tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWeekend Challenge Ch. 02

Weekend Challenge Ch. 02


It was early evening and Ed said we should go out for a drink. I asked him what was I supposed to wear and he told me I should wear the skirt with the slits up the sides and the crop top. The skirt had no buttons; it was made of a jersey type material. I pulled the skirt on and saw I needed to wear it low on my hips. It wasn't as short as the other skirt I had with me but with the slits it was a sure thing that one small gust of wind would surely expose most if not all of my bare pussy. I was also to wear the crop top with the buttons down the front.

I put the top on first and saw that it fit snug but covered me pretty well. I didn't have the bottom of my boobs showing. Once I put on the sandals it looked to me as if the skirt got shorter. I looked in the mirror and saw everything in front was covered, as was my ass cheeks as long as I wore the skirt very low on my hips. Damn good thing I was totally shaved . I did a small spin and saw that a good part of my ass became exposed and there was a brief flash of my shaved mound. I stood sideways in front of the mirror and saw that just a slight lean forward caused my skirt to flare out and exposed my pussy to anyone to the right or left of me.

We left the room and headed down the hall to the elevator. As I walked I could feel the front and back of the skirt moving which I was sure would be giving anyone paying attention flashes of my ass and pussy. The bar was rather busy and we found a small table, the kind that is rather high and has high chairs to sit on. I sat so the bar was to my left and smoothed my skirt across my lap. The skirt fell to mid thigh and gave a good view of the sides of my legs because it was slit up to just below the waistband. A waiter came over and we ordered drinks and I saw him looking down at my legs, obviously noticing the exposed skin all the way up the sides of my legs to my hips.

As we enjoyed our drink and scoped out the other patrons Ed told me to take the front of my skirt and put it between my legs. I pushed both sides of the front flap of the skirt between my legs and this bared my legs completely all the way up to my hips. It was very obvious that I was naked under my skirt that I think should really be called a loincloth.

The waiter came back and his gaze fell immediately to my bare legs. We ordered another drink and while the waiter was gone Ed had me undo the two top and bottom buttons on my top. There was just one button just below my boobs that was holding the top closed. Now there was much more cleavage showing above and below my top. I really thought that if I took a deep breath that the top would pop open. I gave it a try and could feel it strain but the button held which was something of a disappointment to me. The waiter came back and now had some new skin to ogle as he served our drinks.

After finishing our second drink we decided to go out for a bite to eat. We got the check and I waited until I saw our server walking toward us to give Ed his credit card back. I grabbed the front of my skirt with one hand and raised it up above my waist as I got off the chair giving the waiter an unobstructed view of my bare pussy.

He stopped dead in his tracks and I slowly lowered the skirt back down once I was sure he had a good look. We asked about dinner and he directed us to a nice steak place. I left just the one button closed on my top and made sure I did a little spin a few times when I saw a car approaching as we walked down to the steak place. While have dinner I once again tucked the front flap of my loincloth between my legs exposing my legs completely to anyone passing by or sitting to the side of me. We enjoyed a nice dinner and then found a little nightspot for drinks and dancing.

I of course made sure I exposed my legs fully again as we sat at a table in the club. Now Ed is not exactly light on his feet and he really hates to dance to anything with an up tempo but since I was not ready to go out and dance by myself he had no choice but to join me. I was only on the dance floor for a minute or two when I began attracting attention. The slits up the sides of my skirt were so obvious and once I did a quick spin I had everyone's attention.

Now being the attention whore that I am this did nothing but fuel the fire and I made sure I spun around more frequently. Now pretty much everyone was aware of the fact that I was naked under my skirt. I was really enjoying myself and after a few songs we went to sit back down. We had another round of drinks and saw that it was near midnight.

I wanted to go out and dance a little more before we left and Ed reluctantly agreed to join me again on the dance floor. I once again did a spin from time to time allowing my skirt to fly up well above my bare pussy. After the first song I undid the last button on my top and surprisingly it stayed in place covering my boobs. At least until I began dancing again, then the top fell to the sides and my boobs were out in the open. I did a spin and let my skirt fly up again. Since the skirt had an elastic waistband I was able to roll it up to make it shorter.

I rolled it until it was just covering my pussy. Now I had everyone's attention including a gut that I guess was the manager. He came over and took me by the arm and pulled me off the dance floor. He told me that my behavior was not acceptable and we would have to leave. He then began escorting us toward the door.

I was mad because I didn't see anyone complaining and I actually heard what I think were boos as we were walked to the front door. We were at the edge of the bar/ dance floor area and I hurriedly shrugged my top off and handed it to Ed. I grabbed my skirt and pulled it up and over my head and also gave it to Ed. The manager looked like he was going to have a heart attack. We walked to the front entrance and out the door to the street. We walked a few paces back toward the hotel and Ed said I had better get dressed, he didn't think it was a good idea for me to walk back to the hotel naked.

I reluctantly agreed and put my top on then pulled on the skirt. I rolled it up once again to just below my pussy and left my top unbuttoned. I figured I could always pull it closed if needed. We walked back to the hotel with my boobs totally exposed. I pulled the top closed to cover my boobs as we walked through the lobby.

Once on the elevator Ed had me take off my top and hand it to him. I rolled the skirt up above my waist and stayed that way until we were back in our room. I took off my skirt and sandals and made my naked walk to the vending area to get ice. Once again to my dismay I saw no one.

To be continued...


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