We Finally Meet


My daydream . . .

I'm at home, anxiously waiting, and I get her call on the phone.

We've been talking over email, hoping to meet each other someday, and it's finally going to happen. My voice is quivering when I pick up the phone and say hello.

I hear her soft, throaty, feminine voice, and I'm immediately enraptured. Her voice soothes and calms me, reassuring me somehow. She also commands my full attention even though I haven't even seen her in person yet. She tells me, softly, to come to her, so I hang up the phone and go to her apartment as she asks . . .

I'm at her apartment door. As I knock, my heart is beating fast with anticipation and fear. I can't help but be excited and scared to meet her; you see, I've never met a beautiful, ultra-feminine transgender woman like her before, and I don't know what to expect.

She opens the door in her dark red robe, and pulls me gently into the room. We don't even speak – we just follow each other's cues. She leads me into the bedroom and back towards the bed, and then she sits down as I stand before her, admiring her body . . . looking at her ample cleavage, her beautiful facial features, the piercing look in her emerald eyes, her long flowing black hair, and her smooth legs. She's more beautiful than any woman that I've ever seen before, and there's something about her that makes me putty in her hands. I'm confused as to why I feel this way about a transgender woman, being completely straight myself, but . . . I can't resist her advances, even if I wanted to. Her beautiful smile completely melts away any of my fears, destroys my inhibitions, and warms my heart.

She begins to undo her robe slowly. I see a hint of her breasts, then more, as she plays with the top of her robe. Slowly, she parts it and I can see the front of her body, naked and beautiful and perfect. I see the full form of her curvy, voluptuous figure, her breasts, and her beautiful, feminine cock between her legs . . . and I don't back away or leave the room like other close-minded men might, nor do I think immediately about fucking her like other men do . . . I don't know why I'm different, but I want to give to her, not just take.

I immediately get down on my knees in front of this beautiful woman, sexier than any girl I'd ever met and with a smile that could move mountains, and I start to suck her cock, my head bobbing up and down between her legs, like an eager young man. I'm so ready to please this woman that everything else ceases to matter . . . the confusion about why a straight man like me would be so drawn to a woman like her disappears. The only thing left is my strong resolve to make her feel good, to take her cock deep into my mouth like she deserves, show her that I am worth her time and her love, and to rub my cheeks against the insides of her thighs . . . where my face belongs. The feeling of her throbbing member inside my mouth makes me feel overjoyed . . . I feel as if I've finally found my rightful place, kneeling in front of her and caressing her with my tongue and mouth and fingers, between her legs. I let her guide me and tell me how to suck her the best way possible, playing with her all the while with my fingers . . .

She looks down at me, smiling and turned on as much as I am, and decides to reward my love and my child-like eagerness. She pulls me up, we both stand, and after being stripped naked, she pushes me gently but assertively back onto the bed. Lubing herself up, she picks up my thighs in one deft motion and pushes them back so she can have full access to me.

Her swollen, rigid cock begins to tease my ass, sliding just along the crack, as I sigh in pleasure, anticipation, and a bit of fear. Then she slides in, just an inch at first, as I start to groan in pain, a pain that I have never felt before . . . which leads ultimately to unimaginable pleasure. She eases herself in, further, slowly, further, and finally has penetrated me up to the hilt. I think momentarily to myself during the pain, "Why am I letting this happen to me?"

But then she starts to fuck me, slowly at first, rhythmically and with a look of deep intent in her eyes. And I understand why I let her do this with me, why I trust her to take me, and how good it feels to have her inside of me, while seeing her breasts bouncing and her hair flying in front of me. . . such a beautiful lady fucking me, so deep inside my body, my entire being about to rack with orgasm without her even touching my cock, I know it's so right and exactly what needs to happen and is exactly where I need to be. With her. She makes me call out, makes me ask her for more, asserting her dominance while assuring herself and me of our mutual love, and fucks me harder and harder until . . .

- - - -

. . . and that's always where the daydream ends, because I'm still waiting for her to find me, to show me that I'm right about all this, and that dreams like this do really come true.

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