tagRomanceWe Don't Need Words

We Don't Need Words


We barely make it in the door before clothes start coming off. A frenzy of kisses...your hot, wet lips covering mine. Your tongue enters my mouth. Hands roaming everywhere. You clumsily put your key in the lock, then manage to push the door open at last. We tumble inside. I'm already unzipping your jeans as you fumble with the door handle, trying to get it closed. I can hear your neighbors coming down the hallway just outside, but I really don't give a fuck as I reach down the front of your jeans and grab your cock. Finally, the door slams shut and you fall back against it, moaning. Your arms encircle me. Your fingertips dig into my back as I stroke your cock in my fist. Hot breath against your ear. A moan escapes my lips. One light kiss on your neck. Your hand traces up my back. You pull me in tight against you. Your hands wander until finally settling on the back of my neck. With a steel grip, you twist my neck so that I'm looking up at your face. Piercing eyes. You look hungry. As you lean in, your lips find mine again...just as ravenous as before.

We don't need words. You can tell from my kiss that I am yours...at least for these next precious few hours. Never breaking our kiss, you begin guiding me towards the back of your apartment. I know we're going straight to your bedroom. You don't have to ask...you know it's what I want, too.

Your warm touch feels so good on my hot skin. My heart's pounding. I need to feel you...more of you. I need our naked, sweaty bodies to be up against one another. I need it more than I need to breathe.

Before we even make it to your bedroom, I grab the hem of your shirt and lift it over your head, discarding it on the living room floor. I run my hands over your naked arms...up your strong shoulders...down your chest. Your sizzling skin feels even better than I thought it would. I lean in and bite your shoulder lightly as I wrap my arms around you. I stop a second and kick off my high heels. You keep moving forward with me in tow. You're dying to have me and unwilling to wait another second.

Finally, we make it to your bedroom. Clothes start flying. My blouse. Your shoes. My jeans. Your jeans. My bra. Your boxers. Finally, my panties join the heap of clothing on the floor. And there we are. Naked. Starving. Our gazes fixed upon one another. Desire fills the room as we stand there, gently letting our fingers roam the new territory before us. Your hands wander up my shoulders. My fingers sink into your ass cheeks. Your fingers glide along my collarbone. Mine slowly move up the small of your back. Your fingers rest along the back of my neck. Your thumbs run down my windpipe. I bring my hands up and wrap my delicate fingers around your wrists. My breath catches in my throat. I meet your gaze once more. You kiss me...a deep, penetrating, mind-boggling kiss. That's the moment I get lost in you.

We don't need words. You envelope me and lift me off my feet, gently guiding me down onto your bed. I settle into the center and you lay beside me. As you hover over me, the back of your hand brushes against my cheek. I smile up at you. You, in turn, kiss my nose. I giggle. Your eyes pierce me to the core. I stare back, hoping you can see what I feel. You do. I can feel your hard cock against my soft belly. I want to feel you. I want you inside me...inside my body, inside my soul that I keep so closely guarded. I want to give you all of me tonight.

Another hungry kiss. You pull away abruptly and study my face. I feel your hot breath against me and it drives me insane. I beg you with my eyes...devour me. You lean in and bite my shoulder. As your teeth sink into my skin, my entire body arches upward into yours. You take my hands and bring them up over my head. My arms stretch upward until my fingers graze the headboard. You hold both my wrists in one of your big hands. Your other hand drifts down my body. Over the large, subtle mounds of my breasts...down the pooch of my tummy...between the soft skin of my creamy thighs. Your fingers skim along my slit, pulling with them my wetness. I breathe in deeply, inhaling your scent. I am yours...body and soul.

Your finger drives into my pussy so easily. I feel a release of pressure as you push your way inside me. I need this. I need this with you. Something suddenly feels hard against my leg...your cock. Your hips start bucking against the side of my leg along with the motion of your finger as it penetrates me. You need what I need. My eyes flash. You know it's time.

We don't need words. You crawl atop me, still holding my arms above my head. Your free hand moves to my waist. Without effort, your cock finds its way to my cunt. I feel you slip inside me, inch by glorious inch. Our eyes close. We moan together in the crisp, cool darkness. I revel in the feeling of your stiff cock filling me. You make my entire body shiver with excitement. I'm completely yours. You're completely mine. I can almost feel our souls intertwining.

You push your way inside me gradually...until our hips are finally pressed together. Hot flesh against hot flesh. I open my eyes and gaze up at you. I see a voracity in your eyes that matches mine. I know not to look away as you begin to move your hips into me. Your hot, hard cock glides against my soft, wetness. I move my legs up your body and wrap them tight around your waist, giving you full access to me while keeping you close. You bow your head slightly. Your hand shifts one of my breasts further up my chest and your mouth meets somewhere in the middle, taking one of my nipples past your lips. You never take your eyes off mine. I moan softly. You sigh in return. My heart races in tune with yours. You stare at me with intensity I never knew existed. I stare back, matching your passion. Your mouth suckles my nipple. Your hand squeezes my breast. Your hips rock into mine. Your cock glides in and out of my cunt. You have given yourself to me. I know it. I feel it.

We don't need words. You spring up and cover my mouth with yours. It's the deepest, most profound kiss of my lifetime. A kiss legends are made of. I want to sink my entire being into yours. Words cannot fully do justice to what is happening between us. As your tongue moves across mine, as I taste your essence, I have no doubt you feel the same way that I do.

You move your free hand beneath me now, drawing my entire body closer to you. Your other hand still holds my wrists above my head. You're staring down at me again. Passion. Desire. Hunger. None of those words are enough for what I see in your eyes. It's the most intense thing I've ever had the pleasure to behold. Your hips writhe faster against me. Your eyes continue to pierce me. Your cock pistons in and out of my cunt. Your soul wraps itself around mine. I've never made love to anyone like this before. We are "one" in every way possible.

I feel your hand snake down between our bodies. You locate my clit. Pulling some wetness upward, you beginning rubbing my sensitive little nub in hard, fast circles. Our eyes gaze into each other as our breathing turns to panting. You drive your cock harder into me. Deeper. You rub my clit faster. Lust flows out of every pore. I wrap my legs tighter around you, drawing my body up into an arch. My body burns for you. My heart aches. My soul dances. I've never in my life belonged to anyone the way I belong to you right now.

One last thrust and we cum...together. We moan in sync. Our mouths kiss lazily. I feel your cock twitching inside me as you fill me. My cunt, in turn, seizes your girth, milking you. My legs wrap tighter around your waist, drawing you nearer as they shake and shiver. You bring your other hand up and put it in mine. We hold hands. Our fingers interlace. Your hips begin to slow. Soon, the only sound left in the room is our heavy breathing. We squeeze each other's hands tightly as we lay there in the darkness that surrounds us, listening to each other's euphoric sighs. I release you from the grip I had around your waist and bring my legs down onto the bed again. Your body goes limp and you collapse onto the bed beside me. Your face nuzzles into my neck. You let go of my hands. I feel your caresses wander listlessly down my body. My arms immediately find their way around you. I turn slightly and draw you into my body.

I hike my leg up over your hip. You wrap your arms tight around me and lay your head against my chest. I run my fingers through your soft, silky hair. Your fingers move lazily up and down my back. I sigh loudly. I've never been so content in all my life. I could happily spend the rest of my life in your strong arms. I like the way you make me want to give myself to you completely. Most of all, though, I like that we don't need words. To never utter another sound as long as I live would be fine by me. You and I have this uncanny ability to communicate without consonants and vowels...something that I never realized was missing from my life. I cherish the gift you've given me tonight...the gift of you. I open my mouth to thank you, but then I realize that you already know what I'm feeling. We...don't...need...words.

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