tagHow ToWe Finally Did IT!!

We Finally Did IT!!


My wife of 7 years and I do a lot of fantasying during and before sex and we both get really turned on by Literotica stories especially if she thinks they are real.

A typical lovemaking session starts off with her reading Literotica stories to me while she strokes my erection with KY jelly. As she gets into the story she slips a vibrator into her pussy and as the story gets hotter she will climax several times. As the story ends she sucks my penis while inserting the vibrator into her pussy. She says if she lies on her stomach while sucking me the vibrator moves in and out of her until she has a mega orgasm which makes me immediately fill her mouth with tons of cum.

I have had a sheltered sex life but Chrissie has had a wild sex life since she was very young. I have convinced to tell me about all of the encounters she has had including 3 rapes, foursomes, threesomes, etc with well over 100 different men over the years. Needless to say I become very excited and tell her how I would love to see her getting screwed by several men. She keeps saying maybe someday but we both chicken out.

Chrissie often tells me the things she has done sexually are child's play compared to what her best friend Pam has done. When I ask her she says she can't get into the details but hints Pam and her husband Ryan may do a little discreet swinging.

The thought of us swinging with them really turns me on and knowing them I would bet that is all it would be sex for sex sake with no emotional repercussions after.

Finally after thinking about this for years I worked out a plan to make it happen and knew one is started rolling Chrissie would soon get into it with a passion.

One day I finally got the nerve to bring the subject up with Pam. I knew she had some unfulfilled sexual feeling about Chrissie and she might agree.

When I told Pam about the plan she seemed a little hesitant but soon got excited about the idea.

Because Chrissie was once into drugs and alcohol many, many years ago and often could not recall all the details of her younger sexual exploits because she was high we figured getting her high would do the trick.

The plan went well as we arrived at Pam's for the evening and she took out so strong pot. Chrissie wanted me to try it as I had never done it before. I said I would if she joined me, Pam, Ryan and Ryan's brother. Well we smoke up a storm and Chrissie was obviously high but maybe not high enough. Ryan's brother had some coke with him and Chrissie snorted a few lines. Wow she was flying.

She was seated on the couch between Ryan and his brother and in no time at all the three of them were kissing and groping each other as Pam and I watched.

Soon Ryan's hand was up Chrissie's shirt and he was massaging her clit as Ryan's brother had his hand in her blouse rubbing her large breasts. After about 15 minutes Chrissie had lost her panties, blouse and bra and was stroking Ryan's and his brothers' dicks as they rubbed her breasts and figure fucked her to her first orgasm of the evening.

Not to be left out I too had Pam naked and was sucking her cunt as she blew me in the classic 69 position. I quickly came in her mouth and she then went to eat Chrissie's cunt as Chrissie had Brian's cock in her mouth and his brother's cock in her hand.

I could never make Chrissie come orally and she said no man had ever made her come but Pam had her coming over and over again gently licking her clit while slowly fucking her with a realistic dildo that was at least 9 inches long. Meanwhile Brian offered his cock to Chrissie and she gladly started sucking & stoking it. You see sucking cock is her favorite thing to do and she secretly always wanted to suck Brian off. Chrissie was soon massaging Brian's ball and shaft until he just exploded into her mouth. Chrissie loved it and sucked him for another 5 minutes to get it all. As soon as Brian pulled out of her mouth his brother replaced him and he too soon pulled out and came all over her beautiful breasts. Within seconds Brian and Pam were liking the cum from Chrissie's breast as Brian's brother finger fucked her to another orgasm.

God I never had been so hard in my life. I quickly buried my cock into Pam and fucked her until we both came. Meanwhile Chrissie was being fucked by Brian from behind as she blew his brother for a second time. Chrissie was loving it and kept telling Brian to fuck her deeper and faster. You could see Chrissie's cunt juice pouring down her thighs. Like the grand finale at the Fourth of July fireworks display all five of us seemed to orgasm at the same time.

The party was not over yet as the four of us would take Chrissie on at the same time. Ryan's brother had Chrissie lower herself on his erection as Brian slid his cock into Chrissie ass. I got down between Chrissie and Ryan's brother to lick both her cunt and Ryan's brother's balls as Pam straddled Chrissie face to let her eat my come out of Pam's cunt.

We stayed the night and she sex was nonstop.

At breakfast the next morning Pam & Brian told us they were regular swingers belonging to a group of 12 professional couples whom are tested for STDS weekly and would like us to join them as regulars that evening. I got an immediate erection hoping that Chrissie would agree even though the pot and coke had worn off. She glanced over at my erection smiled and said absolutely YES.

That night the four of us drove to a large home on a nearby lake to meet the group. As advertised they were all professionals and pillars of the community.

Mary the hostess explained the rules to us and we agreed. She said they had a tradition that the female member of the new couple would have sex with all of the men there as the others cheered on but this was strictly voluntary and not mandatory.

Chrissies eyes light up as she quickly glanced at the twelve men ranging in age from late 20's to late 50's whom were all sporting obvious erections. She quickly disrobed and said " What are you waiting for take me" I almost came in my pants.

The group led Chrissie to "the playroom" which was covered my 8 king-size mattresses. The host a famous local attorney was the first to enter Chrissies pussy and slowly entered her with the largest cock I had ever seen at least 12 inches as a local surgeon entered her mouth. Chrissie was really into it and she soon not only had a cock in her mouth & cunt but also her ass and one in each hand. In less than 45 minutes she had fucked, sucked or jerked off all 12 men. Cum was oozing from her ass, mouth & cunt. Her breasts, face and stomach were drenched in sticky cum.

As the men finished with Chrissie the women now all naked joined Chrissie on the mattress licking every drop of cum off her entire body. As they kissed her, licked her cunt, breast, face and stomach. Chrissie then had a shattering orgasm which lasted all of ten minutes.

Needless to say we are now regular club members.

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