tagFetishWatching Her Go Ch. 05b

Watching Her Go Ch. 05b


Chapter 5 continues with a dirtier version.


What a tease. But she was right. I did still have to go. And no doubt, her tampon was in need of changing. I knew that a woman's period tended to be heavier at the beginning of their cycle, and this was her second day. And to top it off, the woman had given me a raging erection.

"I know what we should do...will you pull it out, Brent?" She took my hand in her own and brought it down to her urine soaked pussy. "Take the string in your fingers and pull it out, Brent. Pull the bloody tampon out of my pussy."

"I thought you would never ask, Ang. Like this?" I grabbed the piss soaked string between my thumb and index finger, wrapped it around my finger and slowly tugged on it, until it started to slide from within her body. We both looked intently at the action between her legs as the crimson plug slipped from her until it dangled from my fingers.

"Oh my, it certainly is bloody, Brent. Why are you still holding it?"

"I'm not sure. I guess I'm not ready to let it go."

"That's okay. You can hold onto it for a while, if that's what you want. And I know what I want. I want you to stick your hard cock inside me right now, before I start dripping blood all over you."

Angie shifted and raised herself up. She took my hardened cock in her hand and skillfully guided it into her wet and ready pussy. A small mewing sound escaped from her lips as she sunk the thickness up into her body. Adjusting herself again, she ground down on me until I was deep inside.

""Doesn't that feel nice, Brent? I love having you inside me. And I feel so filled up. You're so thick this morning..." She slowly moved her ass back and forth, riding me, hardening me even further.

"Oh yeah, babe...this feels so goddam nice. I love being inside you like this. Your pussy is hot this morning, so very hot and wet."

"I get horny when I have my period, and I didn't want to waste that beautiful erection. And I'm extra wet from the blood. Can you feel it, hon? Can you feel my blood on your cock?" She continued to move back and forth, just enough to give us both some friction. She reached to either side of her and quickly removed the camisole from her upper body and tossed it toward the bedroom door. I still held the tampon and held her waist at the same time.

"I feel it, Angie. God, I love fucking you during your period." Boy did I ever.

"Mmmmmm...and you aren't going anywhere, Brent. I have you trapped inside me...and didn't you have to go to the bathroom?"

I had been adding my own movement to her little fuck dance, as she sat on my lap, cock deep inside her sweet bod, but stopped when she said that.

"Oh, don't think I've forgotten that you were about to go, Brent. I think you should relax and just let it go. How about it, hon? Don't you want to relieve yourself while I'm riding you like this? I don't mind...."

I really did have to go. And I was buried inside her. She continued grinding herself back and forth on my cock, covering my balls and shaft with her bloody discharge. And she WANTED me to take a dump! With me still inside her. As much as I found this disturbing, I found it just as thrilling. It made no sense to me. I was disgusted and excited at the same time. Angie was not a woman that could be pigeonholed. She always had me guessing.

"You want me to? Now?"

"That's what I said, Brent."

She wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder. She slowed her grind until her movements were almost imperceptible. I tried to relax my bowels, but found it nearly impossible with my cock buried in her snatch.

"I don't think I can..."

"I know you can, Brent"

"You are something else, Angie. Why do you want me to do this?"

She spoke to my shoulder, her breath and hair caressing my skin as her words flowed from her. "Just because. I can't explain why. I just want you inside me when you do. I want to feel you as you let it go. Maybe just because it's so...so forbidden, so crazy. Just do it, please, Brent?"

Who was I to deny this heavenly creature who granted my every wish. Who seemed to know my every fantasy, my every wanton desire. If this was what she wanted, I would do everything I could to make it happen.

I didn't answer her, but closed my eyes and tried to relax. Soon enough, I felt my rosebud start to expand to let the waste escape. It was inevitable. I was going to take a dump while I fucked her right here on the toilet.

"Here I go, Angie..."

"Oh God...yes. Oh God....now, Brent....NOW"

And Angie once again started to grind and move as my anus opened and closed with the release of my waste. When she heard my excrement hit the water, she increased her movements and truly started to fuck me...mashing her breasts into my chest, digging her fingers into my shoulder blades. I still held the bloody tampon and felt it slap against her back as she assailed herself on my cock.

"uughhhh...mmmmuuughhhh...this is so wrong, Brent...uuuugh...oh...so wrong...fuck me...uuuuughhh...fuck me...."

I clenched and released and finished my morning shit and started fucking her like she wanted. She was starting to sweat with her exertions and soon threw her head back while she groaned and moaned through so many incomprehensible sounds. I could feel her pussy pulse as the powerful orgasm built inside her, and clawed itself toward release. As it hit, her body shook through the first shockwave and she grunted with each successive wave. I was too far gone into this sexual battery to stop and let her relax, so I kept on fucking her, looking for my own orgasm. Soon enough, my balls tightened and I started spewing my spunk deep into her, mixing my cream with her blood, with her own orgasmic flow. Her pussy turned even hotter with my blast of cum. As we both slowed and tried to catch our breath, I could feel the frothy mixture escape from her and flow past the ring of her pussy to coat my groin and balls with our bloody cum cocktail.

"God. That was too good. Oh, I knew you could do it, Brent. God, I feel so nasty, today."

She kissed me again and slowly raised herself off of me, disengaging my semi-hard dick from her puss. As I slipped out, a thick glob of reddish cream pie fell from inside her to splat onto my leg. I looked at my cock and it was covered in blood and cum. My pubic hair was messy and wet from our various fluids.

She kneeled on the floor in front of me and smiled.

"My turn."

I could barely speak due to my exertions, but managed to croak, "Your turn for what, Ang?"

"I have to go now."

"Ah! I understand! Give me a second to wipe, and you can take my seat."

"Let me, ok?"

"What? Wipe me? Why would you want to do that, Angie? Don't worry, I can manage."

"I know you can manage. So can I."

As she spoke those words, she reached for the roll and pulled enough off to do the job at hand. Reaching between my legs, she wiped the remnants of the waste from my ass and dropped the used paper in the water. Her mouth reached for mine and she kissed me at the same time that her digit rubbed around and then entered my puckered opening. She pushed her finger deep inside, then withdrew it slowly.

As her finger slid from me, she broke our kiss and stood.

"There. All clean."

I had to laugh at that statement, for as she stood, I saw that the whole area across and around her groin was a mess of sweat, cum, piss and menses.

"I don't think either one of us is exactly CLEAN, sweetheart."

She looked down and giggled.

"No, I guess, you're right about that, Brent."

I flushed as I stood and moved to the side to let her take the throne. She turned and sat as the toilet swirled my waste down the drain and gurgled to completion.

"Will you stay?"


"Here. Will you stay right here as I go?"

"If you want me to, Angie."

"I do. Kneel in front of me, please."

I did what she asked.

"The seat's nice and warm, Brent. Thanks."

"No problem, Angie"

My hands roamed across her upper body, stroking her shoulders and down her arms, across her breasts, cupping each one in my palms, feeling the nipples stiffen as I kneaded them. My hands slid down and over her belly and around her hips.

"That feels nice." And her eyes closed as I continued to explore her skin.

As I stroked her legs, I leaned forward to take one breast into my mouth. My hand reached up to fondle her other breast. Her legs parted, allowing me to slide closer to her. She mewled her approval at my manual and oral ministrations. I kissed my way to her other breast and twirled the thick, stiff nipple with my tongue. Reaching behind her, I caressed her neck and slowly slid my hand down her back. As my hand reached her ass, I pulled her toward me, sliding her forward in the seat. She spread her legs further apart. Leaning back, I moved a hand between her legs and cupped her messy pussy, feeling the warmth that exuded from her. I used my middle finger to slide deeply into her, then hooked it forward to massage her G-spot. Bringing my other hand behind her, I reached down and found her crinkled rosebud. I circled it, and then slid my middle finger inside her tight ass.

"Oh, that feels so nice...keep doing that, Brent..."

As the finger of one hand rubbed her G-spot, the finger of my other hand plunged slowly in and out of her asshole, feeling her give less resistance, each entry softening the opening. She moaned as I finger fucked her, my digits assaulting the nerve endings in both her holes. Her sphincter softened and started to relax as I probed her holes, and I continued massaging her until I felt her morning waste sliding down through her bowels. I removed my finger from her ass but continued to rub her opening as it slowly expanded in size to expel her excrement. I pressed my other thumb to her clit as I worked my finger against her G-spot. The fingers of my other hand tapped on her anus and probed gently against her ever widening asshole.

"Don't stop rubbing me, Brent...don't stop fingering my pussy...I'm so close...ooooh...I'm going to shit! I'm going to come! Oohhhh...uuuuuggghhhh...make me come, Brent!!"

I increased the tempo on her puss, but stopped my anal massage and moved my fingers to the edge of her ring, where I could feel the thick brown log as it emerged from within her. It slid slowly out and plopped noisily into the toilet. Her ring closed behind it, but opened again quickly, as more of the brown waste slipped from her and plunged into the toilet. All the while, I had been rubbing the inside of her pussy with the finger on my other hand. She was so slippery with the mixture of my cum and her blood. She had relaxed her rear end when she started her toilet, but I could now feel the energy of an upcoming orgasm start to build inside her. Her moans increased and her eyes screwed shut as she approached her nirvana.

"ughhh ughh ahhhh....I'm going to come! Oh GOD!! Uuuuuuugggghhhhhhh!!!!" She nearly screamed as she clamped my arm with her thighs. Her pussy throbbed on my fingers as she spasmed through her orgasm. Right in the middle of her come, I jammed my finger back inside her ass, quick and deep, causing her to slide forward further, until she barely sat on the seat, my wrist trapped between her thighs and the front of the toilet. She slowly came back to her self and relaxed her legs as I removed all my digits from inside her openings.

"Oh Brent, that was so hot..."

As I had moved to nearly the side of the toilet during this, she leaned all the way forward, went down on her hands and knees, and crawled from the water closet. She rested her head on the floor and kept her ass in the air.

""Fuck my ass, Brent...fuck me now. Fuck my dirty ass with your cock."

I realized I had hardened again during her show. One look at her ass, and listening to her words and it took no more coaxing as I crouched behind her and placed the head of my cock against her beautiful, brown stained anus.

"I love you, Angie" I said, as I pushed my thickness deep into her ass. She was so tight.

"Now FUCK me, Brent...rip me apart...fuck my ass, come deep inside me...fuck me...fuck me...fuck my smelly ass..."

She continued to mutter words and incoherent sounds as I took her up on her offer, building up speed as my cock caressed the nerve ending inside her bowels. As I had just cum, I knew she was in for a ride, but amazingly, in almost record time I felt the unmistakable tightening of my ball sack as I raced towards another cum. Only this time, I would deposit my sperm enema inside her rectum, rather than her bloody pussy. I slammed her, holding her ass as I shot my load deep inside, coating her with my frothy cream. As I felt my orgasm subside, I slowed my pace and pulled back and out of her. Her ass slowly clamped shut as I collapsed behind her.

"God, you're good, babe. Oh God...I hoped you had more for me...I knew you could do it."

I was so drained, I could barely smile. But smile I did, as I looked at this wonderful woman in front of me. She pushed a few times and soon my recent cum dribbled from her rectum, and her menses ran rivulets down the inside of her thighs.

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