tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife

Watching My Wife

byRico Suave©

I had long suspected my wife of having an affair. So I planned a 'trip' for myself. In my business I take many trips. I told Sheri that I had to go to Atlanta for the weekend. She seemed to perk up at the news. I was sure that I must be right. And this was my chance to find out for sure. Our closest friends, Dan and his wife Taylor, were also our nearest neighbors with a house right behind ours. They were on vacation and I had a spare key. Their master bedroom happens to face ours and because they are gone for the summer, we don't bother to close the drapes. I knew if I was right, I'd find out this weekend.

I left for the Airport in a cab which I got out of a block later. I made my way into Dan and Taylor's house through a little used back way and set myself up to watch my wife. About three hours later at about 8:30, I saw a car approach our house and park. A man got out and went to the door. I couldn't see him enter, but I didn't see him leave. Below our bedroom I could see only a small corner of our living room. It was the corner where my recliner chair sat however and soon the man was seated in it. I saw my wife hand him a drink. She was dressed in a very short pink skirt and pink silk blouse that was more than a little see through. She had my favorite pink lace bra on and pink stockings as well. She always said she felt very sexy in pink and I must agree with her. I assumed she was also wearing her favorite pink panties.

Sheri is 28 with beautiful, long, blond hair. She stands 5 foot 5 inches with perfect 36 C's and the sweetest ass you've ever seen. Any man would love to have her. And she never tried to hide the fact that before we married, many men in fact, had. Sheri loves sex. She is unbelievable in bed. And her lust is insatiable. We made love nearly every day that I wasn't out of town. Yet I wondered if that was enough for her. I wondered if she could control her lust when I was gone.

I had my answer. She lifted her leg onto the arm of the chair. He sat back and watched as she lifted her skirt. I was right. Pink panties. He watched as she slid her fingers under the soft fabric of her satin panties.

Her hips began to gyrate as she played with herself for his pleasure. Her head fell back, eyes closed, as she worked herself with two hands. Sheri loved to have me watch her masturbate and she had confessed that, in college, she would masturbate with the drapes open in her room so her neighbor could watch her while she pretended not to realize he could see. So I knew she was getting very excited.

Meanwhile the man, about 6 feet tall with dark hair and big muscles, had pulled his enormous cock from his pants. He was stroking it as he watched my wife massage her clit. I could not believe how big he was. Not just long but thick as well. I had seen her react many times during porn flicks when the actor on screen had an exceptionally large dick. I'm certainly not small, but I knew she craved huge cock.

I began to wonder how she met him, but I quickly forgot about that as she dropped to her knees and swallowed his dick. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She was going crazy sucking him. She gripped his dick in one hand while continuing to masturbate with the other. She greedily sucked every inch like it was nothing. Obviously she had sucked 'em this big before.

I could see he was in ecstasy and I knew why. No one has ever given me a better blowjob. Suddenly he tensed up, and by the look on his face, I knew he was cumming. She said it made her feel sexy to swallow a man's load and I knew she would drink every drop. Then she fell back, her mouth still full of cum, and cried out loudly as her body shook from an intense orgasm. It wasn't till then that I realized that my own cock was rock hard and my hand was stroking it furiously. I looked down again at my wife laying on the floor and I came harder than I've ever cum before. I found myself wanting more. I was disappointed when they fixed themselves up and left.

I assumed they went out dancing. Sheri loves to dress in skimpy outfits and go dancing so she can feel the adoring eyes of men fantasizing about fucking her. She loves to have me watch her dance with other men. She teases me by letting them touch her ass and her tits. Sometimes she'll even let them put a hand up her skirt. She can sense I enjoy it. She swears it is just to tease me for my enjoyment, but I know she is thrilled by it as well. One time she even went outside with a guy.

I crept out and watched as she made out with him. His hands felt her tits and she ground her hips into his pelvis. She wore tight jeans that night. If she hadn't, I think she would've fucked him right there in the parking lot. Before they came back in, she gave him a piece of paper I assume had our number on it. Once back inside, she told me he had taken her outside to show her his Corvette. She said nothing happened and asked me if we could go home because she was horny and wanted to fuck me. We had incredible sex that night.

Finally, at about 2:45 A.M, I heard a car drive up. It was the same car as before. Only this time Sheri and the handsome, muscular man were joined by another man. Both men had their arms around my wife as they walked to the door. I saw no lights go on and I was worried I might not see anything until the bedroom light came on. Both men had their shirts off and Sheri was wearing only her pink stockings. She directed them both to sit on the end of the bed. She went to the dresser and bent over, with her legs spread wide so the guys would get a good view, and opened the bottom drawer. I knew what she was going for. Her favorite dildo. 12 inches long and at least as thick as the first guy. By comparison, I guessed that he was about two inches shorter.

She laid down on our king size bed with her legs spread wide. She closed her eyes as she rubbed the plastic cockhead on her clit. I saw her say something which, in turn, was followed by the guys removing their pants and underwear. The second guy's dick was not as thick, but it was at least 8 inches or more. She slid the plastic dick inside her as she watched them undress. She spoke again and they began to stroke their dicks.

She enjoys watching a man masturbate almost as much as having a man watch her. She spoke again and each of them, while continuing to stroke themselves, grabbed one of her legs and spread them wide. I could hear her cry out as they spread her wide.

She fucked herself hard with her plastic pal. Once again, she directed them as she desired, and the first guy then crawled between her widespread legs and began to lick her clit as she continued to pound her pussy. Then the second man moved up the bed and offered my wife his dick. I could see an animal lust in her eyes as she looked up at him while she swallowed all he had.

Once again I found myself beating my painfully hard dick. I could not believe how turned on I was. My wife was fucking two other guys while I was supposed to be out of town and I was enjoying it. I was, in fact, as turned on as I've ever been. I came buckets but my dick never even got soft. I just continued to stroke myself while my eyes were glued to my wife's every move.

She sat up and moved to the edge of the bed. Both men stood in front of her offering her their hard meat. I remembered a sexual experience she had told me about. One of her first when she was just eighteen.

Sheri, her boyfriend and another couple were playing truth or dare and the other girl dared her to put both dicks in her mouth at the same time. She took the dare and loved it so much she made them both cum. Later, after the boys fell asleep (several fuckings later), Sheri showed her gratitude towards her friend for letting her suck her boyfriends cock by eating her pussy to three mind blowing orgasms. It was the first lesbian experience for both of them.

I wondered if she was thinking of that time as she stuffed both these big dicks into her mouth. I couldn't believe how sexy she looked like that. I found myself, as I watched her alternate between the two hard cocks, wanting to see her make them cum together in her mouth and on her face and tits. But she had other plans. She would swallow their loads, but not yet.

She laid back on the bed again and the first guy lowered his lips to her rock hard nipples. He feasted on her tits while the second man, standing at the edge of the bed, held her legs spread wide and plunged his cock deep inside her soaking wet pussy. The way he slid in, as big as he was, proved she was really wet.

She screamed her approval as he fucked her hard with that big dick. She was always hot in bed, but I had never seen anything like this. The look on her face, as he filled her and his friend sucked her tits, was pure sex. She was bucking madly. Thrusting her pussy to meet his driving cock. Her cries of joy were driving me wild. She was so loud I could hear every word she said ( I wondered briefly if Dan and Taylor ever listened to us). I heard her say that one man could never be enough for her. She said she needed dick. Lots of dick. I heard her cry out "I love big hard cock. I need it bad. Give me more. Harder. Please!" That sent me over the edge again and I shot another load. My dick however, stayed hard yet again.

Soon Sheri turned around, on her hands and knees, and told the first man to fuck her. He was quickly pounding her like a jack-hammer. Her screams this time were muffled by the second man's dick which filled her mouth. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen. My wife on her hands and knees with one large dick in front of her, filling her mouth, while another large dick filled her pussy from behind. My own cock felt so good as I fucked my hand while this hot sex unfolded in front of me. Then Sheri, though she could not have seen me, turned her head to face the window and with a mouthful of cock, smiled directly towards me. It was a smile that told me she was experiencing complete sexual bliss. Both men were obviously very good and they fucked her for quite a long time. Every few minutes she would turn around so she could suck her sweet sex from their cocks.

But I know my wife. I knew this would not be complete until she mounted them. Sheri feels so sexy when she's on top. The sexier she feels, the harder she fucks. She loves to have a man look up at her beautiful breasts as she rides his dick. I knew she would need to mount these two studs. Sure enough, she suddenly stopped and directed the first guy (whom she'd just had in her mouth) to lay on the bed. She sat on his hard pole and let it rest inside her as she took the second guy into her mouth to taste herself. Slowly at first she began to ride him. She gently sucked the second guy's balls while she steadily fucked the first. She loved to control the pace. These guys were doing anything she told them to. They were under her control. She let his cock fall from her mouth and she let her breasts fall in the second guys face. He sucked and nibbled her hard nipples on her left tit while she told the other guy to suck her other tit. They lapped at her breasts as she filled herself with his dick. Then she had the guys trade places.

As she fucked the second man, the first gave his cock to Sheri to lick clean. She took him in her mouth and sucked him hard. I could tell she wanted him to cum. She was going nuts now and she needed the climax. She rode the second man hard and sucked the first even harder. The first man let out a loud grunting roar and exploded in her mouth. She never stopped fucking and his cum got all over her face and dribbled onto her tits. It looked unbelievable. The second man then cried out that he was going to cum, and Sheri quickly dismounted him so she could fill her mouth with his cum too. I hope someday I'll once again get to see the look that was on her face at that moment.

I'll never tell her that I saw her with those two studs. That would spoil the fun. Since then I've watched her fuck several other men while I was 'out of town.' I don't know what I'll do when Dan and Taylor get back from vacation. But I've heard a lot about miniature cameras.

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