tagIncest/TabooWee Wee Camp: Shop Till You Drop

Wee Wee Camp: Shop Till You Drop


Starring juggied June Humper and hung Henry Humper in: "Wee Wee Camp: Shop Till You Drop" Written by Victor C. Nathan and Chantal Lefleur Edited by Victor C. Nathan

"What are we going to do today, Nana?" Henry Humper asked his overly endowed, heavily breasted grandmother, June as he sat at the kitchen table finishing his glass of orange juice while openly gawking at June's deep cleavage as seen above the neckline of the robe she wore and had tied loosely at the waist. "Have you thought of anything for us to do?"

"As a matter of fact, Henry, I have," June responded, leaning forward to pour Henry more juice and give him a view right down the front of her robe at the huge round swells of her twin titans. "I thought we might go to Kimberly Buxsom's Bra Barn. It's time I went and did a little bra shopping. I go through a lot of bras trying to keep these big fuckers of mine restrained, tee hee hee. How does that sound to you, Henry? That is, unless you think you might get too bored going bra shopping with your old Granny. It could be fucking deadly damn dull, I guess."

"Dull, my ass!" Henry snapped, still gaping down the front of June's loosely tied robe at the rounded roaring huge tops of her ta ta tittie toppers as the blonde busty beauty cleared several empty plates from the tabletop. "Your big fucking boobies need fucking support! You owe those big ol' fuckers a good support system! It's a solemn duty to capture and contain those motherfucking mountains, and I mean to be there to make sure you fulfill that sacred vow to your top-heavy boobahs, Nana! I wouldn't think of letting them down, and we need to find you a fucking boulder holder that won't let them down and fucking out either! Hell yeah, we will complete that honorable mammary mission!"

"Well then, Henry," June continued, her jugs wobbling under the fabric of her garment as she moved. "You better finish up your breakfast while I start clearing away the dishes, then we can get dressed and go."

"Holy fucking shit, Nana. This is better than the lake, the carnival and our rainy day fun. Hell, it's better than the whole fucking summer put together!" Henry enthused, picking up his glass again and downing the juice in one big gulp before grabbing a handful of June's left breast as she continued to clear the table. "I fucking love bra shopping. I always go with Mom, and sometimes she even lets me help her try them on. Yippeeee! I love bra shopping!"

"Then let go of my tittie and go and get dressed," June laughed, slapping his hand away from her awesome assets playfully. "I'm going to get dressed too, so hurry up. The sooner we get there, the sooner we can start having fun."

"Fun, fun, fun, till Nana takes the tee tees away!" Henry sang, releasing her bustline reluctantly and, having already showered, coincidentally with his globular-globbed grandmother, he rose to head towards his bedroom. "Whoooaaaaa! I can't go get dressed when you....."

"No, you can't, Henry," June giggled, her whoppers wobbling as her hand grasped. "Cause I've got your cock, big fucker. Mmmmmm!"

"Wowsers!" Henry gasped audibly as the zeppelin-bazoomed 60-year-old blonde in front of him forcefully gripped the front of his boxers, her hand closing around the snake that she had forced from the fly of his shorts. "That's some grip you've got there, old girl."

"Only when I'm gripping something I like, big fella," June Humper cooed, squeezing his unleashed cock as her bobbly boobies jiggled and juggled up and down.

"Well, if you're going to play, so am I," Henry laughed, reaching into June's robe and grabbing at her enormous fleshy funbags, so large that even his big hands couldn't contain all of her soft flesh.

"Now, Henry," June admonished him, reluctantly letting go of his jumbo johnson as her rack rippled. "If we don't stop this right now, we both know where it will end, and we'll never get out of here, tee hee."

"Yeah, I know, Nana," Henry replied, reluctantly letting go of her bodacious blouse bunnies. "It usually ends up with you on your back with your legs around my waist, ha ha. Come to think of it, maybe..........."

"No, Henry," June said firmly, anticipating the ending of his sentence. "I really need to get to Ms. Buxsom's shop, so hurry up and get dressed, you naughty boy. I want to be in the car and on our way in fifteen minutes. Hmmmmmmmmmm. But on second thought, I guess we could fit in a quick little humpy though, my sweet little wee wee bear. I'll tell you what. Be up in my bedroom in ten minutes. I just need to clear the table and load the dishwasher. A little humpy humpy never hurt anybody, after all, and plus, the AC is on in there full blast so we won't get all sweaty and won't have to shower again afterwards."

"You're right, Granny. A little fucking humpy humpy never hurt anybody," Henry agreed, flicking a finger against each of her teatsies as he turned toward the stairs.

"Now get up there on that mattress, Henry, and shuck those boxers off and get that wee wee of yours pointing right at the ceiling. I want that big fucker pointing due north when I get up there, Henry Humper! Understand, wee wee warrior?"

Around thirty minutes later......

"Wow, Nana! That was really fucking spectacular!" Henry told his buxom and voluptuous grandmother as he rose from the bed and began to get dressed. "You drained my bodily fluids three times, you sexy sexagenarian you!"

"And all three times were gushers, Henry," June replied, struggling to fasten her blouse over the huge swell of her chest that was only barely restrained by the heavily reinforced fabric of her bra. "Now get those pants on, good fucker, and let's get going."

Five minutes later, Henry and June were flying down the highway, June behind the wheel, her large chest sticking out so far in front of her that she had to adjust the driver's seat by pushing it back a few inches and still managed to hit her breasts with the steering wheel every time she moved it to the left or right.

"Ha ha! Those big titties of yours are a driving hazard!" Henry laughed, gaping at her outcropping orbs that jumped every once in a while.

"Holy fucking shit!" June whooped gleefully, each breast fleshily tapping the steering wheel as she maneuvered the car skillfully. "I mean, three fucking times, baby! Three fucking fucks, sweet fucker! My cunny is purring with contentment!"

"Well, my wee wee is pretty fucking happy too, Granny," the young Humper replied smilingly, eyeing her steering wheel squashed sacks of knocker, having already pulled his penis out of his pants as soon as he got in the car, his semi-erection swaying laconically with every bump in the road.

"I'm so happy right now, I could kiss you," June laughed, one of her hooters pushing hard against the wheel before her.

"Good idea, Nana," Henry agreed, leaning towards her and her chesty form.

"Not there, baby," June dismissed him, her bomber-sized bazooms shifting as she moved her view from the road and leaned to plant a resounding smack of a kiss on the end of his slowly expanding and crudely naked stalk.

"Mmmmmmmm," Henry moaned, leaning back in the bucket seat of his grandparents' car, his eyes closed, resting his head against the headrest as his brain filled with visions of sugartits. "I love it when you do that, you naughty Nana."

"And I love it too, babycakes," June purred, reluctantly removing her attention from Henry's big cock and returning it to the road, laughing as her boobies dimpled against the steering instrument.

"Now you better get that big humpstick of yours put away, baby," she instructed him at last, pulling her jugs back from the wheel as she finally located Ms. Buxsom's shop and turned into the parking lot. "We're here, sweetie."

"Why, June, good morning. So lovely to see you," the red-headed, bust- laden bombshell Kimberly Buxsom said warmly as the even more bust- laden June and well-wee weed Henry entered her shop. "Welcome to Kimberly Buxsom's Bra Barn. And who is this handsome young man with you, June?"

"So nice to see you, Kimberly," June said with a sincere smile as she reached out to give the shopkeeper a hug, their two sets of enormous tits pressing together as they embraced. "This is Hilda's boy, Henry. Henry, this is Ms. Kimberly Buxsom."

"My goodness, aren't you a handsome one!" Kimberly exclaimed admiringly, studying Henry's form, her own mammoth bosom jutting out in front of her like a shelf, creamy white ample cleavage visible at the scoop neckline of her white blouse, her gorgeous fiery red hair hanging nearly down to her huge boobs.

"Gosh, Ms. Buxsom, it's great to meet ya," Henry managed, gulping as he checked out the enormous curves of her two twin honkers, not even trying to hide his interest. "Gee whiz, you've got some big fucking puppies! Fuck, but you're heeeeeuge!"

"Hee hee!" the heavily and bountifully endowed Ms. Buxsom tittered at his forwardness, leaning towards him to give him a better view of her cleavage. "And according to your Nana, you have a certain big 'soooomething' yourself, sweetums. I've heard that Junie's little grandbaby is now sporting quite a package."

"Would ya like to see it?" Henry asked the bra-busting Buxsom hopefully, fumbling with his fly without even waiting for her response.

"Henry, sweetie, not now," June smiled indulgently, the stacked grandparent patting her favorite boy on the shoulder. "Ms. Buxsom is working, baby."

"Tee hee hee. It's a lovely offer, Henry. It really is," Kimberly responded, adjusting her jug-holders and looking at his crotch eagerly. "But your grandmother's right. I'm working right now. But maybe after work..........."

"Hot damn! You got it!" Henry whooped, reluctant to tear his eyes away from the store owner's considerable chest charms. "What time does the store close?"

"Henry, dear," June said, looking disapprovingly in Henry's direction. "We're here to shop for some new bras for me, sweetie. We're not here for you to show off your package to the staff. Now let go of your fly, baby, and help me find some pretty bras. Do you have anything new in the shop that you think I might like, Kimberly?"

"Oh, June, we've got a lot of new strong tit-supporting brassieres that just came in," Kimberly Buxsom told her with a smile, adjusting her own extra strength bra as she did so, making her juggers quiver as she gave Henry a girlish wink that was drenched with playful seductiveness. "Check the section back near the changing rooms where the sign says 'STACKED TO THE CEILING' and you can find our new Cross Your Honkers brand brassiere. It's for women who are so big, no ordinary support can do their boobies justice."

"Well, that describes my tits for fucking sure! Tee hee. Thanks, Kimberly," June said kindly, her K cups swaying as she turned to explore the store, grabbing her grandson by the front of his pants and pulling him away to help her. "Come on, Cocksanova. Let's get to the fucking bra shopping."

"Have fun, kids. And I'll SEE YOU later, package and all, Henry Humper," Ms. Buxsom told Henry with a smile, snapping a bra strap noticeably as she gave him a smoldering look.

"Oh, you bet you will!" Henry told her, reluctantly allowing himself to be pulled away by his charmingly chesty grandmother. "I can hardly wait!"

"Now, Henry," June cautioned him, leaning in close to his body, pressing a bulging bazoom into his arm. "We're here to bra shop, not flirt with the fucking staff, no matter how fucking big their boobs are. I need some new bras, baby. Now come along. I need your help to find something to support these big fucking whoppers of mine."

Finally finding the area that she had been directed to by the proprietor of the store, June carefully looked over the different kind of bras, inspecting each and every one of them to see if she thought them capable of supporting her more than mammoth mammaries.

"What do you think of this one, Henry?" she asked him, holding up a bra with enormous cups for his inspection. "Do you think this one would hold these big titties of mine up and in, Henry?"

"Which one is that?" Henry asked, his wee wee responding vigorously to the sight of his busty and bursting at the blouse grandma holding up a bra with cups deep enough to carry around a couple of fucking Brunswicks for a bowling tournament.

"Hmmmmm," June paused, her pliable breasts jumping back and forth as she studied the label. "Wow. Holy fucking shit! This is the TitTrapper Tooter Hammock model. Gee whiz, it's got some humongous fucking cups on it, doesn't it, baby?"

"It makes me want to squirt just thinking of you hauling your big ol' udders into that thing, Granny," the youngster admitted, studying the cups and then sneakily patting each of June Humper's humps of mam meat. "But the question is, will that big cavern-cupped fucker fit your crazy melon-sized cans? It's a big bra, but I don't think some of these manufacturers know what kind of crazy huge titties they are dealing with."

"Easy, big fellow," June giggled as he handled her, patting the obvious bulge in Henry's khaki trousers. "Maybe we should go and see if it fits."

"Holy fucking shit, can I help you try them on?" Henry asked eagerly, almost salivating at the thought of helping his behemoth-hootered Nana try to fit her tantalizingly titanic titties into various big boulder holders. "Can I, please?"

"Oh, baby, of course you can," June said with a laugh and a naughty wink, whipping her whopping lumps of femininity out of his hands as she turned to a nearby display. "Just let me choose a few more so that you can help me try them all on to see which ones fit the best, okay, baby?"

"How about this one, Nana?" Henry said, trying to be helpful as he held up a humongously huge-cupped bra made of sheer black lace. "I really like this one, cuz if you wore it, your big fucking nips would show through. Will you try it on, just for me?"

"Oh, baby, you like my big fucking nips, don't you, poopsie? You like to suck 'em, don't you, my little wee wee bear? Sucky sucky on Nana like a little itsty bitsy baby. Ohhhhh, big fella, your pants are bunching out cause of your pee wee pocket rocket wanting Granny's boom booms. Of course I'll try it on for you and you can lick my nips through the fabric, Henry," June cooed, petting the lump in his trousers like a precious pet, her own sizable parts rippling in her cavern cups as she snatched several other bras from the nearby displays, knowing how needy her grandbaby and his young cock were in this moment of horniness.

"Bra shopping. Bra shopping," Henry intoned in almost a trance of sexual need, pawing her paps and grabbing several more brassieres off of a nearby shelf. "Ohhhhhhh, Junie, I need." Henry leaned in unexpectedly and kissed June hard on the lips, mashing her knockers between the two closely located bodies as his mouth pressed urgently against hers, both of their mouths opening a bit.

"Ahem!" said Ms. Buxsom, not wanting to intrude on a private moment. "Would you like to try those on, June?"

"Tee hee hee," June giggled, pulling her mouth reluctantly from Henry's and drawing her hopping humps of honker away from his abdomen. "It's okay, Kimberly. Henry and I just can't seem to get enough of each other lately. We're going steady, you know."

"Um......wow.......that's......lovely," the red-haired and top-heavy Kimberly Buxsom stuttered, not entirely sure what to say in response. "Would you like me to take these to the fitting room for you and help you try them on?"

"No fucking way," Henry interjected immediately, dismissing the tremendously ta taed shop owner hastily. "I'm going to help her try them on. Why do you think I came shopping with her? These big pillow puppies of hers belong to me too, and I'll help her try these things on, okay?"

"Well.......um.........sure, if you say so," Kimberly stammered again, reaching past her own tanker-like chest and handing the chosen bras to June, pointing the way to the fitting rooms. "But June, don't you think kissing your grandson, I mean, like THAT, is a little inappropriate. Some people would say maybe even a little gross."

"Oh, Kimberly, I know it looks odd to an outsider," June explained, boobahs a-jumping as she talked and breathed, Henry drinking in their movement with his eyes as Ms. Buxsom tried to maintain a normal expression. "But ever since Henry came to visit at the beginning of this week, we just realized how much fun we have together. We are so compatible."

"So since you are compatible, the two of you make out?" Kimberly asked incredulously, putting the bras in one easy carry bag for June to take inside the fitting room as her own jubblies did a flashy fleshy dance inside her top.

"Not just make out. We do a lot of other things too," June told her, jutting out her watermelon honkers proudly as she spoke. "Ever since Henry got to the farm, we found out how compatible our parts are too. I'll suck his big wee wee or he'll suck my big ol' titties. Sometimes he shoves his dick between my boobs and just squirts his jizz all over my fucking face. That's when we aren't humping. I mean, Henry does enjoy burying his boner, after all. We have sex all the time."

"Oh my goodness, June! You and Henry have sex?" Ms. Buxsom responded, bosoms heaving as she tried to digest the information. "You are actually saying that you and Henry....um.........do it?"

"Why yes, yes we do," June responded with a giggle, her huge hooters bobbing and swaying against her chest as she erupted in girlish laughter. "And all the fucking time, too."

"Oh my," said Ms. Buxsom, her boobs rising with a deep breath as she blushed to the roots of her red hair as she realized the implications of June Humper's words. "That is so fucking cool, June. I mean, really. You have big knockers and Henry has a big package. It's a match made in heaven, tee hee."

"It really is," June retorted proudly, patting Henry's crotch affectionately as he simultaneously reached out with both hands to fondle her mountainous mammaries.

"What a couple," Kimberly muttered, swiveling her hips and shaking her tossing titties as she walked away slightly jealous that June was monopolizing this 18-year-old whose wee wee she greatly wanted to see.

"They certainly are!" Henry shouted after her, a hand under each of his grandma June's zeppelins, pushing them up and down like he was weighing their mind-blowing girth and diameter in his shaking hands. "They's some big motherfucking TITTIES right here! Bone ya later, Kimmy girl!"

"We'll see!" Ms. Buxsom shouted back over her boob-supporting shoulder with a slight laugh, despite her surprise.

"You wolf!" June scolded her new steady with a snicker, holding the bag of monstrous bras in one hand and hauling Henry towards the fitting room with the other by his cock and balls.

"Not so rough, Nana!" he protested, flicking her nearest knocker with his middle finger.

"Oh, Henry, I thought you liked it rough. You sure did when we were in bed earlier!"

Their frenzied activity and conversation had already drawn the attention of several bra shopping customers.

"Well, I never!" June heard one elderly woman sniff, holding her head in the air as though she had just detected a foul odor. "Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!"

"Well maybe you should try it sometime, you frigid old busybody," June sneered at her, pushing her prodigious chest charms proudly out in front of her in her ire. "Maybe if you got yourself some young cock, you wouldn't be so damn uptight!"

With that, June turned on her heel and with Henry still in tow, made her way to the fitting rooms, her chest still heaving behind the thin fabric of her blouse as indignation continued to rile her.

"Oh, forget what that old biddy said," Henry told her, glancing at her globs of engorged boober meat salaciously. "As long as we have each other, no one else matters, right?"

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