tagAnalWas It Real?

Was It Real?


My name is Monica. I'm 22 years old. I have issues with sleep. Every time I go to bed, I have these crazy dreams of a man I never met, yet, we do the most sadistic things. He talks, and I obey, as if, I had no will. In the dream, his name is Dr. , and I am Bubbles. Last night's dream was the most frightening, because I still felt pain upon waking up. He's this big black guy, and I'm a short, but curvy white girl. I don't really think of black guys, and never dated one, but in this dream, the Dr. is inside me in many ways. I'll tell you about last night's dream.

It's dark.

Then I see me on a table.... Naked, with a flash of light on my upper body. My white flesh beaming in the light, and his dark hands are squeezing my round, perky, milky tits... Forcefully.

Dr: Say my name, bitch!

Bubbles: DOCTOR! OW!

Dr.: SHUT UP!! You're too loud. Sshhh! You need some dick in you mouth?

Bubbles: Sorry, sir, no.

Dr: Fuck that, open up that mouth up and say ahh!

I open.

Bubbles: Ahh.....


Dr.: Yea, Bubbles, suck this dick with your throat!

I gag, and throw up on his big black pulsing cock, and he grabs my head with both hands, smacks me with his penis across my face, then shoves it deep down my throat. I start to cry from lack of oxygen, but that only seemed to turn him on more. He then stuck his pointer in my butt hole, and came a wad of cum into my mouth. It was so much, and came so quick, I swallowed, then threw up again, this time, cum was oozing out of both my mouth and nostrils. He then grabbed me by my long blond hair, and positioned my cum covered face into the flat table, and still having his finger in my ass, pulled my rear into the air. What happened next was very painful....

Dr.: Bubbles... Did that taste good?

Bubbles: *cough* NO! Let me go!

Dr.: Be quiet, before I cum into your eye balls!

I shut up...

He smiles. He rubs his dick up and down the crack of my ass, between my butt cheeks. He then tells my to lick his dick, then repeats this several times. Out of no where....

Dr.: Open this tight fat booty hole for daddy, bubbles!

Bubbles: Please!? What's going on!?

I feel a hot, huge, pulsing, banana tear my asshole, and plunge deeply into my pooper, rubbing my stomach insides. He begins to pound my ass without mercy, despite my tears and shouts. Smacking my big butt cheeks from time to time. Every 25 pumps, he pulls out, so I can clean his cock and lube it up with my spit and tongue. My legs go numb after 20 minutes of his savage attack in my butt. He then stands me up, hard dick still in my rump, slams me against a wall, face first, and deeply grinds in and out of my crack, while both his hands are around my neck. He is so in me, I feel a suction every brief moment he pumps. Squeezing my ass cheek with one hand, and my titty with the other, he licks my face and smiles. I feel a hot, sticky, steady stream of cum shoot up my anus, into my belly, oozing between my ass, between my booty meat, and onto my back and bare cheeks. I Scream...

Bubbles: Aaaahhhhhhh! OW! Owww! No, no more DOCTOR!!! It hurts!

Dr.:Uuuuggghhh! Rrrr!! UH! S-ssshhh.... Quiet! Let us just stay like this... My dick in your cum filled butt.... Oohhhh.....

We did. We were on the floor at this point, and cum was all over my ass, and inside of it, so was his dick. His stomach convulsed on my lower back, and his cum began to get very sticky in my ass. It was drying in me, and his hard dick began to make my ass feel itchy. I itched my butt by backing into his hardened dick. He would not pull it out until we stuck together he said.

Then I woke up, and found blood in my panty's ass side, and my butt was in amazing pain. My underwear had all sorts of white stains by the crack part too... Was it real?

(to be continued...)

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