tagBDSMWBDP - Brianna Delivers Pt. 16

WBDP - Brianna Delivers Pt. 16


Sam hears about Dawn's and Chantelle's adventures with Joe, plus more fun and games occur. Like most of the chapters in Worlds Best Diet Plan, this contains scenes of bondage and discipline, primarily spanking or orgasm denial. It contains scenes of oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, intercourse, lesbian sex, interracial sex with a little exhibitionism thrown in. The usual proviso is provided. If these things are offensive to you, don't read it. On the other hand, I try to throw a lot of different things in there so there can be something for everyone.


World's Best Diet Plan - Brianna Delivers, Pt 16

Nobody woke up before Dawn's alarm the following morning. When it went off, Dawn groaned and got out of bed. She moved slowly and with some stiffness, exhibiting she was still sore from the previous night. I got up to use the facilities. When I was done, I went back into the bedroom and Chantelle was still in bed, lying stretched out and beautiful.

"Aren't you going to get up?" I asked.

"You do want to hear what happened last night, do you not, Monsieur?"

"Yes, I do."

"I can assure you that when I tell you, you will want to fuck, Monsieur, and I would prefer to do so in bed. It is much more comfortable."

"Aren't you clever?"

"Oui, Monsieur."

I got back into bed and lay down facing her, our faces about nine inches apart.

"Go ahead, tell me about your evening."

"On the entire drive, I explained all I planned on doing and what her part would be. We stopped at a pharmacy and bought the condoms, and at a Chinese restaurant Dawn knew about for some take out. I am afraid most of it ended up getting wasted which is why we were so hungry last night..."

Dawn stopped in the doorway of the bedroom to say goodbye. "Goodbye, Master. Goodbye, Chantelle. I'll pick you up after work."

"Goodbye, little one," Chantelle replied. "I look forward to another night with you."

Dawn left and Chantelle continued her story. "I led her into Joe's apartment on her leash. She carried the food, I carried the condoms. Joe was quite surprised to see her on a leash and asked about it. I told him when I suggested I had found a nice little plaything, I was talking about more than someone with the ability to please a woman, I was talking about someone who was nothing but a toy to be played with. I explained Dawn was a submissive who was learning to be pleasing to whoever desired her body. I quickly saw how Joe responded to this. I said Dawn had prepared for the last week to have her anal virginity taken and Joe was the one picked for this task.

"Joe was a little concerned at first. He worried Dawn might not be there of her own free will. Dawn assured him she was there of her own volition. She worked at a local store and had met me through someone who visited the store. She was intrigued and agreed to serve me in all my needs. She was free to leave at any time if she wished and was under no compulsion to be there other than her decision to do so. She said she chose to be there because she was having the best sex of her life and wanted to explore her submissive tendencies to the fullest extent.

"I told Dawn to undress so Joe could fully appreciate her. She removed all her clothes and I told her to display. She got into her position and I walked around her with Joe, pointing out her many assets. When I ran my fingers through her cunt, I showed Joe the evidence of her arousal on my fingertips, before making her lick them clean. We all sat down to eat and had a little of the food, but I bid Dawn get under the table to lick my cunt while I ate. This was the beginning of the end for our dining. She soon had me squirming in my first climax of the evening. I told Joe she was available for his pleasure if he wished and was just learning to deep throat. If he had any tips or pointers to offer, feel free to give them to her. He wished to experience her newfound skill for herself. She crawled under the table to Joe and released his swollen cock and started sucking it. She had a little difficulty talking all of him into her mouth as she does you.

"'Please, sir,' she said, 'I am still learning to do this and you are quite large. Would you please put your hands on my head and help push it down so I may take the last inch or so of your cock in my throat. That is the moment Joe stopped eating. He assisted her in taking all of his prick by pushing her over his cock. He became quite excited doing this and quickly exploded down her throat. Dawn took it all and licked Joe clean. She kept licking and sucking his cock until he was hard again. Dawn got out from under the table, lay down on the top of it with her legs spread. 'Sir, I see you are still hard. Would you like to fuck my cunt now?' Joe looked at me, wondering what I thought about everything that was happening. I handed him a condom and said, 'You can see she would like to cum, Joe,' pointing out her stiff nipples, her erect clit, her gaping pussy, the fluid leaking from it, 'you do not plan to disappoint her, do you?'

"I opened the condom and put it over his cock. He stared at me like I was an alien for a moment, but it did not stop him from plunging his cock deep in our Dawn's fresh pussy. I told Dawn she was allowed to cum. She urged him to fuck her hard; she liked it hard. He pounded her briskly for several minutes giving her two orgasms in the process. Finally, he came himself, filling his condom with his sperm. 'Normally,' I said, 'I would love to suck your cum from her pretty cunt at this point. It is a shame we have to use condoms, but c'est la vie. I will have to do with her cum alone.' While she lay spread on his dining room table, I dined on her cunt, giving her two more orgasms. Each time she begged me to cum and I gave her permission. Joe got hard again, watching me bring her to those orgasms."

Chantelle was right. I was as hard as a steel fence post as she told her story and I told her so. She looked down at my rampant prick and said, "I can suck you, Monsieur, and delay the telling of the story while I do so, or if you lie on your back, I will mount you and can continue speaking as we fuck? Your choice."

"Mount me. I want to hear more." I lay flat with my cock rising like the Washington Monument from the tidal basin. Chantelle climbed aboard, as wet and aroused as I was. She didn't really move much, not desiring to cum yet, nor make me cum. Most of what she did was internal, the flexing of her cunt muscles to stimulate me slowly to allow us time for her to complete the story.

"Where was I Monsieur?"

"Licking Dawn to orgasm on Joe's table."

"Of course, Monsieur. Seeing Joe was hard again, I said, 'Since you are ready to fuck again, Joe, let us retire to your bedroom where you can relieve Dawn of her anal cherry.' We all went to his bedroom where I finally stripped of my clothes. I had Dawn lie down on the bed, face down. I took out the lube and spread it around her anal opening, even pushing a little inside. I put another condom on Joe and spread lube all over his wrapped cock. 'Because this is her first anal fucking,' I said, 'I will try to ease her into the first one by licking her cunt at the same time you fuck her ass.' I got down on the bed and ordered Dawn to get over me. 'Give me a couple minutes to get her motor going,' I told Joe, 'then I will spread her ass cheeks for you to take her.' He agreed. What else would he say? I gave Dawn permission to cum as she would and she and I started to pleasure one another and when I could tell Dawn was ready to cum, I spread her cheeks for him, paving the way for him. He climbed onto the bed with us and kneeling by my head, put his cock against her hole. 'Remember, Joe, this is her first time. Do not ruin anal sex for her by being too rough the first time. I would like her to enjoy this.'

"He slowly pushed into her ass, going slow as I requested. Dawn was squealing and whimpering while he speared her, but I kept licking and sucking her clit, so she had an orgasm despite the penetration of her ass. She was used to the width of Joe from the plugs, but not quite the length of him. He kept going, but easily, giving her time to accept him. When I saw he was fully embedded in her buttocks, I licked and sucked his balls. Giving her a couple minutes to adjust, he finally started fucking her because of my continued stimulation of his ball sack, but he still moved slowly. Dawn started to sing a new tune, less squealing and more moaning and I went back to licking her cunt. She quickly had her next orgasm after that, and another one a short time later. Of course, Joe had cum twice already, once in her cunt and her mouth, so he had some stamina this time. Still, he never pounded her hard until she asked for him to fuck her harder. He complied, but still only incrementally increasing speed and force. He finally orgasmed a third time even as Dawn did."

Chantelle was still moving very slowly on my cock, doing more internally than she was externally. I urged her to go faster.

"You wish to cum, Monsieur."

"Yes, I would."

She sped up, saying, "Very well. I suggest you remain in my cunt after you cum. I suspect you will get hard again soon enough. Let me see, Joe had just cum in Dawn's ass. I was feeling a little tense right then, so I said since Joe would need to rest after climaxing for a third time. I wanted Dawn to satisfy me. She had not done well in that regard while Joe was fucking her ass, it distracted her too much from the task at hand. So I lay down on the bed and had Dawn pleasure me. As she licked my cunt, I remembered what you said about Joe possibly being competitive. I said, 'No one can orally pleasure a woman as much as another woman, and do not get me started on how frequently a woman can climax as opposed to a man. It is why I normally prefer women to men. Unlimited capacity for sex. I can fuck my toy all night long and she will keep cumming as long as I keep fucking. You cannot say that about a man.' Apparently, my statement awoke his competitive spirit. He said, 'I can lick pussy as well as she can.' I replied, 'You probably can. She just start licking cunt a week ago. She's still learning. I assume you began doing it longer ago and with more women. I do know a man who is almost as good as a woman in LA. He has an extraordinary tongue and how he can fuck. He kept four women satisfied for an entire night though he could barely talk the next morning and his cock was rubbed raw. I must admit we had to use a prostrate stimulator a few times toward the end to get him up again, but what a stud he was. Four women, can you imagine?'"

The increased speed of Chantelle's fucking and the stimulation provided by her narrative of the events of the previous night had me ready to pop and as soon as she mentioned the time I'd had to satisfy the four women on the cruise, I grunted and expelled my load of cum up her cunt. Chantelle smiled at me. "You remember, don't you, Monsieur?"

"I certainly do," I answered. "The best and worst night of my life."

Chantelle laughed, causing her cunt to squeeze tighter on my shaft, milking a little more cum from it. She kept moving, hoping by doing so, I'd stay hard enough to finally reach another erection as she continued her tale.

"Joe immediately challenged me, saying we should have a contest now to see who could pleasure me best. Not one to back down from a challenge resulting in more ecstasy for moi, I accepted. I said the first person to give me an orgasm was usually at a disadvantage in such a contest as they had to work harder to get my motor revving. I suggested to him Dawn should give me my initial orgasm, then we should start timing the second. He could go for my second or my third, his choice, but the winner would be the one who made me cum sooner, and I said he would have a chance to show how much stamina he had in him tomorrow night, when Dawn and I could both spend the night with him. He agreed, and thinking he would benefit from being the third one to go, said he would go last. I told Dawn I expected her to do her very best at pleasing me or I should give her a spanking over my knee, and might anyway if she let Joe win.

"Joe had a stop watch and he got it for the contest. Dawn brought me to my first orgasm and Joe started the timer. I actually wanted Joe to win so I could spank Dawn in front of him, so I resisted my release as much as I could. Dawn is really becoming quite good, so I still orgasmed after three and a half minutes. Of course, my orgasm was explosive as I was holding back. He stopped Dawn from continuing to lick through the end of my climax and wrote down the time. He got between my legs and as soon as his tongue touched me, started the timer again. I kept a silent count in my head as I wanted him to win. He really is quite good, Monsieur. Not quite to your level, but he shows promise. I resisted his efforts until it seemed three minutes had passed, then released. He stopped the timer and declared himself the winner at three minutes, five seconds."

Chantelle was right. I could feel my cock swelling in her cavern now, still wet and warm.

"I congratulated Joe on his victory, saying he hadd clearly won on speed, though Dawn had given me the superior climax, so I thought his victory was less than satisfactory. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I ordered Dawn over my knees. 'How dare you let a man lick cunt better than you,' I said. 'It is disgraceful.' 'I am sorry, Chantelle, for disappointing you. Please spank my naughty ass,' Dawn replied. 'I will make it thirty swats.' 'Please, Mistress, you should spank me fifty for letting you down.' Dawn said. Now, much of this had been planned in advance. Dawn knew she would be spanked, and I wanted her to ask for more than I offered so Joe would believe she was a willing participant. 'Of course, dear; fifty it is.' Joe watched in astonishment as I proceeded to spank Dawn's bottom and it became even more apparent she was willing when she climaxed during the course of her spanking. I hoped she would, but unsure if she could. When I was done, Dawn saw Joe had another erection and pleaded with him to fuck her ass again. I did not plan on her ass being fucked again, thinking it too soon, but I went along with it. I handed Joe another condom and said, 'You might as well. This little slut clearly wants it and the feeling of her hot bottom rubbing against your groin will be most unique. He could not get the wrapper around his cock fast enough and he was soon plunging into Dawn's back door once more, going harder and faster this time around. Even without me stimulating her cunt, Dawn orgasmed twice more while Joe fucked her. After he finished in her, while she rested, I helped him clean the food off his table we left there when we adjourned to the bedroom.

"'How do you like my toy?' I asked Joe. 'Is she not exquisite?' 'She is quite a tiger,' Joe admitted. 'She really likes this stuff?' 'You could see for yourself,' I said. 'Look how many times she orgasmed for us.' I got down on my knees and started sucking on Joe's cock. He said, 'I am unsure if I can get it up again so soon.' 'Joe, how do you plan to satisfy only two women tomorrow night if you have to stop now to rest? I expected more from you after having a week to rest.' 'I do not need a lot of time, but no man is capable to fucking constantly, not even the bloke in LA.' 'It is true he had to rest occasionally, which is why his tongue was so sore,' I admitted. 'I really do need to cum again. I am confident my toy's tongue still works. I stood up and went back to the bedroom. I got over Dawn in a sixty-nine and we started to eat each other out, rapidly giving each other several more orgasms. Joe watched and soon had another erection. 'I told you I would be ready soon.' 'Good,' I replied. 'I need to feel your cock in my cunt. Put it in there while Dawn licks me. There is another condom on the nightstand. Hurry, I have yet to feel your cock in me.'

"Joe wrapped his cock again and plunged into me hard. I was ready for a hard fucking and told him so. 'Make me beg for your cock, big man.' He pounded me proper, Monsieur. Nearly as good as you did yesterday. With the lovely cunt licking Dawn was giving me, I easily climaxed three or four times before he did. When we removed his condom, it had almost no cum in it. He had already cum four times previously since we arrived and he must have been dehydrated by then."

Speaking of cumming, I was getting close again. I started rocking my hips up into Chantelle, going fast enough to bring me to a conclusion. Chantelle smiled down at me and started massaging my manhood in her tight twat.

"Of course, I still wanted him to cum in Dawn's cunt again so she could truly feel she was a three hole slut. I opened the next box of condoms and put another on the bedside table. I politely asked him to lie down on the bed. I rode his face for awhile while Dawn and I kissed and played with each others breasts. When Joe began to stir again, Dawn started sucking his cock again until he had a proper erection. She then wrapped his cock and started riding his rod while I continued riding his face. We started kissing and playing with each other as we used him for our pleasure. I climaxed twice more and Dawn three times. Joe finally gave a strangled cry and orgasmed again, even less fluid this time. Then we came home."

Speaking of strangled cries, I gave one and orgasmed in Chantelle again. I probably had a lot more fluid in mine than Joe had in his. Fuck! What a great story. Chantelle leaned down and kissed me. I grabbed hold of her and held her close while pumping a few more times in her cunt.

"Can I make you breakfast now, Monsieur, or perhaps lunch," She asked.

"No. I'll be fine with some more of your stew if you left any. It's delicious. You need to send an email to your Mistress and tell her everything you told me. I'm sure she'll enjoy it."

"I will do so this afternoon, Monsieur." She clamped onto my cock one more time, wringing the last few drops from it before she climbed off me. She cleaned the evidence of our orgasms from my organ. "You left me soupy again, Monsieur. I shall have to douche again before going out tonight."

"Thank you, Chantelle. That was a great story. Are you looking forward to tonight?"

"I always look forward to a good fucking, Monsieur. I plan on getting more than last night for sure. Last night was all about Dawn; tonight, I expect fucking for me. I hope Joe has had a lot of fluids today. Even though we have the whole night ahead of us, he will be hard pressed to cum six times again. I'm going to make food for us tonight. Since we have the entire night, we do not need to rush over like last night. I will tell Joe to go ahead and eat and we will be over after dinner since we did not eat much last night. If we could, I would like to get some more groceries. We don't have much more and with tonight and tomorrow, plus Monday and Wednesday, we will need four more evening meals, plus breakfasts and lunches. I am assuming we will eat out on Sunday and Tuesday."

"We will. We can buy groceries after we eat. I'm thinking we should also get something appropriately slutty for Dawn to wear on Tuesday in the Keys. Maybe not transparent, but clear enough to show she's not wearing any underwear. Key West is used to some outrageous clothing. During Fantasy Fest, nudity and lewd acts are still illegal, but body painting and bare breasts are tolerated within the fantasy zone, although you have to cover up outside the zone. I've seen a lot of bare boobs down there, some of which I wish I could unsee."

"Not body shaming, Monsieur?"

"Not exactly, but I know I wouldn't have gone out looking like I did two years ago. I like to have a little pity on the viewer."

Chantelle reheated the stew in the microwave and we both had some. I had two more bowls and we pretty much used it all. What little was left wouldn't make a half bowl so into the disposal it went. We dressed to go out and I stopped at Belk's before groceries. We went inside and looked around in the women's section for something Dawn might be humiliated to wear. We looked at several items, picking a few which might fit the bill, then Chantelle went into one of the dressing rooms to try them on. I waited right outside.

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