Weekend Swap Ch. 03


Diane found my sensitive prostrate and tickled it with the tip of her finger.


Diane leaned forward until her mouth was beside my ear. She spoke softly, "does that feel good baby, when Diane tickles your prostrate. That's where all that yummy cum is made. Did you know that. Mmmmmmmm!!! Yes!!! lots and lots of creamy cum, gallons and gallons all for Jean and me."

She looked down at Jean who had been fucking my cock all this time. "NOW Jean NOW!!!! she asked?

Jean tightened her arms and legs holding me in place. She answered Diane dreamily, "Mmmmmm!!! Yes! Now," she nodded

Diane moved away and withdrew her fingers from my ass hole. A second later I felt Diane's finger were back, smearing still more K.Y. Jelly around my anus entrance.

I could hear Diane doing something back there. But with Jean's constrictor grip I couldn't turn around a see what it was.

I didn't have long to wait though. Diane seemed to be crawling up my back, and I could feel her big tits pressing into my shoulders, her arms wrapped around my body. Then I felt it. Something pushing against my ass hole. I was confused at first. It couldn't be Diane's finger - her hands were locked around my chest in a vise grip. Her cheek was next to mine. Her hips pushed violently up and in my bum hole.

"YOW" it hurt like fire. OH PLEASE TAKE IT OUT, IT HURTS, IT HURTS, STOP OH GOD PLEASSSSSE!!! IT HURTS SO BAD." I was in agony. The plastic cock must have been six inches up my rectum and it burned like fire.

Both women tightened their hold on me. Keeping me from pulling away. Diane grabbed and held my wrists to the floor. I was hopelessly trapped in their snare.

Jean was moving her hips in a frenzy. Fucking me faster and faster.

Diane, that fast working bitch ,was viciously bouncing into my ass with almost limitless energy. "Oh, he's so tight Jean. I just love it when we get a virgin man," Diane hissed into my ear.

Rape! I was being raped by two women. How stupid I've been. They've been planning this all along I was nothing more then a conduit for these two women to use as a way to transfer their perverted sexual lusts from one to the other. It didn't matter a whit how much it hurt me. Just as long as they got their sexual kicks. My humiliation counted for nothing. Jean said it best, "SLAVE" just a "SEX SLAVE" to be used and then discarded when I was no longer needed.

Diane slowed down her movements and was no longer violently pounding into my ass hole. She settled into a steady rhythm. " Shhhhhhhsh baby relax and just go with the flow. If you just relax the pain will stop and the pleasure will begin. You will see, Alan, just relax." I promise you baby it will be wonderful and so exciting if you just let it happen. We don't want to hurt you Alan. You'll see this can be the most erotic thing that you have ever done. If you stop resisting we can be a lot more gentle and not have to force it. It isn't every man who has two beautiful women lavishing their charms on him.

Finally I stopped struggling and tried to relax. There was no use anyway. The two of them together were stronger than my struggles alone. I started moving my hips with the two women. Gradually the pain went away and it stopped hurting. The feeling that followed was strange at first.

Diane was right it was starting to become pleasurable. "MMMMMMMM" yes it was kind of nice. To receive the attention of two women at the same time. Most guys would have to hire a pair of prostitutes for wild sex like this.

Jean moving underneath me with my cock in her pussy. Her breasts pushed into my chest as we moved. The stunning beauty of her face all aglow as I looked down on her. She relaxed her hold on me and replaced the iron grip with a caress.

Diane too released my wrists from her hold. Her breast felt so sexually stimulating rubbing on my shoulders. Just like an erotic massage as they moved against me. Her hips were no longer pounding into my ass. Now Diane was moving them in a rolling motion rather then in and out. "Nice oh so very, very nice".

I guess I was wrong about both of these women. Their pleasure did not come from hurting me. I suppose I was a sort of conduit though but the transfer of pleasures back and fourth to each other left my share of pleasure as it passed through.

I wonder if I could convince Cindy to try this technique with me just the two of us or with another woman. That would be really great I wouldn't mind at all Cindy really is wild in the sex department.

The pain was long gone now. Replaced by a stimulating sexual feeling I knew I will want to feel again.

Now all three of us were rapidly moving toward climax. There would be no cruel pounding now. But our movements did become more urgent as all three of us drew closer and closer to orgasm.

Jean was first although I was only a second or two behind her. The both of us gushed and I sank into her warm embrace. We were both gasping for breath so we held off on kisses just yet.

Diane was close but not quite ready. I spread my legs and pushed back just a little to help as much as I could. She pushed her hips with more drive but not violence. She held me tight but to be as close to my body as possible not to restrain me. Finally she shrieked loudly to signal her climax and collapsed on my back gasping for air.

In spite of being the last to cum, Diane recovered first and rolled off my back and pushed herself far enough away that she could pull me off Jean ,and I ended up between the two of them.

I lay there on my back, staring up at the ceiling, close enough to both women to feel the warmth of their bodies. We didn't move or talk for several minutes. Then Diane rolled onto her side facing me and propped her head up with her elbow.

"Will you ever forgive me, Alan" she said almost chocked with tears.

I turned to face her and said "I have to admit at first I was pretty pissed. But now after seeing how great it was, of course I forgive you. As a matter of fact, I should thank the both of you for teaching me such wonderful pleasures." I leaned over close to her and kissed the tears off her face.

She smiled through her tears and said, "I really didn't want to hurt you, but the first time always hurts a little. From now on, though, there will be no pain, only pleasure."

I said to her "I only hope there will be a next time. I don't know if Cindy will go for this or not."

Jean turned to me laughing. "What do you think all those secret phone calls were about. Cindy and I have been planning this for weeks. She has been wanting to use her strap-on back there for months. So we planned all this and we both knew that Diane would be the perfect teacher for you.

I laughed out loud at myself. "Here I thought I was being raped by two bitches and then I come to find out I was being set up by my own sweet little wife all the time."

Jean asked in her soft little girl voice. "Do you still forgive us Alan?"

I laughed and laughed, "of course I do; you two and my dear wife are the three hottest women I've ever known." Then I reached out for both of them and hugged the two of them close to me.

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