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We Survived


I had come from a low-income rural family and had studied hard in high school to earn grades good enough to get a scholarship to go to the best university in my state. The first year was boring enough, having to take all those core units was a drag. I was waiting to get into the zoology and history classes, which were part of my double major. But it was in introductory chemistry that my life began to change. All because of one girl. Her name was Caitlin, she had the most amazing and dazzling shoulder length red hair you could imagine, and the sweetest grey eyes you could imagine, and add that to her well-proportioned body and you had the makings of a queen. We even got teamed up on a class lab project, where I unfortunately exhibited all the traits of the sophomore geek that I was. Coming from a small country town the number of girls my age was relatively small, and the number of relatively attractive ones could be counted on one hand. So my experiences with the opposite sex were bordering on non-existent.

Because of her beauty and her position on the starting line-up of the university women's basketball team made her all but untouchable, except in my dreams, which frequently featured her. The good this was that I loved basketball, so I went to each home game that I could. I enjoyed the grace and fluidity that she showed when she moved down the court, and it didn't hurt that I was practically mesmerised by the movement of her ample breasts hidden underneath her jersey.

In order to help pay for my boarding costs I got a job with the university as a cleaner. It allowed me go all over the campus. One time I was in a storage room located in the basement of the Athletics Building, a room that I had never been to previously, looking for one of the floor polishing machines my supervisor had told me was down there somewhere. I was fossicking around the room until I spotted the floor polisher. It was about to move the table it was hiding under when I heard voices, female voices. Intrigued I moved some of the boxes on top of the table aside and stood up on it, hoping that it wasn't going to fall over. Once I had stood up straight I noticed that there was a vent about shoulder height. Slowly I stepped forward and peered through. Oh my goodness, it was as if all my birthdays had come at once. It was the girls change room that you could only get to from the other side of the building. It was a forest of wonderful breasts of all shapes and sizes, ranging from the petite cup cake sized breasts to the enormous DD behemoths. I was enjoying the view, when the situation got even better. I heard the name of the maiden of my dreams, Caitlin, being called out. I couldn't really make out what they were saying, but that didn't bother me, as I was standing there transfixed upon Caitlin's glowing breasts. They were beautiful, and big, being at least a good C cup in size. They seemed to hang in the air, as if to defy gravity with her beauty. Caitlin had a towel wrapped around her waist, while she used another to dry her upper body. Slowly she wiped the gleaming water off of her breasts, by now I was quite hard and half expected my engorged manhood to burst through my jeans. But all good things must come to an end, and she moved away from my view.

Returning to a state of semi-conscious reality I remembered what I was in the room for and quickly gathered the floor polisher and pushed it out into the hallway. I turned and locked the door once more and went back to my cleaning duties, satisfied with a thousand sights that will enrich my wandering dreams at night. I would return to the room several more times during the semester, but I would never see Caitlin in all her glory again. Resigned to my fate I gratefully accepted the booby prize I was handed.

It seemed life was to deal me a mortal blow, when Caitlin began dating the captain of the lacrosse team. I don't think there was another person I hated more n the face of the earth, than that guy. He seemed to parade her around like a trophy, never fully appreciating the person she was, but rather what she looked like.

But, life has its twists and turns. As part of my scholarship I was given the opportunity to travel with a group of students and lecturers from the university to the Amazon jungle for two weeks of awareness building and community development, during the summer break. We were tasked to build several buildings that would be a school and a clinic in a remote village, as well as participating in some field research with some biologists, which was really why I was interested in going.

I almost missed the flight when my friend's mother got lost on the way to the airport. We ran down the gangway to the aircraft, happy to be going somewhere different, it was an adventure for us two country boys. We showed the stewardess our tickets and she pointed to the rear of the plane, it was only the second time I'd been on a plane before. The previous time was to go to my grandfather's funeral when I was a lot younger. Slowly James and I pushed our way to our seats and stowed our carry on luggage above our heads. My level of excitement built into a crescendo when I spotted Caitlin sit down a row ahead of us, in the middle isle. As I was sitting on an isle seat near a window I could now happily watch her throughout the whole trip. So I did. The sight of her bra clad breasts peeking out from her top sent my mind instantly wandering back to the time in the storage room. At one stage it got too much to bear and I had to relieve myself in the toilets to our rear. So I guess I joined the loners mile-high club at that stage.

The rest of the flight went uneventfully and we landed in Rio many hours later. As part of our acclimatisation process it had been arranged that we were to stay at a hotel for two days and visit the local museums as an educational experience before setting out for the village. The first night we all went to bed relatively early as we were tired from the long flight, that had started so early in the morning. The next day we visited the national museum, which was, from a geeks perspective, very interesting, and I did learn a few things that would later prove to be very useful indeed. During the day I tried to stay as close to Caitlin as I could, but she stuck with a few of her friends that were on the trip and quickly formed a small group of the popular people. Maybe this trip wasn't going to be so good after all.

But later that night I was to be proven wrong, the first in a long line of miscalculations, which would place me on a very steep learning curve later on. We had finished our dinner a few hours earlier and were all finding our own things to do. James and I decided that going swimming in the pool was a very good idea, so we headed up to our room, from the commons area of the hotel to get changed into our bathers. James was taking his time so I decided to go and have a look at the pool from our balcony. The pool below was an enormous kidney bean, with deck chairs situated around its circumference. On one of those chairs was Caitlin. She was wearing a bikini that probably was illegal in most states back home. It wasn't quite a string bikini, but it came awfully close. I told James I would meet him down there, and I practically ran down to the pool four stories below.

As I neared the poolside I slowed my walk to appear nonchalant and calm in my surroundings, surrounded by the beautiful bodies that I was. I found a deck chair close to Caitlin, but not to close as to be creepy. I sat there for the ten minutes it took James to get to the pool, taking in the view of perfection that was before me. She lay face down with her ass pointing skyward, a monument to the splendour of her design. Her ass was not the waif like, skeletal form of most young girls her age, but rather it was firm and well rounded, in complete proportion to the rest of her delicious body. The bikini bottoms barely covered the soft flesh of her ass, and I could see the goose bumps on its otherwise smooth surface.

Finally, James arrived and we decided to dive in and swim around a bit with some of the others from the group. We had been swimming around for about half an hour when I heard a splash behind me. I turned to see who had caused the distraction, and saw Caitlin's head of flaming red hair break the surface. Slowly she swam by doing the breaststroke. Just wishing I could touch one of her magnificent breasts I watched her firm ass pass me on by. After a dozen laps of the pool she swan gracefully up to a set of steps leading out of the water. As she reached the top step I noticed that her bikini bottom had moved up in between her ass cheeks, a place that I would have given my right arm for. Effortlessly she peeled them back out and returned to her chair and gathered her towel. I was all too much for me as I dunked my head underwater to try and wake me from this terrible nightmare. The girl of my dreams is within reach, but could not have been any farther away from me, than if we had both been at the separate poles. I was just glad the water was cold, as I would have had a raging hard-on if it hadn't been. Eventually James and I got sick of swimming and went back to our room and went to sleep, as tomorrow we had to get up bright and early to travel the two days to the village.

We had been travelling for about five hours on the second day when we reached the top of a low mountain. The driver pointed out that the village we were travelling to was over another six or more such mountains. Some of the group groaned aloud as they did not appreciate the snails pace the heavily laden bus had to travel up the steep gravel tracks. We were on our way down one of these mountains and were nearing the bottom, when the 14-seater Toyota bus we were riding in started to loose traction. It had happened a few times before, and we were all beginning to worry when the driver began to swear loudly in Spanish.

"Madre con dios!!" he exclaimed as the rear of the bus swung around and perched itself over the edge of the ravine. Several of the girls started to scream loudly. It did not take long for the weight of the bus to cause the ground beneath it to give way. We slid backwards down the slope for nearly a football pitch before the bus hit a large rock, flipping it. The large sliding door that I was sitting next to slid open and I was flung out of the bus. As I tumbled down the steep embankment, I saw brief glimpses of the bus as it disappeared from my sight. Moments later everything went black.

I slowly came to and blinked my eyes; it was all black, was I blind? I tried sitting up, but the sharp pain emanating from my side and my head caused me to lay back down gingerly. Gradually my eyes came into focus, well sort of anyway, and I could see a few stars twinkling away in the skies far above my head. At least I wasn't blind. A moan, someone else is here, I tried to call out but my brain is too rattled to get any coherent words out, so I slowly crawl to where I think the sound is coming from. It seemed like I had been crawling for ages when I felt a hand reach out and grab the tattered remains of my shirt. I nearly jumped right out of my skin. I rolled over and grabbed the hand, it was slick with some kind of liquid, and then the darkness took me again.

I woke to the heat of the sun shining on my face. Some of the pain in my head has subsided but my side hurt like hell. I sat up and found a bloody arm lying in my lap. I quickly turned my head to see whom it was attached to. It was Caitlin. I couldn't believe it, the girl of my dreams had died in my arms, and I didn't even know it. Tears began to streak down my face mixing with the blood that had congealed there. It was all too much for me to bear; here I was alone in the jungle with my dream girl dead beside me, and all the rest of the group missing. But a sound broke me out of my funk. Caitlin had moaned, she was alive. Now it seemed I had a purpose, a reason for living, at least for the next few days anyway.

We had been lying on a patch of rocky river bed, so I decided that I should try and move her as soon as I could. I spent the next few minutes walking around the immediate area, sizing up the situation. Finally I found a spot under a large tree where there was a patch of moss and leaves, something a lot softer and more comfortable than river rocks. I carefully checked her over for any broken bones, it didn't seem like she had any so I moved her to underneath the tree. She let out a deep moan as I placed her down on the ground. On her head was a deep gash; I hoped she didn't have significant head injuries. I used the remains of my shirt as a pillow so that she could be somewhat comfortable while I searched around for anything that might be useful.

It took two hours of searching but I had finally collected a sizeable amount of clothes and bits and pieces. Not only did I find those items but I also found three dead bodies, including that of my friend James. I decided that Caitlin needed seeing to before I could bury the dead.

I had found some fresh water in several water bottles and was contemplating saving it for drinking water, but Caitlin's wounds needed to be cleaned and patched up using the small medical kit I had found. So I figured that I could boil some river water in the metal container I had found washed up on the riverbank later when we needed water to drink.

Caitlin's clothes were as torn and shredded as mine so I slowly removed the small shorts and top she had been wearing and left her in her underwear, which was a black bra, with matching g-string. My heart skipped a beat for a moment as I viewed this broken beauty, but any lustful desires were soon replaced by those wanting to help as best as I could. While I worked on her head I covered her with a large shirt I had found, it must have been Mr Walter's, as it was big enough to cover her twice over. Very slowly and tenderly I cleaned out the large gash on her head and placed some gauze over it. Holding it in place with an elastic bandage. Then I needed to check the rest of her body, as she had bled a lot. I started with her shoulders and slowly began to move downwards. The water must have been cold as she shivered in her unconsciousness. When I reached her breasts I paused for a moment, I was finally able to touch them. But it wasn't the way I wanted it to happen. I shook my head, poured some water over the rags I was using to clean her off with and began to wipe the blood off of her soft and delicate breasts. Caitlin moaned a slightly different moan from the others, and I saw through her bra that her nipples were becoming hard. Maybe she was enjoying it, I thought, I hoped so because it was a better place than she was in now. I finished with her breasts and wiped away the blood from her stomach. There were several dark deep bruises and a few smaller cuts that I made sure were clean but did not bandage, I wanted to save that for her head or anywhere else where it might be needed.

There was more blood around her thighs, so I gently cleaned this away and found another large cut in her upper right thigh. As I was cleaning this area and putting the bandage on my hand brushed past her panty mound. I looked at the sizeable camel-toe that was showing from beneath her g-string and noticed that there seemed to be blood seeping through her lingerie. I slowly and gently pulled down her g-string; careful not to knock the wound on her leg, there was some congealed blood there too. Not having a sister, and a somewhat prudish mother I was not intimately familiar with the biological functions of post-pubescent girls, except for what I had learned in Miss Embleton's Health Ed class in high school. As I wiped away the dried blood I noticed a small white string. It took me a couple of seconds to recognise it for what it was, a tampon. I quickly realised that Caitlin must be having her period. So I stopped what I was doing and found the toiletries bag I had found earlier. It had contained make-up, perfumes and other female paraphernalia, including several packets of tampons. I pulled one out and looked at it, I had only seen one once when one was found in the playground at junior high. I pulled out the used one and placed it with the bloodied rags, I would dispose of them later, so that one of the innumerable predators in the Amazon couldn't smell them. I began to finish cleaning between her hair-topped mound, as I reached the area of her clitoris she let out a loud moan and her whole body shuddered. I was hoping like mad that she wouldn't wake up and find me with my hands between her legs. So I quickly tried to insert the fresh tampon, it took a couple of goes before I got it in properly. I hoped this was not to be an omen.

After pulling her g-string back up I gently rolled her over and cleaned her back, which was covered in bruises. I hoped that I didn't look as bad as she did. Despite the pain in my side I struggled to put the shirt over her. It is not easy trying to dress an unconscious person, but I finally managed to do it. There was some fresh water left so I wet her lips and drank some for myself. I now had the unpleasant task of burying the dead.

It took me several hours of digging with a piece of wood before they were properly buried, with large rocks placed over the top of the communal grave. I said a brief prayer in front of the makeshift crosses I had made and then walked back to our makeshift camp.

Fortunately, Suzy, one of the dead, was a smoker and had a cigarette lighter in her pocket, and it was full. Hopefully, I would need it sparingly. I needed to build a fire soon as it was beginning to get dark and the predators of this region were going to come out. After an hour of collecting firewood I started a reasonably sized fire, one that would provide warmth and protection to both of us. After I had snacked on a couple of muesli-bars I fell sound asleep. Several times in the night it seemed like Caitlin had woken up, but she was just moaning in pain, or at time she was mumbling in her sleep. I would spend the next day foraging for supplies from the remaining wreckage. I would find the bus sitting in the middle of the river, with only the rear door sticking out of the murky waters. A silent watery grave for so many people.

Morning had broken on the third day of my misadventure, so I decided to have a look at Caitlin's wounds and to change the dressings. I changed the bandage on her head, without any problems, at least it did not seem like it was getting septic. I was nearly finished with the bandaging up of her leg wound when she woke up and found me kneeling next to her leg, with my hands between her thighs.

Quickly she jammed her thighs together, pinning my hands between them. However, one of them had hit her wounds and she screamed out in pain.

"AAAH!!, What the hell are you doing?" She said as she tried to prop herself up on her elbows.

I immediately retrieved my hands from between her legs. "Settle down Caitlin, you're pretty banged up. You've taken a huge knock to the head, and have a large cut on your right thigh." I said trying to reassure her.

She slowly reached up to her head and felt the bandages there, and repeated the process with her leg. In doing so she realised that she was not in the clothes she was wearing on the bus. "You pervert. You couldn't wait to get a gawk at my body while I was out, could you?" she yelled at me.

"I needed to.." I didn't get to finish my sentence when she interrupted.

"I don't care what you think you needed to do your are perv, clear and simple." She said vehemently. "Now where are my clothes?" she asked.

Stunned beyond belief I merely pointed to a bundle of clothes I had found, I didn't know if any were hers, but at the moment I didn't care. She was on the warpath. It must have been the adrenaline kicking in, because she stood up and stumbled over to the pile of clothes and rummage through it. Finding something appropriate she disappeared into the jungle for some privacy, which seemed silly, considering what I had already seen. "I wouldn't go too far in there if I were you" I called out. But she paid me no attention.

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