tagGay MaleWanted to Be Alone Ch. 02

Wanted to Be Alone Ch. 02


Since I was told that my story was interesting, good but a bit short and you also wanted me to continue, well here I go.

I wake in the morning, rubbing my eyes and the daylight comes in from the open widow. I gaze at the fireplace to see some red still glowing, a chill in the air from the cool fall air. I hesitate to get out not wanting to leave the warmth of the bed but the amount of wine from last night tells me it is time to empty myself so I get up and make my way to the bathroom. I look in the mirror when I am done, looking at my naked body. I grab my cock and hold it, my head flashes back the thought of last night and I look to see the shower and wonder if it was all just a dream. My hand moves over my ass and by the feel my hole has when I touch it, I do know that I was fucking my ass with my fingers that is for sure. I splash my face with water, brush my teeth and head out to the kitchen. I stop and throw some wood on the fire and in no time I have the blaze roaring again, the coffee is done, the eggs are on my plate and I sit to have my breakfast. As I am eating I just stop and look down at myself, here I am eating naked. I am not the type to walk around naked, nor expose myself in any way or form in public but I can not help the way I feel. It must be this fresh mountain air, the season, fall does make me feel horny.

After I finish breakfast, my second cup of coffee, I clean up and head to shower, take care of my morning ritual and get dress to head out and explore. I pack a bag with some food, a blanket, towel, and of course, some wine and out the door I go.

I love the sound of the fallen dried leaves beneath my feet, the smell in the air and walking threw the woods is such a thrill. I don’t hesitate to go into the woods, I have a excellent sense of direction and if I feel I am to far in I’ll just turn around, but I want to get higher up, I want to see it all.

About one hour into my hike I pause and listen. I hear water trickling and head into the direction. I find a creek and follow it down a little and come across a pond that has formed. What a nice open area, an oasis in the middle of the woods. I just stand there amassed for a minute or two and then decide that this is where I will take my lunch. I unpack my bag, spread the blanket and open the wine and start eating my lunch. I have to admit the sun on the water, the warmth of its rays feels so good that I remove my shoes and socks, pull up my pants and walk to the edge. Warm.. warm water up here, how odd I think but hey, I am all alone so what the hell. I quickly strip and jump into the water and frolic like a kid in a tub.

Yes, this is just what I needed, to get away from the hell that I live, no meetings, deadlines, people calling, people wanting me, just nature and peace and quiet. I walk back to my blanket and pat myself down and lay back on the blanket. My body all fresh, relaxed and naked in the mountain air with no one around has been playing in my mind that I grab my cock and begin stroking myself. I begin to reflect on the stranger from last night and I know that he was there. I can almost task his cock again in my mouth; I can almost smell his musk. I see his thick hard cock in my mind, my tongue licks across my lips. His eyes, I’ll never forget his eyes, how they pierce right threw my thoughts and into my soul as he looked into my mind and took control over me. His chest, yes his strong hairy chest.. I am stroking myself crazy right now. My hand beating my cock in high gear. The slapping sounds as I hit bottom, god I want him back with me. I know he was real, I know I must have scarred him away but he told me to fuck myself and I did, I did as he told me to do. I know if he was here that I would do as he commands in a heart beat. I know I tasted that cock, I shoved it down my throat, I choked on it. His balls, yes, his balls, I remember how they sung below his cock as I sucked on him and “AHH GOD!!! Fuck, oh oh, god fuck me, fuck me I want you I cry out as I shoot my load all over. Oh god did I just shoot one hell of a load all over my body, my body is trembling and if anyone was around they were sure to hear but I don’t care, I don’t move, I just squeeze my cock and let the last few drops drip out on my stomach. After a few seconds I lift my head to see my cum all over myself and then with my free hand I rub it in. I get a nice load of cum and start to massage my balls and my cock. I hold my cock up and look at it as it shines in the sun with the wet cum all over. I can not believe that I am still hard after that, I feel so good.

As I put my head back down I start stroking myself and cry out, “where are you!” He could not be a dream, I want him here with me now!. I shake my head and sit up, grab my wine and down the glass. What the hell is wrong with me, I am fantasying about a stranger that might have come into my life. I pour another glass and as I do I see my hard cock between my legs, the cum still wet on it, the hair matted from rubbing my cum in it, my stomach hair matted, drips of cum on my chest, I smell to cum. I pick up the glass and hold it up and toast to the stranger, “this is to you, where ever you are”. I laugh and take a drink of my wine, I lay back on my elbows, legs spread and cock still hard. Fuck, what the hell am I going to do? I grab my cock once again and begin masturbating myself. I grab my balls and start pulling on them, a little pain but I am okay with it. I spread my legs and let my hand roan down, I finger my hole. Oh, the thought from last night of fucking my hole for that man has filled my mind. If I only moved on him faster I could have had him fuck me. I can almost see him again, I can almost hear him tell me to fuck myself, to finger my hold and get ready to be fuck. Yes, oh yes I want to get ready, I’ll make myself ready for you. I put my legs up, spreading myself wide open for him and I am shoving my fingers into my hole once again. I am jerking hard on my cock and loving every minute of it. I sigh and moan and speak out load “fuck me, fuck me you stranger, fuck this hole of mine” I can hear him now tell me to spread my cheeks wide open, that he wants to see my hole. I comply and with both hands I spread my ass cheeks as wide as I can spread them, showing my hole to the sun. Oh god I can feel the warmth of the sun on my hole, my hot hole, my horny hole and I start to buck my hips against the warm rays. Oh eat my ass, lick my hole, make it wet, make me hot, make me your fuck toy, use me. These words keep coming out of my mouth, I hear him as me to beg for it and I do. Fuck me, fuck me please, fuck me hard, shove your cock into me, shove it up me and beg me beg you to stop, fuck my hole.

My heart pounds my nipples and hard, my cock throbbing, my hole is open and waiting to be fucked. I want to finger my hole again and finish jerking of and as I go to put my legs down some I feel a hand on one and then the sudden pressure of a cock being inserted into my ass. A hand covers my mouth quickly, my eyes open wide only to be blinded by the sun. A strong dry hand that covers my mouth is removed and he tells me that he has been watching and he knows that I want it, “you want it don’t you?”

I can not talk, the pain in my ass it almost overwhelming, I knew if I wasn’t fucking myself that I would have passed out. God, his cock is large, is it his cock, I can not tell, he is not moving, just something in my ass. I feel him move and he throws my legs on his shoulders and tells me to tell him to fuck me. “Fuck me” comes out in whisper.

He pulls out and shoves his cock into me and tells me to tell him to fuck me

“Fuck me” again comes out in whisper, I don’t know why but I just can not come around to say it.

He pulls out and shoves it is and shouts “tell me”

“Fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck my hole!” I shout

“Yeah, that’s what I wanted to hear” as he starts to pump my ass. “I saw you playing here and I knew you needed to be fucked, don’t you?”

God I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to look, I don’t want to be here, what is going to happen to me. I am beneath this man who is fucking me and oh, yes, this is starting to feel good. No, I can not let that happen, it is not good, am I being raped? Yes, hmmm, my ass is feeling warm, no hot, god my hole feels good, I am getting fucked and goddamn I am loving it.. “OOOHHH FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!!!!”

I can not believe that that just came out of my mouth but it has. He has gone wild over it, he is a wild animal fucking my hole. I can now feel his body pressing up against mine, god it feels good. He presses his chest down on my, his arms next to mine, his hands holding my shoulders, I never thought it could feel like this.

I reach my arms around him and hold him tight and tell him that my ass is on fire that I need him to fuck me, to fuck me for as long as he can. “I never want you to stop, fuck me all day” I start to move against his thrusts, catching his entire cock into the depths of my hole. God he is tearing me up and I want to be torn. His cock feels so thick, I can almost feel this head, it must be huge, thick, hard and it is driving into my hole. “FUCK ME!!”

My body senses are on end, any part he touches just send me to the edge. I never felt like this, no one has gotten my body so sensitive before in my life. My nipples send shocks waves straight across my body as I feel his hair from his chest rub against them. I don’t want to let him go, I am getting my hole fucked and fucked good. I have no idea of who this is but I only know that this is something I need and I need it so bad. To feel his cock fill and empty my hole and it is pulled in and out, pulled, I me thrusted in and out. I this what I have red about, that hot feeling of having another man fuck your hole. I feel him massaging my prostate as he fucks my hole and I am loving it. I am powerless, helpless, I fell prey to him and I love it. Gees, how can this feel so good, my body is on fire, my hole can not get enough, the fresh air, the sound of the water, the warmth of the sun the touch of his body, the sounds from his breath in my ear, his cock fucking my hole and my movement against his, his cock in my, his cock fucking my and oh, oh, Oh my.... OH Oh my OH OH!!! OH GOD GOD GOD.. Oh FUCK, ME FUCK ME DAMN IT! FUCK ME HARD! FUCK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK ME AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

I just shot one hell of a load all over his stomach, I feel it dripping onto mine, my cock throbbing like crazy. I think my cock will explode, goddamn!, my ass is so tight and he is stuffing himself into it hard right now and I can feel him getting harder in my hole or am I tighter. His breathing and oh yes, that still feels so good, yes that he is cuming. I feel his hot juices shooting into me, oh yes how good it feels. His trembling body on top of me, clasping onto me. His cock throbbing inside me the warmth of his cum in my hole and yes, oh yes I, I, I, I am going to cum again, yes, I am cuming I am shouting out I am cuming I am cuming Oh fucking yes! Yes I am cuming I AHH FUCK YES!

I can not believe that I just shot two loads and never touched my cock. My legs wrapped tight around him, my arms hold him close, I am not going to let go. I move my hips to get a few extra pumps into me and he just falls harder down upon me, pressing his entire weight on me. Oh yes, this is just perfect, just what I needed. Now if only the sun would go down or a cloud would come by I could see what this guy who just fucked the hell out of me looks like, but for now I am content and just lay there.

Well sometime later I awoke only to find that I am alone. Remnants of cum all over my chest, my clothes scattered about, the blanket a mess and all unarranged. I know he was here, I know we fucked. What is with this guys, why does he do this to me. I gather my things, get dressed and head back. I just can not stop thinking about him and what we just had, today, yesterday. Was I raped or did I submit to him and where is he. How is he able to get out without any trace of actually being there with me. God my body is weak, I don't feel like walking back but I keep on. The clouds are forming up above me and the wind is picking up. looks like a storm is headed my way and I pick up the pass and make it back to the cabin in good time.

Once I reached the cabin I unpack my bag, pour a glass of wine, bring in some more firewood and feed the fire, turn on the tub and got undressed and began to soak, began to think about him.

So what should I do, he has one more day at the cabin... shall I go on? Thanks for all your feed back, I will work in your requests in my stories.

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