tagLoving WivesWas He Guilty? Ch. 04

Was He Guilty? Ch. 04

byDG Hear©

Please read the previous chapters to make it easier to follow the story. Also a big thank you to Estragon for editing this story.

Chapter 4

As I have mentioned before, I'm a writer, Joe Baker. I got permission to write Jeff Johnson's side of the brutal murder of three men. I will be telling excerpts from the prosecutor's side, and Jeff will tell me where he feels a lie was told. I will also give extracts of any evidence that was presented at trial. I spoke to Jeff in jail; this is what we said.

"Jeff, let me start with the phone calls that night. I will tell you in advance that every call that I mention has been verified by the phone bills. That would be your home phone, your wife's work number and Shauna Skinner's phone bills. All times are correct but there is no way to know what any of the conversations was about, except those statements of the witnesses.

"The first call that night was from your wife. She called you from work at five minutes to five. She said that she reminded you that she was going shopping and to the movies with Shauna. Is that correct? Do you agree that is what she said?"

"Yes, that's what she said," replied Jeff.

"The next call was from Bob at ten minutes after five. According to you he told you Brad told him, that Brad had fucked your wife while on your honeymoon and that he, along with Mark and Brad were going to Mark's cabin to take turns fucking Darcy. Is that pretty much the gist of the conversation?"

"Yes, the mother fucker said that Darcy agreed to fuck them if they would be quiet about our honeymoon. I knew Darcy wouldn't do that to me but I can't say I wasn't mad about it."

"You stated to your lawyer that ten minutes later you called your wife's work number and she wasn't there but that you talked to Cindy, another woman in the office."

"It's true, I asked to speak to Darcy but Cindy said she already left. She said she was going shopping and to a movie with a friend.

"I asked if anyone else had just used her phone and Cindy said Bob did. He was calling me to come up to Mark's cabin to go fishing, at least that's what Darcy had told her. When I asked to speak to Bob again, she said he went back out to the factory to clock out."

"So far we have a problem with what Bob said to you. Unfortunately he's dead and we have no way to verify the conversation but the prosecution had a problem when they heard from your lawyer that Bob called and said that to you. Why would he do that? Why would one man call another man and say, 'I'm going to fuck your wife?' It just doesn't seem reasonable.

"Using your idea we would have to ask who put him up to it, Brad, Mark, or even Darcy? You can see why it would be hard to believe but that's why you said you went out to the cabin. Even Darcy said in court that Bob was going to call you and ask you to go fishing with Mark and Brad. Cindy said something similar, although she said she never heard the conversation between you and Bob."

"I can understand no one believing me but that's what was said," replied Jeff.

"Next you called Darcy's cell phone and as you said, it was turned off but you didn't even leave a message. Why?"

"I wasn't sure what to say. She had told me she was going shopping and to the movies. She had planned it a few days before; at least that's what she told me. I didn't want to leave any messages since I hoped what Bob said wasn't true."

"It was after that you called Shauna. According to you she also said that Brad went fishing with Bob and Mark. He took the day off. When you asked her what time Darcy was going to pick her up, you said that she said Darcy had called her and cancelled going out with her. When you told her about the call from Bob she didn't believe you.

"After that you told her you were going out to the cabin to confront them; she wanted to go along. You told her you would be by to pick her up. It takes about twenty minutes to drive from your house to hers. Is all that conversation about right?"

"Yes, she said she didn't believe me and wanted to see for herself if Darcy was with Brad."

"Jeff, you know that Shauna said at the trial you called and she did tell you the men went fishing and she was going shopping with Darcy. In fact she said she had to go, that Darcy was outside waiting to pick you up. She also said under oath that she never went with you anywhere. Also the phone records showed that she and Darcy never talked that evening."

"She lied. I can't prove it but she lied. She went with me to the cabin."

"Jeff, both Darcy and Shauna said the same thing. They went shopping and to the movies. Darcy had receipts of things she had bought and the receipts were in the two-hour time frame that the medical examiner testified was the time of death. How do you explain that?"

"Shauna was with me when I went to the cabin. It's the truth!"

"If that's true, who shot the three men? They were killed with your own gun, out of your private collection. According to you they were already shot possibly already dead when you had opened the door and you passed out. Later you say that when you woke up there was even more blood. It looked like they were decapitated by your machete, the one that you took with you for what you said was protection because you didn't really want to hurt anyone. Again, these are your words.

"The women had ticket stubs from going to the eight o'clock movie. After your ranting at the station they put an APB out for your wife's car. It was found in front of the theatre and both Darcy and Shauna were coming out of the theatre when the police accosted them.

"They were both surprised and went a little hysterical when they heard the news of Brad's death and that you were the suspect. They were even more surprised when then were told that Bob and Mark were also killed. In fact the police officers drove them home and interrogated them about their whereabouts since around six o'clock. They said they were together, produced receipts for the items they had bought and of course were picked up at the theatre. Different store clerks admitted seeing them but couldn't verify the time since they were busy and it was a Friday night. The times on the receipts pretty much proved they were telling the truth."

"They might have met up at some point but I do feel they committed the murders. I've had a long time to think about it and have an idea how they might have done it. Problem is there is no proof. It's just my gut telling me. My main problem is why did Darcy do this to me? Why did Shauna help her?"

"Jeff, we might not have a crack CSI team in our county but our investigators are very good. They are very thorough and check out every little detail. The only prints on the weapons were yours. There were no other recent prints found outside of yours and the three victims in the cabin."

"What can I say, I told the truth. I blacked out and when I awoke the three bodies that I saw lying there when I first walked in were now nearly headless. It was a crime of pure violence. I'm not capable of doing that."

"Jeff, a witness for the prosecution stated that as tiny as Darcy was, there was no way she could swing a machete so as to decapitate three men. He felt it would take a man to swing a machete to do the damage it did."

"I agree, but Shauna is an Amazon of a woman. I believe she would have been capable of doing it."

"Again Jeff, it's pure conjecture. Why would she have cut off the head of her husband and two of his friends who might have already been dead when you got there? Makes no sense. And again, Darcy and Shauna were both seen at the mall and the theatre."

"Joe, I told you that Shauna spent a lot of time at our home. I even told you that I didn't believe she loved Brad. I was thinking back how many times she talked about Brad to Darcy when they thought I was downstairs. I could hear them talking through the vents even though they talked low. One time I heard Shauna say, 'I hope this is over soon, I can't stand acting like the naïve wife knowing he is cheating on me constantly.'

"At the time I wasn't sure what she was talking about. I figure she was hoping he would stop his cheating but now I have to believe it had to do with his murder."

"Why didn't you say anything about this at the trial or at least tell your lawyer?"

"Look at all the things I told him and there was no proof to back anything up. Who would have believed me? Who would believe me now? I can answer that: Nobody!"

I knew he was right. Nobody believed him then and nobody is going to believe him now. I can't even say that I believed him. There was just no evidence to back up any of his claims. I told him to go ahead and tell me what he believed happened.


"I think that the guys did tell Darcy they knew about her and Brad. She had this planned with Shauna from the beginning. As I mentioned many times, I don't know why she did it but I'm sure she did.

"She agreed to meet them at the cabin and of course they jumped at the thought of finally getting in her pants. As I've told you she was quite the actress. I figured they called me just so they could gloat and brag about what they were going to do. They have always harassed me when it came to Darcy. They would have done anything to break us up. You could see the jealousy when they saw us together.

"I believe that Darcy figured I would call Shauna when I wasn't able to contact her, which of course I did. As far as the gun taken out of my gun locker only three people knew the combination, me, my dad and Darcy. I figured she took the gun out of the cabinet that morning or maybe came home for lunch and got it.

"I have so many guns in my collection that I would never have spent the time to look for one unless I thought it was missing. Before going to pick up Shauna I went to the cabinet and took out the machete. I swear I was only looking to protect myself, not to kill anyone. I was going there to see if what Bob said was true. When I stopped at Shauna's I was a mess. She gave me a couple of pills, she said to calm me down.

"Now I believe it was some type of date rape drug. I read up on them and they work in about twenty minutes for someone my size. It would put me out for forty-five minutes to an hour. I figured that was why Shauna was worried about me driving. She hoped I would make it to the cabin.

"I think while I picked up Shauna, Darcy did go to the cabin and when she walked in she shot all three men. I don't know if they were dead or not when Shauna and I got there. They definitely were lying there on the floor.

"I figure after shooting them in cold blood that Darcy left the gun there. She probably wore gloves, as did Shauna. Darcy then went to the mall, which was only fifteen minutes away, and quickly made a couple of purchases. During this time Shauna and I arrived at the cabin. I was unsteady on my feet and passed out as soon as I opened the door.

"I feel Shauna took the machete and slashed the necks of all three men. If they weren't already dead, they would have been then. I don't know how she left but I figure after making a couple of purchases that Darcy came back and picked her up. They went back to the mall and made sure they were seen. At eight o'clock they went to the movies.

"After that it was all an act when the police notified them of what happened. Darcy played the loyal wife and got me a good attorney and stood by me even though I somewhat blamed her. She told people that I must have lost my mind for a period of time, not being able to remember anything.

"I was taken to the police station and questioned. I was covered in blood and was hosed off and given a change of clothes and questioned again. The drug didn't show up in my system because they waited so long before taking my blood.

"The attorney Darcy got me was an expensive one. That's why I signed the power of attorney so the money would be available for my defense. After Shauna and Darcy were questioned they were told they should get an attorney just to protect their rights. They got a woman attorney. Darcy couldn't use mine since he was accusing her of being a co-conspirator in the case.

"Needless to say the jury wasn't out very long. They found me guilty of three counts of pre-meditated first-degree murder. The rest is now history.

"I've already explained to you that Darcy didn't want our son and gave him to my mom. She's staying married to me because of the pre-nup. I guess I lost all the way around. At least my son is safe and will be raised by my parents. They lost a son but gained a grandson."


I listened to everything that Jeff had to say. His theory could make sense but there was absolutely nothing to back it up. I did promise him that I would post his side of the story because that was our agreement. I didn't write a book about it because there was nothing new in the evidence department.

He thanked me for taking the time to listen to him. The prosecuting attorney received a copy of the interview and agreed there was nothing to change his opinion. Jeff's story could be possible, but who would dare go after Darcy or Shauna on just Jeff's word. To be honest, his parents loved him, but even they had a hard time believing his story.

I wrote stories and a few books as a hobby. I had a regular job to support my own family. I ran an appliance store for a large company. I promised Jeff that in my spare time I would keep looking to see if there was anything that was overlooked but it all happened nine months ago and I was pretty sure there wasn't much to find.

It bothered my wife that I even spent the time to talk to him. I guess she was worried about me but I told her I was fine. She told me she watched the whole trial on the television and Jeff sat there stone-faced through the whole trial. He was almost motionless, except when he disagreed with any statements that were made. He would just shake his head 'no'.

I told her that he really seemed sincere with what he said but I had to agree that there aren't many convicts who don't say they were innocent. I was going to keep my promise and check a few statements and see if I could find anything at all that was in Jeff's favor.

Over the next six months I tried to talk to different people involved in the case. Some would talk and others said they were through talking about the case, especially when I told them Jeff asked me to write a book or story about his side of the story. I didn't tell anyone I posted his story on line. I let it seem like a regular but fictional story.

Most people that read my story were divided down the middle. There was the side that called Jeff a convicted murderer and liar. Then there were the woman- haters that said they believed Darcy and Shauna were Black Widows and nothing but whores who got away with murder.

I was reading through a lot of my notes one Saturday morning and decided to go talk to Darcy. I guess I wanted to see her and Shauna as much as see if they would talk to me.

Shauna now lived with Darcy. Shauna had bought her own hair salon and Darcy still worked at the manufacturing plant. I know she didn't need the money. Jeff's money combined with hers was nearly a million dollars. Since she had no intentions of divorcing him, she controlled the whole bundle.

I knocked on their door and Darcy came to the door wrapped in a robe. I introduced myself as Joe Baker and asked her if I might be able to ask her a few questions.

"Aren't you the guy that wrote that story for Jeff?"

Not a good sign for me but I did tell her I was. "I promised Jeff I would write his side of the story. So that's what I did."

"Other than calling me and Shauna a liar and murderer it wasn't so bad." She even laughed.

"I'm sorry, I just wrote what I was told. As you can see I didn't say it was a true story. It was just Jeff's side of the story."

I couldn't believe she was being so nice to me. I do have to say she was every bit as gorgeous as everyone had said. While she was standing there in the doorway her robe came open and she had on a bikini. God! She was beautiful. The solid yellow top enhanced her breasts. The bottom was barely covering her mound. I could see a few dark hairs leading down to her pussy.

"You're staring, you know," said Darcy.

"I'm sorry but, but, hell I have no excuse but I do apologize." I couldn't believe she laughed and asked me to step in.

She didn't go out of her way to cover herself. She asked me if I wanted a beer and I accepted. She asked me to sit down on the sofa as she went to get me a beverage.

Shauna had entered the room, also in a bikini. I later found out they had a hot tub on their back porch and she had just gotten out. She did have a towel around her.

"So to what do we owe this visit?" asked Darcy. I could tell neither woman was shy or afraid of me.

"Jeff requested that I write a book about his life and of course he wanted to center it around the murders that had happened. I told him that there was nothing new to write unless something came up. Millions of people already knew the story since is was so publicized on TV and in the news."

"So why are you here to see us, Mr. Baker?" asked Shauna.

"Just checking out any sources to see if everything has been said that could be said. Jeff still claims to be innocent," I replied.

"Mr. Baker, we are trying to be nice but you are making it rather hard to do. I love Jeff very much even though he keeps blaming us for what he did. I feel he had a mental breakdown. All I know about the actual murders is what I read in the papers and what we were told.

"I couldn't believe that Jeff would do such a thing but Shauna and I told the truth. We were shopping and at the movies. We were accosted at the theatre and were told that Jeff killed three men including Shauna's husband. How do you think we felt?"

Shauna took over talking. "Jeff killed my husband. I'll admit that we didn't have the best relationship with him cheating on me but in court we told the truth. We even told about the honeymoon swap, which we both totally regret. We didn't hide anything.

"There is nothing left to tell. That bastard Jeff went mental and killed three people including my husband. Darcy and I were worried he might have been coming after us after we heard what he had done."

"Why would you say that?" I asked.

"He must have went crazy for some reason," replied Darcy. "He told the police he was going home. We wondered if he might be coming after us. I don't know what set him off."

"Were the things he stated in his story true, outside of him blaming you ladies for the murders?

Shauna spoke, "Most of what he said had a bit of truth. Darcy and I do like to flirt. But, we have never been with other men since we got married. We even admitted in court that we made the mistake on their honeymoon. Any other times Jeff was lying about. I had never been with him earlier. I don't know why he said it."

"What makes me the saddest," said Darcy, "is that I truly loved the man. Yet he comes out with some dumb ass theory and blames Shauna and I. I have no idea why he would do that. I tried to be supportive of him throughout the trial but he still feels I'm involved.

"It was he that went to the cabin alone. Shauna was with me, which was proven. It was Jeff that was covered in blood, not us. It was Jeff's weapons out of his own gun cabinet that were used. It was Jeff who was caught leaving the scene of the crime, but yet it's us he blames."

"Mr. Baker, if you wouldn't mind leaving, I think you've heard enough. You've upset Darcy and we're doing our best to get over this. We've told you all we know. Anything else you can get from the trial transcripts," remarked Shauna.

"One last question, if you don't mind. I'm rather surprised that you two are still best friends and live together."

"I'll answer that one," said Shauna. "We've been friends for awhile. Her husband killed my husband and his friends. I moved here from Denmark and Darcy has no family to speak of. We became friends and I in no way blame her for this ... these... horrible multiple murders. I have no one here and either does Darcy. The situation just drew us closer."

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