tagErotic CouplingsWeekend Swap Ch. 03

Weekend Swap Ch. 03


Sunday Morning

Sunday morning. The sun must be up and bright. Just a narrow strip of bright light was coming through the drapes and, wouldn't you know it, shining right into my eyes.

Still half asleep I try reaching for a pillow to pull over my face to blot out the light. Wait a minute I can't move my arms to reach a pillow.

Then I remember. This is not my bedroom. I'm spending the weekend at Jean's house and Cindy is with Jean's husband Jack at our place.

Jean seduced me into letting her tie me down to the bed last night. I can't even scratch my nose.

Dammed, what a ragging hard-on I have. I look down and I see Jean's blond curls moving up and down at my crotch, avidly sucking my cock.

She is so engrossed in giving me head that she is not even aware I'm awake.

"Oh Jean, what are you doing to me" I moan.

She looks up and smiling she says, "good morning sleepy head. I just thought I would have myself a little snack before breakfast."

It's almost 10:30 you must have been very sleepy," she said.

"With the working over you gave me last night, do you even wonder why. It is lucky I am not in your hospital's ward this morning," I said. "Do you often love your patients half to death."

"She grinned evilly, "if you were on my ward you would be receiving my very special care" she said. "I don't think you would be getting a lot of rest though."

"You were totally magnificent,"Jean said, "I can't remember the last time I was that excited or came so much. You are one hell of a man, a rare find to say the least."

I must have been close to bursting with pride.

I told Jean she was pretty hot herself. She was absolutely beautiful, but there was much more to her femininity than beauty. By the way she moved, the way she talked, her very being just oozed with sexuality.

"Well thank you kind sir" she grind, "now if we are through scratching each other's egos. Would you like some breakfast. I think you deserve a big plate of steak and eggs. After all we have to keep up your strength at least until I'm through with you."

" Yes thank you" I said, "I'm starving but do I have to be spoon fed here in this bed." I referred to the fact my wrists and ankles were still tied with silk scarves to the bed posts.

"Oh yes I almost forgot about that" she said. "That could be a problem. I'll tell you what. If you renew your promise to be my obedient sex slave I'll untie you?"

"I want to phone Cindy anyway and ask her something."

"What do you want to call her for?"

Jean smiled her mischievous smile. "Maybe I'll ask her if I can just keep you."

She walked around the bed undoing the knots holding my wrists and ankles.

"Ah at last I can scratch my nose."

I knew if I told Jean about the itch before I was released from my bonds she would have just as likely gotten a long feather to torture me for a while with it before letting me loose. There are no ends to the agonies a female mind like Jean's can come up with if she has a nice helpless man to play with.

Jean told me I could take a shower and she had laid out one of Jack's bath robes on the vanity. "There is also a new toothbrush I got for you to use in the top vanity drawer. In the meantime I'll start breakfast." Off she skipped heading down stairs for the kitchen.

I set the shower temperature and got in. It was wonderful letting the warm water soak my body from head to toe. I soaped my self down and let the suds wash off. It was wonderfully relaxing letting the water run over my face, my back, then my entire body.

Beside the bath robe I noticed Jean had put out a new disposable razor. Looking into the mirror at my stubble I took the hint and lathered my face thoroughly. After I finished shaving, I found a bottle of English leather men's cologne and aftershave in the cabinet. I splashed some on my face and body. Then I brushed my teeth and rinse my mouth. I slipped into the robe and headed down stairs.

When I entered the kitchen, Jean was just finishing her phone call. She whispered something into the receiver and hung up the phone.

"Well it is all set."

"What is all set" I asked

"Why my plans for the day, silly" she said. I told you I needed Cindy's permission."

"Permission to do what" I asked. I knew though I was not likely to get any answer.

She ignored the last question and walked up close to my body and took a deep whiff. "Mmmmm she smiles and said, "I love that scent on a man. What is it they say, all my men wear English Leather, or they wear nothing at all." She tilted her head up for a kiss and pressed her open palm against my cock through my robe. Then she slipped away over to the stove, where there were four eggs sizzling in a large frying pan.

She picked up the frying pan and a spatula. She nodded toward my place and told me to have a seat.

There was already a large juicy steak on my plate. She added three of the eggs and dished one onto her plate to join a lonely dry slice of toast.

"So little for you and so much for me" I asked?

She looked over at me and said, "Eat it all champ, you are going to need it."

I just looked over to her smiling face, "Don't even bother to ask," I told myself.

Breakfast was great. The steak was medium rare just the way I like it. I must have been really hungry, I polished off the steak, all three eggs and still had space for a large orange juice and coffee. Then we sat around making small talk and just enjoying each other's company. We each flirted a little but it was all in fun with nothing heavy.

Later I helped clean up and do the dishes. She washed and I dried.

Every once in a while Jean bumped up against me. I had the feeling it was more to keep me interested than accidental body contact.

Then the door bell rang. Jean dried her hands and turned to me with a "Shush!!! stay in here while I find out who it is. I would not want one of my neighbors to see you here in a bath robe and no sign of Jack anywhere."

I waited nervously in the kitchen, ready to scoot out if any one did come into the house.

I heard Jean answer the door. After I heard talking in low hushed voices. I could swear both voices were feminine, and the tone definitely sounded conspiratorial.

I was so tempted to peek around a corner and see who was there. But I thought better of it; you Never know - it may just be one of Jean's neighbors. If I was seen that would be a disaster for Jean, Jack, Cindy and Me.

After just a couple of minutes, that seemed like a couple of hours to me, I heard the door close and movement toward the kitchen.

To my total shock I was greeted by two women. Jean and another lady that I knew quite well named Diane.

"Hi Alan" she said. "Look Jean he is as red as a beet. He's blushing. Isn't that adorable. I just love it when I see a man blush like that."

I knew Diane very well. She was a single swinger. Many times she had been in our home. When ever Cindy was in the mood for a woman's touch rather then a man. We had called Diane and she had come right over for an evening of fun and games, sharing me with Cindy.

Today she had worn a tight sweater that showed off her breasts to maximum advantage. A very mini, mini skirt and a pair of black, spiked heeled boots that came up to her knees. Over her shoulder she carried a large shoulder bag.

Diane was over six foot tall. Her legs were long, muscular, and beautiful. Her ass was heart shaped and narrowed down to a slim waist. Her tummy was hard and flat. Her breasts were large. At least a double D or larger. She had the face of Helen of Troy with long strait jet black hair the hung down all the way to her ass. She was the picture of an Amazon. All that was missing was a spear and leopard skin bathing suit.

To look at Diane meant an instant hard-on for any man who wasn't at least six months dead.

"Lets all go into the living room where we can be comfortable" said Jean.

When we walked into the living room I noticed first thing the feather comforter was still in a heap in front of the fire place.

Diane also noticed the comforter and nodded her head in a knowing smile.

Again I could feel my face burn. I knew it would be beet red again.

Diane just grinned at me and said, "relax Alan I won't tell CNN."

I felt my face burn even redder and Jean tried to stifle a snicker and lost the battle, breaking down to an all out laugh.

She was still laughing when she took a seat at the far end of the couch.

I sat next to Jean and Diane pushed in next to me, putting me in the middle. With both women pressing in closer still.

"I feel like I am the meat in a human sandwich" I said.

"I like to call it a manwich." Diane chuckled at her joke.

Jean turned her head toward me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders pulled my lips down to hers. She opened her mouth slightly and licked my lips with the tip of her tongue, inviting my tongue out to play.

I opened my mouth slightly and her tongue came in and started a dance of love with mine.

The kiss was gentle but passionate. I slipped my arms around her and we pressed into each other.

Diane, not to be denied or left out, stroked my back and reached around for the belt of my robe. She slowly pulled on the end and finally the robe fell open. I felt her slip a hand inside the robe and caress my chest. Her hand felt cool against my hot skin. She circled around until she found my nipple. Brushing her finger tips back and forth tickling it until it got as hard as a rock. Then she pinched the little pea between her thumb and her fourth finger. She pulled it away from my body until I flexed in pain. She must have felt me jump because she let the nipple go and mover her palm around my chest searching for the other nipple. Once she found it she followed the same routine. First tickling it, then pinching finally pulling. When I flinched she let it go.

Now her cool hand moved down my chest to my tummy. She paused there enjoying the feel of my abs. She moved her hand farther down combing my pubic hair through her fingers.

Finally she reached her goal. My rock hard cock. I felt Diane's hand stroke up and down slowly, while her other hand cupped my balls. She rolled my balls one at a time over her knuckles, she stroked my cock up and down. Sometimes pausing to tickle that sensitive spot between the base of my cock and my ass hole with her long index finger she rubbed it round and round my pucker hole.

Meanwhile I was reaching inside of Jean's robe and caressing her breasts. Toying with her nipples teasing them with my finger tips until they stood out almost half an inch.

My lips left her mouth and moved down to her throat, gently kissing and licking the soft smooth skin.

Jean was purring like a satisfied kitten. As I kissed and licked my way down her body. Jean's purr became a whimper. She reminded me not of a little girl. The whimper was not from distress or pain. It was the sound of a woman feeling such joy that she couldn't find a sound that would be capable of expressing such pleasure.

No longer was she the wild lust driven tigress she was last night. Now she was a tame kitten, submissive and craving the gentleness of an unhurried lover. It was like she was two women in one. Jean the aggressive tigress, clawing and biting. Now though she was Jean the baby kitten, purring and softly meowing.

I took her nipple into my mouth and washed my tongue back and forth over that hard little pebble. She gasped a soft breath and put her hands gently around my head stroking my hair and toying with my ears. I started to suckle not urgently but slow and easy drawing on the nipple slowly while continuing with my gentle tongue action. First one then the other breast gently with the same agonizing slowness,

Diane had slipped down to her knees. Her face hovered over my hard cock, examining every detail of it, while she instigated a strangle hold at the base using the fingers of both hands. With the tip of her tongue she tried to force it into the tiny pee hole at the cock's helmet. She licked around the crown like it was a delicious ice-cream cone. She did this several times enjoying my reaction. Finally Diane formed her lush lips into an "O" and took the plunge. She didn't even hesitate to take me all the way down her deep throat. She backed off a couple of inches and again plunged down to the base. For several minutes she repeated this movement. Up and down, up down over and over. She some times almost backed off completely before plunging back to the base. Then holding the head of my cock just inside of her mouth she washed it with her tongue. Sloshing the tongue all around the head. Saliva was dribbling down her chin, and she slurped it back into her mouth making rude noises, that she seemed totally unaware of.

I couldn't take much more of this and I told her if she kept it up I was going to cum any second now.

When she heard that Diane froze, with my cock deep down her throat. She didn't move or do anything for a few seconds. Then she backed off my cock completely, and looked up at me. "No lover we can't have you cum so soon. This guy" referring to my cock, "has a lot of work to do before we have finished with him."

Diane stood up.

Jean and I stopped our foreplay temporarily to watch her. My hand though moved down Jean's body the explore her wet pussy.

Diane pulled off her sweater, then casually dropped it to the side. She reached down she unzipped her boots. She kicked them off, to join her sweated on the floor. Unbuckled her belt and pulled down the zipper to her mini skirt, slowly to obtain maximum effect. She let the skirt go to slide down her smooth legs.

Now she was covered with only her red bra, and matching thong. Reaching up Diane cupped both breasts and hefted them testing their weight, then mashing them into her body. Her hands moved around to her smooth tanned back. She unhooked the bra, but held it in place teasing just a little. After a few seconds she let it go. The bra slid down her arms. Catching it in her hand she reached out and dropped it on top of her other cloths.

Despite her breast's mammoth size there was not the slightest bit of sag in them. They were as perky as any woman's breasts half her size. The nipples stuck out even farther then Jean's and the dark skin surrounding them was two to three inches in diameter. Diane put her palms under them and jiggled them just a little. She knew her body could drive both men and women mad and she showed it off like a burlesque queen.

She was putting on one hell of a sexy show for the two of us and I could tell she was as much into it as Jean and myself.

Smoothing her hands over her sides she moved then down to her thong. Diane slid her hands over the front of her crotch ant then started rubbing her index finger up and down over the skimpy material covering her pussy. Slowly at first and then picking up speed she continued moving her finger digging into the thin smooth cloth.

Her eyes glazed over, and a damp spot appeared under her moving fingers. She pushed the small strip of fabric aside and dug her finger deep into her pussy. Faster and faster she masturbated herself. Her mouth was hanging open and drool was running down her chin. I think she ceased to even know Jean and I were right there watching, or she was so much into her self gratification, she didn't seem to care if she had an audience or not.

At this point she pushed her thong down legs until it puddled at her ankles. Then kicked them over to land on top of her pile of clothes.

The only thing that seemed to be on Diane's mind this moment was getting herself off. Her climax though seemed to be just a little beyond her reach. Like it was on the top of a high wall and she was desperately trying to climb over that top. Her long legs were spread wide apart. She was a picture of wanton lust as she plunged her fingers into the slit of her pussy. At last she hissed and then groaned. Diane's entire body shook and vibrated. Her climax washed over her like a tidal wave. Her legs seemed to wobble. and she had to grab the back of the couch to steady herself and keep from falling on top of Jean and me.

It took Diane a minute or two to catch her breath and regain her composure.

When she was steady she walked over and recovered her oversized shoulder bag from a near by livingroom chair. She reached inside and came out with a plastic two headed cock about eighteen inches long and a jar of K.Y. Jelly Diane smeared some of the slippery jelly over one end of her sex toy and inserted it into her pussy opening and started moving it in and out of her wet cavity.

While all of this was going on I was still moving my finger in and out of Jean's pussy.

Jean reached up and turned my head to face her and gently pressed her lips against mine.

Her other hand reached down to my cock. She wrapped her fingers around and stroked it from base to tip.

She placed her soft cheek beside my face and whispered into my ear, "Oh, Alan I need that big cock of yours inside my pussy. Yes baby, fuck me right here on the carpet. I have to feel you inside of me, sweetheart. I want you right here and now." She slid out of my grasp and lay face up on the carpet. Jean reached down and peeled the lips to she cunt back exposing her swollen clit.

"Now Alan do me now" she yelled, "put that giant cock in my pussy and fuck my brains out." She spread her knees apart and bounced her pelvis up and down in her impatience to get my cock inside of her.

I knelt down between Jean's knees. Moving over her, I guided my cock into her pussy. She pulled back her legs and hissed between her teeth as I penetrated deeper into her fuck canal Her vaginal muscles seemed to grab my cock and massage the sides of my shaft as I pushed all the way in. Our pubic hair were mashed into each other. God ,it felt so good inside that love tunnel.

Jean wrapped her arms around me. Holding me tight while her ankles locked onto the back of my legs and moved up towards my ass. I was locked into her securely on both top and bottom as she moved her pelvis up and down to keep in sync with me. She was like a little minx sinking her nails into my shoulder blades almost drawing blood.

I knew then Jean the tigress from last night was beginning to awaken.

I was vaguely aware of Diane kneeling behind us. Then I felt her cool soft hands moving slowly up my inner thighs to caress my ass cheeks. She moved her thumbs up the crack of my ass and pulled then apart. Then I felt it Diane's tongue licking up the crack of my ass. She licked all the way up to my pucker hole. Then moved her tongue like a slippery and very lively eel all around my ass hole lubricating it with her saliva as she went. Now she formed the tip of her tongue into a point and forced it inside my butt hole.

My sensations were mind boggling my cock was buried deep inside Jean's cunt. At the same time Diane was giving me the most incredible rim job I have ever felt. She kept pushing he tongue in deeper. It felt so incredibly fantastic. "Oh yes Diane push that tongue in deeper. SO GOOD, SO VERY, VERY GOOD. OH DIANE YOU ARE INCREDIBLE, I'VE NEVER FELT ANYTHING SO MARVELOUS, UNBELIEVABLE AHHHHHH!!!!!

For just a moment her pleasure giving tongue was gone. God I hope she would come back. That pleasure giving tongue was incredible.

Then she was back, but this time it was not her tongue but her finger smearing K.Y. Jelly all around my ass hole. She pushed her slick finger inside and rubbed all around she pulled out her finger to get another blob of the jelly. She made sure the ass ring at the mouth of my anus was well lubricated. Then Diane started to move her finger all the way into my virgin ass hole farther and farther. She didn't push too fast. No faster then I could take. In and out in a fucking motion making sure that she was spreading the lubricant all around back there. When she thought I was ready she pushed in a second finger. At first it was uncomfortable, but I soon became accustomed to the extra finger, and resumed feeling wave after wave of pleasure.

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