tagLesbian SexWalk on the Wildside

Walk on the Wildside


It was a Monday morning, and Erin Groove had a lecture first thing. The brown haired- 5"6, originally from California-n, arose from her faint sleep, and leant across to her set of drawers and picked up her ipod touch. The time was 8:25, meaning she had five minuets to get to her seminar. Her eyes hung heavily, down on her cheeks, the continuous strain of "all work and no play". She rushed out of her small, single bed, and pulled on a large, black, turtle-neck jumper and a pair of navy-blue skinny jeans. Her B-cup pair of breasts concealed slightly by the boring cut, and mute colours. She had, a long time ago, bothered to care about her appearance - but right now she only wanted to concentrate on her studies. It had been her life long dream to become a journalist, but being from her rather unprivileged council-estate upbringing had caused her to fall behind, in comparison to more better off students.

England was a strange place, supposedly offering greater opportunities to whom may want to pursue. However, from Erin's experiences, life was harder than it was made out to be. She had the up most admiration towards anyone who used their gifts to get themselves further in life. She'd have done the same, if she'd had found something she was good enough at, to exploit.

With a large, black folder in one hand, Erin headed toward the media department of her university, but before she had managed to get to her class, she was interrupted by a petite Japanese girl, called Lucy. Her parents were Japanese, however, Lucy had been born and bread in London.

"Hi, Erin?" She said, pointing towards her as if not sure she was encountering the right person. Lucy was small, about 5"2, and very thin. She had the kind of face models had, and had used that to her advantage. As far as Erin knew, Lucy had stared in about three amateur porn movies, probably on some free porn website. It had been a stark rumour for a couple of months, until the students had forgotten and moved onto someone else's misfortune.

"Yeah?" She replied

"We've been teamed up, and I'm with you. Hi, I'm Lucy Lang, if you didn't know." She continued, "we've got to do an article about some rubbish."

"Oh, right." Erin found talking to other women embarrassing, especially ones as, obviously, sexually liberated as Lucy.

"Come round mine, and we can get our study on." She gave a winking gesture, too, before turning around and heading in the opposite direction, "number 13, in the new builds..."

"What, now?" Erin mumbled, still rather nervous. She always did silly, embarrassing things when she was nervous, and it showed.

Lucy giggled slightly, "No, at about eight. I'll look forward to seeing you."

It was now eight, and Erin had decided to put a little more time, and effort, into her appearance. She had exchanged the cruel black turtle neck, for a white vest top, that hugged her figure perfectly. It rolled up, near the bottom, revealing her flat stomach and her smooth, wide hips.

Noticing the time, Erin picked up her laptop and headed towards the new flats, situated closely to her own apartment complex. Lucy, she thought, must be doing well for herself; to be able to afford one of those. The prices of a flat, in the new apartment buildings, were preposterous, and there was no way Erin would be able to afford one with the tiny amount of money she earned. She must be getting money from those pornos' she films, Erin thought to herself, again. She had a lot of thoughts, and was often too shy to air them with anyone.

"Hey you," said Lucy, as she opened her flat door to her study buddy; stood outside her dorm door. "come in, I was just making myself a green tea, you want?"

"No thanks, I don't like green tea, and things" Replied Erin, placing her laptop down on the double bed, before her.

"My parents give me this stuff from Japan, it's way nicer than the crap you buy from in the supermarkets." Lucy picked up a white mug, and poured scolding hot water into it, then slowly glided towards Erin, who hadn't managed to pluck up the courage and sit down. "You're shy, aren't you?"

"Hmph, yeah."

"It's cute, I like it," Lucy stared into Erin's big, brown eyes, and slowly placed her hot mug of herbal tea - down on a set of pale-wooden drawers. "I've noticed you around, you know. I'm glad we got partnered together, anyone else and I would have been totally not looking forward to this." Lucy's hand, slowly moved towards Erin, until she gently placed it upon her lap.

"Really?" Erin, now, becoming more uncomfortable than ever. The thing, however, that had startled her most - was the reaction she was having to the sexy Japs advances. Her clit throbbed with desire, and her nipples tingled; she wanted this girl.

"I think you're stunning, sexy; beautiful." The Jap, now, focused her eyes on Erin's lips, then down to her perky breasts. "What do you think of me?" She breathed in, between her teeth, then raised her body in an arch, and then sat directly behind where Erin stood.

"Okay..." Erin muttered, avoiding looking towards the woman she wanted to ravage.

"Sit down," Lucy grabbed Erin's jeans by the belt hooks, and pulled her down gently "I won't bite..." she then leant over to the hermits neck, and whispered "unless you want me to." in a sexy voice.

By now, the whole situation had become too intense for Erin to even think. Lucy had undone her own shirt, and opened it so her black and red, laced bra, was peaking out.

"I'm sorry, I'm not a lesbian." Said Erin, clearing her throat momentarily, as she stood up.

"Neither am I, I just want to fuck you" She knelt down, in front of Erin, and began searching for her jeans zipper. "Let me taste you," she giggled "you're gonna taste so good." Erin reached down, and held Lucy's hand, as she used the other to find her pussy.

Erin leant her head back, in anticipation, as the feisty Jap pulled down her jeans and basic-black pants. She smiled broadly as she looked in delight at Erin's perfect-shaven pussy. Lucy stood up, and began unbuttoning her own clothes.

"Lay down," Lucy whispered, now undressed down to her underwear. Erin began taking of her white-vest, but the Jap quickly put her in her place, and sternly ordered: "stop, I want to. You're not wearing a bra, are you?"


Lucy lay down, on top of the submissive, curious student; and began thrusting her pussy down on hers, slowly tupping her. As she moved up and down, her olive coloured tits bounced up and down. Erin's nipples becoming more, and more erect by every advance Lucy made. Her pussy, now thorbbing with such uncontrollable lust, she had just come to ignore the overwhelming sensation, and embrace it. Lucy, now, began licking Erin's nipple through the cotton of her vest. Both girls getting so wet, and so hot; both of them wanted to fuck each others brain's out.

"You like that?" Said Lucy, mid moan - herself.

"Oh yeah." Agreed Erin, reaching to the back of the Jap's neck, with her wandering hands. Lucy, having had enough fun sucking through the vest material, now raised the top, and threw it somewhere on the surrounding floor.

"I just wanna dive into those boobs," Lucy did, just what she pleased, and placed her head in between them.

"Look at me," Said Erin; her shyness far behind her. Lucy looked up at the beauty, and smiled broadly.

"Mmmm, sweaty?" She answered,

"Now, eat me out."

"My pleasure." The girls giggled, both in humour and anticipation.

Lucy, first, licked down in Erin's pussy - then up to her clit. She started off quick, then slowed down, as the saliva lubricated the area. She licked the clit, again, but this time she began inserting her middle finger - curiously into her pussy. Erin began moaning, and rocking her body back in forth - in rhythm to Lucy's licking motion.

"Oh my god, that is so good." Moaned Erin, her body feeling things it had never felt before. This sex, it was one million times more intense than any encounter, with a male, she had previously had.

"Mmmm, you like that?" Asked Lucy, her voiced raised by an octave.

"Oh yeah." Erin biting her lip, as Lucy began increasing the intensity. "I want more, give me more fingers."

"Like this?" Asked Lucy, looking up to her lovers eyes - knowing the answer already.


"Good, huh?"

"Uhh, I'm gonna cum, don't stop." Her voice, panting - as she felt her body rise, and the slow pleasure, raising from the tips of her toes - and towards her knees. Lucy, however, had different plans. She wanted to bring this scholar out of her shell; and keep it that way. She paused all movement, just as she could feel Erin about to come, and then stood up.

"Be right back, hun." - Lucy was gone within a flash, and back even quicker; with a bottle of lube in one hand, and a thick strap on cock attached to her crotch. "You like my big dick?"

"Oh yeah, I want you to fuck me hard with that." Giggled Erin, sitting up and watching the Jap rub lube all over the pink-rubber penis.

"Blow me." She grabbed the back of Erin's head, and began pushing it onto her fake package, each stroke making her pussy tingle with insatiable pleasure. "Oh yeah, I'm so hard. Get on that bed, now!"

Erin lay back, and stared up at Lucy in delight, as she lay on top of her and began kissing her. Their lips gently touched, as the Jap's tongue tangled with her own. They sucked on one and another's saliva, feeling each others bodies. Lucy's cock, slowly finding it's way home.

"Uhh" Moaned Erin as the rubber cock pounded into her tight, pink pussy. "Oh yeah" she groaned as Lucy pulled out; then in again.

"Turn around, I wanna do it, doggie style." Erin got up, then knelt over. "No, up onto that desk." The girls got off the bed, then dived onto the wooden desk, pushing paper and things away to prevent any accidents.

At each thrust, the desk wobbled and wobbled, banging against the paper thin walls. Erin holding on tight to Lucy's hands, which were wrapped around her meaty thighs.

"Oh my god!" Said Erin, the moment edging closer and closer.

"You want me to fuck you harder?" Asked Lucy, smacking her small hands against the scholars thighs; twice in succession.


"Fuck yeah, you coming baby?"

"Yeah." She moved her grip away from Lucy's hands, and grabbed onto the desk corners. "Yeah!"

Both girls moaned as Erin climaxed. Her voice echoed throughout the room; pure unadulterated pleasure. Her body slowly burned throughout with a orgasmic sensation. She couldn't even stand, her legs wobbled and her hands shook.

Lucy grabbed her hand, then lead her to the safety of her bed. She began unstrapping her dildo.

"So, have you got any media books we could use for this assignment?" Lucy said, smiling from ear to ear. She gathered some of Erin's clothing, and handed them to her. "When you're ready, I'll make you a coffee, yeah?"

Erin remained silent, she was too took aback by the out of this world sex, she had just experienced.

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