tagIncest/TabooWarming Up the Tropics Ch. 05

Warming Up the Tropics Ch. 05


Note: In the first two chapters, I introduced Sarah and her niece Jennifer, who are on vacation in a warm, open minded tropical place, where Jennifer is being treated to the resort time by her aunt as a "turning 18" gift. Meanwhile, Sarah is being treated to the opportunity to let her naughty inside spot show at will, and to the delightful gift of discovering just how much her lovely niece already is capable of. You may want to read those first, as this is a continuation, and though many of these thoughts have entered my mind as a transfer from my real life, *sigh* none of them have actually happened. Yet.


Brooke awoke to the sound of splashing and laughter from the resort swimming pool three stories below. The sunlight filtered through the curtains that covered the sliding glass door to her balcony, and she lay on the cool sheets, her head still spinning with thoughts of last night's escapades in her supervisor's room a ways down the hall. She had done Sarah's bidding, and it still excited her to think how she did everything as she was commanded, bringing such great pleasure to both Sarah and to Sarah's lovely young niece Jennifer.

Brooke shuddered a little at the thought of the blackmail that Sarah was holding over her, and knew that it was real. But she also knew, deep inside, that submitting to the wickedest of Sarah's whims, being made to do such naughty erotic things to herself, and for others, filled a sexual craving that had grown and grown. And this morning, deep inside, her fingers wiggled and curled and twisted, finding the walls of her pussy slick once again with need.

Brooke had returned to her room last night, wearing nothing as she walked down the hallway, holding in her hand the tiny bikini top and panties that Sarah had made her wear at the pool, in the lobby, and the elevator. She had been commanded not to orgasm until morning, and now she worked her body for the release she needed so desperately. Her mouth was still filled with the sweet taste of young Jennifer's orgasms, and her mind was full of wondering about their reference to someone named Tony, and how she might be "introduced" to him.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Jennifer sat at a small table on their balcony, wearing the short white resort robes that they so loved to use, wrapping themselves in the slightest of cloth, and reveling in the freedom of their sexual selves.

"Was it too much last night, Jennifer?" Sarah inquired with a raised eyebrow as she sipped her coffee and nibbled on a bran muffin. "Whatever happens, I want you to tell me if I go too much overboard."

"Oh, oh Aunt Sarah, no. please, no...not too much....."

Jennifer's voice was small, but sure, and carried with it a little giggle as she let her bare toes run up Sarah's leg to the inside of her knee.

"It was amazing to see you that way, and to learn something about....well....about myself, maybe, too, that I didn't know. I was sooo into a zone with you......with you, and the way you handled Brooke, and the way you held me. How many times did I let go?"

Sarah's eyes gleamed as she remembered how her niece had shuddered with several small orgasms, responding to Brooke's wet kisses. And then, when Sarah had spread Jennifer's legs back and open, exposing her so fully to Brooke's willing mouth and tongue, she had quivered and shook with the full strength of her youthful spasms.

"There was definitely more than one, you sexy little vixen," Sarah chuckled, "but there was definitely one that topped them all.....one that I hope I will see again while we are here.....and maybe even have some part in."

Jennifer's heart beat a little faster, and she let her foot slide further up the inside of Sarah's thigh as the 38 year old aunt and the barely 18 year old niece teased back and forth.

"I think it was when you held the girls," Jennifer countered, opening her robe to expose her firm young breasts, their dark pink nipples, thin but long, standing at morning attention. She looked up at Sarah as she pressed them together from the outsides, and let her index fingers slip across those nipples, back and forth, making them bend and then spring upright. "You will do that again, won't you?"

Sarah's heart did a flutter as she watched Jennifer caress her own nipples. For Sarah, it is so much about nipples...the anticipation, the early touches, the startup buttons, as she likes to call them. Sarah scooted her hips forward in her chair a little, and opened her legs, inviting Jennifer's bare foot to press against her soft bare vulva. Jennifer wiggled her toes a little, feeling her aunt's puffy smooth labia, and let them rest there.

"Of course, my dear, dear girl. We will do that, and more, if you are sure you are ready. But I must send Brooke home after today, and I think that she must be the center of attention for just a while longer. Besides, if I'm not mistaken, I saw a little response from you last night, when Brooke was made to 'perform', am I right?"

Jennifer blushed with the memory, but responded, "Yes....yes, I was surprised myself, at how it made me feel to see her that way. Will this involve Tony, like you said last night?"

"That was my plan, Jen. You know now, how aroused I am by the touches and kisses of another woman. But you also know how erotic the feeling can be to see our boy toy get excited. And I KNOW you loved the feeling of him deep inside you as well, didn't you! Are you sure you want to keep exploring the girl/girl side of things?"

Jennifer felt a tingle starting low in her stomach, and racing to her pussy as they talked. She remembered how sexy it had always felt to talk about intimate things with her aunt, how giggly tingly intimate it had seemed years ago, to talk about the bras she was beginning to wear, and how they compared with her aunt's lacy, decortative ones. But now those seemed like childish things. Now she was taking leaps and bounds into deliciously naughty territory, and she loved every minute.

"Oh, Aunt Sarah," she answered, "Aunt Sarah, you make me feel so safe, trying anything, and you make me want to try everything."

Sarah dropped her hand to Jennifer's foot and massaged it, pressing it firmly against her moist lips. She used Jennifer's toes to part them, rubbing herself with them, lifting her hips a little to add to the pressure.

"God that feels good, sweetheart. There are so many things we can do for each other, and it puts me into an edge that I will feel all day. Let's get call Brooke and have our fun."

Brooke heard the knock on her door, and she stood in front of it, heart fluttering, not knowing what was to happen next. She had simply been told to put on flip-flops, and her bra and panties, the special ones. She knew that meant the ones Sarah had bought for her back home. It was a matching set, light yellow and sheer, with white lace waistband and bra straps, and white lace triangles that framed her heavy DD tits. Her dark skin showed through so completely, and as she glanced sideways in the full mirror beside her, she saw just how clearly her very dark nipples and huge areolas stood out. The lightweight material did little to support her heavy globes, and they swayed with every step. The little circle of close trimmed black hair above her mound was distinct, and even the shape and darker color of her full pussy lips showed through the flimsy material. It was a pretense, really, to be wearing anything, and because of it she felt even more naked, even more exposed.

When she opened the door, expecting Sarah and maybe Jennifer, she looked up in surprise, and took the slip of paper from the handsome man's hand.

"This is our friend Tony," it read. "Take him to your balcony and look around for us below....Tony will enjoy you there for a moment before he brings you down to the pool. You will let him do as he pleases."

Brooke felt a rush go through her as Tony's eyes swept up and down over her near-naked body. He stepped inside and closed the door. Tony was dressed in his swimsuit, with a towel over his shoulder, and a large smile on his face.

"Sarah said you would be dressed to go out," Tony chuckled. "And I guess I should have known it might be something she would love for all the world to see you wearing."

Brooke flushed further, then turned and led the way to the balcony. Her ample bottom moved half by half as she walked, each half only partly covered by the sheer nylon, and Tony licked his lips. As she stepped out and felt the warmth of the mid-morning sun, Tony reached with both hands to cup her cheeks, pulling them a bit apart, and letting the panties slide almost in between.

Brooke obediently stopped, letting Tony feel her body, letting his hands slide in circles around her full woman ass. Then, while holding one arm around her waist, he put one hand between her shoulders and pushed. Brooke leaned forward onto the waist high railing, her massive breasts hanging, swaying, straining the thin bra. She felt her nipples distend as Sarah waved from below, and clapped, causing several others around the pool to look up.

The balconies on the resort's upper floors protruded about 4 feet, and were about 8 feet long. They had a smooth wooden railing, and were filled below it with crystal clear glass, lightly etched with the resort's logo, and edged by stainless steel frames. To Sarah and Jennifer, sitting at a table off the end of the pool, and to anyone else who took time to focus on the occupants of the balcony, the view was as wide open as Brooke's legs. Tony reached down and urged them even further apart. Brooke laid her head sideways on the railing, extending her hands out wide to hold onto it, and swayed with the pressure of Tony's hands on her full buttocks. Left and right she shifted her weight, and her tits moved, pendulous orbs, almost scraping the inside of the glass.

Brooke could feel the hardness of Tony's cock as he pressed himself lightly against her. He wasn't going to do it, right here in totally plain view, but the way Brooke pressed back against it made him understand what Sarah had told her. She had said not to worry about commanding the shapely black intern, because in the end, Brooke's own body, her own yearning for being placed in position to give pleasure, would betray her will, and she would show how much she wants it. And besides, Sarah had confided, Brooke is in no position to turn down your requests, as long as she knows they come with Sarah's permission.

Tony tugged Brooke's panties further upwards, forcing them in between the cheeks of her ample ass, and pulling the fabric in between the swollen lips of her pussy. "You may touch your nipples, Brooke," he offered with a dry throat. "I want to see how fully engorged you can make them."

She moaned at his words, already having lost any battle with modesty, and moved her hands to cradle her heavy tits. They felt warm. They felt full. Her hands felt wicked on herself as she squeezed and rubbed.

"Just through the material, Brooke," Tony added through clenched teeth. "Feel them through that little bra. Wet your fingers, then pinch them and pull them to the side."

Brooke shuddered again at his words, licking her fingers and finding her distended nipples. She pinched, just as he commanded, and he heard her mutterings increase as she lost herself in the feeling. She pulled them to the outsides, then back to center, pushing her tits together with the thick rigid handles. Tony's cock slid up and down in the groove of her ass, and she rolled herself against it.

"You don't get it now, my lovely," Tony said, beginning to think he couldn't wait. "But you want it, don't you!"

"Yes, yes, it feels so ready. Give it to me, fill me with it, she nearly hissed."

Tony reached down with one hand, running his fingers between her legs, cupping her mound, feeling how she had soaked her thin nylon panties from the lewd display she was being made to do, and with the anticipation of what was to follow. "We will go down now, Brooke. See, Sarah is beckoning for us.

When Brooke reached for her robe, Tony just handed her a towel from the rack instead.

"Nothing more than this, around your neck, see, like mine." Brooke looked at herself again in the mirror, and flushed with the knowledge that although others were in bikinis around the pool, that her "bikini" was sheer panties and bra, and the wetness of her own mouth on her nipples, and the wetness that had seeped from her heated channel on the balcony had made those spots nearly transparent.

"There's just one other thing," Tony smiled as he pulled a gold chain out of his pocket. Sarah said that you are to wear this today...." He stepped up to Brooke and with one finger between her breasts, lifted and the scant bra slid upwards until her breasts released, dropping and hanging, already full of feeling. The chain had small clips on each end, and Tony fastened them to the outside end of the bar that pierced each of Brooke's thick dark nipples. The chain hung in an arc between them, and suspended from it was a polished stone, teardrop shaped and as dark as Brooke's eyes. It was heavy enough to pull and tug just a little on her nipple bars whenever she moved, and the little gasp that escaped her mouth as Tony let the weight fall betrayed the intensity of the feeling that surged through her.

Tony reached out, lifted the stone, feeling its smoothness, then let it drop again, watching Brooke's eyes flutter, even as she obediently stood, enduring the touches, the manipulations, and the knowledge that Sarah was purposely adding this stimulation to her day. He used a finger to flick it so it swung a little, pulling in each direction, and watched her breathing increase.

Finally Tony pulled the thin fabric of her bra back over her huge round globes, and stood back, seeing how clearly the chain showed through, but that it was trapped by the bottom edge of her bra, reducing the effect of the weight. An idea jumped into his head, and he told Brooke to find a small scissors. She dutifully produced one, and he simply pulled out the fabric over each large nipple, and snipped a hole. Then he adjusted it so she poked through, her nipples bare, brazenly showing dark and textured with their silver piercing bars holding them outside the holes, contrasting all the more fully with the pale yellow fabric. Then he reattached the chain to each side, so it hung freely, swaying outside the confines of her bra, and clearly obvious to anyone who would see her.

Just that knowledge, never mind the added feeling, made Brooke flow even more, and she could feel the wetness sliding down the channel of her pussy as they walked the hall and waited to go down.

They made the slow journey down the elevator, and across the lobby to the pool exit, under the smiling eyes of a number of people. Envious eyes followed them through the doors, and several people did, too. Brooke moved steadily, but with a rising lump of erotic submission. She knew she was being commanded, and she knew she was being watched, and both things built on the surges of inner sex that Tony had begun. Sarah and Jennifer rose as they approached and led her and Tony further to the side of the pool, to a partially hidden cove, screened slightly by a low hedge. There was a massage table there, for the resort masseuse who would be available for resort guests later in the day.

Sarah stepped directly in front of Brooke and ran the backs of her hands across Brooke's breasts, then scissored her protruding nipples between her index and middle fingers. "You were naughty on the balcony, my pet. Did you enjoy it?"

Brooke nodded silently, feeling her nipples grow even further, if that was possible. Almost like holding a syringe, Sarah pulled outward slightly, and used her thumbs to slide across the wide tips of Brooke's teats, and it brought a shudder, and a little whimper from the aroused intern.

"Do you like the little jewelry present that I bought for you, my pet?" Sarah whispered, lifting the stone with one hand and letting it drop again.

Again Brooke nodded, and gasped just a little. "I've worn one much like it from time to time," she added, looking at each distended nipple, "but your piercings provide just such a wonderful place to attach it, don't they. She tugged on the chain again, watching Brooke squirm further at being teased so.

"I think you need to let yourself relax, my dear. You seem so tense....on edge? Here... just lie down on the table and we'll see if we can relax you with a little massage."

Brooke lay on her stomach on the cloth covering, warm from the sun. She felt Tony's strong hands begin to massage her neck, her shoulders, her back, while Sarah's hands... and then two more..."It must be Jennifer," she thought to herself....worked on her calves and thighs. Multiple hands, caressing her body. She wanted to relax and enjoy the massage, but she was already started down another road, and when Sarah and Jennifer slid her legs wider apart, and Tony's larger hands moved down, under the waistband of her panties to cup and roll her ample bottom, she felt the electricity flow again.

She heard other whispering voices not far away, even as Sarah and Jennifer talked back and forth. She felt Tony unclasp her bra and peel it away from her back, and then the drops of warm oil on her skin, followed by his hands again, rubbing it into her back, her shoulders, her waist.

"Are those in the way?" Sarah asked, plucking the waistband of Brooke's panties. "Tsk Tsk. We shouldn't let them get oil on them, should we now? Just lift your hips a little, Brooke, darling, and never mind the other people who are watching us demonstrate just how a massage should be given to such a lovely body."

Brooke's heart thumped... "..the other people who are watching..." The words rolled through her mind. The other voices... people must have gathered at the foot of the table, screening the activity further from the main part of the pool. While all this went through her mind, she responded automatically, lifting her hips and feeling her panties being pulled down her legs and off. She lay naked in the warm sun, and spread her legs again.

The warm oil fell on her waist, and then Tony's hands moved it across her bottom.... massaging it into her ass and rolling her cheeks apart as he did so. He was standing at her head, leaning all the way across her back, and the full bulge of his hard rod was right there, right there, still inside his loose swim trunks, but actually pressing the end of the table, and the side of Brooke's forehead. She licked her lips, and when his fingers slid in between her ass cheeks, spreading the slippery warm oil across her rosebud hole, pausing, circling, then moving back and out again, she moaned a little moan and involuntarily lifted her hips into the pressure.

"Oooooo, Aunt Sarah, did you see that?" Jennifer whispered.

"Did you see how she moved? It looked like she wants a little more of that."

Murmurs from the gathering group of people reached Brooke's ears, along with Jennifer's words. She hadn't done it on purpose. It just happened, the way she lifted, opening herself, wanting his touch again. And Tony responded with another pass, one hand pulling her cheeks apart, the other sliding oil down the valley, feeling every inch of the insides of the groove of that beautiful exposed ass, and again rimming her anus, ever so lightly, then pausing with his fingers right there. Again, Brooke lifted a little, rising, exposing herself in such a vulnerable way, and moving her legs even further apart as Sarah and Jennifer pulled them open.

"You may touch him, if you want," Sarah said nonchalantly, and Brooke moved one hand forward, finding Tony's thigh, then tracing the outline of his full hard shaft.

"It's ok, you can come closer, if you want," Sarah said to nobody in particular, but the shuffling of feet told Brooke that whoever had gathered was closing in for a better view of this overheated, oversexed woman on display. She didn't care. She didn't even think about it, except to know that she felt like the center of something she couldn't control, even if she wanted. Tony slid his trunks down to his knees, and Brooke grasped his long thick cock, feeling it, testing its weight, its size.

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