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Wedding Night


The wedding took place in a grand manner. The whole crowd was quite delighted. The Couples were getting tired and exhausted. Yet, the upcoming night for them kept them awake. Both of them were excited and curious. Akash looked quite tall compared to his wife Priya as she stood just a mere 5" in her slender frame. She was wearing a pink colored silk saree with matching pink earrings and slippers. Akash glanced at his wife and gave her a naughty grin. She blushed and her big black eyes faced the floor in utmost shyness. Akash loved the feeling of making this pretty girl blush so much. He poked her hips through her saree which made her yelp loud. But she controlled herself to minimize her noise.

"I think you should try to control your yelps and squeals more often hereafter," Akash said with a grin.

"Don't do this again," Priya scolded him, pretending to be annoyed and poked his ribs.

As it was almost 10:00 P.M. in the night, the guests have started moving out one by one. The emptiness in the marriage hall, gave more space for the couples as they were already getting intimate.

"Shall we go back to our room?" Akash enquired priya pretending a serious look.

"I know what you are upto, my sweet husband, but our parents will be arriving here soon." Priya said.

"What they have to do with this, Priya?" Akash asked as he took the tip of her pink saree and rolled it between her fingers.

"They will decide whether tonight is our wedding night or maybe after some days." Priya replied back with a sly smile on his face.

"No Way," he blurted out annoyed and sat down in the seat behind him.Priya sat down beside him and held his hands in hers.

"Don't worry. I was just playing around with you, Akash," She said.

Akash suddenly bend forward and planted a quick kiss on her chin and grinned wide.

"Hey..." She squealed as her fingers wiped her chin.

"No one is around, Priya. And I don't need to ask anyone to kiss my wife. Do I?" Akash enquired.

"No," Priya replied blushing and bending her head down.


I was waiting anxiously in the room for her arrival. The room was filled with a scent of jasmine. The bed and its sides were decorated with flowers all over. I was really excited at the same time equally curious about my first night. I took an apple and ate it slowly to pass the slow moving time. It was almost past half an hour when I decided to go out and look out for pry.

I was greeted by her fully decorated with flowers and jewels all over her curvy body. She looked really pretty in her blue colored silk saree. She faced the floor as her sister nudged her to go inside the room. I smiled and came inside the room.

After a few seconds she entered the room and closed the door behind. She lifted her head up and smiled at me.

"Did I made you wait too much, Akash?" she enquired.

"Not really, Priya..." I blurted out. "Actually...Yes."

She came forward and seat near me on the bed. She took her hands into her palm and cupped it. Her hands were soft and cold. I felt a wave of naughty thoughts running through my mind by her touch. I grinned which she noticed in a glimpse of my face.

"I think I know what you are thinking," she said scanning my expression.

"Oh, really. Tell me, What was I thinking brilliant lady?" I asked her back.

"You thought of something bad and naughty. Didn't you?" She questioned me with a false anger.

I looked into her eyes with a naughty grin as I spoke out,"You are really my perfect wife."

"But I actually planned to be a good boy tonight for atleast sometime, Priya. I promise."

"I won't mind even if you turn out to be a bad boy sooner." Her face filled up with shyness as I moved my hands over her smooth hands.


I was nervous as his hands trailed over my hands and reached my ankles. I thought he would move it sideways and reach the spot where often men stare at(my breasts). But instead he stopped there and pulled me close.

"I want to atleast act for sometime, Priya" he continued, "so that you may show some interest as I am."

I looked at him again and admired his form. His chests were quite broad with freckles of hair on it. His face was round and handsome. He was quite dominating in his body language and speech which turned me on. I like men who are bold enough to ask what they want and take it from me. I was staring at his face for quite a long time when his laugh broke my admiration.

"You were admiring me. Weren't you, Priya?" he questioned me as if reading my mind.

I just nodded my head in positive and felt quite embarrassed.

He stood up and went to switch off the light. Actually, I planned to speak a lot with my husband tonight. My friends had told me quite a few things men do after they switch of the lights which had scared me to the core. But my husband's care and friendly talk eradicated my initial fear. Moreover I changed my mind and felt I should go his way rather than spend with cozy night with some boring speech.

All my life I had never been this close with a man before. I never knew much about sex but gathered the basics from my college mates. The final penetration is what scared me the most as I know I am a pure virgin. But I consoled myself that my husband would take care of me and deprive me of my virginity without hurting me.

He switched off the light as the room plunged itself into a sudden darkness. But the windows were open through which soothing moonlight flooded the room. He came back to the bed and sat real close to me.

"Would you like to say anything, Priya?" he asked enquiringly."Because I want you not to speak but to make some other sound with those inviting lips of yours."

I blushed and closed my eyes as I felt his warm hands cupping my hips inside my saree.


I moved my hands over her hips as her brown skin was sparkled in the silver moonlight. I traced it inside her saree and rested my hand on her belly. My fingers slipped inside her naval which was curvy and inviting. I traced my finger inside it as I made her lay back on the bed. The flowers strewn over the bed got crumpled along with our weight.

"Priya...Priya.." I called her but she didn't respond.

She just made a slight "mmmmmmm" sound as response. I knew she was getting aroused. I cupped her entire belly in my grip and grasped at the soft flesh hard. She squirmed in the bed but didn't move out of position. I rested comfortably on her right side as she turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck. She kept her arms around me pressing her breasts tightly into my chest. Her mounds were round and really soft as if a globe of cotton pressed on my body. I hugged her back passionately.

I slowly untied her saree and pulled the knot open. She raised her hips up and offered me more convenience. I was glad my wife was as much interested as I am. Before sometime, I felt I was kind of forcing her to bed sooner than she expected.

But now I know for sure she likes sex and would love to explore her first time with her husband.I rolled the saree off which was clutched tightly onto her body moments before. I threw it onto the floor as she rolled to the edge of the bed with her back facing me. I admired her back beauty adorned only in her blouse and skirt. Her skin expressed goosebumps as the cold air from the outside hit her.

I cupped her shoulders and turned her around to face me. She made a cross over her breasts with her hands hiding them from my eyes. But I knew she wanted me to see her breasts but her initial shyness is bothering her to do so. I moved her hands off her breasts getting them into view. It heaved up and down as she breathed. I stood up removed my shirt and replaced myself near her. She was lying on her back with her eyes closed accompained with a sly grin on her lips.

"I am feeling too shy..." She spoke out after a long time much to my surprise.

"But why aren't you hiding yourself now, Priya?" I questioned her naughtily.

"Cause, I want you to admire them."


I felt surprised at my own sentence. But in reality I wanted him to admire and devour my beauty. Even with my eyes closed, I could sense the things happening around me.

I felt him removing my saree and then his shirt. The hairs in his chest tingled my back as he laid himself near me. I felt his eyes eating every inch of my body. Seeing me in such a position and exposed wearing only my blouse and skirt.

Suddenly I felt his lips near mine and the next second it was pressed tightly onto mine. My lips involuntarily parted themselves as he probed his tongue inside. He was kissing me feverishly and I knew this was a french kiss from my theoretical knowledge. I felt his tongue play inside my mouth as I slowly moved my tongue. I slowly touched his tongue with mine and soon we were playing ferociously. I hugged him tight as he laid on top of me. He was quite heavy compared to my petite form. But he balanced his weight on the bed and kept kissing me.

After what seemed like eternity, he finally broke the kiss much to my dismay. I inhaled deep breaths of air inside which I held in for such a long time. I opened my eyes ever so slightly to find him totally nude much to my astonishment. I clutched my eyes tightly shut again. I could see the image of his hard hanging organ in my mind and licked my lower lip without my knowledge.

"Priya, What made you lick your lips like that?" he asked me mischievously.

My heart was filled with embarrassment and shyness. But deep in my heart I know this is my dream all my life. I need not shy away or hide myself from this loving husband of mine. I opened my eyes smiling and ran to him. He was still standing nude as I hugged him tightly. He wrapped his arms around me and carried me back to our bed.I felt his hard organ press to my belly as he lowered me onto the bed. When it touched my skin, I could feel it was quite big and thick.

I felt quite intimate with my husband and broke myself out of the wall of inhibitions I had developed around me.

"I would like to join you nudity. Mind helping me out here, my sweet hubby?"


A smile crossed my face.....


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