She wanted him, god in heaven how she wanted him. She thought about them together, and her nipples grew hard. She picked up the phone to dial his number. Damn it was just the recording, "the party you are trying to reach is out of the service area at this time." She paced the floor, poured a glass of wine, tried reading the newspaper. Nothing worked, he was all she could think about. His smooth cock slipping in and out of her. His fingers circling her nipples and getting them to raise high and hard. She wiggled in her chair. This was not helping matters at all, these thoughts. Her pussy was wet, clit swollen so that it was pushing against her panties just enough to stimulate her, but to bring more longing not satisfaction.

She turned on the computer, opened her messenger service to see if he could possibly be online. Damn again, the answer was no. She thought about going to one of the erotic story sites, reading a few stories and getting herself off. Even as the page loaded onto to computer screen she knew that this wasn't a happening thing. It wasn't dirty stories she needed tonight, it was him filling her up, thrusting fast and deep into her. She tried to read the stories and there were some very good ones tonight.

Her husband was snoring in the bedroom when she walked into the room. She got her gown from the hanger and opened the bottom dresser drawer to retrieve the dildo. She didn't much like it, but she knew that her fingers weren't going to be enough tonight. She wanted him, his cock pounding into her, his balls hitting against her ass but since he wasn't available, she was going to have to make do, or go out of her mind.

She let the hot water fill the bathtub and added a capful of scented bubbles. Soon she stripped off her clothes and lowered her body into the tub. MMmmm the water felt so good surrounding her body. She pictured him in her mind, standing naked there in her bathroom. His hand would be stroking his cock as he watched her in the tub, he would move to the side of the bathtub and kneel down beside it. His hands would begin to touch her body.

At this thought she let her hands roam over her breasts, pinching the nipples, squeezing them, and then feeling the fullness of each breast as she held it in her hand. Her hand traveled down her stomach, moving along her skin smoothly in the hot water. Her hand rested on her mound and she began to rub. She let her mind wander again to picture him there with her.

He would finger her pussy, stroking it along the slit. Slide in one finger, pumping it up and down inside her until she began to open for him, then he would slide two more fingers inside of her, fucking her with his fingers while she bucked and jerked beneath him. His thumb would circle her clit, finding the sensitive part and rubbing it over and over again.

Her own fingers were buried deep inside her wet pussy. Her hand moving them in and out. Her mouth slightly open and head relaxed against the bath pillow, her thumb found her clit and began to rub it. God it was huge, her pussy was so swollen, she knew that her color would be high and the lips would be a bright pink. What would he do next, she thought?

Perhaps he would soap the washcloth start to clean her. Washing her neck, shoulders, stomach, ass, legs. Then he would hold the washcloth by it's sides in his hands and run it through the slit in her pussy lips. The terry cloth stimulating her more and more.

"Oh god yes," she sighed as she used the washcloth on herself pretending he was screwing her with it. She rubbed herself, put parts of the cloth up inside her and then slowly pulled it out running the cloth over her clit. It felt so good. She needed more though, and she could feel a tremendous orgasm building inside her. Rubbing herself, fingering her clit, even lifting her legs and putting a finger into her ass, she still couldn't cum, there was no release from the fire burning inside her.

By now he would have gotten her out of the tub, his cock would be throbbing, jumping to get inside her. He would be huge with longing, precum dripping from the head of his cock. He would use that precum as a lubricant, rubbing his thumb over himself to spread the moisture out.

She was out of the tub, laying on the floor, both legs raised high in the air. She put the dildo in her mouth to moisten it. Licking it like she would his cock, letting it slide in and out of her mouth. She put the cock into her pussy and turned on the vibrator. Holding the huge piece of rubber close to her clit so she could feel the vibrations the best.

His cock would be hard, smooth flesh sliding into her. Her pussy grabbing hold of it as he penetrated her. She moaned his name as she begin to move the dildo inside of herself.

"Fuck me darlin', do it hard, now, oh god don't make me wait. I need to fucking cum, please, oh please let me cum now." she groaned. The dildo rammed in and out of her hot pussy. Her wet juices dripping from her cunt. She could almost feel his balls hitting against her ass as he plunged into her time and time again. She closed her eyes and pictured the look on his face that he always had right before he released into her. She plunged the dildo in again, waves of orgasm overtook her. Her hot cum exploded so that it spurted out of her, she came and again and again just holding the dildo inside of her. Finally her body relaxed and collapsed completely on the floor. She slid the dildo out of herself. Resting on the floor few a few minutes until she could breath normally again.

She got up, slipped on her gown and walked into the other room. She sat down turned on her computer and began to type. A satisfied smile crossing her lips as she hit the send button on her e-mail server. It wouldn't seem fair, she thought, since he gave her such a nice orgasm not to return the favor.

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