tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife Ch. 03

Watching My Wife Ch. 03

byWoody Woodwood©

Later that week, Steve rang to say he had an offer of a paid shoot if Anna was interested. He had been contacted by a local company who was putting together a new website and promotional campaign to promote their "sensual massage" for women.

He explained that the shoot would follow the normal massage service offered by the masseur. Anna thought this sounded like a nice simple shoot and agreed.

So the following Friday we went down to the studio for the shoot. When we arrived Steve introduced us to two men, John and Mark, who were both masseurs who worked for the company. They told us that the company was fairly new to the area, and that their boss had decided that one of the best ways of developing new business would be to be able to refer potential clients to the website where they would be able to see their unique service in action.

I asked them what was so special about their service, and they just grinned and said that the company ethos was to guarantee their customers total satisfaction, and that at the end of the session, each client is left with a generous portion of a potassium enriched cream to massage into their bodies.

Well it all sounded good to Anna and me. She was gong to get paid to have a massage, and receive this special cream at the end as well.

Anna went off to the changing room, where she had been told she would find a gown to put on once she had stripped off – and John and Mark reminded her that she should be totally naked under the gown as the oils they use would stain any clothing. They went through to the studio to prepare, while Steve explained how the shoot would work.

As the majority of the shoot was for the website, it would be shot on video, with some stills along the way. The studio was set up with three static video camera's, one either side of the massage table, and one directly above it, together with a still camera.

Steve had a fourth video camera mounted on a moveable tripod, again with a still camera mounted next to it. He suggested that I stay in the office and watched the shoot through the video feeds into his monitors, so I would be able to see what was coming from all four cameras at the same time.

Steve then went through to the studio and I settled back to watch the shoot in comfort. When I looked at the overhead camera, I noticed something strange about the massage table. Instead of being a fixed, flat table, it had extra arm extensions on each side that pivoted out from the table, and it had a split down the middle at one end, which looked as if it would separate as well.

I heard Anna enter the studio at that point, and one of the guys asked her to hop up on the table, and lay face down, but to unfasten her gown before she did. So I watched her lay face down on the couch, with a short white gown cover her gorgeous body. John and Mark then came into view, and I noticed that they were no longer wearing the ordinary clothes they had been earlier, but had changed into white medical style coats as well.

John was one side of the table, and Mark the other. They each had a little table alongside them with a bottle of massage oil and some hand towels. I heard one of them start talking to Anna, explaining that the formulation of the oil was designed to relax their clients completely, but in a stimulating way. Sounded a little confusing to me, but Anna just said fine.

He also explained that they would both be working on her at the same time, and then peeled her gown away to leave her completely naked on the couch.

They both poured some oil into their hands before going to work on Anna's back, massaging the oil in and working back and forth across her back, slowly moving down her back towards her bottom. They poured another shot of oil, this time directly onto her cheeks and got to work. I shifted my view to the overhead camera and watched intently as four hands expertly massaged my wife's sexy little arse. Gently pulling and pushing and working the massage oil all over.

Ever so often one of their hands would disappear from view as it tucked down between those lovely cheeks.

They then moved to her feet and massaged them well before starting on her legs. This was when the design of the table came into its own. With a quick pull, the bottom half of the table separated, bringing my wife's feet about two feet apart. Steve moved to the end of the table and followed their progress up her legs towards her waiting pussy, which was now evidently moist and ever so slightly open.

John and Mark worked so well together. Each working on one leg, and as they worked her thigh muscles, getting closer and closer to her pussy there was always one hand on her inner thigh. As the massaged away I could see the outside of their hands brushing up and down Anna's pussy lips. She was laid with her head to one side, and she had that wasted look on her face. She was really enjoying all this attention.

John and Mark continued their ministrations, now with one hand each working back on her bottom, and the other working right around the top most part of her thigh. Steve zoomed in to bring her pussy up in glorious wide screen in front of me, and every time either Mark or John's hand went between her thighs their thumbs were slipping into the folds of her pussy and catching her clit.

They slowly brought this part of the massage to a close, before asking Anna to turn over to lay on he back. She did as she was asked, and she lay there fully exposed to the overhead camera, as they had not pushed the legs of the table back together. She was so moist now, you could see the wetness of her pussy so visibly, and her clit was rock hard between her parted lips.

They placed her arms on the arm rests, and puled those out so she was now laid spread eagle on the table. John and Mark each took and arm, and went to work, moving up and down her arms to her shoulders. Then the switched to her feet, and slowly worked their way up her legs and over her knees. Once they started to work on her thighs I could see each stroke pulling her pussy lips apart and then pushing them back together as their hands moved slowly but surely towards it. They continued working in unison on her thighs until they reached the top, and as one of them drew his hand back out from between her thighs the others hand would slip back between them.

A quick glance at the camera focused on Anna's head showed that she was not arching her head back, and biting her lips with the pleasure they were giving her as they stroked her pussy with the outside of their hands.

John then moved to the head of the table, and Mark moved round between her legs. "Are you ready for the most exhilarating bit?" he asked. Anna just nodded her head. "We're both getting a little warm with all this work, do you mind if we slip off our cots?" he added. Anna just gently shook her head without opening her eyes.

They both unfastened their massage coats and slipped them off. I don't know why, but I was a little surprised that while they were both naked underneath, neither hand a stiff dick.

"We're going to complete the massage now" he added "would you like the additional potassium enriched cream as well?" Anna nodded. I don't know whether she had worked out what this "potassium enriched cream" was, but I had - sperm is very rich in potassium, these two masseur's were planning to give Anna a couple of doses, and I was going to sit here and watch them in full technicolor.

They started by drizzling a stream of massage oil right down Anna's front, starting at her neck and running it down between her breasts, past her belly button, through her pubic hair, and finally down the already moist lips of her pussy. The oil must have been cold, because Anna twitched with pleasure as it ran over her lips and clit.

They started by leaning forward over her and reaching to the centre of her stomach to begin, moving in long slow round strokes as they massaged her torso. John was moving slowly up towards her breasts and Mark down towards her pussy.

As they straightened up I switched back to the overhead camera, and watched as John's hands gently glided over her breasts for the first time. Her nipples were rock hard. Steve zoomed in on his hands as they massaged her glorious breasts. He started to gently pulling on them, stretching his hand right around the base of her breast and ever more firmly bringing his fingers and thumb together, up and over her breast, then pulling at those nipples to stretch them out from her chest.

Meanwhile Marks fingers were now running through her pubic hair, with his thumbs disappearing between her legs. Each stroke took his hands down her thighs a little, and then back out over pussy onto her lower stomach. He was expertly massaging her pussy.

Her nipples were getting harder and longer with every stroke. It was at this point that I noticed that John's dick was stiffening. Indeed it was now at what we call half-mast, pointing straight out and resting on the massage table along side Anna's face.

Mark started to massage the uppermost part of her inner thigh, trapping her pussy lips and clit between his thumbs as he did so, and then he started to massage her pussy itself.

John reached to the side of the table, pressed a couple of buttons, and the headrest folded down leaving her head hanging back over the table. This caused Anna to open her eyes, and there directly in front of her was John's dick. She didn't need asking or telling she just opened her mouth and let it slide between her lips. John continued to massage her breasts, and as he did he also slid his dick in and out of my beautiful wife's waiting mouth.

Mark had his fingers working in and out of her pussy, while John was massaging her breasts and gently fucking her face.

Marks hands then stretched her legs wide apart, and the moment I had been waiting for finally happened. His now rock hard dick was laid between her lips and he gently pushed forward and it slowly disappeared inside her.

There was no doubt now. The formal massage was over and they were no working on producing their special cream for her.

I had dreamed of this minute so many times, but never thought it would happen. My beautiful, sexy wife laid between two men, with a dick in her mouth and the other buried I her pussy.

Steve was shooting close ups of John's dick as it slipped in and out of her waiting mouth – covered in her saliva. Even with her head upside down you could see a look of pure lust on her face. The overhead camera was giving me a great view of Mark's dick sliding in and out of her pussy, slowly getting covered in Anna's cream.

Steve moved down for some close ups of her pussy, zooming right in so it filled the screen. It was stretched tight around Mark's dick, and he was slowly but surely increasing his pace.

Now both men had their hands on her breasts, squeezing them and pulling on her still erect nipples. Her hands were griping the edge of the table so tightly, and then her back arched from the table as she orgasm. Mark's dick was creamy and sticky and her pussy juices were beginning to gather at the base of it. His strokes became longer and more forceful as he neared his own climax.

John was still slowly pumping his dick into her mouth, and pulling on her breasts, while Mark had reached a full head of steam. Pistoning his prick deep inside her before pulling it almost all the way out before slamming it back down, in and out and in and out. He must have been getting close. Anna's hands gripped the table hard again, as she bucked underneath him, nearing a second orgasm. Mark's thrust became more and more urgent, and Anna was pushing her self onto him to get him ever deeper in her. She shuddered with a second orgasm, and just as she began to come down, he pulled out and shot his spunk up and over her stomach. Jet after jet of hot white spunk squirted over her stomach and breasts.

John was still gently fucking her face and both men massaged Mark's come into her body. Then John pulled his dick out of her mouth and they turned her over onto her front. Mark moved to her head, while John took his place between her legs.

John's dick now slipped into her already well-used pussy and he too started to fuck her with all his might. Meanwhile Anna was gently licking Mark's now softening. John was gripping her arse cheeks, holding her legs wide apart, so Steve could get some good close up footage of his dick slamming into Anna's pussy. Steve also got down below the table to get some footage of her stretched pussy as John's dick speared in and out like a piston. Every stroke making his balls bounce off her pussy lips and clit.

Mark now had his dick in Anna's mouth. He was just standing there while she sucks away, being pushed up and down on his dick by John's shagging. She had the look of a cat that had got the cream.

She let Marks cock slip out of her mouth as John brought her to orgasm for the third time in barely ten minutes. Again as she hit the height of her orgasm he pulled his dick out of her pussy and shot his load in a wide arc over her arse and up her back. His come formed a small pool in the arch of her back, and once again the two of them gently massage the cum in to her body.

"So" Mark said, "you've had the massage, and two shots of our special cream. Do you like the service we offer? Anna didn't reply, she just slumped down on the massage table with a big broad smile on her face "Another very satisfied lady" he said.

They gently draped Anna's gown over her body as she lay there smiling, and wandered off to get cleaned up.

Steve came back to the office and asked me how I felt, now that I had seen my wife get a good fucking from two studs. I had to admit that I had enjoyed watching it. So much so that I would love to see it again, but possibly with more men.

Steve then told me about a client he did regular work for which involved everyday women being gang banged, and asked if we would like to set up a shoot. Anna hadn't returned from the dressing room at that point, so I just told him I'd get back to him.

What should I do?

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