tagLoving WivesWaking Up with a Smile Ch. 01

Waking Up with a Smile Ch. 01


There were lips wrapped around your cock. Just waking up, you smile and reach down to stroke my head; at the same time realizing that you could swear there were lips on your balls too. Your hand finds hair and you realize that its short, not my long hair. Your eyes pop open as you pick your head up, looking down to see a women you've never met before sucking your cock while I am busy sucking and licking on your balls.

Seeing that you are awake, I sit up and smile at you. 'good morning Kyle, I'd like you to meet my friend Monica. You've heard me mention her a time or two I'm sure!' Monica lifts her mouth from your cock and says, "hello Kyle, nice to meet you and especially nice to meet your cock.' So saying, she reaches down and starts to lick and suck on your cock while stroking it up and down with her hand.

I crawl up beside your body and get a pillow to put behind your head. "Sit up darling, I don't want you to miss any of this." You sit up and I put the pillow behind you. As I am pulling back you pull me close to you and kiss me passionately. Your hand snakes up and around my body to pull on my nipple. 'Nice way to wake up Jules. Your friend Monica really knows how to suck a cock.' We both turn and watch Monica sucking and stroking your cock. Feeling our eyes on her she winks and continues. 'Baby, you haven't seen anything yet', I say, giving you a quick kiss. I move back down your body to Monica.

Leaning down I put my lips on the shaft of your cock and start to kiss and suck and lick you. Monica mimicks my movements on the other side of your cock. We work down to the base of your cock, my hand pulling on one ball as Monica plays with the other, then start to work our way up your cock to the head. I lick and suck in just the head, rolling my tongue all around, then let you go so that Monica can have her turn. And there you lay, with your legs spread wide watching us pleasure your cock, a smile on your face and lust in your eyes.

While Monica is sucking on your hard cock, I start to kiss and lick my way from your balls down to your puckered asshole. You bend your legs and open them wide, tilting your hips to give me better access to your ass. I start licking around and around your rosebud, before using the tip of my tongue to prod at your tight orifice. I wiggle my tongue feverishly trying to worm my way into your ass, wanting to taste you. Your hips start to move up and down as you start to fuck Monica's face while I eat your ass. I wet my finger in my mouth then start to work it in and out of your ass as I reach up to squeeze your balls. You start to cum and i look up in time to watch as Monica swallows and swallows trying to take your full load.

I move to Monica and start to lick some cum that has escaped and is running down her chin, wanting to taste your cum. I continue to lick her clean and then move up to delve my tongue into her mouth wanting to taste more of your cum. You watch as Monica and I continue to kiss, our tongues meeting (which you can see). We sit up, continuing to kiss while my fingers reach for her breasts and her fingers move to my nipples. You sit up and scoot back a bit, giving us more room, and grab your cock, starting to stroke and pull on it while watching us. I can hear you saying, 'yes baby, kiss her'.

My fingers slowly travel down her body one going to her pussy and the other on her butt, pulling her closer to me. Using my index finger, I drag my finger slowly down her pussy slit, wiggling it a bit as I do, all the way up to her puckered asshole. Pulling back from kissing Monica, I kiss and lick my way down to her breast. My hand moving up from her ass, to cup her breast in my hand as I look over at you and see you smiling. Still looking at you I place my lips on her nipple and start to suckle, watching the fire leap in your eyes and your cock getting harder in your hand.

I can feel Monica's hands on my body, playing with my nipple with one hand while the other caresses my back and tummy. I feel you move on the bed as you come up behind me and slide your cock between my legs. Monica takes her fingers and opens my pussy lips for you so you slide thru the slick pussy juice outside my cunt right up to my hard clit, annointing it and getting it slick with our juices. You slide your hands up my body then moving to Monica's; your hands lifting her breasts up to my mouth, kissing me on the back of my neck watching as I lick and suck and nibble her nipples.

Moving my hands down her body, caressing and touching her skin as my hands make the return trek to her pussy. I can feel how hot and wet she is as my finger finds her hard clit, and I flick it with my index finger, making her cry out and beg me to suck her pussy. Monica lies down on the bed and opens her legs for me as I climb on her, positioning my pussy above her mouth while my arms wrap around her thighs. You watch as my fingers move up her pussy and spread her lips open so that her clit is visible to my eyes. Looking up, I smile at you as I reach down with my tongue and flick her clit with it; hearing both you and Monica moan as I do.

My tongue flicks her clit back and forth making it stand up a bit harder. I hear you saying 'suck on it Jules, suck on her clit'. My lips moving to circle her clit and suck it while my tongue flicks at the tip. I can feel Monica's fingers holding my pussy lips wide open while her tongue is stabbing and fucking in and out of my cunt, wiggling when she is fully inside my cunt to lick at the walls of my clenching pussy, gathering all my nectar.

I hear you asking Monica and I to scoot down to the corner of the bed; without removing our mouths or missing a lick we comply with your request. I can feel you near my head your hands reaching down to pull Monica's ass cheeks apart giving you a better view of my tongue buried deep in her pussy. You take your hard cock and slide it beside my tongue. My tongue retreating to lick at your cock as you slide into Monica's hot steamy pussy.

My tongue sucking and licking at Monica's clit as you slide your hard cock in and out of her cunt. I hear you moaning as you thrust hard. Suddenly you pull out of her pussy, leaving her cunt hole wide open which I quickly fill with my tongue. You walk around the bed to my ass and taking your cock, covered with Monica's pussy juice, you slide your cock along Monica's tongue then thrust hard and deep into my aching, needy cunt.

You continue to thrust your cock in and out of my pussy while Monica licks at my clit and your cock. You pull out of my wet cunt and shove your cock into Monica's mouth, in and out, in and out. Then, adjusting the angle, you are balls deep in my cunt making me moan into Monica's pussy, making my cunt muscles grab and squeeze your hard cock.

You pull out and walk back around the bed to slide your cock into Monica's pussy. Stroking your cock in and out, in and out then pulling totally out you tell me to open my mouth and you shove your cock all the way into my throat, making me gag. I hear you laugh and say 'take it Jules, take all of me'. Your fingers moving down to Monica's oozing cunt, wetting them, then moving up to lube her tiny puckered asshole; your fingers moving back and forth while you fuck my mouth with your cock. Taking your cock from my mouth you thrust back into her cunt and fuck her with long and deep strokes, in and out of her sucking cunt while your fingers work at getting into her ass.

Pulling out of Monica's cunt you walk back around the bed to plug my pussy with your cock, thrusting deep in and out. Pulling out to fuck Monica's mouth while you lube my ass with my pussy juice; balls deep back into my pussy. Back around the bed into my mouth, lubing her ass and working two fingers in and out; fucking her cunt hard in, out, in, out, your fingers working in and out of her ass. You tell me to hold her ass cheeks wide open for you then move the head of your cock to her asshole and you start to push in, holding the pressure on her hole until the head of your cock breaches her asshole. You moan, then start to work your cock in and out of her ass. Going deeper with each stroke.

Monica is moaning and squirming. I lick and suck on her clit, my fingers moving in her cunt to stroke her, her body starts to shake. I can feel her pussy muscles gripping my fingers hard as her orgasm rips thru her body. Gripping hard on your cock, gripping and sucking on my fingers as her girl cum gushes from her cunt. Removing my fingers I shove my tongue deep into her cunt and lick and suck all her cum from her oozing hole.

You quickly withdraw from her ass to walk around the bed and present your hard cock to my ass, shoving hard and deep into my lubed hole. We both moan. Monica is licking and sucking at my pussy, fingers working in and out of my cunt. Your cock is pistoning in and out of my ass. I can feel my orgasm, right there. Building from deep in my belly. Your cock is expanding in my ass, Monica is sucking and nibbling on my clit. I start to cum when I feel your hot man juice erupting deep into my ass. My pussy and ass spasm. Gripping your cock hard; milking your cock of its cum.

We fall to the bed, a tangle of arms and legs. Monica and I sandwich you. Both of us tucked in against your side as we all drift to sleep, smiles on our faces.

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