tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWeekend at the Lodge Ch. 09

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 09


This is a series and will best be enjoyed by reading them in sequence.


"Leslie." I called as I held Joan's face to my cock. Leslie slid off of the sofa and walked over to me. "Put your leg up." I said and the young beauty lifted her foot up onto the chair arm. I reached up to her breast and began to tease her taut nipple. She closed her eyes as I caressed her tender nub. Then I slid my hand down over her firm stomach and down between her thighs. She gasped as she felt my fingers slip between her engorged pussy lips and I began to probe her moist quim. She was still pretty loose. "You're still pretty stretched out." I said as Leslie turned crimson with humiliation.

"See that Coke bottle?" I asked as I nodded to the end table. Leslie looked down and saw a small empty Coke bottle. "See if it will fit into your pussy." I said as the young beauty paled. She picked up the bottle and looked up at me, her eyes filled with pleading as she realized that even though she was pretty loose, the bottle was pretty thick. "Either you put it in or I will." I threatened. Leslie slowly lowered the bottle to her open pussy and rubbed the tip across her swollen labia. As she felt the neck of the bottle slip between her pussy lips, she began to press it deeper into her stretched pussy.

"I can't." she pleaded as she held the bottle with the slender neck partially into her pussy.

"Sandy, come here." I barked and the beautiful blonde lifted her body off of the sofa and walked towards me, her beautiful breasts bouncing gently with every step. "You get it into her." I hissed and the beautiful blonde sank to her knees in front of her friend. She looked up at Leslie and smiled at her reassuringly as she wrapped her fingers around the base of the bottle. Pressing gently, she began to work the bottle into Leslie's abused pussy. As the bottle moved deeper into Leslie's cunt, Leslie became hysterical with pain and fear as Sandy knelt between her trembling thighs.

Suddenly, Sandy pulled the bottle out of Leslie's body and broke the neck against the table. She lunged at me with the sharp glass weapon. I dodged her slashing weapon and picked up one of the throw pillows. Several of the others began to get up.

"Anyone who helps her, will get what she is going to get and believe me, no one will enjoy that except me." I threatened as the others eased back into their places. Sandy continued to slash at me with the broken bottle as I blocked her with the torn pillow. I heard someone moving behind me. Sandy lunged at me with the bottle and blocking her thrust with the pillow, I pushed her arm to the side and then kicked her hard in the cunt. She screamed in pain as my foot hit her most tender flesh and she dropped the bottle as both of her hands plunged down between her thighs and she crumpled to the floor.

Joan picked up the broken bottle and as she looked down at her friend, lying in pain on the floor, she lunged at me with the sharp weapon. As we circled around the room, I saw that Sandy was beginning to move, though she still held her aching pussy with one hand as she tried to lift herself up with the other. I didn't want her getting up so as I passed her, I kicked her hard in the chest. Her body crumbled to the floor.

Joan was being more cautious than Sandy had been and I decided the best tactic was to rush her. I flew forward and knocking the bottle down with the pillow, grabbed the young beauty by her wrists. I bashed her hand against the table until she dropped the bottle. She scratched at me and I pulled her forward as I turned my body and sent her flying into the wall. She hit it hard and was stunned. She came at me again and grabbing her by her wrists, I sent her sailing towards the couch. Her legs hit the sofa back and her body fell over the back of the sofa. Before she could get up, I hit her hard in the mid-section and she doubled over in pain. Pulling her off of the couch, she fell hard on the floor, her body sprawled out. I straddled her body and sat down hard across her waist, pinning her arms under my legs. Her huge tits panted with fear and excitement as I gazed down at them. I started to slap her tits hard as the young beauty screamed.

Joan's tits were firm and her creamy, white skin was turning a deep shade of pink as my hands abused her magnificent breasts. I could feel her body trembling as I abused her huge mams. Reaching over for the broken bottle, I held it up over her face and then pressed the sharp end to her firm tit. Joan froze in fear as the others watched me press the sharp glass against her naked breast. "I should carve you up with this." I hissed as the terrified, young beauty looked up at me, her face a mask of fear.

Putting down the bottle, I lifted my body and pulled Joan's arms up over her head. Then grabbing her by her beaten titflesh, I rolled her over onto her stomach and then sat down across her body once again. I unclipped her elbows and then pulled her arms down and bound them behind her. As I rose up off of her body, I kicked her hard between her open thighs as she grunted with pain as her body lurched on the floor.

Walking over to Sandy, I pulled her to her feet and bound her wrists to one of the ropes that hung down from the loft. I pulled the rope tight and the naked beauty felt her body stretch as she barely reached the floor. Then moving over to Joan, I pulled her to her feet and tied her alongside Sandy. The two women hung by their wrists as I began to fondle their panting breasts. From my kit I picked up two strips of cloth. Reaching down to Sandy's ankle, I tied the strip around her ankle and then tied it to Joan's thigh. Then taking Joan's ankle, I tied it to Sandy's thigh. The two women hung with one leg on the floor and the other bound horizontally, their pussies open and exposed.

"I think that we'll start with a beating - and I mean a thorough one." I hissed as I picked up the lash. I walked to the side and lifting the whip, swung it in a wide circle until it hit firmly across Sandy's creamy breasts. She screamed in pain as the leather cut into her soft skin. I swung the whip again and hit hard into Joan's huge tit. She too screamed as the leather bit her naked breast. The others watched as I systematically beat the girls' breasts. They screamed as they hopped around in their bindings.

Once their breasts were covered with red marks, I shifted my attention to their exposed pussies. I really laid into them with the whip as I covered their thighs, asses and cunts with angry, red welts. I beat them until my arm was too tired to continue. Neither girl could talk - their voices were raw from screaming in their pain. The others in the room were astonished as they looked at the bound girls hanging before them.

I glanced over at the fireplace and the poker. I stirred the coals and then shoved it into the fire. I waited as the others watched. When it was red hot, I picked up the poker and walked over to my suspended captives. It glowed red and trailed smoke. I spit on the end and it sizzled. I held it close to Sandy's breasts and she could feel the intense heat. She was petrified. So was Joan. I moved the hot poker close to Joan's breast and she also felt the intense heat as it blistered her white skin. Both girls were sweating and choking with fear. Their eyes burned into the tip as the poker just as the heat burned into their skin.

I walked back to the fire and shoved the poker back in. When it was good and hot, I carried it back and held it between Sandy's open thighs. She could feel the heat as I moved it under her creamy thigh and close to her soft, blonde muff. I moved it under their thighs until it came close to Joan's open pussy. The heat began to singe the soft hair of her muff and the room smelled of singed hair. Then I withdrew the poker and threw it back into the fire. Everyone sighed with relief. The point had been made.

From my kit I pulled several lengths of string. I approached Sandy and reached out to her aching nipple. I squeezed her tender nubbin and began to twist it mercilessly. She screamed even more as I pulled and pinched her tender nub until it stood out hard, like a pencil eraser. Making a small noose, I tied the string tightly to her swollen nipple. Her other nipple got the same treatment as she continued to scream in pain. About a foot of string hung down from each of her bound nipples. Stepping over to Joan, I repeated the process with her huge tits.

Standing between the two hanging girls, I picked up the dangling strings and began to pull on them. Both girls winced as they felt their nipples being pulled by the strings. I lifted their breasts high, using the strings and their nipples chafed and became distended. This was especially painful for Joan because of the size and weight of her mammoth tits. Then I dropped the strings and the two girls sighed with relief.

"Leslie, get the broom and sweep up the glass." I ordered and she went into the kitchen and returned to obey my command. She swept up the glass into the dustpan and I nodded to the table and she lay it down there.

"Are you girls ready?" I taunted. They both looked at me incredulously. They could not believe that I was going to do anything else to them after what they'd just endured. Were they ever wrong.

I cut Joan down and walked her over to the table. I sat her down on the edge of the table as I walked over and picked up two throw pillows from the sofa. Placing them behind her on the table, I reached down and cupped her huge tits. After squeezing them, I pushed her backwards until she lay down across the pillows. Her body arched slightly over the two pillows. Her legs and ass dangled off the end of the table. I released her wrist bindings and lay her arms out wide on either side of her. I lifted a kitchen chair and placed it on the table above her face. Her arms were pinned under the struts that ran between the chair legs. She could barely move. I picked up the strings attached to her nipples and began to pull up until her huge breasts were lifted away from her chest. She winced in pain as she felt the strain on her tortured nipples. I shook her tits and she screamed softly. I tied a small loop in each string, right next to her nipples and then let go of the strings.

"John, up there." I instructed and he eased out of his chair and climbed up onto the table. He sat down in the chair above Joan's body, placing his feet astride her hips. As long as he sat in the chair, she would not be able to get out from under it. I raised Joan's legs and tied them to the arms of the chair. Her thighs were spread and her ass and cunt totally available.

Walking back to Sandy, I cut her down and taking her by her nipple bindings, I walked her over to the table. I picked up the dustpan and shook the broken glass out onto Joan's body, between her waist and her cunt. I retied Sandy's wrists to the arms of the chair. She leaned forward between John's thighs and over Joan's spread pussy. Then lifting her leg up, I tied her knee to the leg of the chair. Her thigh rested on Joan's as she hopped around for balance. As I lifted her other leg up onto the table, I tied her knee to the leg of the chair. Sandy's thighs were wrapped over Joan's open thighs, their pussies almost touching. Both women could feel the sharp glass gouge their soft skin. I looked down and could see that their twin pussies were only inches apart. I would be able to fuck both of them easily as they hung in their bindings.

Stepping to the side, I could see just how close Sandy's hanging tits were to Joan's. The strings from Sandy's nipples hung down several inches to Joan's huge tits. Joan's magnificent breasts had slid down under her arms. I picked up one of the strings attached to Sandy's nipple and tugged on it gently. I then ran it through the small loop I'd tied in the string on Joan's opposite nipple. Both girls watched as I began to pull on the string and it ran through the loop and then pulled Joan's breast upwards onto the top of her chest. Joan felt the strain as her huge breast was lifted and Sandy gasped as she felt her own nipple pulled down as it supported the weight of her friend's tit. I continued to pull on the string until their nipples almost touched. I then tied the string off. A moment later, their other nipples were similarly tied. Since the strings were crossed, their tits were not only pulled against each other, but mashed together.

This was an exquisite position. Joan's tits were large and weighty. They wanted to slide down and to the side. Instead, they were lifted and pulled to the center of her chest, with almost their entire weight supported by the bindings on her nipples. Sandy's tits were smaller but they too were mashed together and they had to support the weight of Joan's huge mams. I wasn't done.

My hand came up to Sandy's soft, blonde hair and I wrapped my fingers through it. Pulling her head up, she felt her upper body rise slightly and add to the strain on her distended nipples. "Suck on him." I instructed as I pressed her face between John's open thighs. The beautiful blonde opened her lips and swallowed John's cock. As she lowered her face to his crotch, she felt the strain on her aching nipples ease slightly. She heard John moan as she sucked his cock into her mouth.

As John's cock grew in her mouth, Sandy felt my hand slide down over her smooth asscheeks and between her open thighs. I slid my fingers into her cunt and probed deeply as her body began to squirm. As her body moved, the strain on her nipples increased. Easing my fingers from her oozing pussy, I lowered my hand an inch or two and began to explore Joan's spread pussy with very similar results. As her body began to squirm, her huge tits pulled on Sandy's and the two women began to whimper with pain.

John looked down as I probed Joan's open pussy and then placed my thumb in Sandy's pussy and my fingers in Joan's. I finger fucked the two bound beauties as Sandy sucked on his cock. When he saw me pick up the whip, John pulled his feet back around the legs of the chair. His change of position caused Sandy's body to lift slightly and the stain on their chafed nipples increased. Raising the whip, I lay the first stroke across both of their magnificent asses so that they both felt the pain. The results were perfect. They both lurched in their bonds and as their bodies moved, their tits bounced, adding yet more pain to their aching nipples. I methodically began to whip both of their exposed asses as Joan screamed in pain and Sandy's screams were muffled by the huge cock that filled her mouth.

I lay the whip down across Sandy's narrow waist and then slid my cock deep into Joan's pussy with one shove. Holding Sandy's hips, I rammed deep into Joan's beaten loins and as her huge tits began to sway with the motion, the strain on their bound nipples was intense. Sandy continued to suck on John's ramrod as she felt the binding tear at her tender nipples. Their movements were not at all in sinc and that only added to the pain they felt in their aching nipples. I slid my cock out of Joan's oozing pussy and then as it stood up, I shoved it deep into Sandy's open pussy. Again their tits began to bounce as I rammed my cock deep into Sandy's juicing pussy and their tits bounced wildly as their nipples became even more distended and painful. I enjoyed inflicting pain on these two women as I fucked Sandy and the broken glass pressed between their bodies began to gouge their soft flesh. I pulled my cock from Sandy's cunt and then rammed it back into Joan's. For several minutes I fucked the two women as I rammed my cock first into one pussy and then the other.

"I knew I forgot something." I said and the two women froze. They couldn't believe that there was anything more I would do to punish their aching bodies. I shoved my cock all the way into Sandy's cunt and then reaching around to the pillows I'd laid under Joan's back, I pulled them out and her body dropped about two inches. Both girls screamed as they felt the added strain on their bound nipples.

"Now let's fuck." I said as I rammed my cock deep into Sandy's pussy. Her body lurched forward as her mouth descended all the way onto John's ramrod. I fucked her hard and then pulled my cock from her pussy and rammed it into Joan's. Bound breasts were bouncing wildly as the two women screamed with pain. Their nipples were distended and raw as the cords cut deep into their tortured flesh. Their nipples were at their limits, both in terms of stretching and in terms of pain. Both girls began to clamp their powerful love muscles around my invading cock as they tried to make me cum and stop fucking them. I loved the effort.

"Aghhhh!" John gasped as his hips thrust forward and his cock exploded in Sandy's mouth. She gulped and swallowed as she tried to keep from drowning in cum. As I fucked into Joan's pussy, I reached around and filled my hands with Sandy's aching tits. I began to squeeze and pinch her tortured tits and I could feel Joan's powerful inner muscles clamping down around my cock as she tried to make me cum and stop torturing her poor body. I pulled my cock from her loins and then rammed it back into Sandy's. She too clamped her powerful inner muscles down around my invading cock and as I shoved deep into her tight pussy, I felt my cock explode deep in her loins. Both girls heard me gasp and they knew that at least for the moment, I would stop torturing them. As I slid my cock out of Sandy's tight pussy, both girls sighed with relief. I stepped around and looked at their bound nipples. They were raw and the soft nubbins were distended almost an inch.

I let them rest as I walked over to Mindy and wrapping my hand around the back of her neck, pulled her mouth to my cum-covered cock. She reluctantly opened her mouth and swallowed my cock as I felt her tongue lick the sides of my spent ramrod.

"Okay Steve, mount up." I said as Mindy continued to suck on me. The two bound girls realized that their ordeal was not over. Steve slid off of the sofa and walked over to stand behind the two girls. He let the tip of his cock brush against Sandy's open pussy and then wedged the tip into the entrance of Joan's oozing twat. Leaning forward, he slowly slid his cock all the way into her pussy. He gently stroked into her open quim as he tried hard not to make her body move on the table.

"What about Sandy?" I asked and he withdrew his cock from Joan's loins and slid it into Sandy's open pussy. Once again he stroked gently into her abused hole as he tried to minimize the movement of their bound breasts. The girls thought that their ordeal with me had been the worst possible experience but now even though Steve took great pains not to hurt them, their torn nipples were so tender that even the slightest tug on their breasts was excruciating. I walked over to the wood box and picked up two large pinecones. Walking back to the bound women, I shoved one of the cones, with its sharp points, between Joan's huge breasts. She screamed as she felt the cone scratch at the soft skin of her deep cleavage. I placed the other cone between Sandy's breasts but I wasn't sure it would stay there - her breasts weren't large enough.

"Okay Steve, get with it or I'll whip your ass to get you moving." I said as I moved around behind him.

"Sorry girls." he whispered as he began to ram his cock into Sandy's oozing pussy. I watched in fascination as their torn nipples pulled and chafed as their breasts bounced with each penetration. Steve pulled his cock from Sandy's dripping cunt and rammed it deep into Joan's. He was enjoying the sensation of their twin pussies as he fucked the two beautiful women.

"That's enough." I said and Steve stopped fucking Joan and pulled his cock from her loins. "Over there." I said, indicating the armchair and Steve moved to sit in the chair.

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