tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWeekend at the Lodge Ch. 03

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 03


This is a series and will best be enjoyed by reading them in sequence.



"Okay, cock-sucker." I said to Judy. "Your turn. I want you to crawl over here and beg to suck on my cock and drink my cum." I instructed. Judy stared at me with cold hatred. "You don't care much about your baby sister, do you?" I taunted her as I picked up the lash and began to beat Joan's crimson chest. I hit her hard and she started to scream as her huge breasts heaved and her body shook. I continued to beat her massive and now badly marked breasts. Judy watched as I whipped her sister's naked breasts and she quickly started to move in her chair. I stopped beating her sister's tits as Judy pulled herself out of the chair but instead of obeying me, she bolted for the door. She hit it hard and ran, naked, outside onto the porch in the snow. She ran across the landing with her arms bound behind her and her huge tits bouncing wildly in the cold air. I watched through the sliding glass door as she slipped in the snow and tumbled down the stairs. The others were a bit surprised that I had made no move to go after her. They didn't know I'd stolen the distributor cap and on foot we were miles from the nearest anything.

"You have a very stupid sister." I said as I looked down at Joan's stretched body. I draped the whip over my shoulder as I picked up my jacket and went out to get Judy. She lay crying in a pile of snow at the bottom of the steps. Her body was shivering as the cold overwhelmed her. I lifted her up and threw her over my shoulder. As I walked up the steps, my hand slid up over the backs of her thighs and I began to probe her pussy. I could feel her firm breasts press against my back as her body bounced gently with every step.

Once on the porch, I set her down and pulled her arms over the porch railing. I kicked her feet out from under her and she fell backwards until her arms caught over the railing. The wooden railing wedged under her bound arms and forced her huge chest out. Her long legs splayed out widely on the porch as she felt the coldness of the air against her naked skin, especially on the moist skin between her open thighs. Her ass hung suspended a few inches above the deck as her naked body began to shiver. With the whip, I hit her several times across her freezing tits and she howled in pain as angry, red welts appeared on her creamy skin. I kicked her legs apart and then took aim at the tender skin of her inner thighs. The others in the house watched through the glass door as I beat Judy's upper thighs and exposed pussy. Even Leslie and Sandy stopped sucking as they watched me punish Judy's naked body.

"You want to be outside so badly, I think I'll leave you out here for awhile." I said as I pulled her off of the railing and pushed her face down in the snow. The coldness of the snow against her beaten breasts felt good for a moment but I knew that would pass in a moment or two. I reached up and snapped a large icicle from the roof and stepping over her naked body, kicked her legs apart and shoved it into her cunt. Judy screamed as she felt the cold, hard block of ice slide into her warm, wet pussy. Her body continued to shake, only more violently. The others watched in horror and fascination as I abused the naked beauty. I rammed the ice block in and out of her pussy a few times and then left her lying on her side, her ass turned towards the glass door with the icicle sticking obscenely from between her sculptured thighs.

As I turned to come back into the lodge, Sandy and Leslie went back to sucking on the two guys. From the looks on their faces, the guys were both pretty close to cumming. "You are to swallow their loads." I said as the two girls continued to pleasure the guys' cocks. I watched as the two girls sucked on them and then I heard Steve grunt and his cock erupted in Leslie's mouth. She raised her head slightly and kept her lips wrapped around the head of his cock as she gulped and swallowed in an effort to get all of his cum. Seconds later, John grunted and his cock exploded in Sandy's mouth. She was overwhelmed by the power of his orgasm as he sprayed his hot seed into her mouth. She tried to lift her head from his cock but I'd anticipated her inexperience and taking a handful of her long, blonde hair, let her lift her face only enough to keep the tip of his spewing cock in her mouth as I held her face to his cock. She gulped and swallowed hard as his huge load, her first ever, filled her mouth. Once the force of his eruption passed, I eased my grip on her head and she then lifted her face from his crotch and sat back on her knees. I smiled at her as I noticed a few drops of his cum on the edge of her lips. The two guys looked like they were in heaven as their cocks lay spent in their laps and the two naked beauties knelt before them.

"How were they?" I asked.

"Amazing." they both answered together.

"I'll take that as a personal recommendation," I quipped at the two of them.

"Would you girls go and see if Judy is ready to beg to suck on my cock?" I instructed. The two girls rose to their feet and walked to the door. Going out onto the porch, they could feel the cold air against their naked bodies, especially against the moistness that emanated from their aroused pussies. They lifted Judy's shivering body up and spoke to her. She shook her head. They looked at me as they felt the cold envelop their own naked bodies and I shook my head. They left her in the snow as I walked to the door and let them back in.

"Just lift your head when you're ready." I said to Judy as she lay shivering in the snow on the porch. I closed the door behind the girls. Judy was beginning to turn blue and I knew that in a few minutes she would either concede or pass out.

I stepped up in front of Mindy and looked down at her huge tits. They were so out of proportion to her height but they were truly something to behold. Her arms were bound in front of her and her huge tits were pressed together by her upper arms, making them seem even larger than they were. I helped her get off of the couch and taking her by her tit, led her over to the table in the middle of the room. Reaching up to her magnificent breasts, I fondled her massive titflesh. She moaned softly as my fingers pinched her rock hard nipples and I shook her huge breasts. We all watched as her massive tits collided with each other and the firm melons shook as they did. To Mindy it felt weird. Then dropping her tits I stepped behind her and unclipped her arms. Holding the clasp, I pulled her arms behind her back and reattached the clip. Her shoulders were drawn back and her huge tits thrust outward. She looked good. Her wrists crossed behind her ass and pressed against the crotch of my jeans. She could feel the hardness of my cock against her fingers and decided to try and please me by rubbing my cock with her fingers.

On the table sat a special chair I'd built and brought with me to use on these women. Moving to her side, I grasped her upper arm and guided her to stand in front of the special chair. Since she was so short, I had her step up onto a small stool I'd placed in front of it. I turned her body and as she leaned back against the table, I lifted her bound arms over the back of the special chair as she pressed her firm asscheeks against edge of the table. Her body arched over the edge of the table as her hips were thrust forward. I let down the twin brackets that were attached to the backrest. Stepping around in front of her, I filled my hands to her massive breasts and teased them as I pressed my sheathed crotch against her naked one. Her body quivered as she felt the huge bulge in my pants press against her naked pussy.

"Slide down a bit," I instructed the terrified beauty as I stepped back. She adjusted her position a bit until her arms were wedged across the backrest of the chair. I placed my hands on her breasts once again and teased them before sliding them down over her sides to her flaring hips and then across her firm ass. I held her magnificent ass for a moment and then let my hands slide down the backs of her thighs. Reaching down and wrapping my fingers around her satiny thighs, I lifted her legs and then pulling them apart, lowered them into the twin brackets of the special chair. I held her as she adjusted her position a bit to make it more comfortable. Mindy hung before me, sitting almost upright as her huge chest was thrust forward and her thighs were raised and split wide apart. Her pussy was suspended in the air at about the same height as my ramrod and her magnificent, young body was totally available for my pleasure. Mindy looked down at the bulge in the front of my pants and quickly figured out what was about to happen to her.

Reaching out to her huge breasts, I squeezed them and twisted them as I rubbed my crotch against hers. I pinched her nipples and then lifted her magnificent breasts as her tender nipples felt the strain. I then shook her tits and she gasped. "First your pussy and later these magnificent tits." I said as I gazed down at the naked and spread beauty.

"I think Judy wants you." John interrupted and everyone looked out the glass doors and saw Judy looking at me. I stopped what I was doing to Mindy and turned to Sandy and Leslie.

"Go get her." I instructed and the two naked beauties ran to the door and quickly helped Judy to stand. As she rose, the icicle slid from her pussy and crashed onto the deck, shattering as it hit the wood. The naked beauties helped Judy into the house. She was shivering and her skin had turned a deep shade of blue. They brought her in and I nodded as they pulled her in front of the fireplace. Sandy ran to find something to wrap her up in. That was not my interest.

"Drop her." I instructed and Leslie lowered Judy's shaking body to the floor. I nodded in the direction of the couch and the two girls went and sat down. Judy lay still on the floor, huddled in front of the fireplace. I pulled a chair over and placed it in front of Mindy's open thighs. "Keep her warm and wet." I said to Annie as I pulled her from her chair and sat her down in front of Mindy's spread pussy. A bit hesitantly, Annie lowered her face between her friend's satiny thighs and could smell the sweet aroma emanating from her spread loins. She'd never licked another woman and she hesitated until I placed my hand on the back of her head and she buried her face in Mindy's open pussy. I heard Mindy moan as she felt Annie's tongue caress her most intimate flesh. She'd never been touched by another woman let alone licked by one and the sensations were overwhelming for both of them.

"Okay, cunt. Crawl." I barked. Slowly, Judy rolled her body onto her side and tried to sit up with her arms bound behind her. We all watched her struggle until she was able to turn over onto her knees with her ass in the air and her massive tits pressed to the floor. Then adjusting her position a bit, she lowered her ass onto her heels and shifting her weight was able to sit up. Her huge tits stuck straight out as her shoulders were pulled back by her bindings. Her body, still wet from the snow and covered with goose bumps was still shivering as she finally knelt upright on the hard floor. The warmth of the room began to heat her body and the blue tinge of her soft skin began to fade.

As she started to crawl across the room, her massive tits bounced wildly on her chest. She moved in front of my thighs and then sat back on her knees. "Beg." I said but she wouldn't. I reached out to her huge tits and pinching her nipples tightly, shook her tits violently. The young beauty screamed as she felt the pain in her aching chest. I pulled her forward by her nipples and she lost her balance. I let go of her nipples as the naked beauty fell forward and landed hard on her massive tits. She hit the floor with a thud and screamed as her massive tits were mashed to the floor.

"Let's try again," I said. "Get up!" I ordered. Again the naked beauty struggled to turn herself over and raise her body as we all watched.

"Beg." I snapped.

"May I suck on your cock?" she begged softly.

"That doesn't sound like begging," I taunted her.

"May I please suck your cock?" she whispered.

"Yes, you may." I said as I looked down at her. She lifted her body up and leaned forward.

"I can't reach you." she said and I wrapped my fingers around her slender neck and pulled her face forward to my crotch. Reaching over her shoulders, I unclipped her elbows and then sat back. She was defeated and wouldn't be a problem anymore. Both of her hands came up to the front of my jeans and she unzipped them as she reached in and retrieved my ramrod. She opened her mouth and lowering her beautiful face to my cock, sucked it between her soft lips as her talented tongue caressed the underside of my shaft. I could feel her body shaking as she continued to suck on my cock. I watched as her head rose and fell as she sucked my ramrod all the way into her talented mouth. Glancing around the room, I could see that everyone was watching Judy eat my cock. I noticed that Mindy was in ecstasy as Annie licked her most intimate flesh. I looked over at Joan's tits and they were still very red and covered with angry welts from the lash.

"Sandy, go and get that lotion by the sink and you can put some on Joan's tits. They look like they could use it." I instructed. Sandy did as she was told. She brought the lotion and then kneeling in front of her friend, squirted some lotion onto her huge tits. She'd never touched another woman's breasts before and it was awkward for her. Joan gasped as she felt her friend's hands gently touch her beaten breasts but the lotion felt good on her tender skin. Her nipples were rock hard. I reached over her head and untied the rope holding her wrists to the chair back. She lowered her arms over her beaten breasts as she slumped to the floor. She felt the floor press against her beaten breasts and gasped. "Untie her feet." I said to Sandy and she reached around to untie Joan's feet from the legs of the chair.

"Annie, you seem to have a very talented mouth, judging by Mindy's face. Now go over there and suck on Steve." I instructed. "I want him hard but don't let him cum - or else." I added. Annie obeyed me as she lifted her face from between Mindy's open thighs. I could see that her cheeks glistened with Mindy's sweet juices. She walked over in front of Steve and sank to her knees. She leaned forward and wrapped her lips around his cock as he watched her suck his cock into her mouth and he moaned with pleasure.

"Sandy, you go suck on John some more and Leslie, you suck on Mindy." I said. Sandy walked back over to John and Leslie sat down in front of her friend and slowly lowered her face into Mindy's spread pussy. She could smell the sweet aroma of Mindy's love hole and could see the moistness that coated her pussy lips and was smeared over the satiny skin of her inner thighs. She knew better than to resist and she licked her friend's pussy and tasted her sweet cum.

I looked up at Joan, who stood before me with her arms bound in front of her, framing her huge tits and pressing them firmly together. I reached out and slid my fingers down into the front of her panties and pulled her body forward as her sister continued to suck on my cock. I brought Joan's body close to me and then kissed her taut nipples and sucked them tenderly into my mouth. The young beauty gasped as she felt the wetness of my lips on her aching tits and my tongue flick across her tender nipples. I let my hand press between her soft thighs and gently probe her pussy. She was wet inside and I hooked my finger into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her long legs. I felt her body tremble as my hand probed deep into her pussy and my mouth teased her panting breasts.

Reaching down, I ran my fingers through Judy's thick, dark hair and then tightened my grip on her head. I lifted her face from my cock and felt my ramrod slip from between her soft lips. Standing up, I took Joan by her beaten tit and pulled her around to sit in the chair. As she fell into the chair, her long legs splayed out, revealing her soft, brown muff. Still holding Judy's head I looked down at her.

"You didn't care much about your sister's pain before. Now eat her out," I said as I pushed her face between Joan's open thighs. Judy obeyed me and began to suck on her sister's open pussy. Joan moaned as for the first time in her life another woman licked her pussy. She closed her eyes and parted her thighs wider as Judy licked the length of her sister's open gash and found her clit. Joan gasped as she felt her sister suck her tender nubbin into her mouth and her body bucked wildly as a powerful orgasm enveloped her.

I walked over to Mindy and took hold of Leslie's long hair. I lifted her face away from the seething pussy in front of her. I could see that her cheeks were covered with Mindy's sweet nectar. I shoved my cock into Leslie's mouth and felt her lips close around my ramrod. I pumped her head up and down the length of my shaft a few times as I felt her talented tongue snake around the length of it as it invaded her mouth.

"You suck divinely." I complemented her as I slid my cock from between her lips. "Now put me inside her." I said and Leslie reached up and wrapping her fingers around my ramrod, guided it between Mindy's swollen labia. As I slid forward into Mindy's seething love hole she gasped. She felt her tight pussy stretch as my cock filled her to the hilt. Reaching out to her huge breasts, I filled my hands with her tits and then pulling on them, I began to ram my cock deep into her spread pussy. Leslie watched as my long shaft pistoned in and out of Mindy's writhing, young body as she moaned loudly. She watched as Mindy's body, already wet from cumming several times, convulsed in one powerful orgasm after another. I could feel her warm, wet flow envelop my cock as I rammed it deep into her bound, young body. I couldn't take my eyes off of her massive tits as they bounced wildly every time I thrust my cock into her delicious, young body.

As I was about to let loose with my load, I reached down to Leslie's head and pulling my shaft out of Mindy's quivering pussy, shoved it into Leslie's mouth. The kneeling beauty wasn't ready for this and as her arms began to come up towards her face she squealed as my cock erupted in her mouth and she gulped and swallowed furiously as she felt my cock explode in her mouth. I held her head tightly as I emptied my balls down her throat and she lowered her arms to her sides. I then eased her head back and forth on my spent cock as I felt her talented tongue lick my shaft. After several minutes, I withdrew my spent shaft from between her lips. A bit of cum dripped from the corner of her mouth.

To be continued....

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