tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWatching My Wife Fuck on Web Cam

Watching My Wife Fuck on Web Cam


My wife, Brandie, and I, have enjoyed the "HOT Wifing" lifestyle for many years. But our thing, (or maybe I should say, my thing), was all about sharing her with other men, in male-female-male threesomes, with me being one of the men. I wasn't one of those guys, who got off on loaning my wife out for her to go out on solo dates with men and then come home to tell me about it. No, my thing was all about being there, to watch and join in.

Now over the years, there have been a few times, when my wife has had sex with men when I wasn't there. But these were usually times when she went out with her girlfriends and I had given her my prior approval to play if the opportunity presented itself. On rare occasions, and there have only been a few of these, she went out specifically to meet a particular man, without me along. Again, I always knew about these ahead of time and I agreed for her to go. On only one occasion, did my wife ever go away from home to travel to another city and spend the night, with another man in his home; and this is the story about that experience.

Levi was a mid-30's, handsome, single man of Italian decent, whose olive complexion and jet black hair told of his heritage. My wife Brandie, and I, had known Levi for more than a year and had threesomes with Levi many times. One of the things that Levi had asked of me, was that one day I let him take Brandie to his place, which was about 200 miles from where we lived, and have her all to himself for a weekend. Levi knew this wasn't "my bag", but he promised to treat her right, (I trusted him and believed she would be OK in his care), and he even promised to have sex with her at least once over the weekend on web cam, so I could watch them. I thought that was an interesting idea and since we'd never tried that, and my wife was readily in agreement to spending time alone with Levi, (of course she was! She loved fucking the guy!), I relented and let it happen, but not for a whole weekend, just a Saturday night.

So, early one Saturday afternoon, Brandie put an overnight bag in her car and left for the three and half hour drive to Levi's. She would probably get there about four in the afternoon. Levi and I had agreed to meet on the web cam at 8 PM that evening for me to watch them have sex. I knew that would mean that they would have about four hours of straight sex action before the 8 O'clock "show", and I hoped that he wouldn't have completely worn her out before hand.

About 7 PM I sat down in front of my computer and started surfing the web, chatting with some people, swapping pictures of my wife with some guys I met in chat rooms on the 'net, and answering their questions and telling them some stories about my wife and my swinging experiences. This was getting me all worked up and my expectation was building as it got closer to the 8 PM time that Levi had promised to show up and let me watch them. This was before it was common for everyone to have a cellphone, Brandie didn't have one, and I didn't have Levi's home phone number. I realized that was not a good move in case he never showed up on line, I wouldn't be able to call him to see what was going on. I hoped he wouldn't back out on his promise and that he would really show up.

Right on cue, at 8 PM sharp, I got an instant message from Levi, inviting me to view his web cam. I clicked the button and there appeared Levi, sitting in a chair in front of his computer, with no shirt on. (I assumed he was probably naked.) I could see his bed behind him, but I didn't see my wife anywhere in the picture. I said, "Hello Levi. Where's Brandie?"

"She's in the bathroom.", he said. "We just got back from dinner a little bit ago and she went to change into something more comfortable.", he said with a smirk on his face.

I said, "Oh, y'all went out to dinner since she's been there? I figured you would have been fucking her brains out ever since she got there." We both laughed.

He said, "No, when she came in, she was looking so fucking sexy in that outfit that she was wearing, that I got her down on the couch, and ate her pussy right away, then she gave me one of those world class blow jobs, then we went out to dinner. We just got back a few minutes ago."

"What outfit was she wearing?", I asked. "She was wearing jeans and a T-shirt when she left here."

"Yeah, I know. When I commented on her outfit, she told me she stopped a little while before she got here and changed for me, because she knows I like that outfit so much. She was wearing that silky red blouse with the see through sleeves and neckline, that short black skirt with the split in the back, some silky, shear, black stockings with seams up the back, a red lace garter belt, red thong, and those sexy assed red leather pumps of hers. I got the thong off her while I was eating her pussy and then I didn't let her put it back on when we went out to dinner. A couple of times while were at the restaurant, I slid a hand under the table and tickled that pussy of hers."

My cock was hard as a rock listening to Levi describe what my wife had done, changing into a sexy outfit for him and then letting him finger her in a restaurant. He went on, "As soon as she came in the door wearing that outfit, I got her down on the couch and ate her pussy for like half an hour. She came several times and I was afraid we were gonna get her skirt wet and she wouldn't be able to wear it to dinner, but fortunately we didn't. I had to wipe my leather couch off when we were done though."

"And she gave you a blow job before ya went to eat too?" I said.

"Yeah. After I was done eating her pussy, she sat up on the couch and I stood in front of her while she sucked me off. I told her not to get any of it on her pretty blouse or she wouldn't be able to wear it to dinner. She didn't miss a drop, swallowed it all down." We both laughed.

About then, my wife, Brandie, came into view. She had changed into a short, pink lace nightie, with thin spaghetti straps over her shoulders, that I was quite familiar with. She walked up behind Levi and she leaned over his shoulder, running her hands down over his chest and they disappeared below the table top. I suspected that if Levi was naked, she was probably standing there with his cock in her hands talking to me on the web cam. She said, "I heard you two talking about me."

I said, "Yeah, but it wasn't anything bad. We were just talking about you sucking Levi's dick."

She said, "Like I've never done that before?"

"Not when I haven't been there to see you doing it, you haven't.", I said.

"Well, it's no different whether you're here or not, I still do a good job of it.", she smirked as she said that.

Then Levi spoke up and said, "I'll attest to that. She's good at it no matter whether you're here watching or not. And, you might not be 'here', but it's time for you to watch us get it on. You ready?"

I said, "Sure!" In actuality, my cock had been hard as concrete since several minutes before we even hooked up on the web cam in anticipation of the show I was about to see.

Levi said, "I've got an extension cord on the microphone here, I'm gonna take it over next to the bed so you can hear better."

I said, "Hey man, you're always doing the right thing for me! Thanks. Don't forget to move that chair out of the way."

At that, Brandie stepped back and laid down on the bed and Levi stood up. As I suspected, he was naked and his cock was hard, standing straight out in front of him, so obviously my wife had been stroking him while we were talking on the web cam. Levi slid the chair aside, out of the picture, placed the microphone on the nightstand next to his bed and got onto the bed with Brandie. He kissed her and then asked me if I could hear that, I said, "Almost as if I was there!" Then he laid down on the opposite side of her from the web cam and started making out with my wife.

As they were kissing, and I could hear them kissing, the slight murmur of their moans of enjoyment and the rustling of her nightie and the bedsheets, almost as if I was there, I saw Levi running his left hand up and down my wife's bare legs and in between her thighs, not yet venturing up under her nightie. Sometimes he would run his hand over her belly and up onto her tits and squeeze and rub her tits, again, through the nightie, not yet venturing underneath it. I watched them making out like this for several minutes. I could hear my wife moaning, more, and more, as Levi's kisses and hand were making her ever more sexually excited.

Then I saw Levi run his hand down over my wife's belly and in between her thighs and saw it disappear under her nightie. I saw Brandie spread her legs far apart and give him easy access to what lie between them. My cock twitched in my shorts to see my wife doing something so slutty, as to voluntarily spreading her legs for another man to reach between them. They had only just been started for a few minutes, but I could have given myself a couple of quick strokes and blasted a load right then! I choose to leave my cock inside my shorts and not touch it yet, but I knew that sometime before this show was over, hopefully I could wait until the end, I was going to jerk off and love it!

As Levi's fingers made contact with my wife's pussy, I heard her give out a loud gasp and moan that told me he had touched her "there", even though I couldn't see it, and that he probably had a finger, or two slid inside of her right now. I quickly realized that this was one of the limitations to watching my wife having sex on web cam, as opposed to actually being there. If I was there, I could move around and get different views of what was happening and I wouldn't just have to imagine it. But, although this was a "limitation", I also quickly realized that it heightened the excitement too, because I "HAD" to imagine some of what was happening since I couldn't see it!

I watched as the two of them continued making out and Levi was finger fucking my wife. Then I saw Levi shift a little closer to her and I saw his hard cock pop up on her left hip and I saw Brandie grasp it in her left hand and start stroking Levi as they kept making out and he continuing fingering her pussy. I heard Levi whisper something to my wife that I couldn't make out and then I saw him roll over onto his back. Brandie slid down on the bed and laid across his legs, taking his cock in her hand and then into her mouth and start sucking him. Levi reached down and pushed her left knee up, she rolled a little further back and placed her left foot flat on the bed a bit behind her right leg, then Levi slid his fingers into my wife's pussy again and from this angle, I had a great view of her mouth working on his cock and his fingers working over Brandie's pussy. Obviously, Levi had given some thought to all of this before hand, to give me the best show he could without me being there. I thought to myself, "Way to go, Levi!"

They stayed in this position for several minutes during which I enjoyed watching and listening to both their moans and groans of delight. At one point, Levi grabbed a handful of my wife's hair, and forcing her head up and down a couple of times on his cock, I heard Levi say to Brandie, "Damn girl! You suck a good cock!"

It always fills me with a certain amount of pride to hear a man compliment my wife on her sexual talents. I KNOW she's that good! He's just getting it right then, I get it whenever I want it!

I'm sure that Levi couldn't let her suck him too long or he'd bust his nut and he had promised me I would get a "whole show", so to speak, so he pulled Brandie up to him, kissed her a few times, rolled her onto her back, then he slid down between her legs and started licking her pussy. There wasn't anyway he could arrange for me to have a better view of that, so he just made it a good show by making her cum several times. While he was eating her pussy, my wife pulled her nightie top down and started rubbing and squeezing her own tits and nipples, I wished I was there to do that for her. Once in a while, Levi reached one hand, or the other up, and rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples for her.

I heard my wife moaning and groaning with pleasure from the feelings that Levi's mouth, lips, and teeth were bringing to her pussy. He made her cum several small times and then I could tell she was building to a bigger one. I heard her say, "Oh God. YES! Oh God. You're gonna make me cum! Oh fuck YEEESSSSS! That's soooooo fucking gooooood!", Then I saw my wife's stomach tense up, she lifted her ass up, shoving her pelvis hard into Levi's face, and she screamed as she went through the throes of a huge orgasm. I assumed that Levi might have discovered, (then again she may have told him at some point in time), that my wife likes to have her clit gently bitten as she's about to cum and sometimes it's difficult to hold on to it with your teeth while she's squirming around without biting it too hard. But it seems that as long as you don't bite it off, she loves it!

As Brandie came down off that orgasm, she lowered her ass back down on the bed, Levi came up for air and wiped his face off with his hand, I could see it was quite wet. Then he got on his knees between my wife's legs, pulled her towards him so that her ass was on the front of his thighs. He pulled her left leg up a little higher than her right, which he let lay on the bed next to his knees, so that her front was sort of angled towards the web cam across the room, (which by the way wasn't very big, the desk with the computer wasn't but just a few feet from the bed.). I saw Levi grab his hard cock in his hand and feed it in between my wife's wet pussy lips, then shove forward so that his whole cock disappeared up my wife's cunt. I had a perfect view of that! (Thanks Levi!)

I could hear my wife gasp as his cock entered her and I could see the look of sexual satisfaction on her face as she was obviously enjoying getting plowed by Levi's cock. Then he started the slow motion of drawing his cock back and forth, in and out of my wife, as he held her up on his thighs and kept her angled a little towards the web cam. I had a perfect view of his cock sliding in and out and I knew he was doing this for my benefit. My wife had her eyes closed and couldn't give a damn about what I could, or couldn't see, she was just enjoying getting fucked! Her tits were fully exposed and her nipples standing up hard as little brown rocks, Levi stopped stroking his cock in and out and just sat there for a minute with his cock in her, and pinching her nipples. I heard my wife say, "Damn! That feels good, but come on, fuck me! Quit teasing me."

So, Levi let her left leg back down on the bed, leaned down over her, sucked on her tits and nibbled at her nipples with his teeth a bit, all while just laying there with his cock buried deep in her cunt. My wife started bucking her hips and said, "Come on now! Quit teasing me. I want to fuck!"

So, Levi started fucking my wife in hard and fast, in and out motions. I heard his balls start that unmistakable spanking sound each time they slapped my wife's ass. My wife almost immediately began to cum. She groaned, screamed, tensed up and begged Levi to "PUSH!", pulling his pelvis in against hers as she came hard.

I couldn't stand all this any longer. Sitting in my dark office, watching my wife getting fucked on my computer screen by another man, 200 miles away, I pulled my cock out of my shorts and was gently stroking it, as gently as I could. I was leaking pre-cum and it was all over the head of my cock, in my hand, and I was thankful it was making things pretty slick so I could withstand cumming a little longer.

My wife's orgasm subsided and she eased her ass back down on the bed, Levi went back to pounding himself in and out of her, his balls again making that slapping sound. My wife grunted every time Levi hit bottom. I figured Levi was close to his own orgasm and he looked over at the web cam and said, "Hey man, I think this show is close to being over!"

Then he drove hard into my wife, held himself there and grunted as he emptied his balls and his load deep inside my wife's cunt! I heard my wife say, "Oh I'll bet that feels good, doesn't it baby?", then she continued, "Oh I feel that. It's so hot. Yeah, give it to me baby!"

Hearing my wife asking another man to dump his load of cum up inside her cunt, was more than I could stand! I exploded, shooting a cum stream several inches straight up in the air, followed by several smaller squirts, all captured by the hand towel I had in my left hand. It was a mind blowing orgasm that made me weak and momentarily blurred my vision! But DAMN! Did it feel great!

As I was wiping up and putting my cock back in my shorts, I saw Levi and my wife kissing. I heard him telling her how good she was and how much he had enjoyed that. I heard her respond with, "It was great for me too. I look forward to more of that before the night's over." Even though I had just cum, I felt my cock twitch, hearing my slutty wife telling another man, that she wanted "more" of his cock!

Levi got up off the bed and I saw strings of their combined cum juices dripping off the end of his dick onto my wife's leg, and his bed, as he stood up. He grabbed the microphone, placed it back on the desk and pulled the chair back over to sit down in it. I saw Brandie, behind him, get off the bed and disappear to the left of the screen, I assumed she was going to the bathroom. Levi said, "Well? How was that show?"

"That was fantastic man! I really appreciate that you obviously put a little thought into that and gave me some pretty good looks of what was going on.", I responded.

"Well actually I did.", he said. "I gave it some thought and I laid here on my bed thinking about it for several nights before tonight and tried to think of how I could give you the best show. Brandie and I even practice that blow job scene when we got back from dinner, before she changed. I wanted to see how well that would work out."

I said, "Damn! I would have loved to have seen that! I love watching Brandie having sex when she's wearing a sexy outfit like that. I hate that I missed that! Did ya just "practice"? Or did she suck you all the way off?"

Levi said, "We just practiced a little bit. We didn't have a lot of time and I didn't want to be late meeting you on line."

Then I told him, "Well, you did just fine. It was quite exciting! I have to admit, that I would much rather have been there, but this was kind of a cool experience. I was able to hold off to the end and I had a mind blowing orgasm!"

He said, "Yeah, I heard ya grunting on our end, right there at the end.", then he laughed.

Then Brandie came back from the bathroom and Levi got up and went to the bathroom while Brandie sat back down in front of the web cam. I told her, "That was awesome baby! How was it for you?"

She laughed and said, "Well ya know the sex was great! But I'm not too much into this web cam, cyber sex bit."

"Well yeah, I know you don't like to sit in front of a web cam and do yourself, or have me play with you, while someone else watches, but this was me watching. Not some stranger out in cyberspace."

"Yeah, I know.", she said, "But still it's kind of strange. It's different when you're here. I'll be honest with you, I really didn't think about you much while we were doing it, because you weren't here. But when I did think about you, I wondered what you could see. When you're here, you move around and can see whatever you want to see. I don't have to wonder if you're seeing what you want to see. It seems more natural when you're here. It doesn't have to be scripted, or choreographed. You just move around and see what you want to see."

I said, "Well trust me, from my perspective, it was fine. It was a cool experience, but honestly, I do like being there better. When I'm there, I can get in on the action. Why don't ya jump in the car and come on home? You could be here by 1 AM, or so and we could fuck till daylight."

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