tagMatureWashed Up

Washed Up


You step into the shower as I sit at my desk.

I can hear the water falling against the shower curtain in that familiar beat. Tap, tap tap.

I know you've got the soap in your hands rubbing it on your chest, but I can't sit here any longer knowing you in there all alone.

I go AFK as I do more often then not.

I slowly turn the door knob. I want my entrance to be a surprise. I close the door quietly and undress as I hear you humming while you lather up.

When I'm naked I wait a moment and look at myself in the mirror before drawing the curtain open. I am ready to jump in and wash you off. As I step in you have a smirk and look at me. I see your eyes skim up and down.

As I enter the tub and you barley back up as I rub against you. I take the soap from your hands and start to soap your chest. I know you're pretty well washed off by now, but still know you won't mind my hands on your body.

I drag the soap around your nipples, then down your chest. When I get to your pubic area I soap it slowly and make sure your whole area is well lathered. I pay special attention to your shaft with the hand that has no soap, and it grows each time I stroke it.

As the water drips down your body and the soap washes away I drop down to my knees. I look up at you and say, "My tongue wants to wash this."

You smile and fix your eyes on me. I start to massage your balls and I take my tongue and lick up your shaft. When I get to the head I circle it and give it a few light kisses. I take my tongue again and let it play going up and down, first slow and then fast. I lick down to your balls and then switch my hands to your cock so I can lick and suck on your balls. I jack you off while I suck on your balls.

After giving them a full work through I move back with my tongue to your head. I give it a few playful nibbles. I wrap my hands around your ass and pull you into my mouth. I suck and push you in and out of my mouth slowly. I watch your eyes close as I look up at you. I hope you enjoy this and I take you into my mouth as deep as I can.

It's been so long since I had a cock and I had forgotten how large you were. I let my mouth fuck you until the point where I know you will soon cum. I don't want to finish and even though your fingers are tangled in my hair I push away.

I stand and say, "Let's have some fun."

I get the razor and shaving cream and sit on the edge of the tub. I put the shaving cream on my pussy and spread it around. I hand you the razor and you look at me puzzled.

I say, "I trust you."

As you take the razor from my hands I bite my bottom lip and look at you.

"You sure you want me to?" you say in a soft tone.

I nod in agreement.

You sit in the tub in front of me and look at my cunt.

"Damn that's so pretty even when it's covered up."

I giggle at you and you start to slowly shave me. I sit there trying not to move but seeing you in front of me makes me want to just climb on top of you. As you are finishing up and washing the left over shaving cream off of me you start to get a little frisky. You have placed your fingers on my now shaved lips and spread me open a little.

"It's too good not eat" you say.

You let your lips flick on my clit a few times. I grab the back of your head and push you into me. I buck into you softly each time you get me closer and closer to cumming. I cum all over your face and you back up and start to French kiss me. Your tongue rolls over mine and I start to suck on yours. While I do this you keep your fingers actively pushing in and out of my soaked cunt. As we kiss I stand up and you rise with me. You wrap your arms around me and I can feel your cock pushing against me. I want you inside of me and I lift my leg and wrap it around your back. You put your hands under my ass and lift me against the shower wall. You pound me as if you hadn't had me before.

You fuck me against that wall so fast I'm surprised you're lasting as long as you are. I moan and bite on your neck as you fuck me. You suck on my nipples as best you can while you pulse inside me. I cum on your cock, let out a loud scream. You too cum at that moment. As I get off of you I start to wash my body. You watch me for a few seconds before stepping out of the tub.

"Damn girl, I need to shower with you more often." You say teasingly as you get out.

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