tagIncest/TabooWaste Not, Want Not

Waste Not, Want Not


Maybe it's an addiction of mine, but I can't see a beautiful hard cock without wanting to feel it in me. When I see a hard rod with a swollen head, and veins protruding I want to shove it down my throat, and make it even harder, and slick before I plunge it into my soaking pussy. I'm not picky either, even when the cock is on my 22 year old nephew.

My nephew Bill had come out to California to stay with me while he visited some friends in the area. I barely saw him after the first day because he would stay out all night, and some times not come back at all. More than once he would have the scent of some club slut's perfume on him, and an ever dwindling supply of condoms in his bag after a long night. I could see why too, Bill was a tall muscular young man with good looks, and nice eyes. When I was his age he was exactly the kind of guy I tried to fuck, and usually did pretty well for myself. Now, 20 years later, I still have a nice trim body, but the young guys don't seem to want an old lady like me.

On the last day of Bill's stay he was sleeping on the couch in his boxers. He had fallen asleep, probably drunk, after a night on the town. As I approached him to wake him up for his trip back to New Jersey I found myself staring in disbelief at his boxers. He had a serious case of morning wood, and his erect cock was coming out of the opening in his underwear. His cock was massive. I was easily nine inches long, and very thick. His head was big too, and it had a beautiful ridge that looked so inviting. I was staring at his rod for a good five minutes thinking if I should do what my flooding pussy was telling me to do. He was my nephew, but I couldn't let this monster hard-on go to waste.

I stripped out of my clothes, and gave my gushing cunt a few strokes to spread the juices around. The clit was standing tall, and I jumped when my finger went over it. I kneeled down in front of the couch, and slowly wrapped my fingers around his wide shaft. My fingers didn't make a full circle around it, but my lips sure did. I moistened my lips, and took his head in my mouth. As my tongue flicked over his head he woke up and moaned as I sucked and licked his swollen knob.

"Holy shit Aunt Peggy!" He mumbled. "This is insane. It feels fucking amazing, but it's insane!"

"Then shut up and enjoy you dope." I said after letting his cock pop out of my mouth. I smiled and returned to my sucking duties.

His response was to reach down and push my head further down his monster member. I gagged and choked as his thick head went down my throat, but he didn't let up, and I didn't want him to. My saliva made his shaft slick, and my hands slid up and down his rod along with my mouth. I started to taste the deliciously salty taste of his pre-cum, and knew I had to have his log deep inside of me.

I pulled his legs off the sofa and turned him to get into position. He sat with his head back and his feet on the floor, the object of my desire jutting up towards the ceiling in his lap. I straddled him facing his feet, and let the head just rest on the slit of my throbbing pussy. He reached up, grabbed my hips, and pulled me down in one hard thrust. He impaled my aching cunt on his long hard tool, and despite the scream I let out from the shock of it all, it felt amazing. His head spread my pussy wide open, and his meaty shaft filled me completely. I didn't ride him exactly, but I let him toss me up and down on his cock like I was a rag doll. I got fucked by my young stud of a nephew, and I loved every second, every inch of it.

One of his hands let go of my hip and his palm came down on my ass with a hard smack. The shock of the slap sent my pussy into overdrive, and my first orgasm ripped through me. I wanted to slow down and let the spasms subside, but he didn't slow down at all. He kept pounding my pussy, his balls slapping against my clit with each jack-hammer like thrust. One orgasm flooded into the next until I lost count of how many I had.

Bill pulled me all the way down onto his cock until I felt his head hit my cervix, then he sat up and pushed me down onto the floor. My body was weak from my orgasmic ecstasy, and I was putty to mold in his hands. He laid me face first on the floor with my ass up in the air, and the head of his cock still probing the opening of my gushing pussy.

He used the head of his cock to spread my love juices up onto my asshole, and then plunged it one last time into my quivering snatch for good measure. Now nice and slick he drove his rock hard phallus into my ass. His head felt like a freight train trying to part my poor wrinkled anus, but as much as it hurt, it felt wonderful at the same time. I screamed but pushed my tush back to meet him. He plowed his cock to the hilt up my ass before leaning forward and pinning my shoulders to the floor.

Bill used me like the fuck-toy I always wanted to be. His dick plowed my asshole until I was coming and screaming with delight. He started to thrust deeper, and harder, until I felt his head swell, and his cock twitch as he started to come.

His balls pumped what felt like a gallon of cum deep into my ass, and he lingered there for a few minutes before his softening cock fell out. A flood of his seed ran down my ass crack, and over my still throbbing pussy. The warm thick ooze was soothing as it gushed out of me.

I just lay there, feeling the waves of pleasure subside as Bill got up, dressed, and kissed my head saying "I had a great trip Aunt Peggy. I'll be back next spring break. Bye" And he was gone.

To this day I fantasize about my nephew's massive cock, and I feel my cunt gush with anticipation of his next visit.

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