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Wedding Indiscretion


As I pressed my white dress shirt, I started hearing the phone ring. It almost was a constant with my wife's career that every time we plan for a big event that her job would call and she would have to fly to the rescue in an effort to fix whatever "problem" they would have. This day was no exception as I saw her walk into the room and grab a pair of sweat pants as she started mumbling about a "computer glitch" or something. As she headed towards the door, she was thoughtful enough to remind me that I still had to pick up her friend.

Suzanne was a friend of my wife's as well as a friend of the groom and it was actually my wife's idea that we car pooled to our friend's wedding. Suzanne was a widow having lost her husband to prostate cancer. Even though she was an absolute babe in my eyes, she had remained unattached the last three years since she lost her husband. I couldn't understand why since she was a leggy blonde with deep crystal blue eyes. She always wore loose clothing, but I knew after seeing her at the beach a few times that her loose clothing hid a fabulously perky set of tits as well as a nice ass that was so squeezable. I couldn't tell how many times my masturbation fodder included her in some form or fashion.

As I slid into the car, I decided that I may as well put the top down so I could feel the summer breeze. As it blew past me, I started remembering a time when I was newly married before Ms. Workaholic took control of my wife. Before she started climbing the corporate ladder, my wife was a member of the three times a day club. The three times as of late had become spaced out to become more like three times a season if I was lucky. It wasn't that my wife was unattractive because she was still a very beautiful woman. Still the quest for the corporate gold had left my wife less than desiring of companionship. A man of my age takes it as a part of life no matter what temptation may cross our minds.

As I pulled into Suzanne's driveway, the sounds of REO Speedwagon began to play on the radio. As I heard the lyrics to "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore", Suzanne began to walk down her stairs towards the car. Her dress was Sky Blue, strapless as if she took a ream of fabric and just wrapped it around her figure. Her blond hair was in a French Twist and she wore a pearl necklace that seemed taut enough to stay around her neck without choking her. She wore flesh colored lip stick and a slight rosy hue of blush on her cheeks. If I didn't gain an instant erection at that point, I swore I would have been homosexual.

She slid into her seat and looked over at me with approval before she asked the obvious question. As we headed towards the wedding venue, we started talking about my wife's work habits. The wedding ceremony was going to be held at a cabana near a small picnic shelter where the reception was to be held. As we neared the parking area, Suzanne made a sly remark at the amount of woods around the shelter. This sounded a little kinky for Suzanne before I turned towards her and saw the sly smile on her face. We both began laughing at the thought as we parked and found our seats.

The ceremony itself took around ten minutes before all fifty guests headed towards the picnic shelter for the reception. The groom was considerate enough to have not only sodas there, but also a few containers of alcoholic beverages. It wasn't long until the groom and bride finished their pictures and headed over to visit with everyone. The groom walked over and noticed that my date was Suzanne instead of my wife. He talked with me for a few moments before the new bride came over and led him away from me.

Suzanne soon found me with a cup of Sangria in her hand. As she held the cup up to her lips, I watched in surprise as she simply shot the whole cup down before she asked me to refill it for her. I walked over to the area where the drinks were and refilled before I found her again and offered her back her cup. This time, she took a sip before she began telling me how beautiful the bride was and how handsome the groom was.

"I swear if he didn't marry her, I would have sacked him," she said before taking another drink. I was caught by surprise by her remark before she turned towards me.

"Wanna go for a walk in the woods?" she asked me before she finished off her drink again. I looked at her stunned before I answered.

"Are you sure you can walk in those heels of yours?" I replied hoping my sarcasm would defuse the situation. It didn't help as she leaned near me and began to whisper.

"Who said we would be walking far?" She began to walk away from me before I followed behind her. We started walking behind the shelter into the woods where a small make shift trail was in the brush. She knelt down to remove her shoes. As she knelt down, I thought I saw the top of her dress open a little and I caught a glimpse of her right areola. She bent back up before she turned towards me. I followed her a little deeper into the woods until I caught her sitting on a log. She patted the log beside her and I sat like an obedient puppy.

A quick interruption for a little about my time before this moment is in order. During my seven years of marriage even while my wife slaved for corporate supremacy, I never had the thought of straying on my wife. Even though I knew how good looking Suzanne was, the thought of being unfaithful was never a thought in my mind until the moment I sat next to her.

"So what do you think your wife's doing?" The question rocked me a moment before I answered.

"I'm not sure. Why do you ask?" She leaned closer to me before her arms went around me.

"If she was here, she'd be doing this." Her lips pressed against my cheek before I turned to her and felt them press against mine before her lips parted and slipped between mine. The kiss was hot, and as she moved herself to sit on top of my lap, I felt her kiss deepening. My mind was torn between pushing her off and just going with the moment. As my hands found their way behind her, she broke the kiss and began to unbutton the dress shirt.

"I hope she doesn't mind. Weddings make me so horny," she whispered as she simply pulled down her dress to expose her nipples. I quickly latched onto one of them and began sucking on them as she moaned quietly. I felt her stand up until the dress fell to the ground and her naked body was on display.

"What if we get caught?" I asked before Suzanne shushed me and bent down on her knees. Her hand found my belt and undid it before she unfastened my pants and exposed my cock. Soon, I felt her mouth engulf me before I looked up towards the forest canopy in reverence. Her mouth was vacuum sealed on me as I felt my dick harden for the first time in a long time. I almost felt myself exploding in her mouth before she removed it.

"I need a good fuck, you up for it?" she asked before she straddled me again and slid me quickly inside her snug pussy. It was an erotic scene. Suzanne's pussy was shaven like a porn video girl's and it felt tight along my member. My hands went immediately to her breasts as I allowed my thumbs to rub all over her nipples. I almost moaned myself as she inhaled my cock through her pussy. It was a slow motion moment for sure as I thought it only took a few moments for my cock to explode inside of her. I felt her spasm a little before her eyes looked down on me and smile.

"Our secret..." she whispered before she stood and pulled her dress back over her tits. She reached down and started trying to fix my pants before I felt her mouth on my penis again. This time, she looked up at me and smiled before whispering about "cleaning up the mess." My cock was then tucked inside my pants before she helped me get up from the log and we snuck back in the shelter in time to see the groom and bride have the first dance.

On the way home, I heard my cell phone ring. Suzanne answered it when she realized it was my wife and they began to talk until we got back to Suzanne's house. After she hung the phone up, she looked at me and promised that she would keep what we did a secret if I wanted to. I thought it best that she did before we kissed deeply. As I drove the rest of the way home, all the thoughts raced through my mind about what we did and if it was due to the alcohol. It would be a few weeks before I had my answer.

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