tagLesbian SexWeekend at School Ch. 02

Weekend at School Ch. 02


Here is part two in Weekend at School. I tried something different for me with this story. I hope you enjoy this part. As usual I would like to thank Stephen7Redo for editing this story. This one took a bit longer than the other ones but he did an excellent job of editing this story and tying it all together.


As Megan and I walked across campus to the dining hall, I couldn't believe we just had had sex in the showers. I was still extremely turned on by this and looked forward to what she had planned for after dinner. We both grabbed salads and then something that appeared to be a chicken dish that looked somewhat edible. There weren't many people on campus that weekend so we had our choice of tables. We headed towards the back of the cafeteria where we sat and started on our salads at first still not conversing much at all.

Megan was the first to bring up the subject...

"So Christina, what did you think of what we just did?" she asked just before she took a sip of her water and looked at me over the opposite rim of the glass.

Those very blue eyes burned right into me. I felt the familiar warmth deep down below, enough to make me squirm on that hard plastic cafeteria chair.

"It was great Megan, I really enjoyed it," I said looking down at my salad as I did, rooting around amongst the lettuce and carrots. "I never thought I would be so turned on by another woman let alone have amazing sex with one so attractive." I poked a carrot and brought the fork to my lips. I about choked as I popped it into my mouth when I saw Megan seductively swiping her tongue around her lips.

"Well I'm glad you enjoyed your first time. But I have a lot more to show you, starting as soon as we get back to the dorm from shopping for some toys for you," she said to me with a broad smile on her beautiful face.

"Uh, I like the sound of that. I am ready to be your student," I said to her in as sultry a voice as I had ever tried to muster.

Megan not so subtly winked at me before she forked some salad into that sexy mouth of hers. Then we both fell silent for a couple of minutes. I started cutting into the mystery chicken dish and as I raised the first bite to my mouth I found myself staring at my new lover's cleavage as her top was undone a couple of buttons.

I took the bite and tried to chew, trying to think of something to distract me from her attractiveness.

"So Megan when was your first time with another woman?" Where did that question come from?

"It was during my freshman year and it actually was a threesome with a couple. I had intended to have sex with the hot guy but somewhere along the way I ended up having sex with the woman, too."

I suspected she got drunk at some college party and ended up with two other drunken college students, but as if reading my mind she went on with her story.

"I met them at the mall across town as I was shopping at Victoria's Secret, before I had gone to work there. I was getting a few bras and thongs when I bumped into this woman at one of the tables. She was rather attractive, early thirties; she asked me what I thought of the outfit she had in her hand. I was more than a bit surprised she was asking a perfect stranger but it was a rather sexy red satin bra and thong set so I told her so. I also told her with a shit-eating grin, and I'm sure a jealous tone in my voice, that I knew some lucky guy was going to enjoy seeing her in it. We started talking some more after that and then I found myself heading back to the fitting room with her. I had a few things to try on, but before I could she called out and asked me to look at her in that sexy outfit she had held up earlier. Again I felt more than a little surprised but something made me want to go see her in it. She invited me into her little room and did a slow twirl. She looked absolutely stunning in that very skimpy red satin number. I wasn't as embarrassed to look at another woman dressed like as I thought I would have been.

"Anyway, I went back to my own fitting room feeling strangely warm. I couldn't believe and didn't want to believe looking at another woman had gotten me turned on. I took a breath and picked up a sexy set of my own, a black lace demi bra and matching g-string. I no sooner had it on than I felt the great urge to rub myself down there," Megan said the last in almost a whisper and she paused.

I wasn't certain but I could swear I saw her other arm move up and down as she sat there forking the last of her salad into her mouth. She was rubbing herself right there in front of me, in public! Well almost public what with maybe half a dozen people in the rest of the dining hall.

"Literally, I about jumped out of my overheated skin when there's a knock on the door. This woman asks if she can come in and see the outfit I was trying on. She didn't wait for my reply but came barging on in. Immediately her eyes widened as she looked me over, up and down. Her exact words were, 'You look very pretty, no, more than that you look really hot' and at that I swear my knees wanted to buckle at the suggestive way she said it."

I sat there looking into Megan's eyes as she looked back into mine.

"After that she asked me if I would like to grab a bite to eat in the food court. I told her sure and we went, after we made our respective purchases of course. It wasn't until we were walking across the mall that we introduced ourselves. Her name was Claire and she stood maybe about 5'6" with short brown hair and the greenest eyes I have ever seen. She also had a very nice set of tits on her and a great ass. Okay, I had never been hot for a woman, but that afternoon I really had great admiration for Claire's body. I could tell she worked out a lot as tight and toned as she looked. I also noticed by the ring on her finger she was married and knew her husband was one lucky guy.

We got our food and sat down to eat and talk some more. She asked me about school and the subject of boyfriends came up and at the time I was between them. She thought that was such an awful waste. Can you believe that? She called it a 'waste'."

I swallowed hard on the chicken I had just been chewing.

"No, I mean actually yes, I can believe it," I said, watching her eat, "especially after what you did to that poor red dildo back in the shower." I grinned across the table at her before I stuck another piece of chicken in my mouth.

We both chewed for a few more seconds.

"Yeah, well," Megan went on, "a couple minutes later this guy comes over and sits down right next to Claire. He was gorgeous and so gorgeous in fact I thought he was some serious flirt honing in on a couple of unaccompanied women. That is until they started sucking face like it was the end of the world coming and they would never be able to do it again. When they finally came up for air and the hunky guy brushed Claire's bangs out of her face she introduced the guy as Tim her husband. Well, this tall, blond haired and blue eyed muscular god reached his hand out over the table and said 'Hi'. I swear I melted in my chair just from that deep throated voice and the heat coming out of those gorgeous eyes. I'd never met a guy up close that looked that fine and somehow I managed to reach out my hand to let him grasp it. I immediately lost my breath at his touch and would likely have forgotten to breathe again had it not been for Claire reaching her hand out and grasping both our hands in hers and made comment that the mall was getting ready to close." Again Megan paused to take a bite as I watched eager to hear the rest of the story, even more eager to jump down that open blouse and into that exposed cleavage of hers.

Somehow I restrained myself and she went on with her story.

"They invited me back to their house and in an unconscious reply accepted their invitation. Hell, I know, later I realized I could have been falling into the hands of two murderers or at least two sick sexual predators. The latter not being too far off, well very sexual for sure, sick or predators not, but anyway I drove back to their house following them in their car. I will admit my pussy was wet the entire ride there thinking of what might happen with Tim. All I could think about was watching the two of them go at it like they had in the food court only both of them naked this time; then getting my chance with that hunk. I was hot thinking Tim had to have one huge cock, he had to have."

I swear Megan shivered in her chair right then. She had a huge grin on her face as she stared off into space for a moment. Then she blinked and went on with her story.

"They offered me a glass of wine right off and I think it was two for both Claire and I when things got frisky. Claire and Tim started to hook up in front of me, and within minutes they really started to go at it. He was grabbing her tits and she was squeezing his cock through his jeans. I sat on the other side of the room and started rubbing myself through my jeans while I watched a real life porno scene unfold in front of me. A few minutes later Tim took Claire's sweater off and she unzipped his jeans. Now he was groping her tits through her pink lace bra. I could see her hard nipples poking through because of his manual stimulation. Tim then pulled down one of the cups of the bra and started sucking on her nipple."

Megan paused to take another couple of bites of her dinner leaving me hanging on that hot scene. I had forgotten all about my dinner as I felt like I could use a hot fingering right about then. Before she even finished her third bite she began again...

"Anyway, I was getting really hot watching them and they weren't paying any attention to me as it was so I slowly unzipped my jeans to allow my itchy fingers easier access to my panties and my slick pussy underneath. As they groped and kissed I fingered myself feeling a little strange doing it but so turned on nothing else really mattered. Then I guess I let out a louder moan because I finally did get their attention. Claire and Tim stopped kissing, Tim still squeezed her left tit and she squeezed his obvious serious erection through his boxers as they both sat there watching me finger myself. I had never had an audience before while I did it but it had also never felt so hot playing with myself as it did right then. As I licked my lips and rubbed my puffy pink pussy lips I watched Claire reach into the fly on her husband's boxers and pull out his cock. Damn!"

At that exclamation I nearly spilled the water I had brought to my lips. Some did run down my chin and then my neck. By the time the little trickle of water hit my chest I could feel my nipples straining under my top.

"I mean, shit, the bulge I had been seeing all night did not prepare me for the sight before me at that moment. Let me tell you this cock was beautiful, very thick and, my gosh, so very long. It was the biggest cock I had seen up to that point in all my eighteen years of life. I was so enthralled I realized I had stopped fingering myself under my already very damp panties. But as I watched Claire's fingers slowly work their way down and up that huge specimen of manhood, my own fingers began to stroke my wet pussy lips again. For the next few minutes we played like that, Tim getting one hell of a handjob and me soaking my panties while watching and fingering myself."

Megan paused again, this time to take a bite and brush back her blonde bangs. I was too enthralled with the story and the sexiness of my dinner partner to think about another bite of my food. As she finished chewing she continued...

"Somewhere along the way Claire motioned for me, with her free hand, to come join them on the couch. My fingers stopped what they were doing inside my panties. I wasn't sure about doing it, but I knew deep inside me that I had come to their place with the intention of getting it on somehow. Now was the moment to take that intent to the next level. As I eyed that big long cock sliding through her fist I slowly got up and moved over to them.

"Claire said, 'Get down on your knees between Tim's legs.' I did as I was told not taking my eyes off that fully swollen cockhead as it drooled some clear liquid down over her fingers. I knelt there not knowing what to expect or what to do next." Megan looked up into my eyes at that point. "Oh yeah, three of my fingers were buried in my pussy as I knelt there inches from that big cock by the way. I had walked all the way across the room with them still stuck in there" She paused grinned and forked in another bite.

I exhaled the breath I had been holding the last several seconds. I also gushed a warm trickle in my panties.

"Anyway, as I sat there unsure what to do next, Claire wasn't. I was treated to a close-up view of her leaning down and taking that big monster between her lips. My eyes intently were glued on those red lips as I watched her suck on Tim's cock. It was a couple of minutes later I think when I felt a strong warm hand grasp my shoulder. I about jumped out of my skin at first until I looked up and saw two piercing male eyes bearing down at me in the most sultry look I had ever seen out of a man in all my young life. As I listened to the noisy slurping sounds of his wife sucking away on him I saw Tim extend his tongue slowly and lick his lips. I swear I could feel that tongue on my pussy by the time it swiped across his lower lip. I know I moaned as I felt a warm gush wash over my fingers which were still buried in pussy, which was on fire by then."

Damn! My pussy was on fire at that very moment, too! Megan had me as hot as she had had me before back in the dorm shower by just telling me this incredibly hot story. Yes, I felt another warm gush as I sat there on that plastic chair, finally taking a fork full of food into my watering mouth, mostly as a distraction.

Megan swallowed. "All of a sudden Tim took my hand from between my legs and he brought it up to his cock under where his wife was sucking him off. My fingers tried to wrap around that large piece of man meat but my fingertips wouldn't meet. I guess Claire saw the astonishment in my eyes and came off him to say, 'Don't worry, I can't get my hand all the way around his cock either'. And I watched as she took my hand and started stroking it up and down her husband's cock as she went back to licking that enormous swollen head. My fingers were moist from my pussy and this added a nice lubricant for his large veined organ."

I about gulped too hard on whatever it was I had shoveled into my mouth right then. All I could picture was that big cock in Megan's hand.

"So, Claire sucked on his cock while I kept on stroking away at a nice even pace. I could tell Tim was nowhere ready to spill his load yet. He had one hell of a practiced self-control as I found out later. But I almost lost it when I felt Tim's big strong hand start to massage my tit through my sweater. I was so caught up in the moment of stroking his cock that I didn't even care I was being groped by a stranger. His hand felt great on my warm tit as he squeezed it and massaged it rather firmly. But just as I was enjoying that sensation Claire came up off her husband's cock and again and said, 'I think it's time to get that pretty sweater off. Tim wants to see those hot tits of yours, Megan'. Well, frozen, not looking at her but looking up at Tim who had an even hotter look in his eyes than he had had before, it was like he was the one taking off my sweater when I sat back and pulled it up over my head. I had on a light blue satin push up bra that I had always felt made my tits look really big. Anyway, Tim certainly noticed them immediately as soon as I bared them to him and I looked back up into his face. His eyes got real wide as he looked down at them. He even licked his lips seductively like before. Even Claire commented on how nice my tits looked just as she took off her own bra. As it fell away my eyes widened like her husband's had at mine as I stared upon her huge tits. Even in the dorm bathroom I had never seen tits that big on a girl, a woman. But as I was admiring them she reached over to take off my bra. She couldn't reach the hooks in back and before I realized what I was really doing I reached behind and undid it myself."

Megan looked up at that point and stared right in to my eyes with this dreamy look in her eyes. "I don't know what it was, but I was just so horny by then I was willing to do whatever the two of them wanted me to do."

I gushed down below. I gushed sitting there staring into Megan's hot blue eyes.

"It was then it really got interesting as Claire took Tim's cock and moved it over in my direction. The drooling tip was a breath away from my lips. Instinctively I moved closer to it and without much thought I took that thick, swollen crown of manhood into my mouth and began to immediately suck on it. Right off Tim began to moan and Claire encouraged me to suck even harder as he liked that. No sooner had I got into it and sucked as hard as I had ever sucked on a guy than I felt two warm hands massaging my tits. It took me a moment to realize Tim's hands couldn't reach down that far as he was leaning back against the couch moaning appreciatively away. No, it was Claire's warm hands massaging me. The shock of knowing a woman was pawing at my tits made me lurch forward and I took too much of that cock into my mouth too quickly and I almost gagged. I reared back and let his manhood slip from between my lips, the whole time Claire continued to knead my strangely tingling tits. I was at a loss for what was happening. I had never been felt up by another woman. But damn if she didn't know how to do it and it felt better than any guy had made them feel before. I could feel my nipples pressing hard into the palms of each of her hands."

Damn! I could feel my own nipples poking out really hard at that moment.

"Before I could think about it much more I found myself going with the flow and sticking out my tongue and licking Tim's hard shaft several times before passing it back to Claire as if we were sharing a joint. She sucked on it then passed it back to me. We continued sharing her husband's cock for a few minutes until we both started sucking on it at the same time. As we did this of course our lips would meet over the tip of that smoothly swollen and drooling head. It was then I kissed my first woman," Meagan paused and took a breath seemingly focusing on another time and place. "Honestly, the most significant part of that first kiss I remember to this day is how wonderfully soft her lips felt against mine."

I lost my breath! I literally lost my breath at that point as I stared at Megan's lips thinking about how soft and warm hers were on mine not much earlier that afternoon in the dorm shower.


I heard my name called out, but was too far focused on the kiss.

"Christina? You okay?"

I found myself taking a huge breath and then exhaling quickly only to take in another huge breath. My eyes finally focused back on Megan's smiling face across the table.

"What? Yes, no, yes, I'm fine."

"You sure? You sure you want me to go on with my story?" Megan asked as she squinted her eyes in that way that told me she knew she was seducing me again as we sat there trying to eat dinner.

"Sure. Please go on," I said as calmly as I could and even smoothly reached down to stab another glob of salad and bring it up to shove into my mouth. I smiled back at her between chews.

"Okay, then, as long as you don't choke on your food when you cum," she said, smiled and shoveled another bite into her pretty mouth.

My eyes widened at her thinking I could have an orgasm just by listening to her talk about her erotic liaison...hell yeah I could! My eyes softened in further response and she went on with her story before she finished chewing...

"So, I suppose we must have hooked up for five minutes or so, kissing like I'd never even kissed a guy before. Then Tim started moaning loudly which had me turn my eyes his way. He was stroking his own cock. Claire noticed, too and said, 'Poor baby, you have two sexy women here and you are taking care of yourself. I really think Megan and I can do a better job than that big rough hand of yours. I know Megan and I can give you a better cum'. With that we turned our attention back to his big tall manhood. I worked the head of his cock as she worked the shaft. I mean we really worked it. I swear I had never gone down on a guy as aggressively as I did that night. I also had never had as big a cock in my mouth as his before either. But what was most incredible was I wasn't prepared for the size of the load he unleashed on me. It so surprised me as he started cumming before I was even sure he himself was actually ready to shoot off. When it did though it just exploded and so much cum came out of that big rod so fast that I almost started to gag as it flooded my mouth. And still he kept cumming. I took as much as I could and with that white gooey hot stuff running down my chin I passed the still spitting cock to Claire and she took over sucking on him while I swallowed the thick hot load he had given me. I guess Tim had managed to fill up her mouth, too, and still he had more for us as he kept on shooting stream after stream of his hot sticky man juice at us after Claire had come up off him. This was first time that I had ever gotten cum on my tits or face and it felt good to have the warm sticky cum all over me. I had streams of hot cum on my neck and my tits before I knew it and as I stared at that last drool of cum come out of his tip I opened my mouth wide and wrapped my lips around him. I sucked the last out of him. His cum had a nice salty taste to it, by the way."

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