Warm Me Up


His young cock filled her completely, threatening—it seemed—to stretch her beyond her limits. She wished, for a moment, that it wasn't so dark and that she could watch. But maybe that would only bring home the fact it was Kevin fucking her. Her son. She tilted her head back and just enjoyed the ride.

Kevin reached between the robe and Cindy's ass to pull her closer. His cock plunged into her harder and faster. In the darkness, he heard her soft voice.

"Yes. Yessss. Oh my God."

Kevin kept up a steady pace, despite a desire to be more aggressive. Perhaps one of his girlfriends would have wanted that, but he didn't want to disappoint his mother when she seemed to be taking pleasure in what they were doing. He'd go until the inevitable orgasms occurred—he hoped.

Cindy's robe prevented her from rolling the way she preferred when having sex. She found herself wanting to be on top. She convinced herself it was a sign everything was OK. An even better sign, she decided, was the fact her body was about to explode in an orgasm.

She struggled with the fact she was about to cum because her son was fucking her. She could hide it, she thought. But that would be unfair to him. Would she be too loud? Too quiet? Her heart pounded the closer she got.

Kevin knew he could cum at any time. Soon, he'd have to withhold it if his Mom had not already cum. Would he even know? Should he cum inside her? He heard Cindy's moans grow louder and more frequent.

"Ahhhhh. Kevin. I'm...I'm...almost..."

He lifted her off the bed and thrust his cock harder.

"God, yes! Ohhhh...Kevin...fuck me, Kevin!"

He had no doubt when her orgasm began. She constricted her cunt around his cock, squeezed her legs around his waist, and squealed with pleasure. Her body shook under him, rocking back and forth, up and down, as she came. At one point his cock came out of her, but he quickly had it back in and was driving it harder than ever.

Cindy mumbled words he couldn't understand. Her hair flayed across the pillow and her tits rolled on her chest. She felt the juices begin to trickle down her thighs the longer she came.

Finally, he heard something he understood.

"Cum for me, Kevin. I want you to cum."

Even before she was finished, he felt his balls contract and the first shot of cum flow up his cock. He plowed his cock all the way into her and held it there, letting out a long, deep groan.

Cindy continued to cum beneath him while her son's cock emptied load after load of warm cum inside her. They came together in mutual bliss, their sounds drowning out the constant hum of the space heater and generator. The bed rocked under them and the covers were tossed aside.

Cindy was done first, allowing Kevin to finish with a couple final, frantic thrusts.

The silence that followed, with Kevin lying on top of Cindy, seemed to last forever. Their breathing slowed once again and their minds cleared. Recognition of what occurred began to hit them. Kevin's semi-erect cock was still inside her. He pulled it out with some hesitation.

"Kevin," she murmured.

"Yeah," he said, almost as a question.

"That was...really nice," she stammered.

His head was on the pillow next to her, tight against the hair over her ear.

"I just wanted to, um, make you..."

"I know, hon. You don't have to say it. You were wonderful," she said.

They hugged for another minute or two.

"Will you stay?" she asked.

He nodded.

"Will you take off my robe, and your boxers, and lay with me tonight?"

A moment later, they were free of all their clothes and back together under the covers.


Cindy was the first to wake up in the morning and notice the electricity was back on. Kevin was asleep on his back and she put her head on his shoulder. She woke him by placing her hand between his legs, on top of the covers.

Kevin awoke with a jolt, and then grinned.

"Good morning," Cindy said in a hushed voice.

"Good morning."

She withdrew her hand, but snuggled closer. "The electricity's back on."

"Good," Kevin yawned.

"Do you mind getting up and turning off the generator and heater?" his Mom asked.

He rolled out of bed with her eyes glued to his naked body. It was the first she'd had a chance to see him in the light and she wasn't disappointed. When he was done and crawled back under the covers, she watched his cock, large even in its flaccid state.

"You know what this means, don't you?" she said.


"There's hot water."

He felt her fingers sliding along his stomach.

"Enough for two?" he said.

"Maybe if we go together."

Kevin pulled Cindy on top of him as she giggled.

"What makes you think I'd want to shower with my mother?"

She slithered up his body until her right breast was above his mouth. As she suspected, he pulled her down and began to suck on it.

"THAT does," she said.

He bit her playfully and she squealed, rolling off him. Kevin slapped her on the ass and said, "C'mon."

She willingly followed him out of the bed and studied his firm ass while they walked to the bathroom. She could feel her pussy responding already. When he closed the bathroom door behind them, she was nervously impatient to get under the water with him.

But she had to wait. He turned and took her into his strong arms, kissing her long and hard. Kevin nearly lifted her off her feet with the urgency of his kiss. By the time he was done, the erection Cindy felt the night before was starting to appear once again.

"If you don't want to...," she began to say.

"I want to. Do you?"

She smiled. "I wasn't going to let you leave without at least one more."

Kevin ran a hand across her breast and turned to start the shower. When he had it just right, he motioned toward the shower and said, "After you."

This time it was his turn to watch his Mom's body as she stepped behind the sliding glass door. He quickly followed and slid the door shut. Cindy was standing under the flowing water and Kevin marveled at the beauty of her tall frame with the shower flooding down and around every curve. He had not seen a mature woman under these conditions, and he liked what he saw.

Cindy was not the most self-confident person to begin with, and having her son inspect her the way he did made it even worse. She crossed her arms in front of her body.

"You're beautiful," he said to her surprise.

She blushed and smiled.

"I hope you think so," she said.

He pulled her arms down, stood closer, and kissed her while pushing them both under the full brunt of the shower. Cindy probed his mouth with her tongue, feeling the water flow between them in the most erotic way. She reached for his cock and he put his hand between her legs. Before the kiss ended, they were ready for more.

Cindy had done some wild things in her life. She certainly never considered herself a prude. But until the previous night, there were things she trusted she would never do—like fuck her son. In fact, she never had any intention of ever holding his cock, let alone allowing him to shove it inside her cunt.

Now she was faced with one more dilemma. She had a new urge. An urge that seemed too strong to resist.

Cindy kneeled down in front of Kevin.

She held his cock in the palm of her hand, watching it lengthen at her touch and from the flow of water over it. Cindy gazed at it a few seconds longer. Then she leaned down and kissed the bright pink tip.

Kevin stood stiffly, not believing what was happening. Surely, she would stop at kissing.

Instead, Cindy's tongue emerged and ran down the entire shaft, and then back again. She licked the end, kissed it one more time...and then opened her mouth.

Kevin watched in awe as his cock slid inside his mother's mouth. Her lips closed around him almost as tightly as her cunt had done the night before, and she began to suck on the cock. Kevin fought every urge to hold her head, but he couldn't help it.

His hand touched the wet hair on her head and he pulled her closer to him. Cindy removed her hand from the bottom of the cock and tried to take it all in her mouth. A single gag was followed by a series of deep throat thrusts that convinced both of them they should continue.

Soon, Kevin was rocking back and forth in a steady motion as his Mom kneeled in place. She put her hands on his ass and squeezed his firm cheeks while sucking the very hard and very long cock. A drop of sweetness on her tongue told her Kevin was getting closer.

Just as she was beginning to imagine what it would be like when he came, Kevin said, "Stand up, Mom. Please."

She would do anything for him at this point, but was disappointed to leave his cock behind as she stood.

"Turn around," he said.

With her back to her son, Cindy felt his hand on her shoulder.

"Lean against the wall."

She put both hands against the wet tiles. Cindy felt Kevin's hands on the inside of her thighs, nudging her legs farther apart. She complied, understanding now what he wanted.

Her pulse quickened when she felt his cock under her ass. It brushed against her pussy and then rested at the same spot as the previous night, ready to enter her. He did not ask and she did not need to tell him. Everything was OK.

Unlike the night before, Kevin was faster and rougher. He jammed the cock forward and Cindy's body reacted with a shudder of surprise and ecstasy. Kevin's legs slammed against his mother's ass and they were fucking once again.

He held her by the waist. Cindy pushed against the wall and lifted her head in glee when he accelerated the pace.

"God, yes Kevin! Harder. Fuck me harder!"

They both reveled in the newfound animalistic approach and the sounds of their bodies and moans echoed in the bathroom. Kevin moved his hands up to Cindy's tits and crushed them against her chest as he drove his cock into her. Cindy put her own hand on her clit and rubbed it furiously while her nipples were being squeezed.

"Is this how you like it?" Kevin said from behind.

"Yes. Yes, Kevin! Ohhhhh, fuck yes!"

It lasted maybe sixty seconds. And then Cindy howled at the start of her orgasm. Her arms gave out and Kevin forced her up against the wall as he continued to fuck her. He pulled her ass back just enough to allow him to keep his cock inside her.

Then he came, too. Vicious grunts accompanied each blast of cum. A half dozen. Eight times he shot it into her. Cindy's ass was pink from the number of times he smacked against it.

She could barely stand when her son was finished. Kevin put his cock on top of her ass and rested against her. He nibbled on her neck and her shoulder, unable to get enough of the beautiful, sexy woman.

"Damn, that was good," Kevin said.

"After all that...now I need a shower," Cindy said, looking back at him.

"I can help."

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same old, same old..!!

get rid of this cliched, hackneyed stuff , as if mom were easing the situation to let it happen

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