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Watching Susan Submit


My wife Susan is mid fifty with light brown hair, shapely legs, a nice tight ass, lovely large breasts, and with a sparsely haired light brown pussy. She's a wonderful lover, and her pussy always seems to be wet and ready after just a few moments of kissing or petting. She loves to kiss and I love to kiss her and feel the wetness of her mouth and texture of her tongue. We have a wonderful sex life, even after 30 years of marriage, although we have slowed down a bit. Recently, we've begun to share fantasies while making love, and our most frequent fantasy is sharing her with another man.

One night we were at home, kids are grown and out of the house except for our youngest daughter away at college, and our neighbor Chad, was over for dinner and drinks. Chad is a handsome single guy about 10 years younger than us. I often visualize Chad and my wife together but know that it would not be likely. We had a nice dinner with wine, cleaned up the kitchen and settled in the living room with more drinks and conversation. I noticed that throughout dinner, Chad and my wife kept having moments where their eyes locked on each other then they would look away. Chad had recently become a source of one of our fantasies when making love. Anyway the conversation continued and soon we were on our 2nd bottle and feeling a little buzzed.

We were all three on the couch and I got up to get more wine. When I returned, Chad and my wife were sitting next to each other chatting. I refilled our glasses, put on some smooth jazz music and sat in the recliner across from them. Occasionally Chad's leg would brush my wife's. She either didn't notice or didn't care as she never moved away from him. I excused myself to the upstairs bathroom (hoping that leaving them alone together would spark something). My wife gave me a quizzical glance but I felt she was reading my mind.

I took extra long and I could hear them talking softly. Chad told my wife how attractive she looked and that he'd be tempted to start something with her if we all weren't such good friends. My wife replied by telling Chad that she was also attracted to him and that I probably left them alone in hopes that something would happen. She then told Chad that we often talked about him when making love and that I not only wouldn't mind them being intimate but it would most certainly excite me. My wife had only been with me since our marriage 30 years ago, so I wondered how it would feel for her to romantically and passionately kiss someone other than me after so long. It then got really quiet and I quietly peeked downstairs into the living room and noticed that they were kissing. I became immediately hard and my heart began pumping rapidly as if it were going to come out of my chest. Their tongues intertwined, swirling around, exploring each other's mouths. Their kissing was very passionate and heated as I heard my wife sigh as she melted into the arms of another after so many years. She knows I fantasize about them together when masturbating, and she seemed very turned on.

Continuing to kiss her passionately, Chad lowered her onto the couch and began rubbing her breasts under her blouse. She didn't resist one bit, so he removed it and her bra. She was getting very aroused and took off his shirt never breaking their heated kiss. I could hear her moaning while their tongues were rapidly exploring each other. Unlike my hairy chest, Chad had no hair on his chest and she immediately tweaked and gently pinched his nipples, and then sucked and tongued one before moving to the other while gently stroking his cock through his pants. Chad then removed his pants but not his underwear. My wife could not take her eyes off of his growing bulge. Suddenly she reached for him and began rubbing it through his underwear. She removed his shorts and his cock sprang free fully erect. It was beautiful!

This was the first cock she had seen in person and was about to touch and mouth other than mine in many years. My wife gasped, then hungrily took it in her hands and guided it to her mouth. I almost lost my load watching my wife of 30 years suck hungrily on Chad's cock. I knew how good he felt as I love it when she sucks and licks me. I was proud of her and wanted him to know how good she is. Chad was enjoying this as he was moaning and I could tell that he was about to cum. My wife would try to deep throat him then swirl her wonderful tongue around his cockhead. She slowed down and I knew she wanted him inside her, and so did he. My beautiful wife was flush and I knew the look in her eyes as one of "take me now", as she looked at Chad.

I could not believe my ears, my eyes or my luck. I had fantasized about this and here it was happening. I was surprised but excited by her boldness and wantonness. Maybe she wanted me to see her since I had talked about watching her with another man when we were making love. I was enjoying the show so far and couldn't wait to see if she would let him enter her.

Chad stood her up and peeled all of her remaining clothes off, then laid her back down on the couch. He slowly started licking her from the inside of her thighs to her pussy. She was squirming and moaning low and deep. He reached her sweet sparsely haired pussy, slowly parted her pussy lips and inserted his tongue swirling it around and then flicking her clit. She loves having her pussy eaten and this drove her crazy and she built towards a massive orgasm. I could hear her voice fall into a low guttural moan as she said " OH GOD, I'M CUMMING, OH ,OH ,GOD, UMMPHH, OH" breathing very heavily while Chad was tenderly licking her, "OH MY GOD, THAT'S SO INTENSE, OH, UMMPHH, AHH". She finally settled down some and whispered in an all familiar way, "I want you inside of me".

They were kissing and touching each other like animals, moaning and breathing hard as Chad was lowering her to the couch. She opened her legs wide, inviting him to climb on and take her. He was fully erect as he lowered himself onto her. She took his cock and guided it to her very wet pussy, rubbing it up and down on her slit. Her pussy was so wet with the combination of her orgasm and Chad's saliva that the pubic hairs were soaked. Chad moaned as she did this and slowly began to push into her. I couldn't help but wonder what this new cock felt like to her after having only my cock in her for years.

I was amazed at how erotic this was watching my wife, with my friend, on our couch, getting ready to fuck. My cock was throbbing as I saw Chad give a push and sink 3 inches into her hot pussy. She moaned loudly and squirmed to get it all in. He pulled out then sank in more. Again she moaned and squirmed. "AH, GOD, OOOOHHHH!" Chad retreated, and with one last gentle steady push, he slid fully in. This sent her over the edge as she squealed with pleasure. "OH CHAD, OH, OOOHHH, GOOOOODDDDDD! Then she locked her lower legs around his ankles as she does with me, and she began actively fucking him, repeatedly rubbing her clit up and down, grinding it against his pubic bone. Her ass was clenching and then releasing and I knew her pussy was doing the same on his cock as her breathing became heavy and quickened as she moved closer toward orgasm. OOOHHH MYYY GOD, I'M CUUUUMMMMINNGGGGG, OH FUCK, UMMMPHHH, OH GOD, OH AH, OH, OOOHHHUUUMMPPHH.

She was so caught up in her lust that she couldn't control herself. It was exciting beyond belief to witness.

Chad reached her inner depths with his wonderful cock and began slowly working his way in and out of her fully stretched pussy. I could tell she was taking him more easily now because she started meeting his thrusts by pushing her hips up toward him. His pace was quickening and she was going wild meeting his every push with an upward thrust of her own all the while, both of them moaning like an animals.

My wife seemed so very stimulated as she kept uttering, "OH GOD, GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT TO ME, YOU FEEL SOOOO GOOD, I LOVE IT, OH MY GOOOODDDDDD, OHHH FUUUUCKKKK ME".

At this point, my wife's breathing was super erratic as though she may pass out. Chad then reached both hands under her sweet ass, each hand gripping a cheek and grinding himself into her, mashing her clit with his pubic bone. She loves it when I do this, and I knew Chad could feel her ass cheeks flexing as she milked his cock inside her. Chad announced that he was about to cum and she said, "CUM IN ME, SQUIRT DEEP INSIDE OF ME, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUMM. I want your CUMM in me." Hearing this, I nearly lost my load in my hands as I saw that Chad was grinding and pounding her as hard as he could while she was moaning. She could feel his cockhead swell as he suddenly clinched his butt tightly and said, "I'M CUMMING". "Yes, yes", she said, "cum in me, I want you to cum in me, fill me." He was moaning loudly and my wife was out of her mind, so much that I could no longer understand what she was uttering.

They came wildly together for what seemed like minutes.

Soon they both settled down catching their breath. Chad remained on top of her for a few minutes circling his cock inside of her until he became soft. I could tell she was still having post orgasmic tremors but stopped when he pulled out, her wonderful pussy now red, wet, and gaping open without his cock to fill it.

They gently kissed for a few minutes, and my wife told Chad that she now wanted me inside her to feel her CUMM filled pussy, so Chad dressed and left while she came to join me. She looked at me with uncertainty, but it soon melted away as I immediately approached her, hugged and kissed her and told her that I loved her. She then lay face up on our bed as I laid bedside her, gently kissing her sweet mouth and face, sucking her tongue that just a few minutes earlier had been in Chad's mouth. I kissed her neck as I cupped her large breasts and suckled each nipple, tasting the mild saltiness of Susan and Chad's combined perspiration covering her body. I moved to her tummy and then her inner thighs, finally reaching her pussy, still wet and pink. I inhaled the heavy muskiness of their love making and licked around her lips, licking and sucking their combined CUMM from her pussy hair, then dipping my tongue deep inside, bringing their fluids into my mouth, tasting and swirling my tongue within my mouth to get their full flavor.

My baby then told me that she wanted me inside her, so I moved up her body, she grabbed my cock and circled it around her dripping pussy, gathering moisture for my entrance. I then slowly entered her, still tender as we slowly made love, her pussy wet and more lubricated than ever with their combined fluids, kissing each other until the urgency built and our movements grew frantic, quickly bringing us to the brink of orgasm. I cupped her ass as Chad had moments before, my cock swirling in a mixture of his sperm and her wetness, and visualizing my beautiful wife now taking me as she had taken him caused my cock to engorge and explode within her, bringing her to yet another orgasm.

As we slowed and opened our eyes to look at each other, I told her that watching her make love was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Watching your wife as an observer while she makes love is very different than watching when I'm the one making love to her. I then told her how much I love her and that next time, I want her to be with both Chad and me at the same time. She thought for a moment, looking in my eyes, and said I'd like that too.

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