tagBDSMWeekend in Vegas Ch. 03

Weekend in Vegas Ch. 03


Friday Evening

Brenda held her Master's arm as they walked through the casino. She noticed people looking at them. She felt wonderful wearing her new clothes. The tight dress over the garter belt and stockings made her feel sophisticated, feminine and sexy all at the same time. She imagined men looking at her back-seam stockings and it made her sway her hips a little more while she walked. She was so happy her Master had made this evening happen.

Brenda was surprised when Master guided her to Restaurant Guy Savoy. It was one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas and had a reputation for being extremely expensive. The Maitre d' greeted them warmly and guided them to their table. The restaurant was as plush as anything Brenda had ever seen. Everyone was dressed in evening clothes. A woman in a formal gown played the piano in the corner.

The head waiter appeared and handed a menu to each of them. Brenda put her menu down on the table unopened. She had never been to dinner as a slave but from communicating with other slaves on the internet she knew she should allow her Master to order for her. She didn't know why, but she had been looking forward to this subtle submissive gesture.

Brenda couldn't keep track of all the staff. There was a busboy who poured their water, an assistant waiter who brought bread, the head waiter who spoke to them about special items available that were not on the menu and wine captain who offered to make recommendations on a wine selection.

Each of the waiters were stealing glances at Brenda's legs and down the front of her dress. Other guests seated in the restaurant were looking at Brenda as well. She pretended not to notice but loved every minute of the attention.

Master ordered their dinner starting with salads for each of them. He ordered Lobster Bordelaise for Brenda and the Roasted Veal Chop for himself. He allowed the wine captain to suggest a bottle of Chardonnay from the wine list. After the wine was poured and they were alone, Master held up his wine glass toward Brenda in a toast.

"To my beautiful slave. You own the room."

Brenda blushed and thanked her Master with a smile.

The dinner was wonderful, each course was perfection, the service impeccable.

After they finished their desert and coffee, Brenda asked, "Master, may I be excused to use the ladies room."

"Yes slave," he said. "But don't be long, the show starts soon."

As Brenda put her napkin on the table she noticed how much her skirt had ridden up her thighs while she and been seated.

"Sir, when I get up, may I please pull my skirt down?"

Brenda suddenly realized the assistant waiter was standing behind her. He was holding the sides of Brenda's chair waiting for her to stand. He had certainly overheard her. Brenda blushed deeply.

Master said, "After you're in the ladies room, slave. You can adjust your dress then."

Brenda's heart raced, she hesitated and then stood up. The assistant waiter moved her chair back as she stood. Brenda was too embarrassed to turn around or thank him. As she walked to the ladies room she kept her eyes straight ahead, not wanting to see if anyone was looking at her.

Once in the ladies room, she checked herself in the mirror. Most of her thighs were exposed showing the dark welt of her stocking tops. She was relieved that no skin was exposed. As she looked at herself in the mirror the embarrassment faded and she felt a little thrill. Her Master ordered her to flash her stockings in public. Knowing that his eyes were on her as she walked away from the table excited her.

It must be the wine, she thought.

Before leaving the ladies room she made sure the dress was back in place and her makeup and hair were just right. As she walked back to the table, Brenda noticed glances from some of the guests and stares from others. Master did not take his eyes off her as she approached the table. The assistant waiter appeared again to help her with the chair.

This time she looked at him directly and said, "Oh thank you so much."

The waiter's response was a sincere, "My pleasure ma'am."

As the waiter walked away Brenda leaned over the table toward her Master resting her chin on her hands, her elbows on the table. She hoped this position would give Master an unobstructed view of her cleavage.

"Thank you Master."

He looked at her curiously and said, "For what slave?"

She looked into his eyes and said, "For everything Sir."

After leaving the restaurant they walked through the casino to the theater. The ushers had started seating for the performance and they were escorted to their seats right away. The performance started with fast energetic songs followed by ballads and love songs.

During the love songs Brenda was pleased when her Master's hand rested on her thigh. At times he would run his fingers to the top of her stockings and then touch her cunt lips through the thin material of the panties. Brenda spread her legs slightly to give him better access not caring who was watching.

When the performance was over, the audience rose to give Celine a standing ovation. Brenda could feel her dress had ridden up her thighs again. Instead of being embarrassed she felt the thrill of flashing.

The audience finally started the slow process of filing out of the theater. Brenda was holding her Master's arm and thought about asking permission to cover herself but didn't. She realized she didn't want to cover herself right then. She didn't want to stop how she felt at that moment.

It was very crowded outside the theater,.Brenda asked to be excused to use the ladies room. Master told her to meet him in the bar nearby when she was finished.

The ladies room was crowded and Brenda had to wait in line for a stall. Standing there with her dress hiked up she could see the glances from the other women but did not touch her dress until she went into a stall. The hem of her dress was a little higher than it had been in the restaurant. On the back of one thigh one of her garter grips was showing.

No wonder those women were giving me the odd looks, she thought with a giggle.

After leaving the ladies room Brenda found her Master waiting in the bar. Along the perimeter wall of the bar there were small half round booths with low cocktail tables each creating its own little semi-private seating area. Master was seated in one of the booths and had ordered drinks, a margarita for her, a Jameson for himself. They sat there sipping their drinks and talking about the show.

When they were nearly done with their drinks, the cocktail waitress came by and Master ordered another round. The waitress wore an interpretation of a Roman toga. The white flowing material didn't cover much. One shoulder was bare and it had a very low neckline accenting the young woman's ample tits. The hemline was very short which showed off her long, well shaped legs.

When she served drinks the waitress leaned over the low table. Brenda admired those lovely tits exposed even more. It occurred to Brenda that the white dress that Master bought her was even more revealing than the toga worn by the waitress.

Brenda was thinking about the smooth skin on the waitress's tits when she heard her say, "I like your dress. It looks great on you."

Brenda looked up into the waitress's smiling face and realized she had been caught staring. She felt herself blush.

"Oh, thank you," Brenda said a little too quickly.

Brenda watched the waitress turn and walk away. She admired her long legs and the movement of her ass under the loose toga. Several carnal thoughts passed through her mind before her Master interrupted her train of thought.

"She's very pretty isn't she?"

"Ah...yes sir."

Brenda hoped he would not ask what she was thinking. He smiled at her but said nothing more about the waitress.

After the second round of drinks Master told Brenda he was ready to play some craps. He stood up and offered Brenda his hand. When Brenda stood up she felt a little light headed. She thought about her skirt but didn't even consider asking to pull it down.

They walked to the crap tables. Master chose a $25 table. He dropped some cash on the table saying, "Chips please".

The dealer took the cash and replaced it with a stack of chips. Master asked Brenda to pick them up.

As Brenda leaned over the table she felt the material on the back of her dress stretch tightly across her ass. She looked at her Master's eyes while handing him the chips.

"Are you ready for some fun, slave?"

Realizing what he was doing she smiled and said, "Oh yes Master."

As loud as it was around the table she wasn't sure if anyone could overhear but she didn't care.

He put two chips on the pass line and dropped more on the table and said loudly, "6 and 8."

The dealer picked up the chips. Placing them on the numbers he replied, "You gotta bet."

They began what would become their routine for the next hour and a half. Master would place the bets. When the bet paid, Brenda would lean over the table to pick up his winnings. When the stick man slid five dice in front of them the first time, Master smiled and gestured toward the dice with his hand.

"Roll the dice, slave."

Brenda hesitated. "But I've never done it before, Master.".

"Just pick up two of the dice, throw them all the way to the other end of the table and make them come up either a 7 or 11."

Brenda picked up two of the dice. Everyone was watching her as she rolled the dice between her hands. Brenda jumped slightly as she tossed the dice knowing it would shake her tits. Then she leaned over the table rail to see the dice come to a stop.

When the dice came to rest the dealer called out, "SEVEN, WINNER!"

The table erupted in cheers, Brenda jumped up and down and then threw her arms around Master's neck giving him a kiss. As Master hugged Brenda's waist he pulled on the back of her dress slightly. Brenda could felt the little tug on the back of the dress.

Brenda knew her dress riding up. She was sure the tops of her stockings and probably her bottom of her sheer panties were showing. The excitement of the gambling, the flashing and knowing how much she was pleasing her Master was a terrific rush.

They continued gambling. Master placed the bets, Brenda rolled the dice and picking up the winnings. Brenda noticed the dealers looking down her dress as she leaned over the table. That only encouraged her to lean over a little more.

Brenda was a little fuzzy about the rules. Sometimes she didn't understand why they lost or won a hand, but she just kept following her Master's directions and had a great time. Win or lose, everyone at the table seemed to like the way she rolled the dice.

Finally Master waved his hand over table and told the dealer, "We're out."

The Dealer replied, "You're out sir."

Master put all his chips on the table. Brenda watched as the dealer counted them up and then pushed an equal value of chips in larger denominations across the table.

"Pick up our winnings slave," he said looking at Brenda.

Brenda realized this was her last chance, she leaned over the table and looked up at the dealer.

"Thanks. I had so much fun."

The dealer was looking at Brenda's tits when he said, "So did I ma'am."

Brenda picked up the chips, turned and handed them to her smiling Master.

Taking the chips from Brenda he tossed a $50 on the table and said, "Thanks guys." He put his arm around Brenda's waist and guided her to the cashier's window.

Friday Midnight

Brenda was bubbling over with excitement. "How did we do Master?"

"I think we're up about $500."

Brenda waited while Master cashed out his chips. She turned away from the cashiers window and looked at her reflection in a mirrored column. Her heart skipped a beat.

The hem of her skirt was hiked up revealing the tops of her stockings. She could see the bottom of her panties. The crack formed by cunt lips visible through the sheer material.

People were walking about in the casino obviously looking at her. Brenda could see her face flush red in the mirror. She wasn't sure if it was from embarrassment or excitement. She used her tiny handbag to conceal her panties, holding it awkwardly with the fingers of both hands. When Master finished at the cashiers window he put his hand on Brenda's elbow.

"Master, may I pull my skirt down please? I think my cunt is showing!"

"Not a chance slave," he said firmly.

He guided her on the long walk through the casino to the elevator. He noticed her holding the handbag in front of her cunt, but it just amused him. The way Brenda held the bag it was obvious she was being forced to expose herself.

While they waited for the elevator Master put his arm around Brenda's waist. She felt him run his fingers over the dress tracing the outline of her garter belt and the individual garter straps. His hand slipped down to her ass and he gently stroked her.

She felt him give a little tug on her dress pulling it up even higher. He ran his fingers over the exposed skin between the tops of her stockings and the bottom of her panties. He brushed the palm of his hand over the exposed nylon panties covering her ass.

Brenda's heart raced. Knowing her Master was displaying her in pubic both aroused and humiliated her.

The bell rang, the elevator doors opened and Master guided Brenda inside. He leaned against the back of the car, hugged Brenda around the waist and kissed her. As the doors began to close, he pulled the hem of Brenda's dress up to her waist.

Brenda kissed her Master passionately now, her tongue probed deeply. Master broke off the kiss and turned Brenda around so her back was pressed against him. He squeezed both her tits through dress and then let one hand drop between her legs. He stroked her slit through the tight panties.

Brenda had her eyes closed as Master slipped his hand under the waistband her panties and reached down to her wet cunt. Gently spreading her cunt lips, he slipped two fingers inside. Brenda's body tensed and she inhaled sharply. He began a gentle rhythm stroking on Brenda's clit. He could feel it getting harder by the second.

"Oh Master, I can't wait to get back to the room," she cooed.

The elevator doors opened.

"Not yet slave."

He released his embrace. Taking Brenda by the hand, he lead her out of the elevator. Brenda was light headed from all the stimulation. She followed her master out of the elevator and into the deserted hallway with her dress pulled up over her hips.

Master walked her to a couch outside the elevators and gestured for her to sit down. Brenda sat down and watched as her Master as he stepped back and took the small video camera from his jacket pocket.

Brenda suddenly remembered the video camera and realized that her Master intended to photograph her here in the hallway. She was instantly aroused and frightened at the same time. He started the video.

"Where are you slave?"

Brenda felt less frightened and more aroused.

"We're at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Master. Our room is right down the hall."

"Spread your legs slave."

"Yes sir."

Brenda spread her legs exposing herself to the camera. Her cunt lips were still squeezed tightly together by the sheer panties. Without being told to do so, she put her handbag on the couch and began smoothing out her stockings. Starting at her ankles, she slowly worked her way up to the stocking tops.

"Stand up slave."

Brenda said nothing as she rose from the couch.

"Put your left foot on the couch slave."

Brenda put her left foot on the couch extending her knee away from her body to give the best possible view of her cunt.

Master walked around slowly to get different angles of the provocative pose. Brenda smiled and ran her fingers through her hair.

"Turn around slave."

Brenda took her foot off the couch and turned around. Putting her hands on her hips she looked over her shoulder in her favorite pinup pose.

"Spread your legs slave"

"Like this Master?" she said as she separated her feet.


"Yes sir." Brenda's feet were now more than shoulder width apart.

"Bend over and put your hands on the couch slave."

Brenda bent over, the panties stretched even tighter over her gorgeous ass and cunt.

"Do you want to finger your cunt, slave?"

"Yes please, sir."

"Finger your cunt, but don't put your fingers under your panties."

Brenda ran her fingers up and down her slit. She was instantly stimulated by the touch. She started rubbing harder, slowly rocking her hips back and forth. The nylon barrier prevented her from pleasuring herself properly.

"Do you want fingers in your cunt slave?"

"Yes sir, very much," she said as she continued to rub herself.

"Stop." Brenda stopped immediately.

"Stand up and put your legs together."

Brenda did as she was told.

"Now take off your panties."

Brenda put her thumbs in the waist band of the panties and started to slip them off. She wiggled her hips from side to side as the panties slid over her ass. With her knees straight, she bent over and slowly slid the panties down her legs until they were around her ankles. Brenda stood up and carefully stepped out of panties one foot at a time, leaving them on the floor.

"Bend over again slave, hands on the couch, spread your legs."

Brenda bent over and put her hands on the couch. She spread her legs even wider than before. Master walked up behind her. Holding the video camera in one had he gently stroked the inside of her thighs and ass with the other. He gently pinched her cunt lips, feeling the slippery wetness.

When he touched her clit, Brenda's body jerked and she breathed in deeply. He slipped his finger into her cunt. He rotated his hand and pumped his finger in and out slowly. Brenda responded by pressing her hips back against his hand matching his rhythm. It was clear by her body movement that she was very aroused. Master started to finger her more quickly. Brenda moaned and started to rotate her hips.

"You could cum right now, couldn't you slave?"

"Yes Master," she said slightly out of breath.

He pulled his fingers out of her soaking cunt. "Not yet slave. Take off your dress."

Brenda stood up and turned. "Master! Take off my dress? Here?"

"You heard me slave, and now that you've question my order I suggest you don't compound that mistake by making me wait"

Brenda nervously reached behind her to unbutton the closure at the back of her neck. Then she slid down the zipper opening the back of the dress. She slipped the dress down her body and legs. She stepped out of the dress and laid it across the arm of the couch.

Master continued filming while he admired his lovely slave. He instructed her to turn around slowly and then into several poses, seated legs crossed, legs spread, kneeling on the couch, laying on the couch with her legs straight up, finally telling her to stand up.

"Take off the bra slave."

Brenda reached behind her, unclasped the bra and dropped it on the floor next to her panties.

"Lay on the couch."

Brenda did as she was told.

"Don't you want to play with those lovely tits slave?"

Brenda started to fondle her tits and pinch her nipples. Being naked in a hotel hallway made her feel frightened, humiliated and so turned on she did not want to stop.

"Didn't you say you could cum right now slave?"

"Yes, Master."

"Well, let's see you cum slave."

Brenda's right hand slid between her legs while her left hand continued to play with her tits. Her fingers slipped into her cunt first rubbing her clit and then penetrating deeply inside. Pinching her nipples with her left hand she pulled the fingers of her right hand out of her hole and started to concentrate on her clit.

Brenda was nearing her orgasm when the elevator bell rang and the light came on above one of the doors. Brenda gasped.

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