tagIncest/TabooWannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 03 Pt. 02

Wannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 03 Pt. 02


Chapter 3-Pt. 2 Forbidden Acts

When Luke looked through the peephole after hearing a knock at the door he was pleased two buxom cheerleaders standing outside. One of them he recognized from pictures he had seen, it was his whore's little sister, Tiffany Ranger. The Indian girl behind her was fondling the rich little whore.

"Sarah, come here." Sarah got off of her knees before Gary and walked over to Luke. "Take a look out side." Sarah looked outside and saw to her surprise her baby sister being felt up by Chandra.

"Oh my god. They must have followed me from home."

"It looks like they are interested in some action." Sarah immediately turned around to smack Luke but he caught her arm. "That wasn't very nice."

"My sister is off limits. You don't get to touch her."

"That's not up to you, it's up to her. Now go let your sister and her friend in."

"No I won't."

"If you refuse I'll let everyone know your secret, now that won't help your sister will it." Sarah thought for a moment and then obeyed, she knew that it wouldn't end well but it was better than putting her sister's life at risk. She opened the door and looked at her sister. Chandra stared at the completely nude Sarah while Tiffany looked at the ground, feeling very humiliated by the fact that she was about to openly show her sister what a slut she was.

"What are you doing her Tiff? What the hell are you thinking?" Tiffany looked up at her sisters eyes, her own were beginning to water as fear and humiliation were beginning to over take her.

"I just wanted to know what you were up to. Then we saw you in your custom and then we saw you in her and then... then... " Chandra spoke up.

"We saw you acting like a filthy whore and Tiff realized she wanted to be a cock whore to. Didn't you Tiff?" Tiffany weekly shook her head in the affirmative. Sarah's jaw dropped, what had she done her skankiness had spread to her sister. The men smiled as the looked at the huge set of tits on Tiffany. Finally Luke piped up.

"Well why don't you come in her and get started you stupid whore." He dragged the Tiffany in and Chandra followed. Within moments Tiffany was on her knees surrounded by the four fat dicks. One by one she began to suck on the big cocks before her doing her best to deep throat the cocks but finding it very difficult. Sarah looked on as she watched her sister's slutty actions. She slowly realized that she was becoming aroused by the sight of her little sister sucking on four cocks that had just moments before had been inside her. The men verbally abused the horny 18 year old who grew more enthusiastic as insults were thrown at her.

"God damn slut. You love sucking cock as much as your sister." Said Luke "I think it's time that I sampled that tight little cunt of yours." He grabbed Tiffany's hair and pulled her to her feet then her paints were ripped off from under her skirt and her tits were pulled out of her top. Tiffany stood just about two inches taller than Luke at 5'5" but she was so light that it was easy for him to pick her up and impale her on his cock. She wrapped her legs around his waist and began moaning and screaming as his 9 inch dick plunged inside of her tight pussy. Sarah realized her sister truly was a whore and that thought turned her on immensely. Just as Luke picked up Tiffany to fuck her Sarah was grabbed from behind by Chandra.

"You know we can be having fun to." Sarah turned around to find Chandra completely naked she marveled at the 5'8" beauties C cups which sat firm and perfect on her chest. "I'd like a little pleasure if you wouldn't mind." Without hesitation Sarah dropped to her knees and began to orally pleasure the dominant Indian goddess. She pushed her tongue inside Chandra's sex eliciting a moan from her lips. "Oh yes, that's it." Sarah's tongue probed Chandra's pussy and as her finger concentrated on her clit. "God damn your good." Sarah could her Tiffany's screams of ecstasy and she began to probe her own pussy with her fingers.

"Oh god, fuck me stud. God damn fuck me with your big cock." Tiffany was losing her mind as Luke's big dick pounded her pussy. "Oh my god I'm going to cum. I'm, going to fuck cum... ah... ahhh... yes... OHHHHH... FUUUCCCCKKKKK... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH." She sprayed her juices all over Luke's cock as he continued to slam into her. He could feel himself closing in on his second orgasm of the night.

"Oh yeah baby here it comes. I'm gonna fill your pussy with my cum you fucking slut."

"Yes. Oh god make me your cum slut." Luke sprayed inside of Tiffany filling her with his semen. He then let go of her and let her fall to the ground. She lay there moaning like a whore eager for the other men to use her body. Shawn rolled her on to her back and pushed his cock into her well used pussy.

"OH FUCK IT'S SO BIG!" Tiffany's scream drew Sarah's attention from Chandra's pussy and she watched as her little sister was forced to take all 11 inches of Shawn's cock. She grew even hornier as Gary pushed his dick into Tiffany's mouth and began to fuck it furiously. At the same time Jason straddled Tiffany's chest and placed his cock between her DD cups. He grabbed both tits and sandwiched his cock in-between them and began to vigorously fuck her gigantic juggs. Chandra grabbed Sarah's hair and dragged her over to the group.

"Watch closely watch your little slut sister get gangbanged just like she watched you." Sarah watched as the three men fucked her sister she began to pushed her fingers into her pussy and then into her ass as well. She was fingering herself as hard as she could. While Sarah watched them fuck Chandra grabbed hold of Luke and got some cock of her own. Luke was exhausted but it wasn't very often that he got a chance to fuck three beautiful girls in one night and before long his cock was buried in Chandra's pussy.

"Oh fuck yes... Fuck me with your fat prick you stud. Show me how a man fucks a little girl like me." Luke was doing his best to give the pretty Indian girl pleasure as she seemed to be eager to humiliate the two sisters. This was something that Luke was enjoying and he hoped it would happen again in the future.

Shawn was vigorously fucking Tiffany when he noticed that Sarah was next to them masturbating. He smiled as he realized that he could really show this girl how slutty she was. He pulled his dick out of Tiffany's pussy then grabbed hold of Sarah's head he forced Sarah to suck his dick and she couldn't help but enjoy the taste of her sisters pussy juice on his cock.

"Do you like the taste of your sister, you slut?" Sarah hesitated briefly but then answered.

"Yes." Shawn grinned then positioned the head of his cock at Tiffany's ass and slowly pushed in, Tiffany's eyes popped wide open as she had never had anal sex before, and she tried to scream but the sound was muffled by Gary's cock. She wanted to grit her teeth but managed not to bite down on the 8 inch dick filling her mouth. Once Shawn had buried his cock as far as it would go he looked at Sarah.

"You should give some attention to your sisters cunt I bet she would love it." Sarah leaned forward and began to kiss her sisters sex, and gently stroking her pussy lips with her fingers. Tiffany began to thrust up to her sister's fingers and in the process she was also impaling her self further on Shawn's dick. Sarah teased her little sister's clit with her tongue and then pushed two of her fingers inside of Tiffany's pussy. All the attention she was receiving brought Tiffany to a massive orgasm. Her juice sprayed all over Sarah's hand and face and she lapped up Tiffany's girl cum greedily.

Jason was viciously fucking the sexy 18 year olds big tits as he squeezed and pulled on her nipples. He wasn't far from coming, and neither was Gary who continued to pound Tiffany's face.

"Oh fuck her it cums slut." Gary pulled his cock out of Tiffany's mouth and unloaded his cum all over her face. At the same time Jacob let loose his own blast of semen which sprayed on Tiffany's neck and chin.

"Oh fuck yes cum on me, cover me in your cum." Tiffany moaned, and both men obliged, jerking the remainder of their cum on her DD tits. Shawn continued to fuck her ass as hard as he could while Sarah gave all her attention to Tiffany's dripping cunt. Nearby Chandra and Luke continued to fuck like mad, watching the erotic scene. As they watched Tiffany grab Sarah's legs and pull her big sister on top of her so that the two of them were in the sixty nine position, both of Luke and Chandra came. Luke filled Chandra's pussy with his jizz and then, finally spent, Luke sat and rested. Chandra crawled over to Shawn and the two sisters to investigate the incestuous threesome. Sarah took her lips off her sister's sex and screamed as she began to cum.

"Oh, god, Tiff, your making me cum. OOOHHHH... FUCK... YES... OH SIS... AAAAHHHH... AHHHH... YESS!!!" Her cum spilled out over her little sister face mixing with all the semen that already covered it. Sarah then began to drive her fingers back inside her sister's pussy, while Shawn fucked away at her ass. Both Shawn and Tiffany were nearing orgasm and seeing how attentive Sarah had been to her sister Shawn decided that he would give her a treat. He pulled out of Tiffany's ass just before Sarah's fingers brought Tiffany to a monstrous orgasm.

"OOOHHHH FUCCKK... YESS... YESS... YESS... I'M... CUMMING... SARAH... I'M... FUCKING... CUMMING... AAAHHH... AAAHHH... AAAHHH... AAAHHH!!!!" Tiffany wriggled under her sister in orgasmic bliss. Shawn grabbed hold of Sarah's hair and thrust his cock into her mouth. Sarah moaned around the thick black dick, she could taste her sister's ass on it and it thrilled her. Within a few moments of fucking Sarah's face, he was ready to blow his load and he sent his cum down her throat and she eagerly swallowed it all.

After Shawn had removed his cock from Sarah's lips she spun around and laid on top of her little sister face to face. They immediately began to kiss and lick each other their hands roamed over each others bodies and their eyes stayed locked onto each other. Sarah lick the cum from her sisters big tits pausing briefly to suck on her nipples, eliciting light moans from Tiffany. She then licked the cum directly off of Tiffany's face and neck which she held in her mouth. Then she pushed her lips against Tiffany's and using her tongue pushed the cum into her sister's mouth. Tiffany almost sucked the cum from her sisters mouth and swallowed every last drop then she stuffed her own tongue into Sarah's mouth. The two French kissed and fondled each other for several minutes as the others watched before the finally stopped. Sarah looked into her sisters bright blue eyes.

"You are an incredible lover Tiff."

"I'd have to say that you are too sis."

A few minutes later Sarah, Tiffany and Chandra left Luke's gun store as they walked a way Sarah turned to her little sister.

"I'm going to go out on patrol for the rest of the night, but when I get home we'll have some more fun okay?" Tiffany responded by frenching her sister right in the middle of the alleyway. "I guess that's a yes."

"It sure is Sarah." Tiffany said. Chandra smacked Sarah on the ass.

"Go get out of her we will see you later." Sarah walked off down the alley way away from Tiffany and Chandra while they two cheerleaders headed towards Tiffany's car in the opposite direction.

"So, did you get your fill of sex tonight Chandra?" Tiffany asked.

"Hell no I only came once, when we get back to your place I'm going to turn you into my whore all over again." She grabbed hold of Tiffany's skirt lifted it up and stuffed her thumb into her well used but hold "You got that bitch?" Tiffany jumped a little bit and then pushed down on her friends thumb.

"You don't have to turn me into your whore, I because I still am nothing more than your fuck slut anyway." Chandra smiled it had and would still be a good night.

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