WebCam Mom


Chapter 16

Pam had been enjoying this so much. She was stroking and sucking her boy's cock and keeping an eye on him all the while. She could tell he was enjoying it and that he was excited. But it was a total surprise when all of a sudden she felt his semen hit the back of her throat. There was no warning. She instantly let his cock escape and the next load hit her on her cheek as the third load followed and landed on her breast. Her face, whether it was surprise or disappointment, obviously affected him. She saw him close his eyes and dropped his head.

"It's okay, honey." She told him as she wiped his come off of her face. Her face changed to a wicked smile as she then licked it off of her hand. She hoped that would make him feel better.

"I'm sorry, mom, " Steve lamented in a very light voice .

"No, no sweetie. There's no need to apologize. That wasn't bad. I've made other men come quicker." She could not believe what she just said to her son. But then again, she just finished wiping his come off of her face and drinking it.

She started to crawl up his body towards him. But she quickly reached his upper body and kissed his chest and slowly planted kisses up his neck to his cheek.

"It really is fine," she whispered. "You'll be back at it in no time." There was a brief pause as the two of them stared in each other's eyes. The silence lasted a little longer. Pam was glad that once again it was two of them focusing on each other.

"I love you, mom," Steve told her and he pulled her closer as he kissed her passionately and wrapped his arms completely around her naked body as if he would never let her go.

Chapter 17

Steve kissed his mother deeply. He now felt the passion that he felt just a few minutes ago. He was not going to worry about this incident. Instead, he wanted to feel the warmth of his mother and the overall love between the two of them. He hugged her so tightly and the two of them continued to kiss oh so passionately.

His lips then broke away and moved to her neck and the back of her ear. He slightly rolled his tongue around the lobe and even stuck it briefly in her ear itself. All the while she continued to breathe hot and heavy. He could tell she liked this. He could tell that the more he licked and breathed heavily on her neck the more excited she became.

He used his right hand now grab her breast. It was wet. It dawned on him that it was wet with his own cum. He smeared what moisture was left there all over the entire breast. He then grabbed the breast firmly and massaged it. Again, another deep breath emanated from his mother. And then he let go and pinched that ever so large nipple as hard as he could. She let out a gasp, with a slight little squeak. There would be more firm nipple tweaking to come.

He now wanted to take control. When she had taken control he failed. He was going to now please her. It would be a new experience but he was ready. He moved his lips down her neck and then using his embrace he turned and pushed her back onto the bed and now he was on top of her. But he never joined her in a full hug. Instead, now he moved down and immediately planted his lips on her breasts.

He kissed each one ever so slightly. He kissed in between the two breasts and he went back and forth between each of the two nipples. He sucked on the left one while pinching the right and then he would switch sides and pinched the left one while sucking on the right nipple. He remembered the reaction from the last time and so he pinched very firmly once again. Pam yelped like a small dog. He loved it. It seemed that he was actually doing something right. He was ready to move on.

His mouth left her chest and immediately began to kiss down her belly. It did not take him long before he was at her belly button and he stuck his tongue inside this small orifice. He licked all around it and his tongue continued to trace the flesh as he moved below her navel. There was no hesitation. He was on a mission. He immediately grabbed her panties at her hips and used both hands to pull them down over her knees and off within seconds.

Chapter 18

Pam was once again excited. Her emotions had changed and the motherly instincts took over when her son came earlier. But now he seemed to be back in control. He pushed her back onto the bed and was licking his way down her body. It felt wonderful to feel Steve's tongue caress her belly. It was even better knowing where it where it would soon end up.

Just as his tongue reached the waistband of her panties she was amazed as he quickly grabbed them and pulled them off with no hesitation whatsoever. It was then that she let out a slight squeal because his face was immediately on her already wet pussy.

She felt his nose as it touched her clit. His lips were pressed against her own lips. He wiggled his face back and forth and it felt good. She was waiting for more. The wiggling continued. Shortly thereafter she felt his tongue enter her. He was moving it in and out penetrating the entrance of her vagina. She hated to do so but she had to help him out. She tried to move her body down giving him an unspoken signal that his tongue needed to move up further closer to her clit.

He did not seem to be getting the hint and she decided to take on the role of teacher.

"Move your tongue up a little higher, baby." She said it in a light sultry voice just as she would to any other lover.

Steve was not offended because she immediately felt his tongue moving right where she needed it . He started to move it from side to side as she began to move her hips up and down he quickly understood its direction she wanted him to lick. Now he was fully licking at the top of her labia up-and-down and the tip of his tongue was reaching her clit at the end of every stroke. She was now in heaven. She reassured her son by grabbing the back of his head and holding him tighter followed by a slight moan of approval. All of these motions came instinctively.

Chapter 19

Steve felt his mother's hand push on the back of his head as he continued to lick in this new spot. He realized from the force of her hands and hips coupled with the sound she was making that he was doing it right now. He continued to lick up and down in that spot in each time he touched the one protruding portion of her vagina she seemed to twitch. He wasn't sure, but he assumed that was her "clit". This was also new to him. It was then that she stopped him for a second.

"That's perfect honey; but turn around and move up here. I've got have your cock in my mouth." He heard her say.

He was speechless. He didn't know how to reply. He was so turned on and could not believe that this was his mother talking to him just as he saw in the many porno movies he watched. She was really hot. So instead of replying, he simply honored her request as quickly as he could.

Steve pulled his face away from her dripping wet pussy for a brief moment. He stood up and turned himself around. After he had lowered himself just a brief inch or so he felt her hand on his cock and she was using it to pull him down further. He then felt the ecstasy of her mouth once again. He was so excited because he realized he was actually in a 69 position with his mother. Something that many boys dream of but yet now he was actually experiencing it.

Chapter 20

Pam was so glad to have his hard cock back in her mouth. Oral was always one of her favorites. And she really did not have much time before he had come the first time. So now that she had guided his prick back into her mouth she began to suck it and move her head up and down off the bed to make sure she could fully engage his entire cock.

This was a wonderful taste and sensation because at the same time her son's tongue found the same spot as it was before. Now he continued to lick in just the right spot. He also was moving his hips up and down and actually began to fuck her mouth. She turned her head at the right angle so that he could actually push it further. It was now going down towards the back of her throat. Meanwhile, she knew she needed more. She was able to bring her finger down and briefly touched the lips of her pussy just below his tongue. She considered trying to enter a finger into herself because she needed something badly. The angle was not the greatest and she figured she needed to educate her son on the best way to please a woman.

She used her other hand near his cock pulled it out of her mouth for just a second. She thought for a second exactly how to approach it and decided she was going to be a bad, bad girl.

"Fuck me with your fingers and your tongue!" Pam commanded her son as she immediately followed her statement by taking his cock once again to the back of her throat.

Her command worked, he now had two fingers inside her and was fucking her at the pace she wanted. Now she felt great. Now he was doing what she wanted. Now he was learning to be a good lover and the two of them continued pleasing each other to the fullest.

Chapter 21

Steve was proud of himself. His mom had told him what to do but he did not mind. He wanted to please her. And when he had entered his two fingers deep inside her he knew that was what was needed. He now was moving them inside her pussy as quickly as he could while matching the motions of her hips. Meanwhile, his tongue was continuing to lick her clit up-and-down again in a motion that his mother was dictating.

His only concern was how wonderful her throat felt once again on his cock. He could tell that the entire member was once again deep inside her mouth. He felt his pubic hairs push against her lips as he literally was fucking her throat. This did not seem to be a problem for her. But the problem he felt was that he was about to come again.

He slowed his strokes down. It was hard to do so because he wanted to maintain the same rhythm down below. As soon as he slowed down he felt his cock being pulled from his mother's mouth.

She reassured him, "don't slow down baby. Give it to me. We've got all night to fuck."

He understood what she was telling him. He realized that tonight he was in store for quite a few orgasms. He then began to focus on making sure that she also would come multiple times. He moved his fingers frantically in and out and picked up the pace of his time. He heard her moan even louder and harder than she had all night. She was doing so as she continued to suck his cock deeper harder.

He knew he could not take much more but he did everything he could to hold out until she was about to come. He felt her hips pick up the pace towards his fingers so he did the same. The thrusts of his hips matched hers. It was then that she slammed her hips forward into his face and he could feel the inside of her pussy as it gripped his fingers tightly. At the same time he felt her thighs as they clamped tight against his ears. He knew she was coming and he was joining her.

Chapter 22

Pam was starting her first orgasm of the night. The sensation of her son's tongue and his fingers moving deep inside of her and now brought her to her first climax. She had already been excited from her WebCam session. And then the unbelievable excitement of being with Steve overall had done so much for her. To finally reach this ultimate climax was amazing. Nothing like this had consumed her body in years.

Her hips quivered as she pushed her pelvis up against his face. Her thighs clamped down on his ears and she shook. She continued to do her best and focus on his cock as he slammed it into her mouth. She then realized that he was not going back. Instead she felt his ass and hips quiver above her face. Instantly, she felt the semen as it shot down her throat.

For a second she thought she would choke, but she maintained control. She clamped down her lips and the warm insides of her mouth all over his cock trying to pull more from it. Her efforts succeeded. The second load shot out with almost as much force. This time she was able to hold it in her mouth and swallow it on her own accord.

All the while her hips were locked in orgasm. She couldn't move for brief periods of time and then would follow with just a series of random twitches as she practically crushed his head between her legs. She was on her fourth convulsion when his third and final climax was coaxed from his penis. She again swallowed it and now continued to suck his cock slowly like a lollipop milking it for everything it had.

Her breathing slowed down and it was obviously over. But now they both had to recover. She removed his still hard penis from her mouth.

She used her left hand to push on his left hip and again gave him direction. "Come here, honey."

Steve understood her beckoning and within a brief moment the two of them were looking in each other's eyes. It was for just a brief second; but then they both realized how much they wanted to hold each other tightly.

She held her arms up and he quickly fell down upon her and wrapped his arms around her. They embraced in the tightest hug yet. His penis was still slightly hard and it was pushed against her wet pussy. The dampness between their legs now mixed. Her hips twitched one final time simply from the touch of her son's penis on her cunt. She was completing one orgasm but this gentle touch already started her on her path to several more climaxes as the two of them were about to now make love.

Chapter 23

"I love you, Mom." Steve told Pam as he kissed her. He was holding her tightly and he felt his penis as it pressed against her vagina.

"I love you too, honey" his mother told him in such a sweet seductive voice. It was such a turn on to hear it in that manner. She had said those words to him so many times in his life. But he had never heard them said in this particular way. It excited him so.

In fact, he now was erect once again. He did not know what a benefit it was to be so young. His mother however seemed to be pleased. She smiled as she felt his cock actually get harder between her legs.

"It looks like you may be ready for more "He heard her say.

Just then he felt her hand on his penis. She grabbed the shaft and pulled him closer. Immediately he felt the head of his penis upon the lips of her pussy. The pussy that he was just tasting minutes earlier. This gave him a better idea of what it must look like. He tried to imagine the head of his cock now entering his mother. In fact, he decided quickly he did not want to imagine it.

He lifted himself up away from his mother. He wanted to be the one to initiate this. The tip was already in the right place. But by holding it himself as he began to enter her he felt like his accomplishing what he had always dreamed of. He was going to fuck his mother. This was giving him a sense of conquest. The head was now in the right place.

In one fell swoop he pushed his hips forward and fell upon her body. He felt her deep heavy breath as his cock entered deep inside her all at once. She also moaned slightly. The two of them remained in an embrace for just a brief second as they both enjoyed this new sensation as mother and son. For him it was a completely new sensation all together.

He looked in her eyes and there were no words spoken. There was such a feeling of love and passion between the two of them. And it all was so apparent in each other's eyes. After several seconds he kissed her passionately and began to pull out only to follow with another stroke deep inside. Now his hips were moving forward and back and hers were matching in a perfect unison. Mother and son were making love for the first time.

Chapter 24

Pam was now in love. She was in love with her son. She was in love with the idea of making love to her son. She wanted him deep inside her. She pulled him close and his cock felt so good as he pounded in the first time. He stopped. The two of them held each other close and she loved this sensation. It'd been quite a while since anyone had been inside her. But now this was such a unique situation. This was her little boy. Her little boy was now a man. She loved them both.

She was the first to start. She moved her hips forward prompting him to pull back and he quickly followed with the second stroke. His flesh pushed against hers because the force was great. He was actually forceful. She was amazed that for his first time how much command he was taking. Emotionally, the two of them were making love. However, his motions and the pace he was beginning were exciting her so much sexually. She was now being fucked by her son. She pushed her hips back towards his with equal force letting him know that it was time.

Now the two of them were fucking frantically. She could not help herself and she started to squeal. With each stroke the breath left her and in most cases a moan joined her exhaled breath. Meanwhile, she looked at her son's eyes as he moaned quite frequently during his motions.

She wrapped her legs around his ass and held him close. He now was moving up and down with furious force. She realized that even though this was his third time of the night he still would not last very long. It did not bother her because she realized that she too was about to climax.

It must of been years of her second job and knowing for the most part what men liked. She couldn't help herself and she had to talk dirty. "Oh yeah, fuck me baby. Make mommy come!"

Steve responded with a strong tone, "you like that, mom?" He teased her.

"God yes baby. Fuck Mommy. Fuck me Steve. Don't stop!" She told him

Steve was focusing on the task at hand. He was now propped up on both hands and screwing Pam with every fiber of his being. The pace was quickening. Her hips were matching his and the sound of their pelvic regions crashing against each other was louder than ever.

There were only a few more strokes remaining. She was ready. She was watching him. She wanted him to come inside her. She wanted her son to be so close to her. She wanted to create this bond like never before.

"Come on baby. Come in mommy. Give it to me! Come inside me!" She reassured him loudly

That must've been all he needed. Within seconds his chin lifted up and his eyes closed as she watched him wince. Just then she felt the first shot. Just as she remembered it in the back of her throat, she could feel it now hit the back of her vagina. The muscles of her cunt squeezed his cock even tighter as she now joined him in ecstasy. She could not keep her eyes open any longer as the wave moved up her body and forced her to close her eyes and throw her head back into the pillow.

Her second orgasm of the night was obviously better than the first. Not only that, it was probably better than anything she had had since her husband was alive. This sensation was carrying throughout her from her head to her toes. Every little bit of her being was now paralyzed with an overwhelming sense of pleasure. She could tell that her son was also frozen in ecstasy. The only motion between them was the third shot of semen that the muscles of her vagina coaxed from his cock.

After that, both of their bodies relaxed at once and the two of them collapsed in each other's arms. She pulled him close and held him as tight as she could. She wanted him deeper inside of her. She wanted him closer to her. She could not get enough. Meanwhile she felt him pulling on her back bringing her closer. The two of them wanted to be one. Mother and son were once again together reminiscent of 18 years ago. Pam relished this overall sensation and she continued to keep her eyes closed as she fell off into a dream state.


Mother and son continued through the night exploring each other's bodies to the fullest. Pam's young son had so much energy. The number of orgasms for each of them reached double digits before the night was over. In the final stages of their session as the two of them lay together in each other's arms, Pam thought to herself a curious thought.

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