tagLesbian SexWeekend for Two

Weekend for Two


We've been flirting back and forth for several months now. I can feel the sexual tension between us but I'm too timid to make the first move. You're married with a couple of kids. I think that you want me the way that I want you but I'm not totally sure. You're giving me mixed signals and I can't determine if you are just harmlessly flirting or being serious.

On one of our coffee breaks, you tell me that your husband is taking the kids on a weekend trip. I pretend not to be too interested as I realize that you'll be alone for the weekend. You mention that you'll be alone and will probably be lonely. I harmlessly mention that we should get together for coffee or something. Your face lights up and you suggest a movie at your house instead. Well, now I am really excited! I try not to be overly optimistic as I do not want to get my hopes up. You tell me that you'll give me directions to your house by the end of the day.

Everytime I see you after that, I feel shy and I think you do too. Once, in the photocopy room, we meet and are alone. You hand me my printout and our fingers touch. It's instant electricity!!! At least I feel it. You scurry out pretty quickly so I think that you do too.

I try to stay away from you for the rest of the day because there's not much keeping me from wanting to take you then and there. Aside from the fact that everyone else in the office will see us. Just before the end of the day about five minutes before you're supposed to leave, you drop by my desk, standing really close to me (in fact, you are touching me) you give me a crude map to your house. I pretend nonchalance when really my heart is beating wildly. I tell you that I'll call you the next day just to confirm that we're still on.

You just smile and say, “Oh, nothing will change from my side.”

I watch you walk away from desk. The sexy way that you move makes me breathless with anticipation.

I'm at home and I can't wait for the night to end and the next day to begin. I keep trying to talk myself out of being so excited because I don't want to be disappointed in case I'm reading the signs wrong. I make it through the long agonizing night. To my surprise, the phone rings early the next morning and it's you. I'm disappointed because I think you’re cancelling our "date". You can sense the change in my voice and ask what's wrong. I say nothing because I don't want you to know what I'm feeling. You say that you're just calling to ask if I want to come for dinner too. I immediately perk up and say yes, I 'd love to. We chat for a few minutes and then hang up.

I spend the rest of the day getting ready. It's going to take me a while to get to your house so I leave with plenty of time to spare. It's a nice drive up to your house. I arrive with half an hour to spare. I can't decide whether I should sit outside your house for half an hour or go in early. I decide to go up early. I knock on your day and you seem pleasantly surprised to see me early. You're wearing a sexy pair of tight fitting jeans and a white long sleeved blouse. You look incredible! I decide to take the risk and tell you so. Your face lights up with a smile. You thank me and say that they’re just weekend clothes. I can tell they're not though and that maybe you've dressed up for me but I just smile innocently.

You offer me a drink and invite me to keep you company in the kitchen while you finish dinner. We chat about different things while you're cooking. You're making some kind of stir fry you tell me. It smells and looks wonderful I tell you. I notice that you're having a drink and comment on it as you don't normally drink. You just smile and tell that me when the kids and hubby are away, you like to play. I take note of this comment for later use.

Dinner is ready all too soon. You've set up small folding tables in the living room so that we can watch the move while we eat. We didn't discuss which movie to rent so I ask you what we're going to watch. You tell me but it's not a movie that I recognize. We sit down to eat and you put the movie on. Right away, I like the lead character as she's pretty hot. As the movies progresses, I get the feeling that this movie has lesbian undertones and sure enough, I'm right. The lead character does get involved with a woman.

By this point in the movie, we've finished dinner and are both on a second drink. I'm at one end of the couch and you're at the other. When the love scene between the two women gets really heated, I get a little uncomfortable because it's turning me on. You can feel me squirming and I feel you look over at me a couple of times. You have this smirk on your face as you ask me what's wrong.

“Oh nothing” I say.

You say,”Yeah right,” and chuckle. “Is it turning you on, you ask?”

I laugh nervously and say,” Hell, yes!”

“Good, you say, I was hoping it would have that affect on you.”

“ What do you mean I ask?”

At this point, you turn to me and say, “Haven't you been getting the vibes I've been sending your way?”

I decide to play innocent and ask, “What vibes?”

“Come on “ you say, “I know you feel the same way. I can tell.”

“You can tell what?” I ask.

“I can tell that you want me “ you respond.

“What if I do want you?” I ask. “It wouldn't do me any good because you're married.”

“Ah, you say, but I'm single this weekend and I have my husband's blessing.”

“So what are you telling me? “I ask. “That you're interested in me?”

“Well, of course I'm interested, what do you think I've been trying to tell you for months now?”

I'm stunned and speechless. You look at me with concern in your eyes.

“Oh shit “you say, “did I just blow it? Are you not interested in me?”

I'm nervous but decide to make the first move anyway. I slide over next to you. Our thighs are touching.

“No, you didn't blow anything” I say “I have been attracted to you since the summer.” I'm looking at your lips and contemplating kissing you when, you beat me to it. You lean in and kiss my lips so sweetly. I melt and I'm totally yours.

“I've wondered what our first kiss would be like “you say, “and it was everything I've fantasized about.”

I want to keep the magic going so I kiss you this time and the kiss lingers a little longer. I pull away breathless and just look at you. I can't believe this is happening I utter.

You just smile and pull me towards you. This time our kiss is very passionate. You probe my hungry mouth with your tongue and as our tongues meet, a bolt of sexual energy shoots through my body. You are turning me on so much. I lie back on the couch and pull you on top of me. I run my fingers through your long hair-run my hands down your back and then down to your ass. I caress your ass and this brings a moan from you.

I move my hands up your back and untuck your blouse from your jeans. I run my hands up your back and under your blouse. I can feel your smooth skin. I reach your bra and unhook the clasps. I trace your breasts with my thumbs-slowly making my way towards your nipples. You gasp in anticipation. I trace my thumb around each of your nipples. Teasing you just a little bit longer. Then I finally touch your nipples, you moan with pleasure and thrust your tongue deeper into my mouth.

The couch seems to have gotten very small. You grudgingly kiss me and slide off of me. You pull me to my feet and wordlessly pull me towards the bedroom.

“Take off your clothes you tell me, put this robe on and wait until I come to get you.”

I do as asked and sit on your bed waiting patiently. I can hear you opening and closing doors. Next I hear running water. The bedroom door opens and you waltz into the room in the flimsiest and shortest of nighties. It looks like silk. You come over to me, look me straight in the eyes with a smoldering gaze, take my hand and wordlessly urge me to follow you. You lead me to the bathroom where there is a tub full of bubbles waiting for us. The tub is easily a two seater. You have candles placed around the outside of the tub and I see a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

“Nice I say.”

You turn to me then and undo my robe. You proceed to slide the robe off my shoulders and lean in to kiss me passionately. I moan in ecstacy. The robe falls to the floor. Your hands trace a slow agonizing path towards my breasts. You tease my nipples then lean down to take one in your mouth. You suck and nibble until I am squirming.

You utter a low, sexy chuckle. And say, “Mmmmm just the way I thought they'd be, big, pink and extremely suckable.”

You lead me by the hand to the waiting tub and help me in. Next you stand in front of me and slowly untie your nightie. You peel it back ever so slowly. I'm almost holding my breath. Finally, the nightie falls to the floor. I gaze lasciviously at your nakedness. Your body is everything I thought it would be. You lower yourself into the water next to me and immediately we lean towards each us and are locked in a passionate embrace. We kiss for what seems like hours but in reality is only minutes. Much to my chagrin, you break the kiss and lean over to pour two glasses of champagne. You pass me a glass and we both sip the chilled liquid.

The bubbles tickle my nose and I giggle. You smile, put your glass down and proceed to fondle my breasts. I drain my glass quickly and put it down. You kiss me while playing with my nipples. One hand leaves my nipple and makes its way toward my waiting pussy. As you slowly brush your fingers across my pussy I moan with anticipation. You slowly insert a finger into my eagerly waiting pussy. I moan and shudder at your touch. It feels so good to have you touch me like this!

Your touch electrifies me and I almost have an orgasm on the spot. You must sense this because you back off and kiss me again while fondling my breasts. I reach for your breasts and feel your firm breasts and find your hard nipples. I stroke and play with your nipples and you moan into my mouth as our tongues are touching. I want nothing more than to take you into the bedroom and make sweet love to you. I try to be patient. You must sense feel the same way as you break the kiss and start to wash my back. As you’re leaning across me to wash my back, I take the opportunity to kiss your neck and ears. This is more than you can take so you kiss me once and then get out of the bathtub.

You help me out of the bathtub and dry me off in between kissing me and the body parts that you are drying off. You teasingly stay away from my pussy though with your mouth. I want to return the favour but you tell me to go and sit on the bed and wait for you. I pout but do as you ask.

I’m sitting on the bed waiting for you. You come into the room and tell me to lie on my back. I do as you ask. You come crawling up the bed towards me. Slowly, seductively, you make your way towards me. You are crawling over my body until our faces are together. You slowly lower your body onto mine. It feels so good to have you on top of me like this. We start to kiss slowly at first, then more passionately, You part my legs with your leg and start grinding your knee into my now very wet pussy. I moan in appreciation.

You start to make your way down my body. You kiss and suck on my neck and ears. This drives me insane. I’m squirming all over the bed. You kiss your way down to my nipples. You suck on one while playing with the other one. You alternate sucking on each nipple and are driving me into a frenzy.

You kiss your way down my body. You stop at my pussy and I can feel your breath for what seems like an eternity. You tease me with your finger just barely touching my clit. Then you slide a finger tauntingly into my pussy which causes me to moan with pleasure. You quickly take it out and use some of my juices on my clit. You are watching my face as you slowly rub my clit with your fingers. You must sense just how bad I want to feel your tongue on my clit. The next thing I feel is you parting my pussy lips and quickly flicking my clit with your tongue. I moan in ecstasy. You slowly, teasingly, lick my pussy from top to bottom and then slip your tongue into my pussy. You replace your tongue with two fingers and concentrate on my clit again. The combination of your tongue and your fingers sliding in and out of my pussy sends me over the edge. I have an earth shattering orgasm. My whole body shakes as the orgasm washes over me. You rest between my legs for a minute and then come to lie next to me.

After I’ve recuperated for a couple of minutes I turn on my slide and start playing with your nipples. I move your hair aside and kiss your neck and your ears. I slide my hand down to your pussy. Your juices are running down your legs. I touch your clit which is very hard. You moan in delight. I have something in mind and I whisper it in your ear. You nod your head in agreement. I lie on my back and you get up so that you are straddling my face. I tease you first by licking the inside of your thighs. You moan in frustration. I blow on your clit and you moan again.

“What do you want?” I ask.

“You know what I want.” You reply.

“I want to hear you say it.” I respond.

“I’m shy.” You say.

“How bad do you want it?” I say “ Because I’m not doing it unless you say it.”

I blow on your clit again. You moan again in frustration.

“Say it “ I tell you.

“I want you to eat my ….”

“Yes? “

“I want you to eat my pussy” You almost yell it now as you’re so excited.

“That’s all I wanted to hear.” I say.

I slide my tongue up and down your wet pussy. Slowly at first to tease you. I slide my tongue into your pussy and fuck you with my tongue. You start writhing on my face. I lick back to your clit and slide two fingers into your pussy. I realize that you’re so wet you can probably take a third finger so I slide another one into you. I flick my tongue back and forth across your clit. You are moaning and writhing very fast now. I can feel your body tensing. You suddenly moan very loud and I can feel your orgasm as it overtakes you. I keep sucking and licking your clit. Not giving you the chance to recover. Very quickly you’re moaning and writhing again as a second orgasm washes over you.

You collapse on the bed beside me. I kiss you and hold you and we fall into a light sleep. Until I feel your hand traveling down my thigh……

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