Walk of Shame Ch. 03

byStardog Champion©

Her dress still scrunched up around her waist, it wasn't long before she felt several determined fingers working the thin material of her panties away from her steaming crotch. Instinctively raising her hips off the table to expedite the process, she felt them guide her underwear over her knees and off her ankles before dropping the lacy fabric into a bunched up ball in the side pocket between her outstretched legs.

Reaching her hands up to join the two boys who were currently massaging her breasts, Jacki reclined all the way back and bit her lower lip in expectation. When she heard a zipper come down directly above her, an evil grin of desperation spread across the older woman's blindfolded face.

"Please fuck me," Jacqueline babbled up to everyone surrounding her.

Her ears trained to the sound of the guy above shuffling his pants down, Jacki prepared herself for the exquisite invasion sure to come. Before that could happen however, two distinct hands closed around each of her thighs before pulling them further apart.

"It can't just be one person down there," she told herself, a notion that was cemented when two separate mouths came to rest on her bald and aching vagina.

"GGAAWWWDDD....OHHHH..SHIT!!" the nearly naked divorcee shrieked as the two boys' tongues feverishly dined on the glowing honeypot between her legs.

"Get a little taste before we go and mess that little pussy of hers all up," a voice from above mocked, surely the man who must be standing at the edge of the pool table, erection in hand, waiting to be the first to stake his claim inside her.

"God, I could just lay here forever," Jacki marveled in her head, rotating her hips rhythmically off the felt surface as the young pair lapped and lavished her slippery cunt.

Reaching down to rub her fingers through the two boys' hair, the one to her right had a curly tangle on the top of his head, while the other hadn't even had the decency yet to remove his turned backwards baseball cap as he expertly ate her out.

Sensing the onslaught to come, Jacki fully intended to pace herself knowing the wringer she was about to be put through, but those two tongues felt so damn good darting across her clitoris and puffed labia. It had been so long since anyone had provided her that unmitigated joy, even longer since anyone had done it so proficiently, and now she had two men doing it at once.

She couldn't have stopped herself from cumming if she tried, the spray of her release splashing across the boys' faces as they devoured the nectar from her womb. Her arms swinging, and her knees flapping like a butterfly trying to take flight, it brought great pause to all the men assembled around her. If this was how she was reacting less than five minutes after putting her on the table, just what sort of untamed decadence would the night hold.

Within a minute of her initial release, Jacki felt a pair of hands come to rest on her knees, forcing them all the way apart. A second or two later, the fat shaft of a fully aroused penis dropped down on the same exact spot the two boys' mouths had just been. Her tingling vaginal lips already primed, the guy's dick (It turned out to be Brian's since he felt he deserved first crack) sliced like a machete through butter as he greedily penetrated her.

"OOOHHH..SHIT..Just as good as I thought," Jacki heard him cackle to his friends as he slammed the unforgiving rigid appendage to the hilt inside her.

Following Jacki's hands over the next few minutes would have been a blur. First starting out to each side of her on the table to act as a brace as the first stud built up steam on top of her, Jacki eventually raised them up to her chest, tugging at her titties as the young man's breath cascaded down with every powerful forward thrust he made.

Blindly sensing his head was directly above her's, Jacki reached up and caressed Brian's boyishly handsome face as he fucked her, committing the contour of his features to memory before sliding her fingers down to the, not so boyish, muscles flexing in his chest. Digging her nails tight into the flesh of his pecs, Jacki held on, as if for her very life.

The heat from the overhead lamps creating a hard earned sheen of sweat on Brian's brow, several droplets rained down on Jacki's equally moistened forehead as he relentlessly pounded his groin down on top of hers. It wasn't long until a far more powerful deluge burst like a punctured fire hose inside Jacki's franticly squeezing cunt.

Whether it was Brian's hands, or one of the other boys, but as soon as she felt the cock start to twitch and fire inside her, several stout fingers closed right around one of her grape sized nipples, pinching and tweaking it until Jacki was flopping like a fish on the table, the whimpering wails of her second orgasm of the evening ripping through the downstairs rec room.

When Brian had taken what he wanted, he neatly rubbed the congealed remnants of his and Jacqueline's combined fluids from his cock across the woman's belly before allowing the next guy in line, in this case Kerry Hoyt, to take his position between her legs.

Loving the way the back of Jacki's head lurched off the table as soon as he pushed his penis between her flared vaginal crease, it didn't deter him in the least when Brian's freshly deposited seed bubbled to the surface. If anything, it made the going that much easier as he reached beneath Jacki's stocking clad left thigh with his right hand, leaving her with no choice but to drape her calf around his back. Loving the silky feel of blindfolded woman's lingerie rubbing his back, Kerry began to plow forward with full force.

"UHHH...UUHHH..UUGGRRHHH...AAAHHH," Jacki moaned, muscles she hadn't used in years now screaming as frat brother number two began churning his ample shaft deep into her drenched pussy.

Wasting no time feverishly fucking him back, Jacki's proudly beamed in the self imposed darkness, knowing for the time being she was giving as good as she got.

If it wasn't for the pool table below, by the time Kerry took over she was having serious issues telling up from down. Clawing her nails into the back of the boy's neck once he leaned in and pressed his chest down on top of hers, their two bodies seemed to meld into one as the legs of the structure began to creak under their thrashing weight. His moans increasing in frequency and volume, the second young man to mount her nuzzled his face into the crook of Jacki's neck.

Needless to say, it wasn't long before Kerry was pasting the walls of Jacki's inner sanctum with his sticky and salty ejaculate as well. Laying there for as long as he did, Jacki was sure she could feel several tears of gratitude slide from the boy's eyes and down across her shoulder from the sheer intensity of his release.

Continuing to spastically hurl his hips forward until every last drop of his lust had been driven home inside the gasping woman, Kerry finally stepped back and allowed gentleman number three to have his turn.

If the bedrock of the pool table had been Jacki's only tether to reality, when Allen Crupp stepped between her legs, that last bit of comfort and consistency was about to be stripped away.

Wasting now time once he took his place at the alter of Jacqueline's ravaged sex, Allen quickly swung his chubby cock forward and shoved it easily into her gurgling quim.

By far the tallest, and most physical of the five boys, perhaps it was because of his height and the subsequent inability to get the optimum thrusting angle on top of Jacki, or maybe he simply wanted to provide her with the inquest of experiences, but Allen scooped his arms like duel spatulas beneath her back and brought the older woman up face to blindfolded face with him.

Keeping his dick stabbed snugly inside her the entire time, Allen turned and, in essence, paraded Jacki across the room for the other guys to see as she clutched her arms and legs exhaustedly around his sturdy frame. Bracing his left hand across Jacki's lower back and reaching in to squeeze her left breast with his right, Allen began slowly ramming his cock forward as he carried her around the room.

Jacki clinging to him much the same way a flood victim would a tree, Allen cupped his hands beneath the older woman's fleshy rear end and allowed gravity to do its thing as his dick disappeared all the way inside her. Kissing her on the lips and neck as he held her tight, those same forces of gravity inevitably caused the semen the first two guys shot deep into Jacki's womb to wash backwards until it created a gloriously rich and frothy friction for Allen's dredging girth.

The two guys who'd already gotten their rocks off retired to the corner of the room for the time being to grab a beer and relax as the spectacle continued on. The two men who hadn't yet partook of the fun, Devin and Garrett, looked like two jittery bulls waiting their turn as they watched Allen effortlessly fuck Jacki as he strutted her around the basement.

Her breasts swaying beautifully across her chest each time Allen took a step, Jacki locked her ankles around the hulking stranger's lower back and intertwined her fingers behind his neck as he connected with one virile thrust after another. Her weight resting in his hands as he skewered her with his cock, Jacki almost felt like she could let go and still hang right where she was.

Sweat drizzling down her cheek, soaking the silky swath of her blindfold, the whiff of sex that had been faint in the basement when she first set foot down there now overwhelmed Jacki's senses with each successive breath. Her body lurching wildly in Allen's embrace, Jacki could feel his body flex and fire each time he rammed her crotch down on his impaling shaft. Through it all, she could still sense two shadowy presences to her left and right.

"God..please tell me they aren't filming this somehow," a brief but bitter jolt of worry sparked in Jacqueline's brain even though she was too far gone now to truly care.

Any thought of that was shoved to the back burner when Jacki heard two zippers grind down an instant before Allen eased his hands up her back and allowed her torso to spill backwards. Literally perpendicular to him as she hung from his waist, when Allen once again initiated his onslaught, Jacki felt as if every eye in the world was standing above watching, glued to the young college stud fucking her senseless in mid-air.

The blood in Jacki's body immediately rushing to her head when Allen tipped her backwards, she instinctively threw her hands out, just knowing she was about to tumble like a sack of potatoes to the floor.

"UUURRGGHH," she shrieked, only finding air when she flailed her hands out.

His manhood still slicing her down the middle, Jacki could feel Allen's grip intensify once he pushed her forward as he continued to plod forward towards the far corner of the room. The fleshy concussions of her breasts smacking her chin providing a comically erotic image with each step Allen took, Jacki could feel the slippery, musk scented cast-off of her arousal spritzing from her pussy and down across her belly every single time he withdrew his plowing cock, only to wince and cry out loud when he shoved the glistening spear all the way home again.

Allowing Jacki to drop down far enough to where she was almost fully inverted, Allen let her hang there for a few seconds, committing the obscenity of it all to memory before pulling Jacki back up to level. Once he had her positioned just right, Allen began pounding her again with full fury, the violent sound of his crotch smacking hers filling the basement as the two other boys moved into place.

Blindfolded for the moment, Jacki would never see the hawkish grin that spread across Allen's rugged face when he realized what his two frat brothers were about to do. Assuming the guy currently fucking her was simply going to selfishly let her hang there in mid-air until he was done, Jacki suddenly felt the firm and stable presence of two separate hands come to rest on the back of her bouncing head.

If Jacki thought it was purely a gesture of benevolence on the boys part at such a trying moment, it wouldn't take long to discern their true intentions when their two rock solid erections smacked down across her face.

The two guys who'd already fucked Jacki sitting a few feet away, kicking back as they watched the other three surround the nearly naked woman hanging from Allen's waist, they couldn't help jacking their cocks back to life as the situation took another twisted turn.

"OOOHHH....SHIT...OHHH..FUCK!!" Jacki screamed, her legs still wrapped like tentacles around Allen's waist as the rushing whoosh of her exhales washed across the two pricks bouncing against her face.

Garrett stationed on the right with Devin to her left, both boys kept one hand securely wedged under the back of Jacki's head as they used the other to trace their cocks across the older woman's reddened cheeks and gasping lips.

"I can't take this anymore...I've got to see this...I've just got to see this before I die," Jacqueline's Freudian Id raged inside her head, literally feeling as if she was flying backwards through the air as the three boys created a triangle of lust around her.

Jacki had come to the house that night with the sole intention of living out a fantasy she'd long harbored of getting gangbanged by a bunch of virile, but anonymous men. The idea to use a blindfold had basically served as an element of plausible deniability in a way, allowing Jacki to soak up the physical experience without having the moral baggage of looking into their eyes, and without them being able to look into her's. It had all gone off without a hitch through the first couple of guys, but now that she found herself in a position she frankly could never have fathomed, an insatiable and scalding need to see her predicament, as well as her 'captors', overrode Jacki's good sense.

Assuming the woman below was casting her hands upwards to help keep her balance, Garrett and Devin's eyes cranked all the way open, and they stepped slightly to the side when they saw Jacki reach for her blindfold.

Even in the short amount of time her vision had been sheathed, the modest rush of mood lighting in the basement caused a nuclear flash on her deprived optic nerve the instant she pulled the blindfold free. A bright white haze filled Jacki's head for several seconds until things fuzzily began to come into Polaroid-like focus.

The first inescapable thing to materialize in front of Jacki's blurry eyes were the two majestic slabs of cockflesh sawing back and forth across her sweat soaked face. Pucking her lips to kiss each as they slide and bounced across her cheeks and chin, Jacki opened her mouth wide and took turns orally pleasuring the boys as they sandwiched her head.

Able to detect the subtle differences in each boy's taste and texture when she alternated their penises on her tongue, when her eyes adjusted enough to see past than their dueling pricks, the torso of the man standing above her, the one fucking her as he carried her around, slowly came into view.

"Oh....Dear....God," she mewed, just as any woman would making first eye contact with a man who had her in such an erotically compromising position.

Even though Allen was still a hazy blob rising above her, the feeling of his hands anchored around her waist, along with the jackhammering presence of his cock, were crystal clear for Jacki as she took turns sucking the other two boys' cocks. Curling her arms at an angle she would have never thought possible, Jacki was able to somehow close each of her hands around Garrett and Devin's beefy pricks before tugging them both towards her mouth.

If there ever was a 'biting off more than she could chew' situation, Jacki had found it, but in her disorientated hue of depraved want she distended her jaw as far as she could, trying to simultaneously shove both of the guys' cocks between her lips.

Seeing what the woman hanging from his waist was attempting, Allen stared down with glassy eyed fascination at Jacki's eagerness and flexibility, pumping his crotch forward with increased ferocity as the muffled groans began snorting from her overstuffed mouth. Watching Jacki pump the shafts of their dicks with her closed fists, Allen was frankly amazed at the way she hungrily rolled her tongue around the two cockheads wedged in her mouth like she was nursing a pair of huge gumballs.

"Bitch sure can multi-task," he crudely observed, amazed even further when Jacki began rotating her hips, meeting every one of his plowing thrusts head-on with one of hers until the percussion of their groins colliding rattled Allen's spine.

Focusing on the way his jutting stalk sliced recklessly into Jacki's splashing quim, a tingling burn started deep in his balls seeing the way the woman's pink vaginal sheath clung to his dick each time he slammed it in and out of her. Allowing his gaze to drift up Jacki's suspended body, Allen admired the way her breasts bounced like two heavy pale melons across her chest each time he connected with another crushing thrust.

Scanning his eyes even higher, Allen couldn't help but marvel at the way Jacki had somehow accommodated his two friends at the same time. Watching the way her long, elegant fingers pumped and squeezed at Garrett and Devin's ample pricks, that tingle in his balls grew into a raging ball of fire.

Knowing his orgasm was imminent, Allen ramped up his assault until he'd pushed his cock so far into Jacki he could feel his nutsack swinging against the arousal soaked crack of her ass as she hung around his waist. Whether it was the unspoken bonds of male camaraderie or simply the cosmic alignment of three separate men preparing to cum at the same time, but Jacki had no idea what awaited her as she continued to grind her cunt savagely against Allen's impaling phallic fist.

Her senses so jumbled, the increasingly rapid sighs croaking from the men's throats mixed with the whirlwind of everything else until Jacki felt herself drifting off deep into some separate level of consciousness. The only hint of what was about to happen was the flexing bulge Garrett and Devin's cocks did just before they blew.

Aggressively swirling her tongue back and forth across the twin slabs of manhood in her mouth as she continued to hurl her pussy at Allen's swollen rod, Jacki was able to snort one last dose of fresh oxygen through her flared nostrils before the deluge.

Before she couldn't finish that exhale, two separate streams of milky white froth collided in her mouth, mixing into one massive and ever expanding pool that needed a place to go. Swallowing desperately to keep up, Jacki finally had to pull both spewing cocks from her lips, allowing the subsequent jets of semen to ooze down on her spastically contorting face.

The warm and sticky report of the boys' ejaculate streaming down her gullet as well as her cheeks, just as Jacki attempted to steal another breath, a husky, nearly animalistic groan rose from Allen's lungs just before his scalding seed ricocheted in torrents across the back wall of her cervix.

"JESUUSSSCCHHRISSSTTT...FUUCCKKK..FUUCCKKK...FUUCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!" Jacki choked and coughed, the other two boys' cum gurgling in her throat as she succumb to her third orgasm of the evening.

By then, the first two boys that had their way with Jacki had bolted up from their perch on the sofa and moved in closer to get a good look at the carnal scene at the far corner of the basement.

Encircled now by the five closely knit guys, Jacki jerked and writhed, using her pussy, hands and mouth to milk every last bit of lust from the three studs until she was nothing more than a limp ragdoll sobbing for joy in their collective grip. The salty cocktail of Garrett and Devin's seed saturating her tastebuds, Jacki could feel Allen's syrupy release sloshing like a tempest inside her already overburdened womb.

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