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Wally’s Wonderful Wang



My name is Malcolm Hargrove. My vocation is that of a writer. Portions of my work at times are a bit of an erotic nature. While I cannot explain the reasoning for many of those that choose to share their experiences, the phenomenon continues. Sometimes their motives don't become apparent until much later.

I met Harvey at retreat for single men sponsored by an affiliate of the Lions International. My characters in a continuing series of mystery works had been asked to watch over a client's son while he was attending such a retreat. I had never attended one so I needed some firsthand information for the story.

Harvey was my cabin mate for the weekend. When we retired to our cabin late the first evening our conversation, as we prepared for sleep, included relating our means of livelihood. When he discovered who he was talking to he grinned and asked if I would assist him in a plot he was developing. His elaboration was to presumably offer a semblance of background to assist in my understanding the depth of his inquiry. It seemed he needed some imaginative and unique advice from a story teller of note.

His description of recent events took much of the following evenings and several hours again when we met a week later at Sally's Breakfast Buffet in Amarillo, Texas. (A stop to be considered on the path of my characters.) His story began...

Chapter 1

I had always thought of myself as being very straight. That is until Wally.

I had known Wally forever; not a close acquaintance but I saw him at stores and at the Lions club meetings and a few of the community activities. I knew him well enough to say hello and engage in casual conversation. I knew that he was single and approximately 45. He was from somewhere up north. (This is Texas.) Other than that he had never made much of an impression on me. That is until that winter a couple of years back.

It was a cold and blustery 38 degrees and the wind seemed to cut through you. With the Texas humidity no amount of clothes seemed to keep out the cold. I was attending the monthly meeting of the Lions and Wally was a little late coming in. He was rocking along on crutches and had his left leg in a brace.

As he came closer I moved in his direction to offer to get him a cocktail when his left crutch hit a wet spot on the tile floor and slid out from under him. I was close enough to drop my drink and grab him before he fell. I had him in a bear hug. He is a good size guy and bit on the plump side as am I.

Somehow I managed to get him to a chair and sat him down. It was at that moment that I had looked into his eyes and felt an electric current run through my whole body. My heart was racing and my mouth went dry. We were still in an embrace and we held each other for what seemed to be minutes but in reality it was only a few seconds.

Wally smiled as I pulled away and he thanked me for saving him. I asked him what he would like to drink and he said he could really use a dry vodka martini. I got him his martini and his crutch and avoided him for the much of the remainder of the evening.

I called this a meeting but in reality it was just a social gathering with a cash bar and some simple snacks. I caught myself watching Wally ever so often. I noticed that he did not get up on his crutches and was allowing others to wait on him. I began to be concerned that he might be hurt and that he might need help getting home. Finally as things began to wind down I went over to where he was sitting and when Charles left him alone I asked Wally if he was hurt.

His reply was somewhat curious, "I could be and I think I just might need a Good Samaritan to help me home."

I hesitated but when my heart began to race I opened my mouth and out came, "I would very much like to be your Good Samaritan this evening."

Charles and a couple of others helped me get Wally into my car and we started out of the parking lot.

I stopped short and with a sheepish grin I muttered, "I guess I will need you to direct me. I have no clue where you live."

Wally laughed, "Turn right and in a couple of miles turn left onto Park Street. I live in a condo on the corner of Park and 7th Street."

The rest of the trip was silent. I pulled up in front of his condo. It was then that I realized that he was going to need me to help him to his apartment.

I turned to him and he smiled, "You might find it easier to pull into the parking garage. My parking space is closer to the elevator and I would most appreciate it if you would assist me to my apartment."

Well, I parked in his parking spot and helped him out of the car. I retrieved his crutches and handed them to him. He thanked me and tried to move toward the elevator.

After only a couple of steps he turned to me and asked, "Would you be so kind as to give me a shoulder to lean on. I seem to be having trouble with my coordination."

I still don't understand my reaction. It was as if I was yearning for him to ask me to help. So I jumped at the opportunity to be close to him. Together we made our way to the elevator, he with an arm around my shoulder and me with an arm around his waist.

Once in the elevator he pressed the button for the fourth floor. The doors closed and he laid his crutches against the wall and turned to me. He placed his right hand on the back of my head and pulled me against him with his left. I made no resistance. Wally is 5'11" and I am barely 5'8".

He held me hard and pressed his lips against mine. I had never kissed a man and I guess I was so surprised that I opened my mouth and let him put his tongue against my tongue.

I realized what I was doing and jerked my head back and exclaimed, "No!"

Wally continued to hold me tight against his body. I could feel his erection pressing against my stomach. But I made no attempt to pull away.

Wally looked disappointed and stuttered, "I-I-I am so sorry. I thought that you were attracted to me. I know that I am very attracted to you."

I replied, "I can tell you are aroused, but I'm straight. I like women. I have to admit that I am having some strange reactions when you are close to me. I don't think that I want to pursue those feelings though. "

The elevator doors opened and Wally released me. He gathered his crutches and put his arm around my shoulder and I put my arm around his waist. The racing heart and the electricity continued. Together we moved to his apartment door. There we stepped apart and he retrieved his keys from his coat pocket.

Wally turned to me and said, "Would you allow me to apologize and reward you for your assistance with a martini?"

I felt bad that I had led him to believe that I wanted more than I had. So I could not refuse.

"Of course, a martini would help to rid me of the chill from this rotten weather."

Chapter 2

Inside the living room was warm and wooden. The paneling was a rich walnut and off to one side was a spectacular wet bar. The top was dark brown cultured marble and the mirror behind the bar was framed in gold leaf. The bar stools were brass and black leather with high backs. In the rest of the room the furniture was covered in gray leather highlighted with lamp tables of glass and bright brass. The lamps were replicas of ship lanterns and gave off just enough warm glows to make the room feel comfortable and relaxing. The wall had prints of several artists of renown.

Music came from out of nowhere. It filled the room with its soft strings and muted brass.

I remarked, "Beethoven, I believe. Is it the London Symphony?"

Wally hobbled to the bar and turned his head to respond, "You are well versed in classical music. Yes, it is the London Symphony and Beethoven. Do you know what the selection is?"

I had to admit to my limited knowledge of music and replied "Sorry, I am not well educated in music. I only know a little and Beethoven is one that I can sometimes recognize. I just made a wild guess about the orchestra."

Wally proceeded to prepare the martinis. A rather large batch it seemed. He called me over to the bar and handed me a vodka martini with 2 olives. Just the way I liked it. I thought to myself that he must have been observing my drink selections at the gathering. We discussed his furniture and his prints and by then my glass was empty. Wally poured me another and speared a couple of olives. He held them up to my lips; offering them to me to take from the toothpick in his hand. I obliged.

We discussed our background. Wally was from the small town of Brock in Northern Ohio. He had moved to Texas four years before and had found work as an office manager with Smith Reynolds, a large accounting firm. Wally poured me another and again offered me the olives on a tooth pick in his hand. We had been sitting on the barstools but as he offered me the olives this time he slid off and moved rather easily to me. As I took the olives with my lips and open teeth he touched my inner-thigh with his other hand.

He looked me in the eyes and smiled. "You may not want to admit it but you want to find out what it would be like to make love with another man. I can see how you react when we are close and touch. I can feel your heart racing and see you lick your lips like your mouth has gone dry. If you look at my crotch you will see very well how you are affecting me. I want you and I believe you will find that given a chance you will want what I have to offer."

I could not think of anything to say so I licked my lips. I felt the electricity and my heart was racing. I could not deny that I was feeling something that I had never felt with anyone before, man or woman. His hand moved up my thigh and touched the spot where my legs came together. I took another sip of the martini and involuntarily my legs spread. He cupped my testicles through my pants and my penis began to jerk and harden.

I took another sip and looked at his pants. His bulge was obvious. My penis was fully erect now and Wally knew it. He began to unfasten my belt and unbutton my pants.

I took another sip. He unzipped my fly and reached in and rubbed my penis through my underwear. His fingers made their way into my boxers and pulled my penis out. Now I am not particularly proud of my size. I am barely average. (I have to use a bit of imagination to arrive at that dimension.) But at this point to have another man holding it made me feel like it was huge.

I took another sip as Wally lowered himself to his knees. I thought to myself that his leg is messed up but he seems to be able to stand and lower himself with just one leg without any problem. I stopped trying to analyze when his mouth encircled the head and his tongue made circles around the opening on the end. My cock was on fire and his mouth was sucking and licking trying to extinguish the flames.

He began to cup my testicles and squeeze them gently but firmly. He squeezed and released his hand in rhythm with the stoking of his mouth on my penis. I began to whimper as my climax approached. It was building and it took all of my willpower to hold back.

I tried to take the last sip of my martini to delay and make this wonderful feeling last. It was not to be. I lost all control and with a cry of passion I exploded and shot my load into his mouth. He sucked and licked all of it, leaving nothing to escape his hungry mouth.

He stood up while still holding my testicles and began rolling them around gently but ever more rapidly. He moved his lips to mine and pushed his tongue into my mouth. Without hesitation I opened my mouth and he released some of my semen onto my tongue.

I recognized the salty taste and the silky texture. I had from time to time tasted my ejaculate after masturbating. I rolled the fluid around with my tongue on his and swallowed it. I returned his kisses with enthusiasm and used my hands and arms to pull him to me. We kissed and he nibbled my neck and I put my tongue in his ear and sucked his earlobe. We embraced and kissed and he continued to fondle my genitals. After a while we slowed down and the passion receded.

Finally I spoke, "That was more powerful than even my wildest fantasies."

"So you have thought about being with another man have you?" Wally smirked.

"Yes, I suppose I have wondered. But I never thought that it would be something that I would care for."

"Were you wrong then?" he asked.

"Yes, you might say that." But my fantasies go much further than merely a blow job." I admitted.

"I have often wondered what a penis not my own would feel like. I have observed and admired others in a relaxed state and looked at some porn. I have envied those that are more generously endowed; but I have never had the nerve to attempt touching another guy."

Wally offered, "So my Good Samaritan, let's change that."

With that Wally stood up and pulled me off my bar stool. My pants fell to the floor.

Wally grinned and said, "You had better get out of those before you fall and hurt yourself."

He grinned and continued, "And while you are at it get out of all of those clothes. You are going to have to spend the night. You have had way too much to drink to consider driving home."

I agreed and stripped out of my shoes and socks, my boxers and my shirt. Noticing that I was alone in the buff, Wally suggested that as his Good Samaritan I should help him out of his clothes. After all he was hurt and needed all the help he could get. It must have been the martinis and the powerful climax I had just experienced that provoked me to eagerly disrobe this equally unattractive middle aged portly man before me.

Wally insisted that he do the unbuttoning and that I would help him out of his clothes with me standing behind him. He kicked off his shoes and I pulled off his socks. His shirt came off next. Then I pulled his pants down over his brace and off each foot. The brace gave me some difficulty but I managed to get it off. It was then I could see the scars from his surgery. They were still red and slightly swollen.

He wore jockey briefs. I was still on my knees from working on his brace. I reached up and grabbed the waist band and began to pull them down. When I had them off each foot Wally turned and before me was the most beautiful erect penis I had ever imagined. His presentation of it took my breath away. Where I was average (or below), The Wang in front of me was standing straight out and was quite long. I named it right then "Wally's Wonderful Wang".

Wally's Wonderful Wang was long but was not terribly thick; although thicker than my meager penis.

Wally laughed and said, "So what do you think? Touch it and satisfy your curiosity about what another erect penis feels like."

I reached out and grasped this beautiful thing in front of me with both hands. I squeezed it and ran my fingers the length of it. I softly stroked it and each time it would jerk in my hands. My activity of pleasuring myself had provided only minimal ability to feel the texture and warmth of my own penis. Always my touching resulted in feeling through my penis and not my fingers.

By way of this new encounter my fingers and my palms felt the smooth skin, the rubbery head, the heat generated from Wally's exited state. I marveled at the disparity of texture from the smooth skin of the shaft and the coarse hair at the base. Each slow stroke made folds rise and pull back. The veins stood out and added to the divergence of textures. These are the variations that add much to the pleasure of intercourse.

As I stroked it a droplet of clear pre-cum seeped out the eye at the end. I wondered if his semen would taste like mine or would be somehow different. The now familiar racing of my heart and the electricity of being close to Wally doubled in intensity as I licked the droplet off the end of that beautiful instrument. The taste was different. It was somewhat sweet but at the same time bitter. It was delicious. I knew that I wanted more to taste. I pushed my mouth over it and sucked for all I was worth.

Wally began to move his hips and moaned, "Oh yes, that is what I want. Suck me. I want to fuck your mouth. Fuck, fuck, fuck, suck it, suck me off."

He pushed his hard cock in as he held my head. He began a slow short movement back and forth into my sucking mouth. After a bit he pulled back and pushed it hard all the way to my throat. I thought I was going to choke but I managed to hold on as he pulled back.

I gently squeezed his testicles (Which by the way were the size of golf balls.) and used my tongue like he had done for me. He was moaning and carrying on like he was appreciating my efforts. I guess I was a little surprised because this was my first attempt. My jaws began to ache and my tongue was tired as he began to grit and curse between his teeth.

He pushed his penis as far as it would go into my throat and released his semen. It hit the back of my throat and I desperately swallowed. I began to gag and pull back. Wally's Wonderful Wang pulled out of my mouth while it was still shooting its sweet juice. Wally's Wonderful Wang discharged a load over and over again. After I began to count the times it splashed off my face I counted 5 spurts. Each shot was of a quantity that I would have thought impossible. I can guesstimate that he shot off at least 8 times. I licked and swallowed all I could get. The taste of the main load was even more delicious than the pre-cum that had started all this. I was hooked.

Wally reached down and lifted me to my feet. He bent down and licked the cum off my face and neck. I had missed some of the delicious stuff. With one hand on the back of my neck and the other on my penis he moved his lips to mine and we kissed and I hugged him for all I was worth. Our tongues worked together and my erection was in his capable hands. I was in ecstasy. Eventually Wally broke the embrace and pulled away.

"What's the verdict my Good Samaritan?" "Is your first gay sex pretty good?"

I shook my head, "No. So far it has been beyond that. I have never before had oral sex and it was very, very good."

"Look at us", I remarked. "We are not the pretty boys that would seduce anyone. We are overweight and middle age. But the emotional part of tonight has been beyond belief; at least for me. You are more experienced than me. Was it as good for you as it seemed?"

Wally looked down at his limp but ample Wang and replied, "It would seem that you managed to take all the starch out of my joy stick; so one would assume that it was quite good, indeed."

"By the way, I offered, I named that magnificent instrument as soon as I saw it. I call it Wally's Wonderful Wang."

Wally laughed, "There is much more for Wally's Wonderful Wang to show you. But first I think we need another martini or two. Unless you would first like me to once again take the starch out of the lovely penis that you have hanging down before your crotch."

I reddened and replied, I think the martini would best be served while we refresh ourselves. Let's drink and see if our penises will both become erect before any more of your ministrations."

Chapter 3

The martinis were a delightful break. As we finished the second both of us had raging erections. I say this because both stood out and twitched and jerked when one of us would run a finger down the length the other's erection.

Wally grinned and said, "I know that you know that all sex is more than oral. It includes and is more wonderful with intercourse."

He took my hand and looked into my eyes and continued, "You may think of it as dirty and perhaps painful. I will assure you that you will learn to enjoy the receiving as well as the giving. That is if you are willing to experiment further."

I took a sip of my martini and smiled, "You haven't disappointed me yet. I think that I would be willing to attempt whatever you offer. I seem to be under your spell."

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