tagLesbian SexWeed Slave Ch. 02

Weed Slave Ch. 02


You've Done this Before

The door opened and Vanessa walked into her bedroom, naked and wet, the hand of her new Mistress, on her shoulder, guiding her to the California king she shared with her husband. Her Mistress's wife came in aiming her camera at the well toned legs and backside. The door closed behind Crystal with a nudge from her big ass while her slender wife Lauren bent their new slave over the bed. Vanessa whimpered, not sure what they had planned for her first. "You've done this before." Lauren didn't ask so Vanessa said nothing. "You've served a woman before. Who was she?"

"Roommate my sophomore year of college. She said, I could live in her apartment for the summer. When I asked where my room was she showed me to a cot in her walk in closet;" Vanessa took a shuddering breath as Lauren caressed her ass with an approving moan, she couldn't tell if it was her words or her flesh earning that approval from her mistress. "Helen said I wouldn't have to pay any rent just be part of her experimental phase. I told Daryl we needed to take a break for the summer. One summer led to a term, term led to a year; then I got back together with Daryl when she became a danger to my career."

"She made videos of you too." Lauren was stripping while she kept the chatter going. Much of this was in the material their source had passed along, which was why they didn't have to ask. It was always helpful if you could give a new slave a reason to truly believe you had some omniscient level of insight into them, in that way research was always helpful to their little games.

"I didn't have a problem with them; they were for her classes but they weren't suppose to be available to the general public. It was a turn on whenever she would introduce someone as a classmate and I would see that look of recognition on their face." Her breath hitched as Lauren took Vanessa's left hand and began using it to finger her wet cunt; guiding the ring and middle finger into her slit. The housewife could feel her Mistress's secretions sliding between her rings and her finger. "She shared me with a classmate one night and a week later the girl showed me a video she'd made of a viewing of one of Helen's films; said I served her now too, or I could kiss my modeling career goodbye. Helen said I'd have to let her expose me because I couldn't serve two mistresses." Vanessa couldn't suppress a sob at the memory of the betrayal, whatever experiment Helen had been entertaining, Vanessa had let real feelings develop and remembering the moment when she had learned she was alone in those feelings always hurt. "I told her I would have to choose the mistress that held my career in her hand and Helen said she had more than one grainy video of a private screening, if it came to that. I knew Daryl was already a partner path associate at Vander, Franklyn, and Cole: he got his firm to make the problems disappear. I left school and modeled while I lived with him."

"And made a whole new series of embarrassing videos with hubby-to-be's new friends." Crystal set up the hand cam on a tripod that she positioned on the dresser so it could look down on the scene. Lauren pushed Vanessa's hand away from her pussy and walked behind her. Her short round wife set up her laptop, with its camera rolling, on the end table, "if you are going to look to the side make it this way."

"Si Mistress Crystal," she turned her head toward the laptop and saw her room reflected in its screen, "Daryl and I joined the firm in their Hellfire Club and I like most of the girlfriends and wives was traded amongst the members." It was strange, she was giving her testimonial while watching herself give her testimonial; Lauren pulled on a black latex-free examination glove and Crystal stripped behind the woman on the screen. She shivered as the rubenesque girl peeled off her overalls and revealed that the sports bra really was all she had on under those overalls. Both of them had neatly trimmed landing strips and closely trimmed labia but otherwise appeared shaved if not waxed. Crystal had not failed to notice who her eyes watched on the screen and the quiver Vanessa experienced when she removed her overalls then again when she freed her ample breast. Their little slave was an open book. "When videos got out of the circle, they closed ranks and Daryl and I married to look more normal. Child to follow shortly, mommy before model all for the firm."

Vanessa watched the woman on the screen's face strain and her eyes widen as two lightly lubed fingers were roughly shoved into each of her holes. She looked torn between pain, shame, and pleasure. Vanessa felt all the trembling that just registered as a blurring of the digital image as those fingers pumped inside her roughly "Are my finger's going to come out covered in Daryl-cum?"

"Si Mistress Lauren." Vanessa felt the heat rising to her face as the girl on the screen's cheeks reddened. Her and Daryl had spent most of the night and some of the morning celebrating. The pretty housewife had meant to shower after her workout but when she went down to make her protein smoothie she had started putting away the kitchen; then her life had changed completely after the doorbell rang. She groaned lightly as Lauren pulled the gloved fingers out of her pussy and ass.

"Oh you weren't lying, were you? Sticky with it in both holes." Vanessa watched on the screen as Lauren wiped the mess off her fingers on to her bed spread. "Guess you won't be needing to be come today." Lauren pressed her fingers together and they disappeared beneath the woman on the screen, whose face spread into an O, her eyes bulged, and her blushing skin reddened and became taunt with exertion. Behind her Lauren was clearly straining but grinning; Crystal was teasing her own clit with a massage wand while watching her love spread Missus Oh So Rich and Pretty's cunt with her hand. A whimpering moan escaped the tortured woman as the worst passed and her inner lips sealed around Lauren's wrist. "Mmm; you've done this before."

"Si Mistress Lauren, I have done everything, I think." Lauren chuckled and balled her fingers inside the woman, while repeatedly smacking Vanessa's tanned and toned ass. The face of the woman on the screen winced with each blow. Helen had fist fucked her on two occasions: their first and last nights together. She had begged for it the second time, a sort closure, since she couldn't tell Helen they were breaking up, the subpoenas and gag orders would do that.

"We'll see about that slut. And when speaking to Crystal or myself refer to yourself as: your slave; if speaking to someone we are sharing you with refer to yourself as: this slave. You are not a person to us so you don't get to use I." Lauren began to pump her fist and continued to rain blows on the perfect ass while Crystal giggled behind her continuing to pleasure herself, and taking note of how often the eyes of the woman on the screen seemed to flick up and to the left.

"Of course Mistress Lauren, your slave did not know, and thanks you for your instruction." Lauren began to rub the cheeks she had battered while continuing to thrust her fist in and out of the housewife's pussy. To her surprise, Vanessa saw the woman on the screen beginning to pant in time to the athletic girl's rocking arm her pupils dilating with lust. The more she spoke the words of submission and inhaled the thickening scent of feminine desire filling the room, the more her sex quivered with excitement. Without thinking she began rocking her hips back to meet the invading hand.

"What are you doing you nasty whore?" Lauren pulled her hand out, bringing tears of pain and a deep emptiness in her. "I told you; you don't need to come." Lauren resumed slapping her slave's ass with reckless abandon and undue savagery. Tears were rolling down the woman on the screen's face and she bit her lip to keep from crying out. Lauren pulled the glove off and grabbed the sobbing woman by her hips and rolled her over.

"You've done this before." The bed shifted as Crystal climbed onto it, Vanessa's shivering body and wide tear filled eyes were all the answer she could offer. "Been used by a big girl. I bet she actually overpowered you. I bet you loved being held down." Vanessa was paralyzed by her memories as Crystal straddled her shoulders. Not memories of Helen, the Mistress she had once loved, but the older women of the firm and its clients, who had been if anything more depraved than the men she had served for her husband's career. Down on her knees the woman's broad ass parted revealing a dark crater of wrinkled skin. "You've done this before." The ass moved toward her until Vanessa and all her sense were blotted out beneath her. She had done this before, all of it, she had forgotten how she longed for this sort of cruel use, and pushed her tongue forward as she knew she must.

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