tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 14

Wanda's Story Ch. 14


Wanda Catron woke with the familiar feeling of a hand rubbing her pussy. She had been dreaming of her home in Provo, Utah, and thought it was the hand of her Mistress, Anne Franklin, rubbing at her. No, Wanda thought, her eyes still closed as her pleasure grew, that was not Anne's touch. Nor was it the touch of the third woman in the house, Amber Anderson.

Then Wanda remembered where she was, and her eyes opened in semi-shock. She was in the bed of her college roommate, Astrid Martin. They had fallen asleep together late last night (or maybe early this morning) after Wanda had taught Astrid how to masturbate. Now Astrid was practicing her lesson, with Wanda's pussy as the place Astrid was practicing.

Wanda couldn't help herself. As she had woken up, and before realizing who she was with, Wanda had let her body start to respond to the other woman's touch. Now, she was in a quandary. She had promised herself to be faithful to Anne while at Boise State. Yet here was a woman she had been naked with the night before, and been in bed with all night, playing with her pussy.

Wanda decided to tell Anne about it when she finally talked to her Mistress. For now, though, she let Astrid's hand give her pleasure. Wanda laid back and spread her legs a little, signaling approval of what Astrid was doing.

For the 6-4, 18-year-old basketball player, the reach down to Wanda's pussy was easier than the reach to her own pussy. Astrid found it much easier to rub Wanda's pussy, and found Wanda's responses were quicker than even her own responses. Astrid's fingers slid into Wanda's pussy, feeling the hot wetness held inside the 19-year-old's body. Then Astrid pulled her fingers out and rubbed on Wanda's clit. She was amazed at how erect the clit had gotten in such a short time.

Astrid had never rubbed a woman's pussy before except her own, and she had rubbed her own rarely. She marveled at the different feeling of Wanda's outer labia. And when her fingers dove inside Wanda's body, she was amazed as the inner labia sucked at her fingers. When Wanda moaned, her voice was much more feminine than Astrid's own.

But then Wanda's moans changed pitch. Her hips lifted up, and it seemed to Astrid that Wanda was trying to suck her fingers even deeper into her body. Astrid gave in to the suction, and pushed her fingers in even deeper. Wanda gasped, then moaned again. She hoarsely barked "Bend your fingers, honey!" Astrid followed the order.

When she bent her fingers, Wanda gasped again. Then a warm liquid abruptly flowed over Astrid's hand, and she realized with a start that Wanda was cumming. The older teen was thrashing on the bed, humping at her hand, and wetting Astrid's hand, and begging for more. Astrid kept her hand in place until Wanda's motions died down, then pulled her hand out of Wanda's body.

Wanda grabbed Astrid's hand and pulled it to her own mouth. As sensuously as she could, Wanda licked the cum off Astrid's hand. Her tongue cleaned all around the hand, and Wanda tasted not only her cum juices, but also the dried-on juices from Astrid's own orgasm in the middle of the night.

Satisfied it was clean, Wanda released Astrid's hand and sat up. "Good morning, honey," Wanda said.

"Yes, isn't it," Astrid replied.

"Why did you do that for me?" Wanda asked.

"I wanted to show you what I had learned last night, and that seemed the best way to do it. I've seen how much you masturbate on your own bed. And I've heard you calling out 'Anne' on occasion. So I figured you are at least bi-sexual, and wouldn't mind a woman's touch."

Wanda smiled. The two had spoken about Astrid's sexual history the night before. Now Wanda realized she should return the favor.

As the women showered (separately) and dressed for school, Wanda told most of her sexual history to her roommate. While she mentioned her first, disastrous, attempt at male-female sex, and her subsequent decision to be a lesbian; while she told of her high school romance with Betty grant and her current relationship with Anne Franklin and Amber Anderson; and while she talked about her orgies with Amber's former friend Erich Buchanon; Wanda did not tell about her recent misfortunes.

She did not tell Astrid she was a slave to Anne's Mistress, nor did she tell about the porn movie she was tricked into making, nor the millions she got in a settlement after suing the porn company. Wanda didn't tell her about the several months she spent as a stripper. And Wanda totally steered away from the rape she had suffered. She did tell Astrid about the weekend orgy before Wanda went to school, and also told Astrid that she had not been able to reach Anne on the phone since leaving Provo.

Still, Astrid was startled to find that a woman only a year older than she was could be that sexually active and happy. Astrid wished she could have that happiness, and told Wanda that. Wanda could only speak in generalities, telling her roomie that there was someone out there for her, and they would meet when the time was right. She told how she met Anne as her high school teacher, but had not thought of Anne as anything more until meeting her again after graduation.

The girls headed out for the day's classes, promising to meet up at lunch to sign up with the Delta Beta Nu sorority.

Wanda's morning classes flew by, and at lunch she met Astrid in the Central Quad. The sorority tables were busy with people all around them. The girls made their way over to the DBN table and put their names and dorm address on application forms. They then dropped them in the box and headed off to eat.

Shortly after returning to her dorm room for the night, the phone rang. Wanda picked it up, and her heart leapt. Anne Franklin was on the other end!

"I'm sorry, my pet," Anne said. "Amber and I went to Jamaica for a small vacation before classes started. In the excitement of the going-away party, I guess I forgot to tell you."

"It's OK, Mistress," Wanda replied. "I understand. But, please, Mistress, understand my worries as well. Not knowing where you were, or if you were ok, was getting to me. You understand why."

Anne understood completely. She had been frantic with worry while Wanda was held captive by her rapist for three days. And now she had done the same to her babydoll as well. But for a Mistress to apologize to a slave was unseemly. So no apology was spoken, other than a mumbled "I understand," back at Wanda.

After that, Wanda talked about college life. She told her Mistress about her roommate, but didn't tell her about the sexual teaching she was doing. Anne talked about Jamaica, its blue skies, it's sparking oceans, and making love to Amber on the sand, with water flowing around them. Anne promised to take Wanda there next summer.

As soon as the phone call ended, Astrid walked into the dorm. Wanda practically leapt into her arms, hugging and kissing the other teen. "She's OK!" Wanda kept saying. That Astrid's kisses were not the best return kisses Wanda could get didn't seem to faze the teen. She was happy and in love.


At the other end of the line, Anne slowly hung up her phone. She wondered why she had not told Wanda the most important news. She snapped her fingers and Amber appeared. The 20-year-old former gymnast was nude, except for the Collar around her neck. She had crawled to Anne's side from the kitchen, where she was preparing dinner. She got to Anne and bowed low, kissing the points of Anne's shoes.

"Very good, my little slave," Anne said. "How is my food doing?"

"Almost done, Mistress," Amber answered, her eyes never leaving Anne's shoes. "This little one thought you would speak with her sister a bit longer."

Anne liked the fact she had told Amber to speak in third person. She smiled, then spoke again. "Little slave, go finish my dinner. Then draw me a bath. While I am bathing, you may eat whatever scraps of food I have chosen to leave you."

"This one lives to serve you, Mistress," Amber said before crawling back into the kitchen. As she did so, Anne looked at the pussy lips protruding from Amber's upraised ass. Anne would be filling those lips with her tongue later, Anne thought. Her tongue, then her dildo, and maybe even the butt of her whip. Yes, Anne thought, tonight would be a good night for her and her slave.


Astrid was thinking sexy thoughts as well. Upon learning that Wanda was indeed a lesbian, Astrid had yearned to know more. In classes today, she had thought of nothing else but Wanda's naked body. At lunch, it was all she could do to keep from grabbing Wanda and kissing her. When they had signed up at the DBN table, Astrid's hand had brushed Wanda's when the older teen passed her the pen to sign up with. Amazingly, that incidental touch had caused a tingling between Astrid's legs, and made the tall woman have to change panties before her PE class right after lunch to avoid showing a wet spot on her gym shorts. And then the kiss Wanda had planted on her when she entered the dorm room! I'll have to buy pads, or a lot more panties, Astrid thought. I'm soaking wet again.

In fact, even here, alone, in their dorm room, Astrid was working on her will power. The object of her affection was at her computer, typing away on an essay for American History. Astrid wished Wanda was doing something else with those fingers, something with her instead of a keyboard.

But Astrid was a shy woman. Rubbing Wanda's pussy this morning was easy, because they were in the same bed, and Astrid had woken up with her hand so close to Wanda's pussy, the rubbing seemed natural. Now, however, she didn't know what to do to convey to Wanda her feelings.

Homework done, Wanda said she was heading to the Student Union to get some coffee and watch some TV. Despite the fact she had hardly started on her own homework, Astrid dropped her pen and said she would go along. Anything, Astrid thought, to be near Wanda.

Wanda led the way to her Mustang. Astrid had left her car back in Casper, and initially was glad when Wanda offered to drive her around, to do chores together, shop together, go to a movie a week together. Initially it was an invitation to be friends. Now, Astrid knew, she wanted to be close to Wanda as much as she could.

As the trip cross-campus was a short one, neither girl spoke. While walking from the car to the Student Center, Astrid found a couple reasons to brush her hand over Wanda's. Slight tingles flew through Astrid's body as their hands touched. Wanda looked over at her roommate and smiled. That started Astrid getting wet between her legs again.

At the Union, The women sat next to each other drinking coffee. Astrid kept her legs crossed, hoping to hide the wet spot in her jeans. The women laughed through the comedies on the TV, then got up and played some video games together. Anything Wanda suggested was good for Astrid.

At 11 pm, Wanda suggested they return to their dorm. When they got there, Wanda shrugged out of her clothes and scampered into the bathroom. Astrid slowly unbuttoned her jeans and reached inside, finding her clit and rubbing it. Astrid's thoughts were on Wanda ... Wanda kissing her deeper than she had; Wanda's soft little post-masturbation kisses from last night raining on her breasts, her belly, and her pussy lips. Wanda jumping into Astrid's arms, as glad to see Astrid as she was to hear from Anne. Fresh juices flowed from the girl, and she came, her orgasm hidden from Wanda's ears by the running shower water.

When Wanda emerged from the shower, Astrid was in a towel, waiting for the shower. Wanda's nose smelt the pussy juices in the room, and she knew what Astrid had been doing while she showered. Good, Wanda thought. I was able to teach her how to cum. Then her thoughts turned to Mistress Anne, as Wanda's own hands found her clit and Astrid showered.


Anne had Amber bound to the chair in the classroom setting of the house dungeon. The former gymnast was struggling against her bonds, lifting her body off the chair while her hands and feet remained bound. Amber was straining to get more of the dildo Anne was pounding into her body into her body. Amber was close to cumming, and as Anne's mouth dropped to bite Amber's tiny breasts, the girl came, screaming "Mistress! Mistress! Mistress!" as she did so.

Then Anne pulled the dildo out and dropped to her knees. The older woman's tongue drove in where the dildo had been, and Amber felt a fresh surge of wanton desire flood her body's senses. The tongue seemed to go deeper and deeper with every lick. Amber barely realized Anne was pulling her labia wider apart to get the tongue that deep, but Amber didn't care. All she knew was that Anne was giving her the kind of love she had not felt from one individual her entire life. Erich had only used her, she realized. Wanda had been more devoted to Anne's needs than Amber's. But now, with Wanda far away, Amber was getting all she needed, and more.

Unable to guide her Mistress' mouth to the perfect spot, Amber could only moan loudly as Anne's tongue hit the perfect spot inside Amber. But then Anne moved her tongue, and Amber whimpered. Then the tongue returned to that spot, and Amber tried to express the needed desire without speaking. Then the tongue moved again, and Amber whimpered.

But that whimper lasted only a minute. Instead of a tongue, a G-Spot Vibrator was shoved into Amber's pussy. The upturned end seemed to find Amber's perfect spot immediately, and she screamed in delight. Anne lifted her body and laid it atop Amber's. The larger breasts on Anne rubbed Amber's 32A nubs deliciously. Anne's mouth found Amber's, and their tongues clashed as they kissed. Amber stiffened under Anne and came, squirting her orgasm over the floor, the vibrator, and Anne's hand.

Then Anne untied Amber and traded places on the chair. Amber dropped quickly on the floor and drove her mouth against the pussy Anne revealed by throwing a leg over the arm of the chair. Now it was Amber's turn. With abandon, the small woman licked and sucked at her Mistress' pussy, wanting the same intensity of orgasm to take Anne that had taken Amber.

The session continued on for several hours. After Anne came, they dropped onto the desk, flinging papers aside, to mate in a strong 69. After mutual orgasms, they fell onto the floor where they took turns with the G-spot vib. Amber's hardest orgasm occurred when Anne shoved the curved tool into the slave's asshole. Amber screamed, but then came, and came, and came again.

Finally, exhausted, the couple collapsed onto the bed in the dungeon and slept until morning. Then both women had one last orgasm together before Amber showered and dressed Anne and sent the teacher off to school.


Back in the dorm, the week passed with nothing more intimate than inadvertent touches between Astrid and Wanda. They were both too busy with schoolwork to talk about sex, although Astrid desperately wanted to talk to Wanda about the subject, and possibly get another lesson from the girl.

Finally Friday rolled around. With the entire weekend to do any homework, both girls decided to unwind with a movie. It was becoming a tradition for the girls to go to the movies on Friday. This time it was Astrid's turn to choose the movie they would go to.

Astrid had been studying the movies in town, and picked an appropriate film. The movie was "Better Than Chocolate", and it was a comedy about two women who fell in love despite pressures and pratfalls from parents and siblings. Wanda had seen many lesbian porn movies, but had never seen one in a regular theater. Seeing a lesbian life unfold without hardcore sex every 10 minutes intrigued Wanda, but knowing that Astrid had picked the movie intrigued wanda even more.

As the film built to its comedic climax and the women onscreen decided to live together, Wanda reached over and took Astrid's hand. The 18-year-old squeezed Wanda's hand, then continued to hold it as the two made their way out of the theater.

Wanda drove slowly home, the wheels in her mind spinning at a high rate. Her promise to herself to be faithful was foremost in her mind, but the obvious desires of this raw, sexually-starved woman beside her too much for her to take.

When they got home, Wanda had made her mind up. The two walked a discrete distance apart in the dorm's hallway but as they got behind their closed room door, Wanda reached out her hand for Astrid's. The tall teen took Wanda's hand in hers.,

"Are you sure?" Wanda said.

"No," Astrid replied. "I don't know. Let's go slow."

Astrid bent down and put her lips to Wanda's. Wanda's more experienced lips applied just the right amount of pressure to build the kiss to its peak quickly. Arms wrapped around bodies as the kiss grew in its intensity. Bodies moved closer together, which Wanda found a bit awkward. Astrid's 6-4 frame rose well above Wanda's 5-6, placing Astrid's breasts closer to Wanda's shoulders than anywhere else. Still, Astrid was holding on to their kiss, not backing up or away, not lessening in the kiss's intensity, but matching Wanda pressure for pressure.

Reluctantly the two women broke apart. They smiled at each other before Astrid said "I want you." She then lifted her dress over her head and pulled off the tight bra, freeing her 38c breasts. Wanda stepped in and took a nipple in her mouth. She started to suck, and Astrid melted. Almost immediately she dropped to the floor. Wanda let the girl fall, knowing she would be beside her in a minute.

Her dress was halfway off when someone rapped on their door. "Wait right there," Wanda said. "I'll get rid of whomever it is."

She opened the door a little, and had it shoved out of her hand. The door flew wide, and six women barged into the room. Astrid pulled a blanket off her bed to hide her nakedness, but not before the women saw her nude state.

"Get dressed, Initiate Martin. You and Initiate Catron will come with us." one of the women said.

Wanda now saw that they all wore DBN sweatshirts. Astrid threw a dress over her body, skipping the underwear when one of the women said "you won't need those." Then both girls were hustled out of their room, down the hall and out onto the campus.

The two girls ran together, holding each other's hands for security, and so Astrid, the natural athlete, could help Wanda keep pace. They saw other people being rousted from their dorms and led in different directions.

Soon Wanda and Astrid were in the company of 16 other initiates, being led by about 30 DBN sisters to the campus house they all lived in. There they were told to strip, kneel, keep quiet, and listen for directions. Wanda and Astrid readily agreed, along with most of the other women. One woman, however, refused to follow the order. She was led outside and was not seen in the house again.

The 17 remaining women waited, nude, kneeling and silent. For Wanda, it was like being a slave for Mistress Anne, so she wasn't bothered. Astrid was following Wanda's example, trying to impress her roommate. Most of the other women were also silent, but a couple in the back started whispering.

Suddenly a "SPLASH" sounded. "Turn around," a voice commanded. The women turned, to see the two who were talking soaked with water. "Do not talk, or the same fate will befall you. Now turn again." The women turned. The two wet ones were now shivering with cold, but they remained silent.

A woman entered the room. Her head was covered by a nylon pantyhose, obscuring her features. She wore a DBN Sweatshirt and a short skirt and flat sneakers. Behind her were two other women. They were similarly attired.

"You 17 have been chosen as initiates to Delta Beta Nu. One has already been eliminated. Seven more must go, for each year the sorority only takes 10 women into the house. To choose the 10, you will each be given several tasks. You will work with your sister initiates, in teams, to complete the tasks. The team that fails its task will lose one member, unless someone quits during the tasks.

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