tagLoving WivesWas He Guilty? Ch. 02

Was He Guilty? Ch. 02

byDG Hear©

You may want to read the previous chapter before reading this one. Thanks again to Estragon for his editing of this story, making it a much better read.


"For the next two weeks I worked hard and helped Darcy move in to my place. We actually promised that we wouldn't sleep together till our honeymoon. We spent our evenings fixing up the condo. It was so much nicer with the woman's touch. We put my bedroom set in one of the spare rooms.

"I rarely saw Brad in that time but Shauna stopped by to see Darcy and help her with plans for the wedding. Shauna kept her word as far as I know and never said anything to Darcy about our sexual episode. I often wondered if I should have told Darcy but just couldn't do it. I cared for her to much and didn't want to lose her.

"We would hug and kiss at night and she would often tease me by leaving her door open while she dressed or would let me grab her ass but no more than that."

Jeff told me he got the marriage license and had the prenup set up. If Darcy ever left him she would get what she came into the marriage with. One day Darcy came into his office at the bank. He was so surprised to see her. She looked great and was turning heads as she approached his door. He said he felt so proud as she smiled at him. She had come to see him about her accounts. She told him she wasn't going to hide anything from him and wanted to put his name jointly on her savings and checking account.

He told me he felt humbled that she was doing this. She had transferred seventeen thousand dollars that she had saved and wanted to deposit it in a joint account in his bank. She even offered to put his name on her credit card but he politely refused, telling her she needed at least one card of her own. He did open a joint card account with her. He opened with a fifteen thousand dollar limit.

He went to the cashier's and had them add her name to his account jointly and had them deposit her money into it. He wanted to show her how much he loved her. She even filled out a change of name card since they would be married in a few days.

It was then he told her about some of his holdings. She had asked him about the two locked metal safes in their basement and he told her it was actually gun cases. He had been a collector of guns and knives every since he was a kid. He hardly ever shot them but loved collecting special pieces, especially hand guns, swords and machetes.

That evening he showed her and Shauna his collection. He wasn't even sure of the value of the collection. He thought it was probably in the five to low six-digit category.

They were amazed at his special collection. Darcy hugged and kissed him for trusting her. She really wanted to gain his full trust.

He told me Darcy seemed so happy that he trusted her. He had over twenty-five thousand in his checking. He also added her to one of his major credit cards. He didn't tell her about his special savings that he was given at the death of his grandfather years ago. He had it invested and was now worth a quarter of a million dollars. He left it in his name only for the time being.

His condo was worth a quarter of a million dollars but he still owed about a hundred thousand on it. He filed the papers to put her on the loan. He was doing all he could to prove to her how much he cared for her.

They hugged and kissed that night but didn't make love since they both wanted to abstain until the wedding. He still wasn't happy about Brad and Shauna going along but it's what his future wife wanted and he wanted to please her.

Jeff told me that the trip started out a lot better than he had expected. As soon as they arrived in Las Vegas they went to their hotel. Darcy and Shauna made the reservations. They were in separate rooms but it did have an adjoining door. Each room had two queen size beds but Jeff said he had no intention of using one of them.

After settling in they went to the 'Tunnel Of Love' and got married. Brad and Shauna were their witnesses. After slipping a ring on his bride's finger and kissing her he said he was the happiest man alive. The two couples started out by going out for a wonderful dinner and lots of drinks.

Jeff said it started out as one hell of a great honeymoon. After dinner and drinks they attended a murder mystery play. He mentioned that Darcy and Shauna loved crime shows like CSI, or Criminal Minds and Dexter. They loved trying to figure out who did it.

After the play they headed up to their room. They told Brad and Shauna to have a good night and they would see them the next day. Right after getting into the room Jeff began to remove his new wife's clothing. He loved it when she smiled as he undid the buttons on her blouse and removed it from her shoulders.

After removing her bra he began sucking on her tits. He was always gentle with her and would suck her tits till her nipples got hard. That's when he knew she was ready for more. He undid her skirt and pulled it off of her leaving her with only her bikini panties on. He laid her on her back and began kissing her tiny belly.

He loved to hear her squeal as he kissed and licked her belly button. He moved down further and licked the fuzz below her belly button. He could feel her getting turned on more and more. When he got to the top of her bikini panties he slowly pulled them down. He buried his face in her soft brown mound. She had it trimmed up and he loved rubbing his face all over it.

He removed her panties and quickly stripped as his wife got in the middle of the bed. She was holding her legs up and apart so he could eat her pussy. He pressed his face against her pussy lips and licked and tongued her. She loved it, he could tell by all of her audible noises. She tried to spread her legs even more as he push three finger deep as he could into her while licking her nub.

She was so hot and wet that she actually asked Jeff to fuck her. She wanted him and she wanted it right then. While holding her legs far apart for him he put his cock against her very wet pussy and rubbed it up and down her wet slit. He was teasing her and she was begging him to fuck her.

"Damn you Jeff! Fuck me, fuck me now!"

After smiling, Jeff slowly pushed the head of his cock into his wife. She began to orgasm as soon as he got the big purple head of his cock into her. As she started to breath easier he began to push his cock in and out. He could see the ecstasy in the eyes of his wife as he started picking up speed.

She came again and Jeff asked her to get on her hands and knees. She did and he pushed his cock deep into her from behind until he was slapping her ass with his lower belly. Slap! Slap! You could her it every time he pushed into her.

He said he had never seen her this hot and let herself go with him like this. Her juices were coating his cock and he could see it every time he pulled his cock back. He knew he was about to come. He pulled her hips tight against him and shot his load deep in her. She screamed out how good it felt and she loved the way he fucked her.

After both of them came they laid side by side with her on his arm. They could here Shauna and Brad fucking in the next room. She kept saying "more, more, harder, harder, you bastard, give me that cock." Jeff said he and Darcy just laughed and wondered if Brad and Shauna might have overheard them making love.

They rested awhile and began again. This time Darcy started it by sucking on Jeff's cock. Once it became hard she mounted him and took the ride of her life. Eventually they both became exhausted and fell asleep.

Jeff had told me it was like that every night of their honeymoon and he loved it. They all partied by day. Lots of drinking and dancing in the evening and their nights were for making love. All went well till the last evening.

The way Jeff explained it to me was that they were doing their usual heavy drinking and having fun dancing. Darcy and Shauna got up to go to the ladies room and Brad turned to Jeff and said, he knew that he had sex with Shauna before he got married. She had told him in the midst of passion the night before.

"Brad, I'm sorry, I really am. I didn't mean for it to happen and I can't take it back. I didn't fuck her, but I did come on her breasts. Please don't tell Darcy, It will ruin our marriage," replied Jeff.

"You owe me big time Buddy. I should beat the living crap out of you but Shauna said she was just as much to blame. If you don't want Darcy to find out then you better go along with what I'm going to do tonight. If not, it's all over for your marriage before it hardly begins."

"What are you going to do?" asked Jeff.

"Just go along and everything will be fine. Go against me and I'll put you in the hospital."

About that time the ladies returned from the restroom. Brad ordered another round of drinks and they all got up to dance. Brad asked Darcy and so Jeff danced with Shauna. He asked her if Brad had found out about the little sexual affair? When she told him he did he asked how it happened.

"He was fucking me hard and I was somewhat out of it. He pulled his cock out of me and put it between my breasts and told me to hold them together tight. Somehow I slipped and called him Jeff. He asked me where that came from and if I had ever fucked you. He was getting mad and so I told him the truth that we never fucked but you did come on my breasts one time.

"He wasn't happy about it but did say he was going to get even and if I didn't want Darcy to know I better just go along. Otherwise it would all come out and I would lose a husband and a best friend. I agreed to go along."

"What's his plan? What's he going to do?" I asked.

"I think he going to try and have sex with Darcy by using me as bait to having sex with you. Please go along; it will only be the one time and I promise I'll make it good for you."

Jeff went on with the story. "I looked over and Brad was back to his old tricks of putting his hands on Darcy's ass. She let it be there a little longer than usual but eventually moved his hand back up to her waist. We had all drunk quite a bit and I wondered if it might have something to do with it."

"As we sat at the table Brad said he had a surprise for all of us and pulled out a marijuana cigarette already rolled. He had a few in a little pouch. He lit it and took the first puff and handed it to Darcy.

"'My God, I haven't smoked weed since college. It always made me a little wild,' she said as she took a large puff and handed it to Shauna who looked over at me as she took a deep puff also.

"I've only smoked weed once and got an upset stomach after a little while but Darcy kept egging me on to take a puff and I did. Before long we were all getting a little high as we passed the weed around. Mixed with the booze we were all probably quite high.

"Brad bought a bottle of Rum and we headed up to our room. Brad asked me to stop in the lobby and picked up a couple of cans of coke as the rest headed to our room. I thought about what Shauna had said and wondered how Darcy and I would handle it. I knew I should have told her about Shauna and me but it was way too late now.

"When I got back to our room Shauna was sitting on one bed and Darcy on the other. Brad was pouring drinks for everyone. When I got there he added the coke. He handed one to Shauna and took two more and handed one to Darcy and sat next to her on the bed. I took the last drink and sat next to Shauna.

"Brad then took out his little pouch and lit another weed, took a puff and handed it to Darcy who also took a puff. Brad lit a second one and handed it to Shauna. When it was my turn I took a light puff and handed it back to Shauna.

"Brad had dared Darcy to take a really deep puff which she did. She even coughed lightly afterwards. I was just watching them all smoke the weed and took my small puffs when Brad said to Shauna, 'Hey we never gave these two a big kiss for their marriage.' He told Shauna to take a mouth full of smoke and kiss me blowing into my mouth.

"She did what he had asked and when she pressed her lips against mine we opened our mouths and she blew the smoke into my mouth. Damn it felt different. Then I watched him do the same to Darcy. I have never seen Darcy kiss another man but she opened her mouth and accepted the smoke and then his tongue. I looked at her legs and Brad had his hand on her thigh.

"I knew it was starting since she never moved his hand. We were all like puppets in Brad's hands. I was too much of a wimp to stop it and besides I was getting hard as I remember the many time I pictured Darcy with another man. The booze and weed had taken it's toll on us.

"Brad told Shauna to show me how beautiful her breasts were. She looked over at Darcy like asking permission then removed her blouse. She asked me to undo her bra which I did. 'Kiss them Jeff, I know you've always wanted to. She likes her nipples sucked on hard.' I did like he said and took her nipple into my mouth and sucked like a newborn baby.

"I looked over at Darcy who was just staring at me. I couldn't make out her facial expression until I saw her biting her bottom lip. I then saw Brad's hand all the way up her thigh and on her pussy. He had pushed her panties aside and was finger fucking her. I was both shocked and hot as hell.

"It was then I put my hand on Shauna's mound and began fingering her. Her body was so different from my tiny wife's. Brad took Darcy by the hand. She was three sheets to the wind by this time, and he told us, "'You two have a good time. Darcy and I will go in the other room. Just remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.' He laughed and disappeared into the other room.

"Shauna and I both knew there wasn't much we could do about it now and besides she has said she wanted me before. I took the remaining clothes off of her and stripped myself. I went straight for her hairy pussy and began sucking it. She gripped my head and kept saying , 'Harder, more, suck me Jeff, suck my pussy.' I did my best to please her.

"Now she was asking me to fuck her with my big dick. She was always saying my cock was bigger than Brad's and she wanted it. I started fucking her gently like Darcy and I always do. Shauna wasn't interested in love making, she just wanted to fuck and fuck hard.

"I fucked her as hard as I could. She asked me to slap her big titties, which I also did. I could see them turning red after each slap but she was loving it. I don't know how much time had past but it was a long time before I came. The drugs must have held me back. Shauna must have come a half dozen times always asking me for more.

"I asked her where she wanted my load of cum and she said on her big tits. She loved it when Brad would come on her tits. I pulled my cock out of her extremely wet pussy and came load after load on her tits. I don't know what made me do it but I put my cock on her lips and told her to clean me off. She had no problem doing it.

"I was cleaned off and sucked dry. I got up and Shauna thanked me for a great fuck. She rubbed my cum all over her tits and the remainder on her mound. She was one nasty hot woman. I watched as she closed her eyes and fell asleep. It was then I thought about my wife. Was this the end of my marriage?

"I went to the door and the room was somewhat dark. I could see Brad fucking my wife's pussy. She wasn't doing a lot. I had a feeling she had passed out and he was fucking her anyway. I heard him say, 'Come on you slut, I've waited years to fuck your pussy. You always thought you were too good for me but now you got my cock in you. Something you will always remember.'

"Since it had been nearly two hours I was sure that Darcy was sleeping but Brad just wanted her one more time. I went back in my room and wondered what the next day would bring.

"I woke up around eleven the next morning and lying next to me was Darcy. She was cuddled up to me. I looked in the other bed and it was empty and the door between the rooms was closed. I looked at my wife. She was so beautiful but I could see bite marks on her small but firm tits. Her ass was red, I figured Brad was a spanker and kept slapping her nice ass.

"I could see his cum matted on her trimmed mound and even the wetness around her cunt. How could I have let this happen? I wasn't a man, I was a wimp husband. A real man would never have let his wife fuck another man for any reason.

"As I was looking at her she woke up and looked at me. She said, 'Jeff, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have let it happen. Please forgive me.' I couldn't believe she was apologizing to me. I said to her that it was all our faults, not just hers. We agreed then and there that we would never swap again. She said she would talk with Shauna and let her know how we felt.

"She then asked me to make love to her. She said Brad was just a rough man who would treat any woman like shit. I on the other hand knew how to make love to a woman and that's probably why Shauna agreed to the swap. She had told Shauna that I was a good lover. 'Jeff, I have another man's cum in me but I want to make love to you, my husband. I think we both need the tenderness and love right now more than ever.' She was right.

"She rolled over on her back and I took my already hard cock and rubbed it gently up and down her swollen crack. Little by little her wetness over took the cum that was still in her. I pushed very slowly into her. She was smiling up at me. I was being as gentle as I could. I took my thumb and gently rubbed her nub. We did a slow easy going fuck. We were making love. I felt her ready to come and stayed with her and came as much as ever deep inside of her.

"Afterwards we rested for about an hour before getting up and taking a shower. When she was dressed for the day she looked as beautiful as ever.

"She said she wanted to talk to Shauna alone. She said she would meet me downstairs for lunch. I went and fond a booth and thought about the night before while waiting for Darcy. I really didn't trust Brad and was going to tell Darcy that I would prefer not double dating with them.

"About twenty minutes later Darcy and Shauna came down for lunch. They told me Brad was still sleeping it off. It was a little hard facing Shauna at first till Darcy said, 'Shauna and I both agree that it was a one time thing. She'll talk with Brad later and let him know. We'll all write it off as a new but not repeated experience.'

"Later when we were catching our flight back home Brad told me he talked with Shauna and that it was a one time thing. He loved his wife and didn't want to lose her. After that everything seemed to settle down."

Jeff told me that he and Darcy settled in to a nice married life. They both worked their jobs and usually went out for dinner. Sometimes they stayed home and made dinner together. Every night they made love or at least played around a little. They hadn't gone out with Brad and Shauna since Las Vegas but Darcy and Shauna stayed the best of friends.

Since Brad worked the second shift Shauna would come over often and the three of us would watch TV together. Those two women were crime show obsessed. I don't know how many times they said they could plan a murder better than the writers on the show.

About a couple of months into their marriage Darcy asked if Jeff would mind if Shauna and her had a girls' night out every other Friday. They would go out to eat, maybe take in a movie and go shopping. He wasn't overly happy about it but felt women needed to have their own time and besides it would get him out of going shopping, which Darcy loved but bored him.

On their girls' nights out he would go on the Internet and read stories. That's made him wonder if Darcy was being faithful to him. There were so many cheating wife stories on the Internet that it began to bother him. He never said anything to Darcy but he did start checking the usual things like phone bills and e-mails. He knew her password, and he even checked the panties she wore on her girls' night out. He never found anything suspicious.

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