tagFetishWedding Night Payback

Wedding Night Payback


Tasha leisurely shaved her legs on the morning of her wedding day. Her insides trembled with sexual excitement and uncertainty. The past several weeks had not been easy. One month back, Tasha found out that, during her engagement, her husband-to-be strayed with a co-worker's wife. He had fucked her three times one afternoon. Tasha told Jerry that the wedding was off. In the days that followed, Jerry begged her to reconsider, and she came up with a devious plan. She didn't know where she got the idea, but it gave her pussy a thrill every time she thought of it. She told him she'd go through with the wedding only if he agreed to several conditions.

"First, you are not to cum for two weeks before the wedding. And I'll know if you violate that."

Jerry agreed. It would be difficult, with all the pre-wedding stresses, but if it meant that Tasha would go through with it, he'd do it.

"Second, on our wedding night, before you put your cock in me, another man is going to fuck me. Three times. In the bridal suite. You'll be bound so you can't interfere. I'll decide then if I'll let you watch."

Jerry's jaw dropped, and he felt lightheaded. He had to steady himself. He couldn't believe what he just heard.

"Before you ask, no, I'm not kidding," Tasha said. "And there's more."

Jerry experienced a range of emotions. That was not the way he imagined his wedding night progressing - with his new bride being taken by another man before he himself, who was to be her husband, would be allowed inside her. Tasha gave him a few minutes to get his bearings. He was visibly shaken by her words. Finally, he looked up at her.

"And then, when he's finished fucking me for the third time, you're going to eat my cum-filled pussy until it's clean. And you're going to swallow his cum. I'll give you two days to think about it."


Jerry hardly slept that night. The mental image wouldn't leave him - the image of his wife-to-be on the bridal bed, being soundly fucked by another man. He took matters in his own hand three times, imagining he was the one fucking a new bride before the groom's cock was permitted inside her.

They had a long discussion the next day, and after Tasha assured Jerry that the mystery man was not someone they knew or from either of their workplaces, he reluctantly agreed. He didn't think he had much choice if he wanted the wedding to take place.

"Remember the two-week rule," Tasha said as they finished their talk.


The anticipation during the two weeks of chastity all but drove Jerry crazy. He didn't understand why he was allowing this to happen, why he agreed to it. He understood his dread and his jealousy, but he didn't understand his intense arousal at knowing his bride would first be taken by another man.

The anticipation was different for Tasha. She was intensely aroused from the thought of taking in another man's cock on her wedding night. She had set it up perfectly - she told him to abstain from relief for the final two weeks so he'd have a lot of cum to give her. She jilled herself repeatedly thinking of the man's cock sliding in and out.

Tasha's excited eyes beamed with happiness on the wedding day. Jerry was both excited and confused, and wondered what he was getting himself into. He had never heard of a bride demanding that a man not her husband have intercourse with her before the groom is permitted release. He wished that it was the next day and that his ordeal was behind him. That's not the way life is, though.

The young couples' hearts raced - for different reasons - when they entered the bridal suite at the hotel. Jerry had been too anxious to say or ask anything on the way over.

Tasha wrapped her arms around Jerry, pressed her body against his, and kissed him deeply. She had an excited smile and wide eyes when she pulled back, and seductively began to remove Jerry's clothes. He started to wonder if her conditions of getting married were a bluff. When she had helped him remove all his clothes, and his starved cock was desperately hard and aroused, she led him to a sturdy chair and had him sit. "We have a little something to take care of now, dear husband. Stay right there."

She quickly and efficiently bound his wrists to the chair, and proceeded to do the same with his ankles. She patted his cock a few times and it bobbed up and down as a few drops of pre-cum oozed out.

Although he was incredibly anxious, Jerry was very much taken with his new bride's stunning beauty, and her take-charge attitude intensified his feelings. He still held on to the hope that this was all just kidding, that there would be no other man fucking his bride before his eyes.

Tasha retrieved a ball shaped gag that would allow him to breathe. "Open up, honey."

"Tasha, please. Don't do this."

She got a stern look on her face. "I suggest you do everything I tell you. Otherwise you might not cum on your wedding night."

Jerry's breathing was shaky as he opened his mouth to receive the gag. He realized that she was totally in control. Tasha bound it in place.

"I spent some time considering whether to have you watch, or blindfold you and have you just hear everything. I decided to have you see your wife being fucked silly."

Tasha opened the door, and admitted Sally, who was one of her bridesmaids, and Sally's new boyfriend David. They looked at Jerry and smiled. Sally removed her panties and seated herself next to Jerry.

Tasha stood passively as David slowly undressed her. Then he knelt before her and licked her pussy. Tasha's pussy cream was abundant from her arousal, and David kept going until Tasha's knees weakened and she climaxed. He led her to the bed and she lay back with her legs spread.

David then undressed. Sally smiled when she saw David's throbbing erection. He was obviously looking forward to this adventure. He got on the bed and crawled between Tasha's knees. For a moment he stared at her sensual pussy. As he lay on top of her, he entered her and penetrated all the way. A sigh of contentment from him, and he kept still for a moment, appreciating the sensations of being inside another man's wife on her wedding day.

Tasha put her arms around David, holding him close. He began to pump, and took deep, long thrusts. It took about a minute of fucking for David to cross the line. He groaned, "Uhh! Uh! Uhhhh! Uh!" as his cock spurted and spurted deep inside Tasha. "Oh, yes!" she cried, "Give it to me! Give me every drop!" He kept thrusting, and finally relaxed on top of her.

They were both oblivious to their audience. David stayed inside Tasha, and kissed her neck and her breasts as he slowly pumped to keep his cock stimulated. When he got hard again, he withdrew and turned Tasha onto her tummy, and had her raise her hips. With her in this doggie-style pose with her head down, he entered her and pumped.

"Oh, that feels good! Fuck me hard!" Tasha exclaimed.

Jerry was almost beside himself, watching his new bride begging to be fucked by a stranger. In spite of that, his cock was still hard.

David did indeed fuck Tasha hard. Since he had recently ejaculated, he was able to last longer than he did the first time. When he did cum, though, it was a long and protracted series of spurts, which left no doubt in those watching, that he generously filled Tasha's pussy.

It was at that moment that Sally voiced her orgasm. She knew what David's cock felt like inside her, and she knew that Tasha was getting pleasured.

Tasha turned over on her back, and David relaxed for recovery. Sally went over and took David's cock in her mouth, teasing him to an erect, hard state.

Tasha spread her arms and legs, and invited David inside her again. "Go slow if you want to," she said, "and cum whenever you want."

David immediately plunged inside Tasha again, much to Jerry's dismay. Tasha closed her eyes and kept telling David how good it felt as he pumped with long, deep strokes. Sally glanced at Jerry. His eyes were wide. She looked at his cock and noticed it was throbbing. She smiled and returned to watching the show.

After a few moments Tasha began to rock her hips in sync with David's thrusting. She knew he was approaching orgasm by his groans. Tasha's soft, feminine exclamations of "Oh! Ahh! Uhh! Ahh!" merged with David's urgent groans. When his orgasm took hold, he cried out and pressed in as far as he could. His ball-wrenching spurts were the most intense yet.

Sally quickly and efficiently untied Jerry's hands from the chair and bound them behind him. She untied his ankles and led him to the bridal bed. "Lie down on your back, Jerry," she said. When he was on the bed next to Tasha, Sally tied his ankles together and bound them to the footboard. Then she removed his gag.

"One more thing, dear husband," Tasha said. "You're going to lick me clean of David's cum. I want you to swallow every drop. When you have done that, we'll fuck. And yes, they're going to watch."

"Please, Tasha," Jerry whispered as she took her position straddling his face.

"No arguments. Just do it!" she ordered. "Open!"

Jerry opened his mouth and Tasha settled her pussy at the correct spot. "Okay now," Tasha said.

Jerry tried not to think of the fact that Tasha had just taken three loads of cum in her pussy. He tried to ignore that Tasha was his new bride, and that she had just taken another man inside her - and that he himself had not yet been allowed to consummate his union with his bride. Yet her pussy was overflowing with male cum.

He grimaced as he licked the outside of Tasha's cum-laden receptacle. He tasted her pussy flavor, the salty sweat from her fucking, and the bleach-like taste of male cum. Still, Tasha's pussy was stunningly beautiful. After a few moments, Tasha commanded, "Now kiss and suck my pussy. There's a lot of cum inside me."

The mixture of David's semen and Tasha's pussy nectar freely flowed into Jerry's mouth. He swallowed, and Tasha whispered, "That feels so good! Keep going!"

He sucked and swallowed several times. Then Tasha crested into an intense and prolonged orgasm.

Tasha looked back and saw that Jerry's erection was as hard as ever, and smiled to herself. With him still bound as before, she straddled his cock and took it inside her aroused pussy. She slowly and deliberately pumped, taking long strokes. As she did, she counted out loud. "One... two... three... four..."

When she got to twenty three, Jerry erupted inside her. He spurted and spurted. When his lengthy ejaculation was complete, Tasha said, "Oh my gosh, you gave me a lot of cum! Just like before, I want you to lick me clean. And swallow every drop!"

"Tasha, no!"

Sally intervened and used her sexy voice. "Jerry, I really want to see this. I have David do that every time he cums inside me. Do it. For your bride, and for me."

Tasha again settled her quim on Jerry's mouth for her second creampie experience. Jerry was reluctant, since he had just ejaculated, but he complied.

He lapped up a considerable amount of his cum mixed with Tasha's pussy nectar, and swallowed. "Oh God, this is hot!" Tasha exclaimed as she climaxed. Sally and David quietly left the room.


Tasha had an excited smile. She had Jerry where she wanted him, and they both knew that.

"Tasha - will you untie me now?" Jerry asked.

She playfully stroked his cock with her hands, and taunted, "What will you do for me if I untie you?"

Jerry had a feeling what she wanted to hear. He wasn't certain, so he was cautious. "What do you want me to do?"

"I thought you'd never ask! I want you to go down on me every time you cum inside me. Every time."

He knew he had no choice. If he wanted to be intimate with his bride, he had to give in to her wishes. It was a form of lasting atonement for his earlier dalliance. Every time he would see her pussy, he would think of it. Every time he fucked her, he would think of this night. Every time he ejaculated, and every time he licked up his spent seed, he would think of his atonement as he gave her wild orgasms.

He also knew that she greatly enjoyed being fucked silly by David, and figured that he had to keep her satisfied to avoid her straying.

So he reluctantly agreed. Tasha untied Jerry's hands and teased his cock to an aroused state. Then she untied his ankles, and got on her back with her legs spread.

Jerry entered her, and she responded like a wanton slut. Her sounds and squirming brought forth an intense orgasm for Jerry, and he again spurted and spurted inside her. After a few moments of blissful afterglow, he felt Tasha's hands nudging him away. He pulled out and faced a messy cleanup job.

His well-fucked bride's excited eyes and used pussy would normally be a welcome sight to Jerry. Instead of plunging back into her and fucking her brains out, he brought his determination to the fore and licked her pussy. Another lick. Then he swallowed.

"Yes! Keep going! Lick it all up from my nasty little pussy!"

Her naughty talk made it a little easier for Jerry, since his arousal was coming back. It was at least ten minutes of licking and kissing before her pussy was cleaned to her satisfaction. By then Jerry had swallowed several times.

Tasha then let him enter her again.

On the other side of town, in Sally's bed, David licked his sticky goo from Sally's cunt. She insisted that he tell her every detail about how it felt to fuck Tasha as she begged for his cock.

"Fuck me again," Sally demanded.

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