tagIncest/TabooWatching Mum Ch. 1

Watching Mum Ch. 1

byTony King©

I had some leave to take so on the spur of the moment I left RAF Lucas and caught the train to Bedford, I decided I'd spring a surprise visit on my parents.

I thumbed a lift from the station to the small village where they lived and walked the last mile or so to the bungalow. It was about 10:30pm when I arrived and I was surprised to find all the lights out. Either they were away for the weekend or had opted for an early night. I'd been travelling all day and felt pretty knackered myself, so letting myself in I headed for my room and quietly went to bed.

It must have been about an hour later when the sound of several car doors being slammed woke me from my slumber. A light went on in the hall spilling under the door. I pulled my robe on and had opened the door about an inch when I heard a mans voice say, "go put something sexy on and meet us in the lounge." Through the gap in the door I could make out three men and my mother. The men went into the lounge and Mum made her way to the bedroom, directly opposite mine. She threw open the bedroom door, switched on the light and stumbled inside, she was obviously a little tipsy. I watched as she removed her evening gown and stood there in black lace stockings and matching bra and panties admiring herself in front of a full length mirror. "Sexy huh, I'll shlow them sexy," she slurred. She went into the on-suite bathroom and re-appeared about ten minutes later minus the knickers and bra. As she turned towards me I noticed her cunt was completely smooth, not a hair in sight.

I'd never really thought sexy things about my own Mother before but I had to admit, she had a great body. Leaving the stocking and suspenders in place, she went to a drawer and pulled out a pair of lace crutchless knickers. They showed of her bare pussy to perfection. Next an under the nipple bra that pushed her 36" tits up and out while leaving the nipples completely exposed. Finally, a pair of patient leather high heels with 6" spikes. Boy, she looked a million dollars. She sat at the dressing table putting on bright red lipstick and black mascara, a final look in the mirror and she seemed satisfied. She left the bedroom, turning the light of and headed along the corridor to the lounge.

I was horrified, surely she wasn't going to go in there dressed like that, in front of three men, where was Dad for Christ sake.

Sure enough, she threw open the lounge door and walked straight in. "Well, about fucking time, Mr Nolan's a busy man." "David, you must learn to appreciate that all good things are worth waiting for." Said Nolan, a short fat man, about 5'2", somewhere between 50 and 60 and from his accent, obviously American. He was dressed in an expensive looking suit and camel hair overcoat. Next to him was a giant of a man, Latin American in appearance, built like a brick shithouse and looking like he'd swallowed a wasp. David, the guy that addressed Mum, was a typical British business executive, dark suit, white shirt and shinny shoes.

"Grant, bring the lady closer please." The big fella led Mum into the room and positioned her directly in front of the seated Mr Nolan. Nolan ran his hands up her legs making her spread them wider. "Now my dear, you know the deal yes?" Mum nodded her head, "good, in a few hours time, your husband and my legal people will be discussing the details over breakfast in New York. They are waiting for my telephone call before signing on the bottom line. Now, you do know how much this deal is worth don't you? And of course what it's worth to you and your husband in commission. So, you indulge my little fantasy and I'll help to make you and your husband very rich."

As he was talking he gently caressed Mum's bare cunt, running his fingers over her lips and up and down her slit. "You see my dear, since my unfortunate accident I have a little trouble controlling my weight," he laughed, patting his stomach as both he and Mum looked down. "Oh, I can still make love and get a hard on but these day's I prefer to watch, well, most of the time." He continued to finger her clit until without warning Mum had her first orgasm of the night. If it wasn't for Grant catching her under the arms she would have ended up on Mr Nolan's lap.

"Well held Grant, looks like she's ready to start." Grant lowered mum onto the sofa and spread her legs wide. From my position in the half opened bedroom doorway I had a clear if not long view straight down the corridor, into the lounge and straight up her cunt. I couldn't risk getting any closer without being caught but I did have the next best thing, a new digital video camera with a powerful zoom lens and built in zoom mike. Within minutes I was staring at a close up of my Mum's glistening cunt on the colour viewfinder. "Play with it some," said Grant. Mum immediately placed her hand over her pussy and gently twirled her finger over her erect clit. "Put your fingers in your cunt, I like that," said Grant standing next to her removing his clothes.

Mum was laid back on the sofa, eyes closed gently fingering her wet hole and hot little bud, when Grant spoke again she opened her eyes, "Oh my God, its enormous." Nolan chuckled as both Mum and David stared at Grant's crutch. Unfortunately he had his back to me so I couldn't make out what they were going on about. "Don't you worry sweety, Grant here has stretched more cunts than I can remember and they always come back for more," Nolan said seeing the look of apprehension on Mum's face. "David, shouldn't you be helping?"

David snapped out of his trance and started to undress, meanwhile, Grant now stood directly in front of Mum pulling her head forward towards his cock. All I could see was this giant's arse and Mums legs either side of him. "Arghhh, uh, ug," it was Mum making funny gurgling noises as she tried to take his cock into her mouth. Several times he pulled right back only to shuffle forward again, bringing even more noises from Mum. "Put her on the floor and swap with David, I want to see some real action." Grant did as Nolan instructed and as he stepped aside I saw for the first time what Mum and David had been staring at. It was fucking huge.

Even half limp it hung to his knees and was easily as think as my wrist, no wonder she was struggling to get it in her mouth. Now on all fours, David fed his normal size cock into her mouth and told her to blow him. Grant knelt behind and gently rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wet slit. When he was happy that it was lubricated enough he slowly started to push forward. "Oh God, no, please Mr Nolan, he's much too big, I'll never take all that up me." "Don't worry Hon, Grant knows what he's doing, in a few more minutes your be begging him not to stop." He nodded to Grant to continue.

I thought of racing to her rescue but there was no way I could take on three guys, especially Grant, besides, she seemed to know them and had entered the lounge voluntary. I decided to stay put but if they hurt her I would intervene. My conscience clear, I continued to watch. Grant was taking it very easy and was obviously not out to hurt her. As every inch went in he would wait, giving her time to get used to the massive width before pulling out and pushing in a little further with each trust. Eventually, after several rest periods he was fully home. "My God," said David, "she's actually done it, she taking his whole prick up her." "Nah, piece of cake," Nolan replied, "they can all take it, just needs a little practice that's all." Grant was now slowly screwing my Mother, withdrawing his massive cock until it was almost all the way out and then gently but firmly pushing forward until his large balls slapped against her arse. Mum was moaning as she sucked on David's cock. "Remember, nobody cum's till I say so," said Nolan, now sitting on the edge of his chair watching the action. David was obviously close to coming so he pulled out leaving Grant to up the pace a little. Mum was now moaning louder than ever and with her mouth free of cock started to shout encouragement. "Oh yesssssss, that's it, a bit faster, my God, it's so deep, yesssss." The zoom mike was picking up every sound including one I hadn't noticed before. It was a slurping sound and I soon realised it was coming from Mums cunt. I could actually see her juices coating Grant's cock each time he pulled out.

Grant looked towards Mr Nolan, and with a slight nod of approval he speeded up considerably bringing Mum to a very loud and verbal orgasm. "Don't stop, don't you dare stop, I'm nearly there, oh yesss, that's it, faster, oh God I'm cummingggggggggggg." We all watched as her whole body shook. She threw her head back and closed her eyes, her nipples looked like two 38's and her thighs ran with her love juice. Grant held her by the hips, his cock buried to the hilt and simply waited for her to come down again. "So Mrs King, are we to take it that you like Grant's cock?" "God yes, I fucking love it." This was the first time I had ever heard my Mother swear. "Good, then I'm sure you'd like a little more then."

Mum licked her lips and waited for Grant to start again. Instead he withdrew and lay on his back. "W-w-what are you doing?" asked Mum. Grant replied by grabbing her nipples and guiding her to a sitting position on top of him. "Now you do the work," was all he said. Mum got the message and immediately started to lower her well fucked cunt onto his giant pole. It took her several attempts before she was completely impaled on it but boy did she look happy. With Grants prick as far up her as possible, she started to slowly grind her hips back and forward. Leaning forward slightly allowed her to rub her clit against his pubic hair and in no time she was coming again. "Oh yes, God your incredible and you haven't even cum yet," she said leaning forward and covering his face with kisses.

"Don't worry Mrs King, he'll cum soon enough, now, I think your ready for the next bit, David, you know what to do." David knelt behind Mum and using her own love juice proceeded to rub it into her arse hole. "Oh no, not that, your not fucking me there!" screamed Mum struggling to get up. It was no use, Grant simply wrapped his large arms around her and pulled her forward crushing her tits into his chest. "Now now, I was rather hoping that by this stage you would trust me, tut tut Mrs King, you do want your husband to close this deal don't you?"

Mum stopped struggling, "yes, you know our financial situation," "good, then perhaps we can continue." Mum relaxed slightly as David repositioned himself behind her. After working first one then two fingers into her virgin arse he replaced them with his prick and pushing hard forced the purple head past her ring piece. Both men waited a few minutes before David thrust forward, imbedding about half of his seven inches up Mums arse. "Ohhh," was all that escaped her lips and by zooming in on her face I could see tears streaming down her cheeks. Again I thought about intervening but it had already gone too far. With a final thrust, David was all the way home. "Well done my Dear, you see, I told you you could do it, now, from here on in its all pleasure. Who knows, I might even join in myself." Grant was now moving his hips up and down, withdrawing maybe and inch or two before slamming it back. David was trying to match him. Mum was groaning. As the two men built up a rhythm Mum's groans became louder and sounded more like grunts. After tens minutes she was positively screaming at them to fuck her harder. "Yes, that's it, don't you dare stop, oh Christ David, can you feel Grant's cock up my cunt?" David grunted yes, "and what about you Grant, can you feel David's cock up my arse?" "You bet Mam." They see sawed in and out of her holes bringing her to several orgasms when suddenly Mr Nolan stood up and dropped his pants. Beneath the considerable roll of flab you could just make out his bloated cock, the big surprise was the size of his balls, they were the size of tennis balls.

Kneeling on the floor in front of Mum, he steered her head towards his cock. She almost had to headbutt the flab out of the way to get at it but eventually got the first few inches into her mouth. With his gut resting on top of her head, Nolan thrust forward, trying to cram as much cock as possible into her mouth. "Now this is what you call a good fuck," he chuckled, "OK guys, lets give this bitch what she wants." With that, both Grant and David speeded up, Grant lifting Mum of the floor with his enormous hands round her waist. As he slammed her down on his cock, David would slam into her arse. God knows what she would have been saying if Nolan's cock wasn't in her mouth but if body language was anything to go by she was in heaven.

David came first, throwing his full weight on top of her and clenching his arse cheeks as jet after jet of hot sticky spunk filled her arse. Next it was Nolan, holding her head tight he pushed forward trying to get as much cock as possible into her willing mouth and just let rip. I've never seen a man cum so much, you could actually see jet after jet pulse along his shaft making Mum gag trying to keep up. I could see her swallowing but still it gushed out until finally he pulled his cock from her mouth and fired the last two jets into her hair. I thought it was all over but of course, Grant was still to finish. "Now Mr Nolan?" he asked, "She's all yours Grant."

Grant pushed Mum away, his prick slurping from her wet hole making an obscene sound. He positioned her on her back on the sofa with her arse hanging over the edge. Kneeling between her legs he fed his monster into her now more than willing pussy and started to bang away in earnest. "Oh yes, that's it, fuck me Grant, let me feel that fucking great cock of yours stretch my cunt, c'mon baby, fuck me hard." I couldn't believe it, my own Mother using words like that. She was covered in spunk and still she wanted more. "C'mon baby. Fill my cunt, that's it, fuck me hard, oh yesssss, I'm coming." Her hips raised of the edge of the sofa as she came again. Grant was now pumping for all he was worth, hanging onto her tits and stretching the nipples. "You like this bitch?" "Yesssssss, I love it," "you want I cum in your cunt?" "Yes. Please, let me feel it," "OK bitch, you asked for it." He slammed forward completely knocking the wind out of Mum, Nolan, now fully dressed again was egging him on and David was stroking his new erection. "Yeahhhhhhh, fuck you bitch," Grant screamed as he filled my Mums cunt with spunk. It was several thrusts before he was completely spent and when he pulled out I got a great view of her opened pussy, just gushing with fresh spunk. In fact, he'd stretched her so much I was able to zoom in right up her hole, fantastic.

Shortly after, Mr Nolan thanked Mother for a pleasant evening and assured her that as agreed, the call would be made. Both he and Grant then said polite goodbyes and left. Mum was still lying back on the sofa exactly where Grant had left her. She looked radiant in her black silk stocking and high heels. Her open crutch knickers were soaked and her under the nipple bra was nowhere to be seen. David knelt between her legs and without a word shoved his cock up her and fucked her till he came.

"Well," he said, finally getting to his feet," "you proved a real find, I can see we'll have to get together every time John's away." Mum looked at him. "Don't you dare presume I would let you touch me again, I did this for the money, not for you or your perverted friends, now piss off, get out of my house." "Little fucking whore, if it wasn't for me you wouldn't be in this position now, think your old man was capable of closing that deal on his own, without my help you'd both be bankrupt."

Mum started to back down. "Alright David, you've said you piece and you've had your fun, now if you don't mind I'd like to shower and go to bed." David, now fastening his tie, lent forward and stuck three fingers up mum's dripping cunt. "Lick them clean slut," he said holding them to her mouth. Staring him in the face she did as he commanded. "Good, now that's straight you know who's boss, don't you. Johns away again next week and I've got two Jap's coming over. Guess who's going to entertain them." With that he left.

Mum staggered from the lounge with spunk running down her thighs onto her stockings. I kept the camera running as long as possible before stepping back into the shadows. Mum went into her bedroom and this time slammed the door.

I wanked myself stupid that night watching the tape and in the morning left before Mum got up. What should I do now I wondered?

Get some new tapes and be home next week!!

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