and Steve's cum. I got up to take a piss and I had to wait quite a while for my cock to go down enough so I wouldn't piss in my eye. I reeled from the memories of last night and could not believe that it had all actually happened. But, I knew it had, and I knew I should feel guilty, I just couldn't help but feel like something in me had changed and I liked it.

I got up and made coffee and drank a cup which helped clear the remaining cobwebs, and I found myself mentally going over how I could not only explain it all to Lisa, but how I could talk her into being involved in it. I thought of several different possible scenarios but each one ended with failure in my mind.

Suddenly I realized I had every intention of repeating last night with Steve and Sandy. What the hell was I going to do?

The doorbell suddenly rang and when I opened it Sandy was standing there in a white T shirt and crisp summer shorts looking good enough to eat…again.

"Hi! How are you feeling?" she asked.

"I am not sure, I am still taking all of this in." I answered.

Sandy said they understood, and asked if I wanted to come down to their place for breakfast and we could talk things over with Steve.

I hesitated and she quickly said "Look we won't do anything, come on down with me, and we will just talk, we would like to discuss some things with you. If you don't want to, we will understand, and will never bother you again, and will treat you as if nothing ever happened."

I was impressed with their openness and honesty and said "Okay, just let me get cleaned up a bit, and I'll be down in about 20 minutes."

Sandy smiled and said "Good, see you then."

As I showered and scrubbed I kept playing in my mind what we had done, my cock with it's own mind began to rise in earnest, and I kept shaking my head and saying to myself how the hell can I keep doing this without ending up being divorced?

It suddenly hit me I had gone from being amazed it had happened at all, to knowing it would happen again.

I sighed, got dressed, and headed to their house.

When I rang the bell Steve answered the door and greeted me with a big grin and shook my hand, and then laughed, and hugged me. "I guess there is no reason to be formal" he laughed.

I blushed and stuttered something about "being new to all of this."

Steve laughed again said "Follow me, Sandy has breakfast ready for us and we can talk after we have had something to eat."

After a delicious breakfast of omelets, and fresh fruit, and a cup of very good coffee, I was much more relaxed and felt like I was with friends I had known for years.

Steve looked at me and said "Sandy and I have always had an "open marriage", meaning we have always had friends that we play with together. There are no solo excursions with the other not being there, unless they agree they would not be, although that has always been a rare situation. We would expect our playmates to be the same way. We felt a kinship with you yesterday, or nothing would have progressed beyond a howdy neighbor."

I really felt that these were honest, open, "safe", discriminating people and did not know what to say. But, I nodded in agreement.

He continued, "We would love to play with you, and your wife Lisa too, but, we understand if you have never done this before, she may not want to play".

Again I nodded soberly, because I suspected Lisa was not going to welcome "swinging" with open arms, and maybe with kicking my ass out for even suggesting we try it.

Steve spoke very seriously, "Here's our proposition, we play all weekend until the night before your wife gets back, and then, we will act like nothing ever happened between us, there will be no more playing until we can convince Lisa to join in. If we can't convince her, she will never know about any of this, and you can keep your memories, and we will find other playmates."

"You mean I say nothing to her? That you and Sandy convince her?" I said.

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean, I don't want you to even mention the subject to her. You are to act like you met us very casually as the people down the street you bumped into, and chatted briefly with. We will take it from there, and if it's to be, it will be." Steve said firmly.

I sat back in my chair and thought about it for a few minutes and realized that it was probably the best way to approach Lisa.

Steve spoke again, "Sandy and I have some experience, and are discrete, and discriminating, if we can't seduce Lisa, nobody can."

I looked at both them and very slowly said "God, I hope you can."

With that Sandy approached me and took my hand and put it on her breast and kissed me. Her tongue slid in my mouth and Steve said "So do we."

My cock was responding to Sandy kissing me, and she sat in my lap and wiggled on it making it harder yet. Steve laughed, and looked at us and said "Why don't we get a lot more comfortable in the living room?"

It was just minutes later we were all naked and Steve and I were both licking, and sucking Sandy's nipples as she squealed her delight, and moaned with pleasure. We had her balanced on our knees with her legs spread, while we slid our fingers through her wet pussy. We took turns kissing her, and sucking her tongue, as we finger fucked her and massaged and rubbed her tits. Occasionally I felt Steve's tongue on mine as we kissed her and I felt an unfamiliar thrill, which I blushed at, but , did not mind in the least.

Sandy suddenly stopped and said "You guys have got me sooooo hot! I have got to have a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy right now!" She got off of our knees grabbed my cock and slowly sat on it while she grabbed Steve's cock stroked it, and sucked on the head.

Steve and I both groaned and let Sandy work her way on our cocks. She was so hot and wet, I loved taking long strokes in and out of her pussy as she sucked and licked Steve's cock, her long blonde hair dangling on his balls. I knew we would have to change positions soon or I was not going to last, it felt way to good being buried in her pussy watching her suck Steve. Just as I thought that, Steve suggested we trade places.

We got Sandy on the floor doggy style and Steve buried his cock in her pussy as I fucked her mouth. Oh man, I hoped they could get Lisa convinced to play with us!!! A few minutes of this and again I could feel my balls churning and that familiar urge began to arise.

Sandy was moaning on my cock and I knew I was going to have to cum soon. Steve was grunting and announced his impending orgasm, to which Sandy doubled her sucking on my cock. I moaned and said "oh, fuck I'm gonna cummmm!" Sandy sucked even harder and I started spurting into her mouth. Steve was groaning and he yelled that he was cumming too. Sandy licked and slurped my cum as she bounced on Steve's cock.

I fell back against their couch and caught my breath Steve did the same next to me and Sandy laid on her stomach on the carpeting in front of us grinning. "Wow, this so hot, you guys are gonna kill me!" I said.

It's not even noon yet, we're just getting started. " Steve laughed. Sandy looked up and smiled and said "We have some wine, would you like a glass?"

"Yes, I think I would like that very much" I replied.

Sandy came back with a bottle and three wine glasses she stopped at the entrance to the living room and asked "Why don't we go outside by the pool and we can swim, and sun, for a while?"

"That sounds excellent", said Steve and looked at me for agreement, and laughed when I nodded in agreement.

It was a beautiful warm May desert day and the pool was sparkling, we all had the same robes on and nothing underneath. After we had refilled our glasses a couple of times I had a nice warm buzz and was totally relaxed.

Sandy pulled out a bottle of tanning oil and looked at Steve and I and announced " I think I'm just going to lay in the sun for a while could you guys oil me up?" With that she stood up and dropped her robe.

We both got up and got on either side of Sandy in unison we said "Sure!".

Sandy laid out a on a chaise on her back and said "Let's start with the front ." She lay back on the chaise and we each filled our hands with oil and started spreading it all over her front. We were both rubbing her tits and massaging them with the suntan oil. We paid special attention to her nipples which soon became stiff and pointed. Soon we were massaging her pussy with one hand and her tits with the other while Sandy cooed and moaned. She spread her legs and gave us more access to her pussy.

Sandy rubbed her hands on her body and used the oil on her fingers to start stroking both of our cocks as we rubbed her. She suddenly arched her back and moaned that we were making her cum, and I felt her pussy juice on my fingers as she gasped and shuddered.

"Stop, I need to rest for a while you guys," she said and laid back in the chaise. She put on sunglasses and laid back as if to just doze and sun for a while.

Steve and I glanced at each and smiled and sat back next to each other on a hammock across from Sandy. The stroking she had given our cocks left us with hard ons and we both grinned and stroked them ourselves. Steve reached over and started stroking mine which felt so good that I grabbed his and started slowly stroking his. I had never felt a cock other then my own before and it was strange to feel how hard and hot it was.

I forgot all about Sandy as I looked Steve in the eyes and slid my fist over and around Steve's cock. Steve had stopped stroking my cock and just let me explore his with my hands. He put his arm around my shoulders and suddenly he started kissing me. I resisted at first and then kind of melted at his kiss and let him slide his tongue in my mouth. I glanced back at Sandy and she appeared to be a sleep.

I moaned around Steve's tongue and we were both breathing very hard. I stroked his cock and moved down to his hairy chest and started sucking on his nipples. He lay back and let me explore his body while I continued stroking his cock. I was dizzy with excitement and anticipation. I knew I had to taste that cock. I knelt in front of Steve and looked at his hard dick and snaked my tongue out to lick the head.

Steve said to me "C'mon man make me cum in your mouth."

I sucked the head into my mouth while I stroked him and run my tongue around the head, Steve moaned and encouraged me to suck more of it. It tasted a little bit like the sun tan oil but I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head of his cock as I stroked it and I could taste a drop of precum oozing from the head of his cock.

It was sweet and I loved the taste, his cum had been a little bitter when I ate it from Sandy's pussy. I slowly licked and sucked the head of his cock while he put his hands on either side of my head and told me how good I was doing sucking his cock.

Damn! This was making me so hot kneeling in front of him sucking his cock. I was drooling precum, just like when I eat pussy, only my cock was as hard as it had ever been. I was so involved tasting and trying everything I could think of to please his cock.

I had forgotten all about Sandy, when I heard her behind me saying "Well I thought you had never tried cock before?"

I stopped and glanced back to see her grinning at both of us playing with her clit and and rubbing her tits. "I haven't ", I replied " But, this may be the only chance I will ever get to try one, and I don't think I should waste it do you?"

Sandy laughed and said "No, you shouldn't I will be right back." She got up and went into the house.

Steve looked at me and said "I think we will have to convince Lisa to join us just so you can suck me off again."

I realized I really enjoyed sucking his cock and moaned as I started sucking him again.

I fondled and tugged his balls as I sucked and drooled all over his cock whenever I thought he was getting close to cumming I tried Sandy's grip at the base of his cock to keep him from shooting his load. It appeared to work and he started cussing and telling me how good I was at sucking his cock. My own cock was as hard and I felt my balls churning and knew I would cum my self soon. Just then I felt a hand grip my cock at the base and squeeze causing my own balls to relax.. It was Sandy, she whispered in my ear to continue sucking Steve. As I did I felt Sandy spread my ass cheeks, while she stroked my cock. I moaned again on Steve's cock and almost choked. Sandy told me to slow down and take my time.

I did and after a while Sandy started darting her tongue in my ass. Oooohhh god what had these people done to me? I felt like I would do anything they wanted me to. Sandy quit stroking my cock and I felt her finger all slick rubbing around my asshole. I realized she was lubing me with some kind of jelly. Her finger found it's way to my asshole and she slowly slid it in as I sucked Steve. It didn't hurt it actually felt very good and soon she was moving it in and out in time with my sucking Steve.

She soon had two, and then three fingers sliding in and out of me, and I moaned again and stopped sucking long enough to tell her how good it felt. As soon as I did she stopped and I begged her to continue.

Sandy forcefully told me to continue sucking Steve's cock and I went back to the task at hand. Steve had started fucking my mouth very, very slowly and soon I was just letting him use me.

Sandy was behind me and I felt something larger than her fingers pushing at my asshole trying to get in. Steve stood up and told me to stay were I was and let Sandy play with me. He went back to Sandy and I heard him tell her "Suck me while you get him ready".

Sandy slowly started working what I guessed to be a small dildoe in my ass. It was uncomfortable at first but, as she slid it in and out it started feeling very nice and full. I started to really like the feeling and laid my head down with my ass up and let her have her way.

At that point she stopped and I moaned again at the empty feeling in my ass. The next thing I knew something much bigger was pushing at my ass trying to get entry. OH MY GOD! It was Steve's cock and it felt huge! I felt like it was going to rip me in two. Sandy was next to my ear telling me to relax, Steve would go very slow and let me get used to it. She told me to bear down like I was taking a shit and let it slowly slide in.

Then Sandy moved in front of me and her pussy was right in front of my face. She grabbed my hair and told me to eat her pussy and forget about Steve, to just let it happen.

Steve let me get used to the head of his cock and then pushed another inch in. This shoved my face into Sandy's freshly fucked pussy. Sandy moaned as my tongue swirled her clit. Steve again pushed another inch of his cock in my ass and stopped. I tongued and licked Sandy's pussy and tried to get used to the cock in my ass.

Sandy screamed as she came and Steve again slid another inch of that thick cock up my ass forcing my face into Sandy's cunt. Oh my god I was being fucked by Steve and eating Sandy and loving it. He felt huge in my ass and it made me feel so full! My cock was drooling precum and nobody was touching it. Another inch, and I didn't know if I could take anymore. Steve was grunting and sweat was pouring off of all of us. Suddenly Steve groaned and pushed until I could feel his balls rubbing mine. I sucked and licked Sandy to another orgasm and she pulled my hair so my face was in deep into her pussy.

Steve slowly started stroking my ass and telling me how tight and hot my ass was. Sandy was flowing so much pussy juice I thought I was going to drown. I felt that churning sensation in my balls and I thought oh shit I'm gonna cum from being fucked?

Steve the growled that he was gonna cum, and Sandy said "That's it, fill his ass with cum, fuck him good Steve!" Steve grunted again and as he stopped and shook I felt my own orgasm starting. I pulled my face from Sandy's pussy and groaned as my cum spurted from my cock. Steve held my hips as he filled me with his cum, and then slowly withdrew from my ass.

We all collapsed on the grass in the warm sun and nobody said a word.

My head was spinning, and my ass was sore, but I felt very warm and spent. Sandy and Steve both laughed and Steve looked at me and said "We're going to have to work at getting Lisa playing with us so we can do that again."

We still had one more day before she got back…….

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