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Warm Night


Note: Sorry because of my grammar! English is not my native language, so please be understanding because of the faults! Thanks!


Since we broke with my boyfriend, I didn't go out. The problem wasn't that, it's over. I knew this relationship won't hold forever. In the beginning, we start it both with that, it will hold till it hold. And till it hold, we will enjoy it. And there was nothing problem with it.

But I didn't understand it in this aspect too. Why he want to end this relationship? Why now? Why so sudden? It hadn't got any promotion. Just one day he stood in front of me, and said, he want to talk with me, and a moment later he said, it's over. And that's it.

I won't lie. I was shocked. Of course, he started with a common bull shits. We don't match to each other, and he have to give a chance to me to find my happiness, to find the One, and he don't want to be a barrier. He don't want me to stay forever alone just because of him.

But beg you pardon! I'm 23. I have got enough time to find the man with whom I want to live in my entry life. Just say that, he has got another girl! Probably I would be mad and cry for a time, because I'm not enough good for him, and why this bitch is better then me. I know about myself, after a this kind of news, I would be shocked. But it won't hold for a long time. Than I would see, that's the better way, because we knew in the beginning, we are together just till we find someone who really match with us.

But he didn't say anything so. No other girl and no else. Just we don't match and other bull shits. And that was the problem. If there is another girl, it would take just some hours and I would understand it, maximum some days. But this...

At the end my best friend got me, to go out. Kinga was always very close to me. She cared about me when I was under, and she celebrated with me when I was happy. She was just like my sister.

It was an important point in my list to agree when he pleased to go with her to a party. It was in the middle of the summer. It was a very hot evening in July. And I just lay in my apartment in Pest. I hadn't got any reason to say no, and when I saw her smiling face and begging blue eyes, to be honest, I didn't want to.

She said to me, I will find a dozen of guys there for myself, who will be really better than that asshole. Of course I just smiled, but I didn't believe it. Because when I'm with her, I have got no choice.

Kinga was young and gorgeous. Of course with my 23 years I wasn't an old lady too. And she is just one year younger than me, but sometimes, when I see her shining skin, silky a bit wavy blonde hair that goes a bit under her shoulder, shining girly eyes and never ending smile, I feel, I'm a hundred years old harridan. And if it doesn't enough, she has got a really hot temperature too. She was just like a toy car, which runs with hundreds of miles through the room till it has got a little energy. And Kinga had got a lot of energy. And of course, she could sleep so much and gobble so fast, as someone who didn't eat anything in a year or so.

But when we see the fact, she ate so much as a half football team, and in a time I ate my normal menu, and when we see the fact, after a nightlong party she sometimes slept till noon, I couldn't imagine that, how could she have a so gorgeous body.

She was so tall and slim as a cat. She has got oiled color skin that just sat tight in her muscles. And when in the morning (that meant often eleven a clock or so) she got up with stretching, she seemed really as a lazy cat.

So I should have to fight with it? I should try to seduce a guy, when I know, they couldn't stop seeing Kinga's angelic body, that was now, if it is possible, more visible in her glistering, straining silver clothe, staining to her breasts, that let her shoulders free in the warm summer evening, and let a view to her décolletage, and it took not so much to see her panties between her legs?

"Come on, sis!" she hugged me giggling, when I murmured something about that under my nose.

Sis. Little sis. She called me always in this way. Perhaps that was a mode too to make me feel, I'm not so bad too. She made me feel with it, I'm the younger not she.

"She is gorgeous too" she said.

I must smile on it. I didn't want to disagree. Perhaps we couldn't be more different to each other, so, in one hand, I wasn't surprised, she sees my long straight black hair, that is around as long as hers, brown eyes, my skin, that is a bit darker than hers, and my small lips so beautiful as I see hers. In the other hand, if she is more beautiful than me, the difference is so big between us, it didn't mean anything.

The only important thing, which was the same in both of us, was our bodies. She was taller than me with some inches, but are figure was so similar, we could wore each others clothes.

So Kinga let no objection for me. I couldn't say that too, I have got no appropriate clothes (because I couldn't go to a party in Budapest in a bikini, and I had no other clothes, in which I don't boil in this heat.) She threw a slim black clothes to me, that covered around nothing from my body, because with enough light, everybody could see through it, that, you could imagine, with a small clothes, that goes just to the middle of my thighs and has around no cover for my breast, means not so much, that could people not see in normal ways too.

But when I would like to disagree, she didn't le me speak. She stacked to that, I wear this clothes. And there was enough dark in the night too, nothing to be viewable, that I wouldn't like to.

I believed it to her and, despite I didn't want to go to a party, I picked up the clothes and let her, to pull me out to the warm night of Budapest.

When we entered into the half-covered room, we immediately attacked by the pulsating music and the rhythmically vertiginous crowd. There were a lot of guys, as Kinga promised. All of them were tall, muscular and handsome. But I wasn't interested in none of them. They were cute and so, but after the break with my former boyfriend I wouldn't like to flirt with someone and run all the circles, without that the sex after a wild night has got no sense. And in a this kind of party, I shouldn't wait for anything else.

And then I behold her. I just look to the bar for a minute, but after that I physically couldn't break my look from that girl, who relied on the wooden bar in her stretch red cocktail dress and sip her drink.

Yes. She was a girl. I didn't understand too, but as I behold her, I felt as I got a hit to my breasts. My heart ran, my muscles stretched, my knees shacked and I gasped. I wanted her. I haven't got better world for it. I saw here and immediately I wanted her. I wanted this girl.

I never felt like this before. Of course I know lesbian and bisexual girls and I imagined myself with another girl too. When I glanced through Kinga, in my better days I could understand that girls, who become wet from the look of such a bomb woman. But I couldn't imagine to really want a girl. I never thought that, in my dreams not too, to want a girl.

But now it happened. I just stood there and state her, and I felt like the time had been frozen.

Kinga didn't notice anything about it, or if she noticed, she pulled me to the middle of the crowd because of that.

We started to dance. It was surprising, but I enjoyed the party. The guys queued to dance with me and to get a chance, just for a minute, to touch me. I was impressed by their endeavor and in another situation I would evaluate it (with a flirtatious smile, with a wink, or something so), but no now.

I saw just her all the time. I saw just the girl next to the bar. She sat there yet and I couldn't break my look away from her. She had got stretched buttocks, shapely, full, but not so huge breasts, long legs, that were crossed next to the bar stool. She made me so wild, I thought, I will have an orgasm right there just because of seeing her. Her drinks sups glistered on her full lips, and when se sweep her wavy hazel hair from hair face, my hart hit a huge. Her little snug nose seemed to be perfect in her beautiful face, and when se dropped her deer eyes to me, I thought, I melt because of the desire.

Se noticed me. She noticed that, I stared her. I saw it in her eyes, when our look met for a moment. Oh, my God! She had got such an angelic look! And when she noticed me, a huge smile appeared on her face.

I felt the wetness between my legs and my pussylips began to pulsate. I know that, I blushed, but I didn't want her to notice it. I turned away quickly, but than I noticed, I behave as a stupid bitch.

When I turned back, she didn't see to me already. She just sipped her drink again. Perhaps I just dreamt it. It was just an evil joke of my mind.

Beat out of your head! I said to myself. After all, this is madness, I thought, but than she turned to me again, and my groin started to pulsate again.

I don't know how much time it took. It took perhaps an hour, or just some minutes. I tried to enjoy the party. I tried to flirt with the guys and searched Kinga with my eyes. She fully enjoyed the party, and when she noticed, I stare her, she just smiled, or winked to me.

But I couldn't forget that girl. I was just interested in her. That red cocktail dressed black haired angel.

I felt, my panties become fully wet because of my fantasies, and my hart hit so fast, I can't tolerate it. I said to Kinga, I go to the ladies room for a moment. I referenced to that, I justifying my makeup. But the truth was that, I wanted to rest for a moment, before I pass out.

I staggered out of the crowd, than relied to the wall and blow the air out of my lungs. My legs hurt in my high-heels. Oh, shit! This is madness! Surely she was just impressed because of my look. She was just impressed because of the fact, an other girl noticed her beauty. That's all. Probably she didn't smile to me too. I just dreamt that.

Beat out of your head! I said to myself and went thought to the ladies room. But when I take my hand to the latch, the door opened, and she come out.

Our look met, and we both froze for a moment. The corridor was empty. The sound of the party came just from far away, but I didn't hear it, and I saw, she doesn't hear it too. For a long moment we just stare each other. Oh, my God! I could stare these seductive eyes forever.

Then suddenly, in the most unexpected minute, she stepped in front of me and kissed my lips.

My hart hit so fast, I thought, it will jump out of my chest. Her soft lips touched mines as fresh flower petals. Her arms hugged my waist.

My arms automatically moved, when her entire body touched my. For a long moment I just flied in the eternal desire, and I could just after a moment kiss her back, and hugged her waist too. My hands went to her bottom against my will, but... What I say? Of course, it wasn't against my will. I wanted it so bad.

I noticed, she began to smile in the caress of our kiss, and her tongue opened my lips and found its way to my mouth.

My pussylips pulsate strongly. It was around so fast as the hit of my hart. During our kiss her small hands caressed my entire body that my little clothes let free. I couldn't control myself and gripped her buttocks, but, it looks like, she went wild because of it. She hugged me stronger, and our lips melted to each other.

We stood their for minutes that seemed to be an eternity. We just kissed and caressed each other. I felt, the air boil around us.

Probably she felt it too, because, against the fact, it was obvious, she doesn't what to stop it, she pulled her head away. During that she hugged me strong, she leaned to my ear.

"Would you like to come with me?" she whispered.

Oh, my God! Her voice was probably more beautiful than her body. It was seductive, soft and silky.

I couldn't speak. I just gasped and felt myself like a damn teenager in love with the hottest guy of the school and when he at last step in front of her, she couldn't say any intelligent sentence. This is madness. This is simply madness. I wanted her so bad, that simply hurt. At last I could lastly say something.

"I couldn't" I said, but my hart almost broke. "I'm not alone."

"I don't mind" she whispered and pulled her nails through my back and pushed her groin to mine. "Bring your boyfriend too!"

"No boyfriend" I gasped. "I'm with my girlfriend."

She pulled her head away and looked to my eyes, but her hands touched my back yet too, and our groins melted to each other too. I saw the consternation in her eyes.

"Just friend" I said quickly. "My best friend."

"She will obviously forgive it" she whispered.

"Yep..." I agreed. "But I can't do this with her."

I felt myself guilty. Kinga brought me here. She stack to it, to come to this party together. She obviously become mad because of the happiness if I go away with a guy, but it was not the same. I must speak with her. I knew I have to call here too.

"Okay" she smiled again and gave a pack to my lips. "Bring her too! Just do it quickly!"

I felt the impatience and the unstoppable desire in her voice. I understand it so well. I wanted her so bad too.

I could just hardly let her go to find Kinga as quick as possible. When I find her at last I gaped so bad, I couldn't speak. At last I just said the note worlds of the story, then immediately I asked her "Do you come, or not?"

I saw in her face, she was shocked. There wasn't disgust in her look. She didn't sentenced me, despite of the fact, as I, she wasn't with a girl yet, but I knew well, in a theory, she doesn't rule out the possibility to enjoy this kind of enjoyment. But now... I didn't know what would I say in a this kind of situation, if she comes to me to say, she wants a girl and would like to go with her... to sleep with her. I felt her dilemma, but now I simply couldn't wait.

"Do you come, or not?" I repeated. "I want that girl!"

Of course it wasn't obligatory for none of us. She wasn't my chaperon, who has to follow me everywhere and she wasn't my husband too, to please her permission. And, of course, she could simply say no to it. She could as well wish fun for us if she doesn't want to sleep with another girl. But se felt so, she has to do this, so, at last, she nodded.

The next few minutes spent so fast so I don't remember so much about them. To see back, I can't tell that, what' really happened. I remember just that, ten minutes later we were in the car and go to her apartment.

Quick introduction: Her name was Andi and she were student. She lived in a small apartment is Buda. Her roommates traveled home for the summer, and she feel herself alone, so she came to the party.

I couldn't wait for her to stop the car in front of the building and we ran up on the narrow stairs, than she searched her key with shaking hand in her handbag and opened the door.

Our lips met right in the hall. Kinga just blinked as she saw us with opened mouse as Andi put her hand under my clothes and quick pull down my wet panties and throw away, and than she pushed her fingers to my hungry pussy. I moaned loudly during this beautiful angel kissed my neck and key bone.

We walked uncoordinated but purposefully to the bedroom of the little apartment, where we were welcomed by the huge king sized bed. I was jealous for a moment for the girls, who could sleep in the same bed with this heavenly angel, but than, when her lips stack again to my mouth and her tongue wondered through, my imagines immediately went away. After all now she is hugging me and kissing me and her hand is between my thighs. So what else should I ask for?

During that Kinga just saw us with embarrassment in her eyes. She seemed as the host, who let just after a long begging for two friends with full of desire to explore each other in her apartment. She closed the door quickly, then stopped in the door of the bedroom, biting her low lip and stared us.

"Your friend is a bit shy, he?" smiled Andi when she could let my mouth away for a moment, but then, not waiting for the answer, she started to kiss my neck.

"Not at all" I moaned because of the enjoyment that she gave to me with her fingers in my pussy. I whispered, but I didn't know, Kinga hear us or nor. "She is just embarrassed."

Andi lifted her head and stared to my eyes with questioning look. Her fingers came out from my pulsating pussy for a moment, so I get some control to answer. As I looked at Kinga in the corner of my eyes, I didn't see a sign of understanding on her, but, despite of that, I turned my voice down. I spoke just enough loud, to Andi, who was just some inches away from my face could hear it.

"I was never with a girl before... And se wasn't too... I would be embarrassed too if she called me with her and another girl."

I forced a smile to my face and she understood it immediately.

My hart broke when she lifted her upper body and pull her hand out of my thighs, but our naked legs crossed yet, that caused a huger enjoyment to me than a kiss of either guy.

That was more painful to me, when Andi lifted her arm in the direction of Kinga and smiled to her. I was jealous but enjoyed the game.

Kinga bit her lower lip again, then, with a bit hesitation, stepped to us. We had got a special connection, so I felt her embarrassment and fear and I know what does it mean for her when she lifted her shaking hand and put it to Andi's.

But this wild cat didn't hesitate. She reduced the small hand immediately, pulled her to herself and pushed her lips, that a minute before caressed mines, to my friends mouth.

My hart screamed because of the jealousy, but I enjoyed the view too as Kinga, after a moment of surprising, melt in Andi's kiss, Her quick fingers went through the wavy hair.

I smiled when I figured out something. I sat up on the bed, and took of the little cocktail dress from Andi's breasts. Oh, my God! What a wonderful view! Her boobs was absolutely perfect. Some people would say them small, but I could never understand, what is so good in the boobs that are so huge as melons. Andi's breasts were amazingly gorgeous. They were the most one gorgeous that the nature could give to a girl. I felt, I could have an orgasm right here right now as I pushed my face between them.

Andi moaned and her hand found its way again to my pussy. I moaned too and as her slim fingers went to me, at last, the eternal joy conquered my body. Kinga pulled away her lips from Ani's and looked as my face reflected a joy inside my body. I saw her just dimly, but I could imagine perfectly the consternation that was on her face when she saw, how huge orgasm I got from another woman.

When I was finally let away by the delirious momentum, my head become again clear. I stared Andi and for a moment it was so, as if I said that, let's show it to her too. Andi understood it. She turned to Kinga and smiled.

She take here hand to the clothes that starched on Kinga's stomach, then slowly pushed down and entered under the edge of the cloth. I saw in the quivers of my friends face when Andi's hand entered to her panties and I understood in the smile of this wild cat, my little shy friend is absolutely wet.

Kinga laid next to me and closed her eyes. She moaned as she enjoyed the work of Andi's fingers. And this angelic beauty now had an opportunity again to lean to me and kiss me.

Our tongues fought a heroic bottle in our mouths, and Kinga writhed and moaned next to me because of Andi's touch. Then finally she screamed loudly because of the eternal joy. We stopped kissing and just stared her. I saw the glistering in my friends eyes, that shined in that blue sea eyes, when, after a long night spent with sex she appear at last, crumpled and disheveled, but with the eternal happiness in her eyes.

Andi looked to me and our look met for a moment. It was so as she asked a permission from me. I nodded and saw as Andi climbed down from mean and jumped to Kinga. She take of her clothes with experienced moves. It didn't take much than a minute, then my little Kinga laid their completely naked. Her eyes closed, her hands reduced her own hair and she moaned.

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