tagLoving WivesWeekend in Paris Ch. 2

Weekend in Paris Ch. 2


Just before 4pm on Saturday we turned into a tree lined avenue away from the main road, we stopped in front of an apartment building, Carol tensed. "Don't worry" I said. "we're visiting friends".

I asked Carol if she was still willing to play out my fantasy, even I had not told her of my plans. She answered " Yes darling, last night was incredible, but it was for me, so it is only fair that today is for you. Who is she?".

I laughed and gave her a gentle slap on her ass "Don't be so clever, you'll find out soon enough, but I think you may be surprised what is expected of you" I said. She froze and stared at me, I thought she was about to back out, but after taking a deep breath and said "I love you and today I will do anything you ask" I kissed her and stroked the back of my hand across her tits, her nipples reacting to my touch.

The previous night, I had told Anton that I had always wanted to fuck her in the ass and watch her with another woman. He told me that his wife Claudia would help Carol find her hidden desires. She would take Carol to the limits of her sexuality and let her discover new pleasures.

I entered the building and lead Carol up to the first floor and rang the door bell of the apartment. The door was opened by Anton, Carol appeared to relax as he hugged her and kissed both cheeks. We ushered us into the apartment.

My attention was immediately drawn to the attractive woman standing behind him. She was shorter than Carol with jet black hair cut in a bob style which framed her face and accentuated her dark eyes and red lips, she wore a long black dress, which although I could see the shape of her nipples outlined by the material, revealed little else. Thus we were introduced to Anton's delicious wife, Claudia, she emitted a sense of lust as we exchanged kisses and she lingered over her greeting to Carol, her touch almost intimate.

As we sat down Claudia positioned herself next to Carol and quickly set about making her feel at ease. Anton then made excuses about a prior engagement and left, leaving us, in his words, in Claudia's more than capable hands.

After sharing a bottle of wine Claudia turned to Carol and said "You are here to fulfil your husbands fantasy, but you will find out much about yourself as well" Carol smiled and said "I am ready to do what I am asked"

At this Claudia leant over and kissed Carol on the cheek, then she turned her head and did likewise on the other cheek, she then took carols face in her hands and kissed her fully on the lips, parting them with her tongue as she did so. Carol flushed and turned to me. I smiled and said "Enjoy these new experiences for me".

It was then explained to Carol that she had to agree to obey Claudia's every instruction. If she did not she would be punished.

Carol's breathing quickened as she agreed to the demand. Claudia then asked her to stand and said " In that bedroom I have laid out the cloths you must wear, go and change". Carol went into the room, as she closed the door Claudia unfastened her own dress and allowed it to fall to the floor. The bulge of my cock signalled my reaction, Claudia stood before me wearing a leather peephole bra with her enlarged nipples displayed and ripe for some serious sucking, her legs were sheathed in black fishnet stockings supported by a soft leather garter belt and then my eyes focused on her beautifully trimmed black bush. As she turned away and walked over to a low table and I noticed a small tattoo on her ass, at the table she parted her legs and bent over to pick something up, giving me a perfect view of her ass and pussy. She turned to look at my lap and with a wicked smile said "I can see you approve, yes".

She returned holding a small cane in her hand, she sat beside me and offered her nipple up to my mouth, without hesitation I lowered my head and placed my lips around it and sucked greedily, This was the view that Carol saw as she returned to the room and Claudia told her to stand still and watch as I continued to roll my tongue around one of her hard nipples whilst pinching the other between my fingers. Claudia then asked me if I liked the outfit she had chosen for Carol. I reluctantly lifted my head to look and caught my breath as my eyes took in the high heels, white lace stockings, her white thong and a white satin corset with half cups. It looked at least a size too small for her and waist was pinched in tight whilst her tits and ass pushed outwards.

Claudia spoke, "I think your master approves, now go to the table and bring us each a glass of brandy"

Carol walked to the low table and leant forward to pore the brandy revealing her narrowed waist and in contrast her beautifully rounded ass, she returned and handed one glass to Claudia and the other to me.

Claudia said "Why are you wearing panties, I did give you panties to wear, you must take them off". Carol started to speak but Claudia cut her off shouting "Now!" Carol slowly removed her thong and then stood in front of

Claudia who said "You failed to carryout my instructions, so you must be punished" Claudia asked me to fetch over a foot stool and place it in directly behind Carol. She then instructed Carol to turn around and bend over placing her hands on the stool and to open her legs. Carol obeyed nervously, this left her soft buttocks and pussy exposed and with-in Claudia's reach. Claudia then leant forward and stroked her fingers down Carols pussy lips which eased open in response revealing their wetness. "So my little tart enjoys this" she said and proceeded to kiss and bite Carols thighs and then pushed her tongue deep into Carol's pussy. Carol moaned and her legs nearly gave way, but Claudia knew her stuff and as Carol became more excited, she leant back picked up the short cane and brought in down sharply across Carols rear. Carol leaped up and let out a squeal. Claudia laughed and told her to get back into position she said "every time you move or make a sound I will give you a further stroke of the cane".

Carol bent over and held the stool again, Claudia then inserted her finger into Carols pussy and slowly finger fucked her, as she withdrew the finger Carol stiffened anticipating the sting of the cane, she wasn't disappointed. The cane struck hard but, she held her position, again and again the cane came down and as her flesh reddened Carol let out a soft moan. I showed surprise that my wife had succumbed to this new pleasure so readily, but Claudia smiled and said "As soon as I met you my little tart I knew you had hidden desires which we needed to explore".

She put down the cane and added, "do not worry my little tart I will give you more later and I shall continue to mix pleasure and pain for you, so you will not mind which you receive because you will enjoy both equally".

My cock was bursting and Claudia, noticing my discomfort, reached over and took it out. At first she slowly rub her hand along my shaft, she then lowered her head, her bright red lip rested against the head of my hard cock, kissing it gently. Slowly her lips parted and she took it into her mouth, deeper and deeper, until she eased the end into her throat.

Carol remained in her position, watching Claudia suck my cock, and becoming more and more aroused, she longed for relief for her hot pussy and placed her hand between her legs and pushed her fingers in deep and brought herself to orgasm with a load moan, just as I unloaded into Claudia mouth.

Claudia immediately chastised Carol for wanking in front of her guest, she picked up her brandy took Carol's finger and dipped it into the brandy, she then told Carol to rub the finger between her pussy lips. Carol protested but under threat of a worse punishment slowly ran her finger along her sensitive pussy. Carols legs snapped together as the fiery spirit stung her pussy, but Claudia forced them apart and began to lick along Carols pussy turning groans of pain into moans of pleasure and bringing forth Carols second orgasm.

Watching this had revived my cock, so Carol was instructed to lay on the floor with a cushion under ass, this lifted her pussy up and raised her legs high. Claudia knelt over Carol's face and pulled her legs back over her shoulders opening Carols wet pussy for my use. Claudia then said to carol "eat my pussy you little tart or you'll be severely punished". Carol knew better than to disobey and besides she was now enjoying her new role, so her tongue licked up and down Claudia's pussy and as a moan escaped Claudia's lips she made her tongue like a cock forcing it as deep as she could into the dripping pussy, then she slowly tongue fucked Claudia to orgasm. meanwhile I had positioned myself in front of my wife's gaping pussy and fed my cock deep into that soft orifice, pumping away and bringing both her and me to orgasm.

We all took a short rest, then Claudia turned to Carol and said "Well my little tart make yourself ready for more pleasure" and indicated that carol should kneel across the stool.

I was pleasantly surprised as my wife got into position willingly and replied "Yes mistress"

Claudia began by taking hold of Carols tits, she fondled and massaged them, pinching the nipples until they became red and swollen, she then positioned her self so she could suck and bite the nipples. Carols face flushed, her breathing quickened and a soft moan escaped her lips. Claudia raised her lips to Carols and kissed her deeply before moving to stand behind her. She again picked up the cane, but this time her height gave the strokes more force and as the first stroke stung the exposed flesh, Carol cried out, the cane struck again and again and I was about to stop Claudia, but Carols cries abated and instead she began to whimper and her body shuddered as new sensations brought her to orgasm.

Claudia then rubbed something into Carols reddened ass area and eased her lubricated finger into Carols tight ass. She then said to me " Your wife is ready to receive your cock, I moved behind Carol and slowly fed my hard cock into her ass. She groaned as my cock penetrated her virgin ass, but made no effort to resist. I withdrew and then plunged back in, gradually increasing the pace and force of my fucking. Carol started to moan and Claudia quickly moved to kiss and fondle her, helping her to orgasm which coincided with my own.

After a short rest Claudia led Carol into the bedroom and laid her on the four-poster bed with pillows under her ass. She gave me a cord and I tied Carols hands to the headboard, then we pulled Carol's legs up and back and tied them to the headboard posts above her head. My wife's pussy was stretched open as she watched Claudia take something from a draw. "Now, I think you are ready for this" said Claudia as she took from the draw the largest dildo I had ever seen. It was perfectly shaped black replica of a penis at least 10-12 inches long and thick. Carol stared at this monster and moving her head from side to side whispered "No, no it can't possibly fit"

Claudia brought the dildo up to Carols face and eased the head into her mouth saying as she did so, "Do not be alarmed my little tart we will make it fit and it will give you much pleasure"

Carol's mouth stretched wide as Claudia worked it in and out of her mouth, making it wet and shiny with carol's saliva. She then withdrew it from carols mouth and fastened it to the harness she had put on. Claudia knelt on the bed and teased Carol's clit with the large black dildo, she then slowly put the head into the pussy opening, Carol gasped as her pussy stretched to accommodate it. Claudia started to caress Carols tits with one hand whilst the other reached under to allow her fingers to work on Carols little star hole. Claudia leant forward to take a nipple into her mouth and as she did so the enormous dildo edged further into Carols gaping pussy. Carol sucked air as the cock went deep into her pussy and waves of lust spread through her body,

Claudia then proceeded to fuck my wife, plunging in deep and then slowly withdrawing gradually increasing the pace, Carol lost control, her teeth clenched she called out "Yes, yes, fuck me harder, I'm your tart, fuck me, please, please fuck me".

Claudia replied, " Oh I shall my little tart and I shall not tire as easily as a man"

I had never before seen my wife fucked so completely , both her and Claudia's bodies glistened with sweat and they both began to moan and yell as Carol came, but Claudia didn't stop, she kept plunging the big cock deeper and faster into Carols pussy. Carol came again and still Claudia fucked her.

carol started to shout "No more please I can't take anymore" as another orgasm shuddered through her body.

Claudia shouted back "You like being fucked, you my little tart, don't you?"

"Yes! Yes!" came Carols reply

"You like being fucked in the ass, don't you tart?" shouted Claudia

"Yes I do" Carol answered

"and you like to be punished, don't you?"

"Yes I do, I love it all, do it all to me please" Carol spoke softly as her body twitched again.

Claudia withdrew the dildo and lay beside Carol. I untied the cords that held my wife and stood looking at these two beautiful bodies in a heap on the bed Claudia smiled up at me and said " You have seen your wife with another woman as you wanted and you have fucked her ass, but she now has discovered these new pleasures, you must be prepared to fulfil all her needs when you return home. I noticed Anton was standing by the bedroom door and he had been there for some time judging from the bulge in his trousers

Claudia immediately jumped from the bed and knelt before him, she took out his swollen cock and placed it in her mouth, slowly taking it deeper into her throat. She then licked along its length making it wet and slippery. Anton said nothing, but made a small signal with his hand, Claudia allowed his cock to slip from her mouth and turned away still kneeling. Anton then knelt and without pause, shoved his cock into her ass and proceeded ram it in and out until he came. Claudia stifled a scream as he rammed it home, but was soon meeting his thrusts and moaning loudly as she came herself.

After resting, the ladies shared the large bath, washing and playing with each others bodies, whilst I showered, Anton arranged dinner, during which Claudia told him how Carol had responded to their plan and that she would love carol to stay with her for a few days, then she could complete her indoctrination.

I asked "You had a plan other than to fulfil my fantasy"

"Yes" replied Anton "I knew when I met you and Carol wife that you both would be a ideal members of the club" and he went on to explain that the club was made up of couples who shared the same desire to explore and experience all areas of sexuality. He added that most women members had the club emblem tattooed on their ass. With this Claudia stood up and showed us her tattoo of a spiked heel shoe crossed by a cane.

I could tell by the way Carol gently ran her hand over the tattoo that she was getting interested, so it was agreed that since I had to return to London for a meeting and Anton was flying off to America on business, Carol would stay over for a few days. "Do not worry" said Claudia "I will take good care of her"

"I've no doubt about that" I said. We all laughed.

To Be Continued...

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